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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Shaw
29 F Spa Street Aberdeen AB251PU
Tel: 07807692582
Email: dtm261@msn.com

Highly motivated, hard working individual, with a lot of experience in different fields of work.
Looking to branch out and consider work in different fields. Driven to succeed. Good People and Team work
skills to offer.
Looking for work in a friendly and happy environment.


2004 2009

Inverurie Academy
Secondary School
Computing Studies
Physical Education

2010 2011

- Int 2
- Int 2
- Int 2

Aberdeen College
NC in Electrical Engineering

2011 - Present

Tullos Training
SVQ 3 Electrical Engineering

25 Sept 2013

Emergency First aid at Work. (valid until 24 sept 2016)


2008 2009

Hopeville Social Club - Stocking Bar

Responsibilities in this roll included opening the bar in the morning, stock
rotation - to ensure that bottles that were out of date were disposed of, and
not sold to anyone coming into the bar. I also worked with 1 other person,
using teamwork to get all bottles and optics rotated and refilled before the
bar opened.

2008 2010

Hopeville Social Club - Glass Collector

The responsibilities in this roll also included the previous role, as I was still
stocking the bar while having to collect glasses in an open bar with
customers, wash the glasses and arrange them in certain positions to ensure the
smooth running of the bar, as well as maintaining the bar area, by cleaning and
clearing tables.
This role included late night working, until early morning and teamwork.

2010 - 2012

Hopeville Social Club - Bar Tender

This role at the same place of employment however was different from
previous 2 roles as I did not have to undertake any of previous tasks, for this
role primarily serving at the bar was my job, working with teamwork at busy
times, and at not so busy times i was left to run a bar on my own.
Giving good money management skills, teamwork and also working alone.

2010 - Aug 2015

Balfour Beatty Engineering Svs Plc.

- Electrical Engineer

For this role I wired panels in a workshop, mainly based in Kintore, working
to wire panels for high voltage sub-stations all over the UK.
I was also required to go on request to different sites for installation, working
on High Voltage substations, this can be considered a very dangerous job,
I was required to carry out a number of different training and safety courses
before allowed onto these sites. Therefore I have done numerous amounts
of Health and Safety courses both through college and work for this role.I
have also completed first aid training certificates, i have listed the most
recent first aid course i did above however i have done this course twice
over the past 5 years

For the past 12 years I have skateboarded, this is my favourite hobby to take part in, I have entered into a lot
of competitions for skateboarding and really enjoy this.
I have also previously been interested in other sports such as Football.
I also spend a lot of time listening to music.
I have very good computing skills, and have spent a lot of time doing powerpoint, spreadsheets and word
documents. I am a very hands on person and love to learn new skills.
Available on request.