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Chod - Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred

Published on Mar 9, 2013
From the album, 'Dakini- Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine', by world-renowned
duo IndiaJiva and Ayya Yeshe, CHOD is a practice that cuts off ignorance and egotism. A praise
invoking the female Saint of Tibetan Buddhism, Machig Labdron, one of the founders of Chod.
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siang p (ps) 5 months ago

Om Machig ma la solwa deb Karpo Om gyi jingyi lob Marpo Aa: gyi jingyi lob Ngnpo
hung gyi jingyi lob Ku sung thug gyi jing chen phob Ma yum chen go phang tob par shog
(Before you do the practice, please request for oral transmission from lama)

Jay Zee 5 months ago

This misses the mark. If you want to hear something really beautiful and haunting, I
recommend you look up an actual Chod ritual being chanted by Tibetan nuns on
youtube. I've found a few that are pretty good.

A Cosmic Castaway 10 months ago

Chod, I would like to know how to sing this mantra/chant lyrics.

gilyat 8 months ago (edited)

+Yeshe Tharchin but what if there are no such persons within the vicinity? Many of us
depend upon the internet to find such people with whom we can communicate and ask
questions of, because we don't know where to find such teachers, or even if so, can ever
have the possibility of physically being able meet with them. I too would like the lyrics
and the translation of this chant. In fact of all the chants on this CD. I do wish producers
of the CD would always enclose the lyrics and translations of the chants.

indiajiva 5 months ago

+gilyat Hello gilyat. We do enclose the lyrics and translation of the chants on our CD as it is on this CD, 'Dakini - Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine' which is
available from our website www.medicinemusic.com.au. Meanwhile here is a more
detailed translation of this particular chant: The Chod Prayer Om Machig Mala Solwa
Deb (I invoke and unite with the mind of Machig Labdron) Ah Machig Mala Solwa Deb (I
invoke and unite with the speech of Machig Labdron) Hung Machigmala Solwa Deb (I
invoke and unite with the body of Machig Labdron) Machig Labdron is one of the
greatest female saints of Tibet and one of the founders of the Chod (cutting off ones ego
and realising the true nature of things by offering one's body). This prayer invokes her
blessings. This chant comes from the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. I hope that
helps. blessings, IndiaJiva