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Lesson plan

School: "Regina Elisabeta" Radauti

Date: the 29th of January
Teacher: Hij Florentina Elena
Level: IIIrd grade- beginners
Book: Way Ahead 1, Macmillan
Topic: What are these?
Type of lesson: Vocabulary
Time allowed: 50 minutes
Aims of the lesson: - to identify the shapes
- to introduce the numbers 11-20
- to develop pupils' abilities to check specific information in written statements
- to revise the numerals by means of addition and substraction
- to check the new terminology related to the topic: food and shapes and the correct spelling
- to encourage variety of interaction
Skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing.
Materials: textbook, worksheets, blackboard, crayons, markers
Classroom interactions: Whole class, Individual work, Pair work, Group work.

Stages of the lesson

Activity 1: Checking homework
Aims: to break the ice
to introduce the new topic of the lesson
to revise the shapes and colours
Procedure: the T asks the Ss to read their homework and correct potential mistakes and gives them a handout
with an exercise in which they are supposed to read some sentences and colour the image accordingly
(worksheet 1)
Interaction: T-Ss Ss-T
Skills: reading and writing
Timing: 7
Activity 2: Speaking Activity
Aims: to introduce the numbers 11- 20
to encourage correct pronunciation
Procedure: the T writes the numbers on the BB and the pupils copy them in their notebooks and then she
pronounces each of them and the pupils have to repeat
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T,
Skills: writing, listening, speaking;
Timing: 10

Activity 3: Vocabulary focus

Aims: to practise the newly introduced vocabulary
Procedure: the T gives the Ss a worksheet in which they have to identify the numbers and match them with their
pairs in the table (worksheet 2)
Skills: reading, speaking, writing
Timing: 7
Activity 4: Reading comprehension
Aims: to develop pupils' abilities to check specific information and answer affirmatively or negatively
to improve reading skills
to check the ss understanding of written statements
Procedure: the Ss have to solve ex. 2 - p 48 in their books and then the T checks their answers frontally
Interaction: T-Ss, S-T
Skills: writing; speaking
Timing: 5
Activity 5: Writing focus
Aims: to give further practice to the newly introduced language
to encourage pair work
Procedure: the Ss have to solve the exercise on worksheet 3 in pairs and provide the right answers by means of
addition and substraction

Interaction: T-Ss, S-S, Ss-T;

Skills: reading, speaking, listening
Timing: 8
Activity 6: Evaluation
Aims: to revise the matters learned during the lesson
to check the correct spelling of the words related to the topic: food and shapes
to encourage variety of interaction
Procedure: the T writes on the BB some syllable-pairs and asks the pupils to connect them in order to discover
the full words (worksheet 4 )
Skills: writing, reading
Interaction: S-T, whole class
Timing: 8
Activity 7: Homework
Aims: to summarize the ideas from early sections of the lesson
to improve writing skills
Procedure: the T asks Ss to copy the poem in the manual at page 50 and learn it by heart
Skills: reading, writing
Timing: 5