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Slumdog Millionaire

1. At the start of this chapter Ram was in the jail, hanging from a
wooden beam.
2. Because Inspector Godbole wanted Ram to sign a paper confessing
that he had cheated on the quiz show.
3. Ram was surprised because he had never seen Smita before.
4. Ram agreed to watch it by tossing his one-rupee coin. Smita wanted
to look the DVD so she could find out how Ram had guessed all the

1. His name was Ram Mohammed Thomas because they would make
people of all religions happy to meet him.
2. Father Timothy taught him to speak English, the life of Jesus and the
other religions from the street children and their parents.
3. Father Timothy told him the difference between priest and father of a
4. Prem Kumar was the quiz presenter. He changed the first question
because he wanted Ram to win a little money.
5. Ram knew the answer of the first question because INRI was written
on the top of the crucifix in the church.

The luck and the religions are mentioned in these two chapters.
Ram was lucky because he knew the correct answers.
Father Timothy taught him about the different religions.

The three scenarios were the house of Father Timothy near the church,
the house of Smita and the quiz show Who Will Win a Billion?
In each scenarios Father Timothy, Smita and Prem Kumar are present.

1. Some other boys liked the Delhi Childrens home because they came
from the slums of Delhi and Bihar and faraway Nepal. They have
stories of cruel parents, aunts and uncles who hit them and took their
2. 3. The fortune-teller told Salim that he would be a famous actor, but
when he held Rams hand he said that Ram would have many
problems. The fortune-teller gave Ram a lucky coin because he would
need it.
4. Some boys said that Sethji was a very rich businessman with no
children of his own, but for Ram he looks more like a gangster. They
said that he owned a school and he took the cleverest boys to teach.
5. The boys learnt that the real name of Sethji was Babu Pillai, but
everyone called him Maman that means Uncle in the Malayalam
language. Maman came from Kollam in Kerala, but he had lived in
Mumbai for a long time. He had a school for disabled children. He also
saved children from homes and gave them a future.
6. He said that because he thought that at Maman's school they would
have a successful life.
7. Ram and Salim were having singing lessons because Maman wanted
them to beg in trains.
8. When Ram and Salim learnt the truth they escaped through the
bathroom window.

1. Neelima Kumari had one hundred and fourteen cassettes of all her
films in her flat.
2. After Neelimas mother died, she started to go out more often and
asked Ram to live in her flat, sometimes she didnt return at night.
3. Ram found out that Neelima had a lover when he returned early at
the flat and saw a man who was coming out of the flat.
4. Neelimas lover was tall, and he was wearing blue jeans and a white
shirt. He had some money in one hand and some car keys in the
other. Ram knew his face, but he couldnt remember who it was.
5. Neelimas greatest role was in Mumtaz Mahal, she played the role of
Emperors wife.

The Friendship, the survival, the passing of time and growing up are
mentioned in these two chapters.
Salim and Ram became very good friends.
They could escape from Mamans house.
Ram worked for three years in Neelimas flat.

T or F


The fortune-teller said that Ram would be a famous actor.

Ram and Salim travelled by train from Delhi to Mumbai.
Maman taught them wonderful things.
Neelima Kumari was called the Tragedy Queen.
Ram found Neelimas dead body.

1. Balwant Singh was an old soldier. He was tall, thin and had only
one leg.
2. The war was in 1971. India and Pakistan were fighting each other.
3. A man who was collecting money for a soldiers charity told them
the truth.
4. Balwant Singh wasnt a war hero, he had run away from the battle,
but a bomb fell on his house, killing his wife and son. He lost his
5. Balwant Singh told him that the PCV was the highest award.

Historical and cultural elements of India were mentioned in these two

The war between India and Pakistan.

The war was closely associated with the Bangladesh Liberation War
(sometimes also called Pakistani Civil War).
The war ended with the surrender of the Pakistani army.
The conflict between India and Pakistan continues today.