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1. Factors affecting a mine prospect. Give at least 3 and explain each.

(2-3 sentences)
a. Government Regulations
Government implement laws to protect the environment and
these laws can limit a certain company from exploring a site
suitable for mining. Once a site is declared for protection from
the government, there is no way (legally) it will be open for
b. Financial allotment/Funds
When a mining company vies for a mine prospect, they must
invest initially for the assessment of the site. It is a risk
investment for the mine companies because the site which was
initially tested may not give the minerals they are expecting.
c. Transportation cost
The transportation cost may also limit investors. If the cost of the
transfer of commodity will cost more compared to the cost of
commodity itself then there is a very low chance of becoming a
mine site.
Source: http://hxjqchina2011.twoday.net/stories/factors-affecting-mininglabor-and-job-prospect/
2. Stages (5/6) of mining. Describe each (2-3 sentences)
a. The first stage of mining is called prospecting or surveying. This
is where geologist assess the potential of a site to become a
mining site which depends on the ore body present in the area.
b. During prospecting or surveying, traces or small amount of ore is
found in the surface. After that, miners dig deep underground to
be able to reach the large bodies of ore.
c. The next step is extracting the ore from the rocks. This stage is a
combination of physical work and machine works. It includes
tools hammers, chisels, gads, and some other explosives which is
very dangerous.
d. The next step is the transportation of extracted ore to the
surface. There are several devices (such as horse whims, winch,
and steam powered beam whims) used to bring the ore to the
e. After reaching the surface, the ore will be dressed as a
preparation for the last step which is smelting
f. Finally, the metal in ore will be smelted and be used for whatever
applications they can be used.

3. 10 metallic mines
a. Rapu Rapu Minerals Inc., Brgy. Pagcolbon, Rapu Rapu, Albay,
(Copper concentrate and zinc concentrate)
b. OceanaGold, Didipio, Nueva Vizcaya (Copper-gold concentrate,
gold bullion)
c. Oriental Synergy Mining Corp., Bel-at, Esperanza, Loreto, Dinagat
Island, Surigao del Norte (Nickel)
d. Rio Tuba Mining Corp., Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan (Nickel)
e. TVI Resource Development Philippines Inc., Tabayo, Siocon,
Zamboanga del Norte (Copper concentrate)
f. Carmen Copper Corporation, Biga, Toledo City, Cebu (Copper
concentrate and magnetite concentrate)
g. Filminera Resources Corp., Puro, Aroroy, Masbate (Gold bullion)
h. Philex Mining Corp., Padcal, Tuba, Benguet (Copper concentrates)
i. SR Metals Inc., Nickel-Cobalt, Tubay, Agusan del Sur (Nickel ore)
j. Hinatuan Mining Corp., Hinatuan Island, Talavera, Tagana-an,
Surigao del Norte (lateritic nickel ore)
Source: http://www.slideshare.net/no2mininginpalawan/philippine-metallicmining-decem ber-2013
4. Give 2 current events about mining (1 local, 1 global). 1 paragraph
for each.
a. An article published in Sun Star Davao informs the public that the
Mines and Geosciences Bureau or MGB in the Davao Region
pushes for the revision of the Republic Act 274 or the Mining
Engineering Law as it should focus more on the mining industry.
According to the MGB-Davao director, the law enacted in 1965
has never been amended and its about time to revise or amend
it because other disciplines such as metallurgy and geology are
still included in the said law. The draft was presented during the
21st Annual Mining Symposium. However, it will still probably take
several months before it gets ratified since it will still be
presented to the upper and lower house.
Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/business/2015/06/09/pushamendment-mining -engineering-law-412252
b. The government in South Africa is trying their best to look for
different ways to salvage the South African mining sector.
According to South African President, Jacob Zuma, mining is a big
contributor to the countrys economy however, mining is
currently faced with a challenge , partly as a result of the dramatic
drop in commodity prices in the world market. With this the countrys
government launch operation Phakisa which aims to build
partnerships with key stakeholders in the mining sector. Such a move
would unlock investment and optimise the sectors positive
developmental impacts on the economy and society.

http://www.iol.co.za/business/news/govt-seeks-to-save-miningindustry-1.1899522 #.VcytXfknk-0