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1. This question paper consists of 3 sections.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 3 pecahan.
2. Answer all question in the OMR sheet.
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Section A
Jawab semua soalan

Section B
Section C

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This question paper consists of 7 printed pages.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 7 halaman bercetak


Section A
(Suggested time : 30 minutes)
( 15 marks)
Read the texts below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my eleventh birthday. All my friends came to the party. My friends
brought many presents for me. There was much fun at the party. There was a lot of music. Some of my
friends sang some songs. They also played some games.
Everyone enjoyed the party. There was a lot to eat and drink. The party was over late in the night.
Before going home, all my friends wished me well. I was very happy indeed.
I shall never forget that day.
1. When did the writer celebrate his birthday?

A. A few months ago

B. A few weeks ago

C. A few days ago

D. A few years ago

B. Nine years old

C. Eleven years old

D. Eight years old

B. His relatives

C. His teachers

D. His neighbours

2. How old was the writer?

A. Ten years old
3. Who came to the party?
A. His friends

4. What did they do during the party?

I) They sang

II) They ate and drank

A. I and II

B. II and III

III) They played some games

C. I and III

D. I, II and III

5. Which of the statements is wrong?

A. The party was over early in the night.

C. There was a lot of food.

B. There was much fun at the party.

D. His friends wished him were before going home.


X-ray machines are available in most hospitals in Malaysia. Read the passage below and find out
what X-ray is.
X-ray was discovered by a German scientist in 1895, more than a hundred years ago.
An X-ray is a ray that can pass through certain substance that light cannot pass through.
It then gives an image of the object on a film. We need an X-ray machine to take X-rays.
Many hospitals in Malaysia have X-ray machines. There are used to take X-ray pictures
of the bones and the inside parts of the body like the heart, the kidneys and the lungs.
These X-ray machines are kept in a special room. We call this room the X-ray room. Not
all people are allowed to go into the X-ray room unless they want to take an X-ray.
Before a doctor can treat a patient he sometimes needs to look at an X-ray picture to
know how to treat the patient. The person who takes X-rays is a radiographer.

6. X-ray was discovered

A. 90 years ago.

C. 100 years ago.

B. more than 90 years ago.

D. more than 100 years ago.

7. The scientist who discovered X-ray was

A. a German.

B. a French

C. a Chinese

D. an American

C. X-rays

D. photographs.

8. We need an X-ray machine to take

A. maps

B. pictures

9. The person who takes X-rays is a

A. geographer

B. photographer

C. topographer

D. radiographer

10. An X-ray machine is kept in a special room called

A. a ward

B. an X-ray room

C. a laboratory

D. an operating theatre

Read the story carefully, then answer the questions that follow.

Peter was not a good boy. One day Peter's father gave him a banana. Peter took the
banana and peeled it. He ate the banana and threw the skin on the ground. He did not put it
in the dustbin.
An old man was walking down the road. He did not see the banana skin. He stepped
on it and slipped. Peter laughed loudly. The poor old man could not get up. He was hurt.
A few people who were walking nearby helped to carry the old man. They took him
to the hospital in a car. Peter felt sad. He was ashamed of his actions. Peter took the
banana skin and put it into a dustbin. From that day onwards he did not throw any rubbish
on the ground.
11. Who gave Peter a banana?
A. His father

B. An old man

C. The people on the streets

D. He bought it from a shop

12. What did Peter do with the banana?

A. He gave it to the old man

C. He peeled it and ate it.

B. He threw it on the ground.

D. He kept it in his pocket.

13. What happened to the old man when he stepped on the banana skin?
A. He got up and walked away

C. He scolded Peter for throwing it.

B. He picked it up and threw it away.

D. He slipped and fell on the ground.

14. What did Peter do when he saw the old man on the ground?
A. He started to cry

C. He rushed to help the old man.

B. He began to laugh loudly.

D. He followed the man to the hospital.

15. The word ashamed as used in the passage means


A. shy

C. embarrassed

B. angry

D. disappointed

Section B
(Suggested time : 5 minutes )
( 5 Marks )
For each picture below, choose the option with the correct spelling

A. Plying bademintion
B. Playing bademintion
C. Playing badmintaion
D. Playing badminton


A. Cycling
B. Cyecling
C. Ceycling
D. Cicyling


A. Jooging
B. Jogging
C. Joiging
D. Joogging


A. Paintaing
B. Pinting
C. Paintaing
D. Painting


A. Reading
B. Reeding

C. Raeding
D. Readiing

Section C
(Suggested time : 25 minutes )
( 20 marks )
Choose the best answer to fill each blank.
Indra is an Indian girl. She ________ (21) in the island of Penang in Malaysia. Indra is a kind ______(22)
gentle girl. She likes to ____(23) people and animals. Her favourite animal _____ (24) the horse.
When she _____ (25) up, she hopes to become a doctor. This is because she ______ (26) not like
to see people in pain. Indra says "I must _____ (27) hard so that I can become a doctor." She likes to help
______ (28) people. She feels happy to see them ______(29) again. Indra's father _____(30) wants her to
become a doctor.


A. live

B. lived

C. living

D. lives


A. so

B. but

C. and

D. since


A. helps

B. help

C. helped

D. helping


A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were


A. grow

B. grew

C. grown

D. grows


A. do

B. did

C. will

D. does


A. study

B. studies

C. will study

D. studying


A. sick

B. happy

C. poor

D. rich


A. ill

B. well

C. alive

D. unwell


A. will

B. also

C. always

D. sometimes

Based on the picture below, choose the best answer to fill in each blank in the passage.
I have a pet cat, named Comel. Comel is ___ (31)active
cat. It likes to __ (32) mice and lizards.When I come home
from school, Comel will wait ___( 33) me at the door. It
will rub ____ (34) head against my legs. I will play with it
before ____ (35) it some food to eat.

A. play
A to
A. it

B. a
B. keep
B. by
B its

C. an
C. catch
C. for
C. its

D. the
D. watch
D. with
D. its

35. A. give

B. gave

C. gives

D. giving

Choose the best word to complete each blank in the paragraph below.

John and Jason were playing

(36) in the field. They were (37)

chasing each other. John fell into a huge drain and fractured his (38)

sent him to the (39)

.After that, they went (40)

. Jason pulled him out and


36. A. rugby

B. hockey

C. basketball

D football

37. A. eating

B. bathing

C. sleeping

D. running

38. A. leg

B. head

C. finger

D. stomach

39. A. clinic

B. temple

C. market

D. school

40. A. school

B. home

C. cinema

D. shopping



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