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An introduction to the ongoing Group

Research Project Jan-June,, 2010 Session

Profession with focus on the 11th house
Deepak Bisaria
Tradition is an important ingredient of the craft of astrology. It is bolstered through research.
Classical shlokas alone, in their original form are not adequate. Since classical texts were passed
on verbally by our great sages thousands of year ago, transmission loss is possible when they
written down by the astrologers of recent centuries. Therefore, testing them is essential to get to
the correct predictions. It has been observed that eight different versions of Brihat Parashara
Hora Shastra have some variations in the shlokas. .
Besides, presuming that the shlokas have come to us untouched from the diya drishti
(supernatural powers) of the creator rishis, yet they require interpretation in the modern context.
We have to interpret modern education like computer science and modern careers like web
designing and aviation hospitality from the same planetary configurations which were being used
to interpret a profession of the same family but not quite the same. We have to link the classical
texts to the situation of the current life. It is logical to think that new conditions under classical
principles could operate. Through research we have to get there. Research is a synonym of
modification and adaption and there is no place for fixity and dogmatism.
The goal at the macro-level is to make astrology more scientific and more research based. We
are convinced that astrology is on solid foundations for the simple and undisputed reason that we
have experienced it. However, we have to demonstrate to society at large that astrology throws
up principles that can be generalised and used in multiple horoscopes - replicability . We have to
take along other stake holders to combine for a collective effort to establish the validity of
astrology and take it ahead. Without outside support this super science will continue to remain
under utilized.
We propose to have a bank and deposit all the relevant shlokas that can be dug out of the
classics. The modern interpretation of these classical shlokas by Shri. K.N. Rao, Late Pandit
Hardeo Sharma Trivedi , Col A.K. Gour and others as also their views on related matters
would be included.
To make a statement that all houses are linked to each other and they have a connection with the
11th house that governs income, gains and achievements besides others, would not be incorrect.
Let us evaluate:- i) The 1st house is linked as it represents the self ii) The second as it indicates
the wealth iii) The third as it signifies self-effort for the achivement iv) Simhasan and peace of
mind v) A Lakshmi sthan , children and mental make-up vi) enemies, competition vii)

partnerships viii) changes transfers, promotions or change in type of business ix) Fortune and
father x) Career and profession xi Income and gains xii) Loss
It is proposed that the bank would have the relevant to profession and income from the twelve
houses of the following . 1) Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra BPHS2
2) Brihat Jatak
3) Phaldeepika
4) Jatak Parijat
5) Saravali
6) Sarvarth Chintamani
7) Satyajatakam
8) Brighu
9) Nadi
10) Bhatta Utpala
11) Principles in Vishvvijay Panchang
12) Ups and Downs in Career Shri K. N. Rao
13) Profession Col A.K. Gour
14) Group Researches on Profession/ Journal of Astrology

The 11th house matters, as per `Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra include i) The sons wife
ii) Quadrupeds besides income and gains. Many other matters like elder brother are also seen
from the 11th house as also pets.We need to point out whether a strong 11th house, in a particular
horoscope is indicating income and gains or some other matter governed by the 11th house by
making an assessment of the horoscope in totality. Since positioning of planets indicate only
major life events, this assessment is necessary .
The upachaya bhavas are important with respect to career, income and gains. The analysis of
effort( represented by the 3rd house), competition (from 6th ) and karmas (from the 10th) is
crucial. A connection of 3,6,10 and 11, therefore reveals a lot.The 11th house is also known as

the house of maya and poses as the roadblock for moksha. Engagements with effort (3)
inclinations (5) competition (6) partnership and society ( 7 ) are all for achievements gains and
income represented by the 11th house for the modern man whose prime focus is to carve a niche
for himself in the society to satisfy his ego and enjoy worldy pleasures. The 3,7, 11 houses are
kaam (desire)houses. He is motivated by the sensuality and greed (mayavi powers) They incline
him and prompt him to do the karmas.
To begin with we will take horoscopes under four catergories (attributes) i) sportsman ii)
wealthy persons (successful industrialist and businessman) iii) politicians and iv) People with
major ups and downs in career and mid-career crisis in particular.
The final analysis should reveal the common factors that go to make a roller coaster career graph
for these categories. The other common features that emerge will help us set the parameters, test
the parameters, eliminate the ineffective parameters chosen with their variables and guide us to
the matrix for our research model. Once having processed our data with help of the recently
introduced software developed by Mr. P.L. Patodia under guidance of Shri K.N. Rao and Shri
Shankar Hegde, we shall reach illumination and should have a set of tested parameters and a
methodology to predict profession related to the 11th house more efficiently.
The sample size for each category should be atleast 100 that would make the total size of 300
We would use two dashas Vimshottari and Chara duuring class room discussion
Parameters to assess the type of occupation business or servicee
1) Check the number of planets between 7th to 1st houses and or 1st to 7th houses.
More planets in the visible half ( 7th to 1st would indicate business and more between 1st
and 7th would indicate service. Concentration around 6th house would indicate service and
concentration around the 10th business. Concentration around the Lagna a strong
personality and around the 4th focus on home. The 4th also represents Simhasan. It has
been found through research that 4th and 5th is also become active in case of top position
as was found in the research on Prime Ministers. The differentiation has to come here.
2) Poorna Paramatmamsha Planets . As per Brihat parasher Hora Shastra sun, Moon,
Mars and Rahu are Poorna Paramatmamsha Planets. Whereas, Mercury, Jupiter Venus,
Saturn and Ketu are called Jeevamsa Samanvit PAC influence of PPP on Lagna
and the 10th house gives independence and entrepreneurship and the person is more
likely to be business
3) Saturn: Unafflicted and in the visible half is likely to give entrepreneurship.
Gocharastha and Agocharastha Saturn.
4) Stength of the 6th house/lord vis- -vis lagna/lagna lord
5) Dhan Yoga

6) PAC of 3rd House/Lord with 9th and 10th houses or lords

7) Indu Lagna and Indu Lagnesh
8) Navamsha
9) Dashamsha Significance of names of 10 dasamshas in BPHS
10) Dashas
11) Transit The Double transit phenomenon
12) Jaimini Amatyakaraka and the 10th from it
13) The 10th from Karkamsha Lagna, Sun , Moon , Lagna , Saturn or Mercury.
14) 10th Pada
15) Role of bhava madhya
16) Role of Vyavsaya Saham
17) Role of Gnati karaka
18) Analysis of the horoscope from the mahadashanath
19) Weightage to aspects
20) Sarvashtakavarga points in the 10th house vis- -vis the 11th
Parameters to assess the type of income : Role of upachaya houses 3, 6, 10 and 11 in
assessing income
Sources of income : Does it depend on the number of planets associated with the 11th lord- It
needs testing
Predicting changes in sources of income : Is there a 5th 6th or 8th house involvement aas the 5th
is the 8th from the 10th , 6th is 8th from the 11th and 8th is the 8th from the ascendant This too needs
Role of Vasumati yoga , Anpha, Sunpha , Durdhara , Gajkesri, Vesi/Vosi, etc indicating wealth
and well-being

Role of Bhagyavahana yoga: Lords of the 4th and the 9th interchange their houses. Similar results
occur of the 4th and the 5th lords. The lagna lord in the 4th also gives Vahana yoga Planets
connected with 11th house and 11th lord will give gains
Benefic yogas connected with 11th house will give gains
Dhan Saham
The 11th lord in 2nd and 2nd lord in the 11th or Jupiter in 11th immense gains
Role of Jupiter as karko bhavnashaya in 11th house
The 11th lord in 3rd and benefics in 11th gains by own effort
Brihat Jatak Chapter 10 (Karamjeevi Adhyaya)If benefic planets are strong and occupy the
lagna, the 2nd and 11th house, they are instrumental in giving income from different sources.
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 21 Shloka 11:Should Rahu, Sun, Saturn and mars
be in the 11th the person will incur cessation of duties
Shloka 13 : Should the 10th lord be in the 11th while the 11th lord is in the ascendant and Venus
is in the 10th the native will be endowed with precious stones
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 2 : Should the 11th lord be in the 11th
itself or be in an angle or a trine from the ascendant there will be many gains. Similarly, if the
11th lord is exalted though in combustion there will be many gains.
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 3: If the 11th lord is in the 2nd , while the
2nd lord is in angle (from the ascendant ) along with Jupiter, the gains will be great.
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 7: Should Jupiter, Mercury, Mercury and
the Moon be in the 11th from the 11th (i.e. 9th from ascendant ) the person will be endowed with
wealth, grains, fortunes, diamonds, ornaments, etc.
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 9: If the 11th lord is in the 2nd as the 2nd
lord is in the 11th, one will amass abundant fortune after marriage.
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 10: If the 11th lord is in the 3rd as the 3rd
lord is in the 11th, one will gain wealth through co-born and be endowed with excellent
Brihat Parasher Hora Shastra : Chapter 22 Shloka 11: There will be no gains in spite of
numerous efforts if the 11th lord is in fall, in combination or be in the 6th/8th/12th with a malefic
Pet lovers: Jupiter or Moon should have association with 6H/6L, 11H/11L . Moon Jupiter may
aspect each other.


1) To test the chosen parameters
2) To rate these parameters in terms of their applicability
3) To determine the weightage to be given to each parameter
4) To eliminate superfluous parameters for the final mehtodology
5) To formulate a methodology that could better the success rate of predictions
6) To answer some of the unanswered questions
7) To reach illumination.
First step :-Horoscope authentication. Never presume that the birth time that has been
given to you is correct is a guiding principle that should always remain with us while
analyzing a horoscope We would take horoscopes of celebrities that have been tested as also
of people intimately known to the guide or the researchers. Birth time rectification by
applying Navamsha dasha and also verification of events with Chara dasha and Vimshottari
dasha has been found giving good results. For birth time rectification we applied the rules
given in the book "The correct value of Ayanamsa An investigation by Swami Sadasiva</
SPAN> Giri". As per Swami Sadasiva Giri the pratyantar dasha lord at the time of birth is
linked to the Lagna or the Lagna lord which has also been found convincing Birth time
authentication will also be done by assessment of siblings and children as was done in the
previous research session with success
Second step Discussion to be focussed to empirically test the hypothesis for
establishing that the listed parameters apply in a horoscope and to recommend the
weightage that should be given to each parameter Apart from these parameters, we
propose to analyse related variables and supplementary factors like the role of the Mercury
and the 10th from it for business. Use of other Jaimini and Parashari conditional dashas , Use
of Tajik for prediction , Ashtakvarga , etc, can also be done at the individual level
Individual researchers can develop full fledged theses at their level, in addition to the group
The strength of each parameter under test is to be calibrated to determine its contribution in
determining the fate of profession and income Event based cases, involving mid-career changes,
profession related to education, sources of income , change in source of income and the like
would be taken up .The goals, targets and proposed presentation is put on the site
www.trintrin.com which is being accessed by all researchers . Ideas and suggestions are being

sent to astro@trintrin.com. This has been organized by Shri DineshJain Display of horoscopes
with D1, D-9, D-10 charts on a laptop screen has been arranged in the class room to save time. It
is suggested along with digital records the researchers should paste the horoscope discussed in a
register with events, findings and observations for better concentration and analysis.
The process of horoscope analysis in class room has started and these horoscopes have been put
on the website.