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Works with SMART SMART Audio ensures that lessons are heard above the daily activity of the classroom.
Notebook software This practical and powerful classroom amplification system includes four speakers,
Teachers can quickly add sound wireless teacher and student microphones, a receiver and a sensor. SMART Audio is
to their lessons with SMART Audio. designed for even sound distribution, so that it improves the quality and clarity of a
The system works with SMART teacher’s voice throughout the entire room. 
Notebook software, so that teachers
have access to a variety of sound
files found in the software’s Gallery.
Speech volumes
With this system, teachers are not required to raise their voice or repeat
instructions to reach the students who sit at the back of the classroom. And
because the teacher microphone is wireless, the teacher can easily move around to
help students. The handheld, wireless student microphone also ensures that when
a student participates, everyone can hear.

To use SMART Audio, teachers simply wear the microphone around their neck. As
they speak, their voice is broadcast through four speakers that can be mounted on
either the ceiling or walls. Teachers can adjust the audio tone according to their
preference, ensuring that voices sound natural and clear.

Amplify learning
SMART Audio enhances the multimedia aspects of lessons. Teachers can connect
the system to a portable MP3 player, DVD player or other device. When they use
the system to play an audio file, they can still speak into the microphone to add
commentary, furthering students’ understanding.

Teachers can also use the SMART Recorder feature in SMART Notebook software to
record their voice during a lesson and save it for future playback or distribution. They
will have audio-enhanced lessons to share with colleagues or use as review material
for their students.


1 Teacher microphone

2 Student microphone

3 Infrared sensor

4 Receiver

5 Ceiling speakers

Key features Infrared sensor Student microphone

Wireless infrared system Speak into the student and teacher microphones • Frequencies – 2.06 MHz and 2.56 MHz
Move freely around your room as you teach. The and the infrared signals will be picked up by the (switchable)
wireless infrared teacher and student microphones sensor. You can choose to use the integrated • Battery type – 2 AA rechargeable NiMH
offer quality and reliability for everyday classroom use sensor on the receiver or the ceiling-mounted (1.2V X 2) included
– and you never have to worry about interference from external sensor. • Size – 55 mm diameter x 245 mm height
other technology products, such as mobile phones. (2.17”x 9.65”)
Multimedia device compatibility • Weight – 350 g (12.3 oz) with batteries
Speakers Incorporate audio files from a computer, VCR,
Attach the four high-quality ceiling- or wall- DVD player, portable MP3 player or CD player into Receiver
mounted speakers for even sound distribution your lesson. The sound will be evenly distributed • Frequencies – 2.06 MHz and 2.56 MHz
throughout the classroom. throughout the room. You can also speak over • Audio output – 5 W x 4 at 4 ohms
any multimedia audio file. • Size – 204 mm L x 233 mm W x 44 mm H
(8.03” x 9.19” x 1.73”)
Dual channel
SMART Recorder • Weight – 1.30 kg (2.86 lb.)
Use the teacher and student microphones at the
same time. The dual channel ensures that both Record a student’s voice or other sounds during
microphones have high sound quality and will not a lesson, and SMART Notebook software enables Ceiling speakers
interfere with each other. you to play them back later. • Power rating – 20 W RMS, 50 W peak
• Size – 240 mm diameter x 137 mm height
Warranty (9.5”x 5.4”)
SMART Audio has a two-year warranty on all • Weight – 1.75 kg (3.85 lb.)
Attach audio and multimedia devices to the receiver
and the sound will be heard throughout the room. components excluding batteries, which have a
You can also send audio to recording equipment or to 30-day warranty. Wall speakers
a video camera. The receiver processes and amplifies • Power rating – 20 W RMS, 50 W peak
audio signals. It includes an integrated infrared sensor, Specifications • Size – 118 mm L x 113 mm W x 187 mm H
volume dials, tone control, two auxiliary inputs, one Teacher microphone (4.65” x 4.45” x 7.35”)
auxiliary output and four speaker terminals. • Frequencies – 2.06 MHz and 2.56 MHz • Weight – 1.02 kg (2.25 lb.)
Wireless microphones • Battery type – 2 AA rechargeable NiMH Ceiling infrared sensor
Wear the lightweight, adjustable teacher microphone (1.2V X 2) included • Size – 100 mm diameter x 30 mm height
on a lanyard around your neck. Encourage students • Size – 70 mm L x 27 mm W x 80 mm H (3.94”x 1.18”)
to participate with the wireless, handheld student (2.75” x 1.06” x 3.15”) • Weight – 176 g (6.2 oz)
microphone. Both microphones come with • Weight – 122 g (4.3 oz) with batteries
rechargeable batteries and a wall recharger – once
charged, the microphones last through the entire
school day.

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