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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

43 / Tuesday, March 6, 2007 / Notices 9931

shipper review for the shipment of solid DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
urea from Russia it produced and
exported. See Memorandum to the File National Institute of Standards and National Oceanic and Atmospheric
from Thomas Schauer, Senior Analyst, Technology Administration
through Laurie Parkhill, Director, Office [I.D. 030107D]
5: New–Shipper Review Initiation Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Checklist, dated February 26, 2007. National Advisory Board Fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico;
Also, please refer to this memorandum AGENCY: National Institute of Standards Fisheries of the South Atlantic;
for our response to the arguments the and Technology, Department of Southeastern Data, Assessment, and
petitioner raised in its February 16, Commerce. Review (SEDAR); Gulf of Mexico gag
2007, letter. As we stated in that ACTION: Notice of Public Meeting. grouper; South Atlantic gag grouper;
memorandum, we intend to examine Gulf of Mexico red grouper; Public
these arguments in greater detail during SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Federal Meetings.
the course of the review and, if we Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. app.
determine that the producer of the 2, notice is hereby given that the AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries
subject merchandise subject to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
review was indeed an affiliate of the National Advisory Board (MEPNAB), Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
exporter or producers in the original National Institute of Standards and Commerce.
investigation, we may rescind the new– Technology (NIST), will meet ACTION: Notice of SEDAR Workshops for
shipper review as provided in section Wednesday, March 21, 2007, from 9 Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic gag
751(a)(2)(B) of the Act and 19 CFR a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The MEPNAB is grouper and Gulf of Mexico red grouper.
351.214. composed of six members appointed by SUMMARY: The SEDAR assessments of
The period of review for this new– the Director of NIST who were selected the Gulf of Mexico stock of gag grouper,
shipper review is July 1, 2006, through for their expertise in the area of the South Atlantic stock of gag grouper,
December 31, 2006. See 19 CFR industrial extension and their work on and the Gulf of Mexico stock of red
351.214(g)(1)(ii)(A). The Department behalf of smaller manufacturers. The grouper will receive additional
intends to issue the preliminary results Board was established to fill a need for scientific scrutiny through a
of this review no later than 180 days outside input on MEP. MEP is a unique supplemental SEDAR Review Workshop
from the date of initiation and final program consisting of centers across the and Evaluation Workshop.
results of this review no later than 270 United States and Puerto Rico, with
DATES: The Evaluation Workshop will
days from the date of initiation. See partnerships at the State, Federal, and
take place March 19 - 22, 2007. The
section 751(a)(2)(B)(iv) of the Act. local levels. The Board works closely
Review Workshop will take place May
with MEP to provide input and advice
On August 17, 2006, the Pension 8 - 10, 2007. See SUPPLEMENTARY
on MEP’s programs, plans, and policies.
Protection Act of 2006 (H.R. 4) was INFORMATION for specific dates and
The purpose of this meeting is to
signed into law. Section 1632 of H.R. 4 times.
provide the board with the latest
temporarily suspends the authority of program developments including NIST ADDRESSES: The Evaluation Workshop
the Department to instruct U.S. Customs Update, MEP Overview, presentations will be held at the Southeast Fisheries
and Border Protection to collect a bond on MEP Partnerships and Program Science Center, Miami Laboratory, 75
or other security in lieu of a cash Evaluation. The agenda may change to Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, FL 33149.
deposit in new–shipper reviews. accommodate Board business. The Review Workshop will be held in
Therefore, the posting of a bond under the Tampa, FL area at a location to be
DATES: The meeting will convene March
section 751(a)(2)(B)(iii) of the Act in lieu provided in a later notice.
of a cash deposit is not available in this 21, 2007 at 9 a.m. and will adjourn at
4:30 p.m. on March 21, 2007. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John
case. Importers of subject merchandise Carmichael, SEDAR Coordinator, 4055
manufactured and exported by ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at
the Atrium Court Hotel, 3 Research Faber Place, Suite 201, North
EuroChem must continue to pay a cash Charleston, SC 29405; telephone: (843)
deposit of estimated antidumping duties Court, Rockville, Maryland 20850.
Anyone wishing to attend this meeting 571–4366.
on each entry of subject merchandise at
should contact NIST MEP by March 14, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Gulf
the current all–others rate of 68.26
percent. 2007. Please submit your name, time of of Mexico, South Atlantic, and
arrival, e-mail address and phone Caribbean Fishery Management
Interested parties requiring access to number to Susan Hayduk no later than Councils, in conjunction with NOAA
proprietary information in this new– Monday, March 19, 2007. Ms. Hayduk’s Fisheries and the Atlantic and Gulf
shipper review should submit e-mail address is States Marine Fisheries Commissions
applications for disclosure under susan.hayduk@nist.gov and her phone have implemented the SEDAR process,
administrative protective order in number is (301) 975–5614. a multi-step method for determining the
accordance with 19 CFR 351.305 and status of fish stocks in the Southeast
351.306. Region. SEDAR assessments are
Karen Lellock, Manufacturing Extension
This initiation and notice are Partnership, National Institute of developed through an open workshop
published in accordance with section Standards and Technology, process that involves a variety of
751(a)(2)(B) of the Act and 19 CFR Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899–4800, participants. Participants for SEDAR
351.214 and 351.221(c)(1)(i). Workshops, appointed by the regional
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

telephone number (301) 975–4269.

Dated: February 27, 2007.
Fishery Management Councils, the
Dated: March 1, 2007. Southeast Regional Office (SERO), and
David M. Spooner, James E. Hill, the Southeast Fishery Science Center
Assistant Secretaryfor Import Administration. Acting Deputy Director. (SEFSC), include data collectors and
[FR Doc. E7–3896 Filed 3–5–07; 8:45 am] [FR Doc. E7–3874 Filed 3–5–07; 8:45 am] database managers; stock assessment
BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S BILLING CODE 3510–13–P scientists, biologists, and researchers;

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:35 Mar 05, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\06MRN1.SGM 06MRN1
9932 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 43 / Tuesday, March 6, 2007 / Notices

constituency representatives including SEDAR Grouper Review Schedule: SUMMARY: The United States Patent and
fishermen, environmentalists, and non- March 19 - 22, 2007: Grouper Trademark Office (‘‘USPTO’’) hereby
governmental organization (NGO’s); Evaluation Workshop provides sixty (60) days notice of the
International experts; and staff of microfilming and removal of the paper
Councils, Commissions, and state and March 19, 2007: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.; March search collection of registered marks
Federal agencies. 20 - 21, 2007: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; March 22, consisting only of words from the
2007: 8 a.m. - 12 noon. USPTO’s Trademark Search Facility in
Assessments of Gulf of Mexico and
An appointed panel will review the Arlington, VA. This Notice does not
South Atlantic stocks of gag grouper concern the paper search collection of
were developed through SEDAR 10, SEDAR 10 assessments of Gulf of
Mexico and South Atlantic gag grouper registered marks that consist of or
completed in July 2006. The assessment include design elements.
of Gulf of Mexico red grouper was and the SEDAR 12 assessment of Gulf of
developed through SEDAR 12, Mexico red grouper. Participants will DATES: Removal of the paper search
evaluate key data and methodological collection of registered word-only marks
completed in February 2007. It is
decisions and the justifications of those shall be effected beginning sixty (60)
acknowledged that methods of assessing
decisions as provided in the SEDAR 10 days from the date of this Notice.
Southeastern fish stocks and addressing
and 12 assessment reports. The panel FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
issues within available datasets improve will prepare a written report addressing
with each SEDAR assessment, and Jennifer Chicoski, Office of the
Terms of Reference approved by the Commissioner for Trademarks, 571–
recent assessment updates have allowed SEDAR Steering Committee.
incorporation of such changes. There 272–8943.
are similarities in the data sources used May 8 - 10, 2007: SEDAR Grouper SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Under 35
to develop SEDAR 10 and 12 Review Workshop U.S.C. 41(i), the USPTO must maintain
assessments, potential similarities in May 8, 2007: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.; May 9, a collection of United States trademark
basic species biology, and considerable 2007: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; May 10, 2007: 8 applications and registrations for use by
overlap in fisheries that harvest these a.m. - 1 p.m. the public in paper, microform, or
species within the respective Council electronic form. The provision
The Review Workshop is an authorizing an electronic search
areas of jurisdiction. Therefore, the independent peer review of the
Steering Committee has determined that collection was added by § 4804(d)(1) of
recommendations of the Evaluation the American Inventors Protection Act
a special review of these recent grouper Panel and any subsequent analyses
assessments is required to ensure that of 1999 (‘‘AIPA’’), Title IV, Subtitle B,
recommended by the Evaluation Panel. of Pub. L. 106–113, 113 Stat. 1501,
uncertainties are treated appropriately Workshop Panelists will review the
and that any potential differences in 1501A–589. The USPTO currently
SEDAR 10 and 12 assessments and the maintains a searchable electronic
methods or data treatments are findings of the Evaluation Panel and database of registered marks and marks
thoroughly justified. document their comments and in pending applications, as well as text
This special inquiry will be prepared recommendations in a Consensus and images of marks in abandoned,
through 2 SEDAR workshops: an Summary Report. cancelled and expired records dating
evaluation workshop and review Special Accommodations back to 1984. Government insignia
workshop. The evaluation workshop protected by U.S. law or by Article 6ter
will consist of SEFSC and Council These meetings are physically
of the Paris Convention, and insignia
accessible to people with disabilities.
appointees familiar with the that various federally and state
Requests for sign language
assessments and the fisheries which recognized Native American tribes have
interpretation or other auxiliary aids
will be convened to review the identified as their official tribal insignia
should be directed to the Council office
assessments and possibly recommend are also included. Trademark examining
(see ADDRESSES) at least 10 business
additional sensitivity analyses. The attorneys have relied exclusively on the
days prior to each workshop. electronic search system since before
Review Workshop will consist of an
Dated: March 1, 2007. 1990.
SEFSC appointed Chair, two
independent reviewers appointed Tracey L. Thompson, Section 4804(d)(2) of the AIPA
through the Center for Independent Acting Director, Office of Sustainable provides that the USPTO can eliminate
Fisheries, National Marine Fisheries Service. the paper or microform search
Experts (CIE), and up to two additional
representatives appointed by the Gulf [FR Doc. E7–3849 Filed 3–5–07; 8:45 am] collection only pursuant to notice and
and South Atlantic Councils. The BILLING CODE 3510–22–S opportunity for public comment, and
product of the Evaluation Workshop only after submitting a report to the
will be a report addressing key Committees on the Judiciary of the
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Senate and the House of Representatives
assessment uncertainties and
detailing its plan for removal, and
recommending potential additional Patent and Trademark Office certifying that the implementation of
assessment analyses for consideration
such plan will not negatively impact the
by the Review panel. The product of the [Docket No. PTO–T–2007–0003] public. On May 9, 2003, the USPTO
Review Panel will be an independent certified to Congress that the USPTO
evaluation of the recommendations and Notice of the Removal of the Paper could cease to maintain a paper search
conclusions of the Evaluation Panel and Search Collection of Registered Word- collection of marks that consist only of
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

any subsequent assessment analyses. Only Marks From Trademark Search words, without harm to the public. The
Library in Arlington, VA 2003 report and certification are
AGENCY: United States Patent and currently available on the USPTO Web
Trademark Office, Commerce. site at http://www.uspto.gov/web/
ACTION: Notice.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:35 Mar 05, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00015 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\06MRN1.SGM 06MRN1