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32CSM expanding
The 32CSM has
formed new cumainn
in Waterford, Wexford,
Kells and Westmeath.
We have also reformed
cumainn in Galway
and the Roger Casement Cumann in
If you would like to
join or help out the 32
County Sovereignty
Movement, you can
send an email to the
address below

Members of Belfast 32CSM in the Twinbrook area to promote and recruit for the newly reformed Roger Casement

Sovereign Nation

Join your local 32CSM

cumann in:
West Belfast
South Down
North Louth
Kells, Co.Meath
Fingal/ East Meath



British political policing is nothing new in

Ireland, particularly in the North where over
the past two years there has been a drastic
increase, the prime example being Ardoyne
in North Belfast. Daily life in this area consists of the usual day to day activities but
with the added constant presence of the
RUC/PSNI, a sectarian police force under
the control of a foreign government and accountable it seems, to nobody.
Children go to school in the morning passing armoured vehicles and police units with
automatic rifles, either on a street corner or
whilst a residents house is being ripped
apart in a dawn raid. Between the hours of
5pm and 9pm the police presence in this
area is drastically increased with foot patrols, a police helicopter, a police spotter

plane and a convoy of armoured Jeeps

prowling each street every 10 minutes.
With this type of policing occurring on
such a regular basis in Ardoyne, as well as
other areas, it has become somewhat normal life in the eyes of the people living
here but, what we must stress and keep in
our minds is that these tactics are used for
the sole purpose of harassment and intimidation.
British political policing is much alive
today as it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s and
should be met with an opposing voice
from the people that we will not tolerate
our lives being watched over and dictated
to by a Gestapo like police force and the
shadowy British intelligence agencies who
assist them.

Derry 32CSM mark

RUC/PSNI harassment of
anniversary of Bobby Sands Belfast 32CSM members
On Tuesday 12th May, Detectives from
the Antrim Road RUC Barracks have
been banging on the doors of 32CSM
Belfast Cumann members today and
have charged them with disorderly behaviour and preventing a meeting
taken place.
These charges are in relation to a DPP
meeting in the Ligoniel Community

Center in which members of cumann

voiced their concerns about the facilitating of Crown Forces in Republican
areas and the way in this unaccountable force politically police, harass and
intimidate the residents of these areas.
32CSM Belfast will continue to resist
political policing in Ireland and ask that
everyone do the same.

Belfast Cumann start new mural

At 1.17am on 5th May, Derry 32CSM members and supporters including

32CSM Chairperson, Francie Mackey gathered at Free Derry Corner to mark
the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands. A number of lanterns were released as a mark of respect.

A new mural to highlight the PSNIS attempt to cover up state collusion was started by members of the Belfast Cumann on Monday 10 ay
at the international wall Falls Road Belfast.

Sovereign Nation


Craigavon 2 case highlighted across Scotland

The Volunteer Charles Carrigan /
Patsy Duffy Cumann 32CSM Scotland has over the past number of
months organised very successful
protests throughout the length and
breadth of Scotland to highlight the
case of The Craigavon 2.
The case of Brendan and JohnPaul is one that needs to be highlighted and the way that we could
do this in Scotland was to bring the
case of the Craigavon 2 to all parts
of Scotland in the form of leaflet
drops and protests, and the first
protests were organised for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
These protests were both very
successful and well attended and
were also very well received by the
public who after learning of the
key facts were shocked and outraged that an injustice such as this
was continuing to happen in 2015.
After the success of the first two
protests, the next city to be attended was Dundee. From the moment protesters entered Dundee
City Centre they were heckled by

individuals who began to scream

sectarian and racist abuse at the
protest and the individuals who
were attending. In one case a female protester was physically attacked by a male who attempted to
grab the leaflets being handed out,
even after attempts were made to
diffuse the situation with dialogue
it was made clear that those who
were opposed to the protest were
there hell bent on causing trouble
and attempting to force a reaction.
Again this protest was very well
received by the public and over a
thousand leaflets were handed out
and upon seeing the banners, engaged with protesters and we thank
those individuals for this.
The next city we attended was
Aberdeen and again we were met
with elements identifying themselves as members of the National
Front who began to attempt to hand
out leaflets that they had made in
opposition of the protest. After a
short period and after learning of
the key facts of the case these indi-

viduals proceeded to put their

leaflets into the bin and left the
area. Again over a thousand leaflets
were handed out and were very
well received from the people of
Our most recent protest was to
take place in Paisley town centre
and on this occasion again we were
met by individuals identifying
themselves as members of the National front and also a very small
number of individuals who from

when the protest began were there

only to sing and scream sectarian
abuse and perhaps had no idea why
the protest was taking place. This
small element seemed to have the
intention of pushing protesters out
of the City Centre, but this would
prove to be futile. Only after another thousand leaflets had been
handed out and we had engaged the
members of public this very successful protest was drawn to a

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have
attended protests and to the members of public in Scotland who have
supported the protest and taken
time to engage with and learn all
the key facts of this injustice that
has happened to Brendan and JohnPaul and we, like many others
across the world will continue to
highlight the Craigavon 2 until the
day these 2 innocent men are home.
Justice for the Craigavon 2

Political Policing protest held in Scotland

On April 22nd, members of the 32 County
Sovereignty Movement attended a protest
organised by Independent Republicans to
highlight Political Policing in the Six
Counties, facilitating internment by remand against Irish Republicans.
The message was very well received by
the public in Glasgows City Centre, with
some coming over and showing an interest as to what was happening.
We would like to congratulate the organisers for organising the event, and say

Sovereign Nation

well done to all who attended in such

short notice.


#JFTC2 - A case Study of

prisoner support from
across the pond
The Justice For The Craigavon Two Campaign in Canada is an example of what can
be done oversees to support Irish POWS.
The purpose of this article is to examine
some of the tactics and methods of organizing around this campaign so as a discussion
can be started about what can be done outside of Ireland to support Prisoners as well
to summarise what has been done as to move
The first part of this campaign was identifying who are our friends, allies, who is neutral
and must be won over and who must be politically
When starting this campaign it became clear
that our primary friends and allies in the
community was not the alphabet soup of
Leftist Groups, but rather those that could directly sympathize with the case. In other
words those who understand occupation and
colonialism as a result of their direct experience, those who have been political prisoners
here or abroad, organizations that support
prisoners of imperialism and family members and friends of those whom have been
imprisoned unjustly or for political reasons
as well as members of the Irish community
who are or have direct ties to Ireland and are
sympathetic to the struggle. Given the pressure on the Irish community here, to stay
quiet and be intimidated into silence due to
family members back home this group needs
to be handled carefully and not be put into
what they perceive as harms way as well
as have the infrastructures in place to protect
them if under attack eg lawyers etc. We
found it was good invite them to private
functions and public meetings that will be
well attended and unwise to ask them to participate in a takeover of the British consulate.
Those who are neutral and must be won over
are those who may not have an anti-colonialist attitude and may not believe in the
struggle but have a principled view on freedom of speech expression and human rights.
These range from university professors,
lawyers, members of mainstream political
parties and human rights activists that genuinely believe in Human rights.
Those that need to be isolated and neutralized politically are the British State their
agents and the leadership of Sinn Fein.
To unify all the forces that need to be unified, the approach that we took here is a
united front against imperialism and colonialism. We to explain the struggle of the
Craigavon Two in the context of British Occupation. To the people of the world, from
Venezuela to Palestine, the Anglo American
alliance is well known and hated. The same
British soldiers that crushed Henry Joy and
his comrades are the same British Soldiers
that murdered more than 100 million Native
people on this continent and the same government that is imprisoning the Craigavon
Two. That same government is sabotaging
the economy of Venezuela, invading Iraq and

Bringing the message to the British Consulate in Toronto

aiding and assisting neo colonial projects
around the world.
In this context the imprisonment of the
Craigavon Two is not just two people who
accidentally ended up in jail but rather a continuation of the crimes of colonialism and
imperialism and another example of Internment and the genocide against colonized
peoples for the last 800 years. Through public meetings and education, friendly forces
are then unified around not only the demand
of their freedom but an end to the system that
has imprisoned them.
To win over the middle forces the approach
we have taken is to shed light on the case and
use this case as an eye opener to the larger
issues of Internment and Occupation while
at the same time mobilizing them to take a
stand against this injustice. This is done
through letter writing nights, discussions on

human rights, leafleting various areas where

the social makeup is mostly students and intellectuals and engaging them in discussions
and fact findings. In the past the state has
banned our organization from speaking on
campus due to the fact that this is a Republican issue such as Conestoga College. We
have used those occasions to ask this group
the question why are you not allowed to be
exposed to facts? Why are they afraid of allowing people to talk about this? Thereby
mobilizing them to seek truth from facts and
come to their own conclusions.
Finally politically isolating those who need
to be isolated. In terms of Sinn Fein, this is
done by highlighting these issues in whatever community we can, which forces the
membership to ask why they are doing nothing on this issue. One example is during our
campaign for Marian Price when an Interna-

Julian Ichim reading a message from the JFTC2 committee

Sovereign Nation

tional Day of Action was called for all

POWS. The leadership of Friends Of Sinn
Fein was politically forced to join our picket
outside of the British Consulate as well as
issue a statement demanding freedom for
Price. This was not done out of the goodness
of their heart but rather because they were
forced to answer the question: why is this
group who is not all Irish doing something
for the POWS and you are silent?
In terms of the Brits, we isolate them by following Maos tactics of deepening the contradictions and intensifying the disruption.
Through economic disruption we force the
Brits to waste their resources as well as
militarise, showing that it is not business
as usual. As a result of our sit-ins, phone
jams and occupations of the British Consulate. These actions have forced them to
tighten their security in a way that they can
see people on a by appointment only
basis, militarise the consulate and keep the
doors locked at all times. This is positive
because this shows the public their reaction to peaceful protestors. The more they
spend on monitoring us here, the less
money they have for what they are doing
over there and the fact that they are militarising there consulate shows the people
that it is not business as usual and that
Britain is not just another country of tea
and biscuits, but rather a military monster.
This lets the people of the world see their
teeth and as such isolate themselves from
the people.
As a result of this strategy we feel that in
many ways we broke around the isolation in
certain circles and we will continue this until
Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton
are at home where they belong.


Vol. Ronan MacLochlainn

commemoration 2015
Vol. Ronan MacLochlainn

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement

today held their annual commemoration to
to Volunteer
MacLochlainn in Glasnevin Cemetery.
The commemoration which was attended by
Republicans from various parts of Ireland
and Scotland assembled at the gates of the
cemetery and was led by a 32CSM Colour
Party who marched to Ronans graveside
where Peter Fitzsimons, National Secretary
of the 32CSM opened proceedings saying:
On behalf of the 32 County Sovereignty
Movement, I would like to both welcome
and thank you for attending this graveside
today to commemorate Volunteer Ronan
Ronan MacLochlainn while on active service duty on May 1st 1998 was callously murdered by the Free State Forces. His death
was both unwarranted and unjustified.
The ultimate sacrifice made by Volunteer
Ronan MacLochlainn on that faithful day in
1998 will never be forgotten and must serve
as a reminder to us all that while Ireland remains under occupation, Republicans will be
targeted by the so called guardians of the
peace, in the 26 county state let and by the
RUC in the occupied six counties.
In present days at commemorations we see
the contempt shown by the Free State political police, the very same force that murdered Volunteer Ronan MacLoughlin, at the
gates of this cemetery. Taking names and addresses under section 30 of the offences
against the state act.
I ask this question, what threat do Republicans pose to the so called state here today?
Are we such a threat when we come to remember our fallen that armed police are
posted to watch over our proceedings?
Or is it our political position that scares
them? Is it the fact that we campaign for the
restoration of Irish national sovereignty that
scares them the most? Or is it their counter
parts in MI5 that fear what we say? Is it fear
of the truth that motivates them to try and
bully and intimidate Republicans at such ceremonies.
As they have clearly expressed in their cowardly ways in years gone by, these questions
will never be answered.
It is the responsibility of each and every one
of us here today to make the truth known and
to make it public knowledge.

If we cannot do this for ourselves then we

must do in memory of Volunteer Ronan
Beir Bua
A number of wreaths were laid which was
followed by the lowering of the flags.
The main oration was delivered by Francie
Mackey, Chairperson of the 32CSM.
Friends, Comrades,
To truly honour our patriot dead we must be
at the forefront of the struggle to realise the
objectives for which they paid the supreme
sacrifice. There is an unmistakable clarity
standing at any graveside, the realisation that
MacLochlainn is no longer with us. And
their must be absolute clarity as to why that
is the case.
Volunteer Ronan MacLochlainn gave his
young life in a struggle to remove the violation of Irish national sovereignty by the
Westminster Parliament. A mere month before he met his death a political arrangement
was entered into by various parties which
sought to legitimise that violation and by default prolonged the Anglo-Irish conflict.
By accepting the legitimacy of Partition all
those who signed and supported the Good
Friday Agreement retrospectively criminalised every Irishman and woman who
fought for Irish freedom. It is not enough for
such people to say that this was not their intention or to find mitigation behind a flawed
claim of strategic advantage.
The justification of the republican struggles

is to be found in the fundamental premise

upon which it is based: the Irish peoples
right to national self-determination is inalienable and indefeasible. This is the message which Ronans comrades brought
before the United Nations in 1998 to challenge the legality of what was to become the
Good Friday Agreement.
Contrary to the flawed belief of some the UN
Submission was not a challenge to the result
of the joint referenda but to the legality of
staging such a vote in Ireland in the first
place. The political process which led to
Good Friday was predicated on the prior acceptance of Britains claim to sovereignty
over part of Ireland.
Whether or not that process yielded a political treaty was irrelevant to both Dublin and
London because the strategic prize for both
was the ensnarement of the Provisional leadership into partitionist politics. That trap is
now complete and for everyone to see.
Sadly and not for the first time it falls upon
Irish republicans to pick up the pieces and
rebuild. But there is a crucial point to understand that the process of re-building is about
looking forward and not back. There is no returning to a pre-Good Friday Agreement position because none exists. We cannot ignore
the reality of the political landscape in which
we find ourselves no more than we can delude ourselves into thinking that isolating
ourselves can alter it.
There are two essential steps required for this
struggle to move forward. Firstly, there must
be in place a secure foundation which gives
political and constitutional clarity as to ex-

Sovereign Nation

actly what this struggle is about. Secondly

there needs to be a pragmatic ethos in republican politics which recognises that everything we do must be relevant to our people
and in turn relevant to our overall objectives.
And we cannot allow our political actions
contradict the just premise upon which our
struggle is predicated.
For our part in securing political and constitutional clarity the 32 County Sovereignty
Movement went before the International
Community and made our case for Irish Sovereignty. In so doing we put in place the only
legal challenge in existence against the British
occupation of our country.
We do not claim ownership of this initiative,
it is there for all republicans to utilise. It is not
a homage to history. It is not a party political
policy. It is a pragmatic and secure basis for
republicanism to move forward.
Wi t h
the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising upon
us Irish republicans face a massive challenge
to demonstrate to the Irish people that we represent a political force that can deliver change.
It is pointless to claim empathy with the
events of Easter Week whilst remaining politically impotent regarding the realisation of the
Slogans and historical homilies are not
enough. Flag waving and populist posturing
do not honour our patriot dead. As we speak
there is a concerted effort by this State to
drown out the core message of 1916. There
are also huge financial efforts by others to
purchase the Centenary for electoral purposes just as Bertie Ahern did for the 90th
match these resources but we can work together to ensure that the republican voice is
heard and heeded. Our patriot dead, like Volunteer Ronan MacLochlainn, deserve no
Beir Bua


Easter 2015

No foreign parliament had the right to

violate our sovereignty, the Irish people
themselves have no right to give it
- Francie Mackey, Cork
On Easter Sunday, Republicans gathered in
Togher, Cork City and marched to the Re
publican Plot in St Finbars Cemetery to com
memorate all those who gave their lives for
Irish freedom in the 1916 Rising.
Francie Mackey, Chairperson of the 32
County Sovereignty Movement delivered
the main oration.
In his speech Francie said:
The 1916 Easter Rebellion was an armed
expression of Irish sovereignty. It was ex
pressed in such a manner because Irish sov
ereignty was and is violated by the
Westminster Parliament. This violation is
the root cause of the ongoing AngloIrish
The potency of the Proclamation issued at
the outset of the rebellion lies in the clarity
through which Irish sovereignty was de
We declare the right of the people of Ire
land to the ownership of Ireland, and to the
unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be
sovereign and indefeasible.
In clear and unambiguous terms Irish sov
ereignty was defined as an inalienable and
indefeasible right of the people of Ireland.
And in equal measure, whilst recognising
that no foreign parliament had the right to
violate our sovereignty, the Irish people
themselves have no right to give it away.
This places the Good Friday Agreement as
a clear breach of these sovereign principles
and as such cannot be viewed as the basis

Francie Mackey giving the main

oration in Cork on Easter Sunday
for peace between the Irish people and the
Westminster Parliament.
Our right to national self determination, to
be governed by the collective wisdom of our
peoples votes, is not in itself dependant on
a vote. Voting is an expression of sover
eignty but it is not the basis for it. The joint
referenda held to endorse the Good Friday
Agreement were an attempt to create such
a scenario by making national self determi
nation conditional on the votes of Unionists.
And here is where the clarity of the Procla
mation causes fundamental problems for

Winifred Carney and Charlie Monaghan remembered in Belfast

On easter Saturday, members of

Belfasts WolfeTone/McCracken
cumann 32CSM laid a wreath at the
grave of Winifred Carney.
Maria Winifred Carney, known as Win-

nie, was a suffragist, trade unionist and

Irish independence activist. Born in
Bangor, County Down, her family
moved to the Falls Road in Belfast
when she was a child.
She was present with Connolly in the
Dublin General Post Office during the
Easter Rising in 1916. Carney was the
only woman present during the initial
occupation of the building, which she
entered armed with a typewriter and a
Webley revolver. While not a combatant, she was given the rank of Adjutant
and was among the final group (including Connolly and Patrick Pearse) to
leave the GPO.
After her capture, she was held in Kilmainham Gaol and later interned in
Aylesbury with Nell Ryan and Helena
Moloney. The three requested that the

internee status, and the privileges it

brought, be revoked so that they would
be held as normal prisoners with
Countess Markievicz. Their request
was denied but she was released in
December 1916. After the Anglo-Irish
Treaty and the formation of the Irish
Free State, Carney sided with the AntiTreaty Forces and was arrested several times.
Carney died in 1943 after a long illness
and is now buried in Belfast's Milltown
On Good Friday, the Belfast 32CSM
laid a wreath in honour of Charlie Monaghan at Short Strand Memorial Garden.
Charlie Monaghan, a member of the
Gaelic league and Irish Republican
Brotherhood joined the Irish Volunteers

Sovereign Nation

2nd Battalion, Dublin brigade, originally

from Ballymacarret he died on Good
Friday 1916 in a car accident near Ballykissane pier on Active Service along
with 3 other Volunteers.


Easter 2015
those adherents of Good Friday but also of
fers clear guidance for republicans in how to
address it.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement
took on board this clarity and defended Irish
sovereignty from this attack at the United
Nations. Our Submission before the UN sets
out in the clearest form possible that Parti
tion, and all treaties thereof, are illegal
under international law and are clear viola
tions of Irish sovereignty.
The importance of this defence of Irish
sovereignty cannot be overstated when you
consider that Westminsters first consider
ation in the so called peace process was to
defend absolutely their claim of sovereignty
over part of our country.
They insisted, even though it meant con
tinuing armed conflict, that the entry fee
into negotiations was the prior acceptance
of the legitimacy of their sovereign claim to
theSix Counties and that all other claims
were to be withdrawn.
Their strategy from that point on was to
sanitise this treaty by a partitionist vote
masquerading as an act of self determina
tion by the Irish people.
In this they were largely successful except
for our actions at the UN. That submission
remains the only legal challenge to the
British occupation of our country. It was
made on behalf of the right of the Irish peo
ple to national sovereignty for the 32 Coun
ties of Ireland. It is not the property of any
group nor is endorsement of any group a
precondition to supporting it.
We cannot equivocate on this matter. We
cannot depart from the clarity of the Procla
mation as a confused strategy to express a
political identity. Neither can we reduce the
events of Easter Week to mere idealism. The
armed rebellion was a definitive political act
in pursuit of national rights clearly defined.
And herein lies the true challenge of the
Proclamation for Irish republicans today.
What will our definitive political actions be
in pursuit of its realisation? Its not enough
to pledge allegiance to the Proclamation
without making that allegiance synonymous
with definitive and credible political acts of

our own.
The first step to be taken in addressing any
problem is to recognise that the problem ex
ists. For republicans that first step is to
recognise that our fractured state is funda
mentally incapable of delivering these de
finitive political acts.
And irrespective of how we tortuously try
to justify or lend credence to this fractured
state one fundamental reality remains unal
tered; no matter which banner you stand
under today, no matter which graveyard or
monument you attend to remember 1916
we are all wholly united in our collective fail
ure to realise our objectives.
The sooner we recognise this reality the
sooner we can progress. How can we claim
credible allegiance to those who gave their
lives in Easter Week knowing full well that
our own efforts are hopelessly below par?
Its all the more ironic when you consider
that the Proclamation and Rising them
selves form the perfect template within
which we can address our current malaise.
This time next year we will be standing at
the Centenary of the most seminal event in
our history. What are we to say? Are we to
say one group had more flags at their com
memoration than another and delude our
selves that that is a victory?
We are confronted by a State who wants
to honour the British soldiers who executed
our Provisional Government. We have
pseudo republican parties throwing vast
sums of money in a despicable effort to buy
the Centenary as an election ploy for a pos
sible 2016 election.
We have front groups issuing forgeries of
the Proclamation in an insidious attempt to
facilitate the Good Friday Agreement as in
some way not being in contravention of the
original document.
All these efforts are being undertaken by
groups with vastly more resources than we
could ever hope to have. All republicans
have at this point in time is each other and
all we are being asked to do is act in cohe
sion for one day out of a hundred years.
Surely that is the very least we can do!
Beir Bua.

Easter commemoration in Kerry

Rising commemorated
in Scotland
On Sunday, April 12th, the glaigh
Charles Carrigan / Patsy Duffy
Cumann took part in the West of Scotland Band Alliances Easter 1916
Commemoration in Glasgow City
Centre. We would like to thank the organisers for giving us the opportunity
to highlight the blatant miscarriage of
justice inflicted on John Paul Wooton
& Brendan McConville, otherwise referred to as the Craigavon Two. We
feel its every bit as important to highlight todays struggles whilst commemorating past struggles.

Charles Carrigan was born of Irish
parents in the (then) industrial town of
Denny, Stirlingshire Scotland in 1882.
Modest by nature he possessed a
keen intellect and worked as a tailor.
From an early age he developed a
love of all things Irish and was an enthusiastic Gaelic Leaguer.When Sinn
Fein was founded in 1905, members
of the IRB formed a branch in Glasgow soon afterwords, named the Eire
Og Craobh. Charles Carrigan was its
first chairman. The branch was very
active and organised Gaelic classes
as well as holding lectures on Irish
history and the contemporary political
situation. Carrigans wide reading
knowledge of their hardships endured
by the working classes of Clydeside,
many of whom were Irish immigrants,
developed in him a strong social conscience. In 1906 the future Minister of
Housing in the First Labour Government, John Weatley, founded the
small but influential Catholic Socialist
Society. It aimed to reconcile practising Roman Catholics with the tents of
socialism. Carrigan and fellow IRB
member, Thomas OBaun enrolled.
As well as serving on the organising

Up to 70 people attended the 32 County Sovereignty Movement's 2 in

1 commemoration in Ballylongford on Easter Sunday to remember
both the men and women of 1916 and Bill Shea who died in January.

Sovereign Nation

committee and presiding at meetings,

Carrigan was much in demand as a
lecturer. It was hardly surprising then,
that when Arthur Griffith sided with the
management during the Dublin Lock
Out, the Glasgow Sinn Feiners felt
compelled to denounce his actions.
Carrigan and other prominent IRB
members left for Ireland in order to
evade conscription which was introduced in January 1916. When there,
they made preparations for the impending Rising. During the fighting
Carrigan was positioned at the GPO
with other members of the Scottish
Division. Despite putting up a brave
fight, the constant British bombardment was taking its toll. Incendiary
shells set the Republican Headquarters on fire and their evacuation became necessary. It was during the
second evacuation on the 28th that
Charles Carrigan was cut down by a
hail of bullets with the ORahilly by his
side. They were killed in Moore Street
near the burning GPO. By a sad coincidence it was Carrigans 34th birthday. Charles Carrigans name takes
pride of place on a monument in St.
Pauls Cemetery, Glasnevin, beneath
which he is buried along with 15 other
heroes of Easter Week.


Message of solidarity to the Indigenous Peoples Liberation

Party and The Uhuru
movement in Canada
32CSM message of solidarity
read at a meeting with Indigenous
Peoples Liberation Party and The
Uhuru movement in Canada on
May 2nd 2015
Friends and comrades;
Over the course of history people
across the globe have become victim to oppressive governments,
through their policy of occupation, capitalism, imperialism and
In Canada the world watches on
while the indigenous people are
treated with contempt, the contempt shown to the indigenous
people of Canada is clear to see,
through over policing and under
protecting the indigenous communities, the native community is
being slowly eradicated by the
Harper government.
From kidnapping and disappearance to murder and rape, the indigenous people are suffering, this
is genocidal violence personified.
What is most frightening about
this abuse of power is the clear
fact that women, girls and transgender people are being targeted
by the Canadian government
through their police force.
For example in British Columbia
on the so called Highway Of
Tears Highway 16, there has
been 18 reported disappearances
of Indigenous women over several decades, coupled with these
reports there is an alarming reports of police brutality, it is clear
to see that the Harper government
is targeting the indigenous people

to eradicate them.
As the native people in Canada
suffer on a daily basis, we have
seen the upsurge of violence
against the African-American
community in the United States
Of America.
The American police have caused
an uprising within the AfricanAmerican community by their
willingness to produce their side
arms and pull the trigger. These
actions coupled with sheer brutality have spurred a generation to
rise up and face down those who
seek to harm them.In Baltimore in
recent days the African-American
community have come together to
stand up to a racially motivated
police force after the brutal death
of Freddie Gray. After suffering a
death so horrific the AfricanAmerican community rallied to
defend the name of Freddie Gray

and to seek justice from those

who caused his death.
This is nothing new in America
however. The Native American
population has been erased
through generations of murder
and genocide.
The African-American community are now suffering what hundreds of thousands have suffered
before, a racially motivated war
against them at the hands of an
oppressive government, enforced
through the police by the use of
lethal force.
In Ireland, Irish Republicans and
Nationalists suffer at the hands of
a foreign government on a daily
In the occupied six counties of
Ireland, it can be seen on a daily
basis when Republicans have the
door to their homes kicked in,
their families abused and intimi-

Sovereign Nation

dated by a sectarian military police force.

Children have been held at gun point,
beaten and verbally abused while
their Mothers and Fathers are
traumatized by the forces of occupation. It is an undeniable fact in
Ireland that if you do not accept
British occupation and rule that
you will be targeted.
In Ireland the process of normalization is in full swing, those who
do not conform to British rule are
targeted, imprisoned and interned
by remand.
Just like in Canada and America,
Irish men and women have suffered for not accepting illegal occupation. In occupied Ireland
there are political prisoners of
war, incarcerated on spurious
charges, with no trial date set,
they are condemned to a prison
cell for refusing to accept the occupation of their country.
Over the past 800 years Irish men
and women, just like their broth-

ers and sisters in Canada and

America have suffered torture,
murder, rape and discrimination.
In modern day occupied Ireland,
we have yet another miscarriage
of justice.
This time two men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for an
alleged role in a murder of a police man.
These two men, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton,
who have become known as the
Craigavon Two have been tried
and sentenced in an illegal dip
lock British court, without any evidence being provided against
Friends we can only be victorious
if we support each other in our on
going plights. Let us go away
from here tonight and pledge to
forge links with like minded
groups around the globe, let us
stand up and fight for the liberation of our people and our lands.
Beir Bua


Annual 32CSM Sponsored Walk

On March 28th, members of
the 32 County Sovereignty
Movement took part in the
annual 32CSM sponsored
walk in Omeath, County
The walk left Omeath at
1pm and proceeded along the
shore line to the newly opened
greenway which connects
Omeath and Carlingford.
Taking in some fantastic
views those who took part in
the walk finished the walk and
returned to Omeath where refreshments were served.
The North Louth Cumann
will be holding the walk again
in 2016, and look forward to it
being a bigger success.

Gaughan/Stagg Cumann hold successful

march in Manchester

The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann of the

32CSM recently held a successful
march into central Manchester. It was
supported by the Coatbridge United
Irishmen RFB from Glasgow. The parade ended in Piccadilly gardens with
speeches from the youth section of the
Cumann, Ireland Palestine Group and
The Gaughan/Stagg Cumann have supported activities of Antifacist in Newcastle , Birmingham, Manchester and
Dudley. The Cumann have been welcomed and are building on the Republican tradition of opposing Facism.

Sovereign Nation



Fogra Bais
Bobby BYRNE died in rescue attempt 6/4/19
IRA Chief of Staff Liam LYNCH
killed in action by Free State Forces

FOUR Republican POWs executed

by British Forces in Cork 28/4/1921

Sean HEUSTON executed in Kilmainham Gaol 8/5/1916

Thomas KEANE executed by British

Forces in Limerick 4/6/1921

Vol. The ORAHILLY Killed in action in Moore St, Dublin 28/4/1916

Vol. Thomas KENT executed in Cork

Gaol 9/5/1916

Lord Edward FITZGERALD died



Vol. Sean MCCAUGHEY died on

Hunger Strike in Portlaoise Gaol

Joe HEALY dies from gunshot

wounds 5/6/1923

SIX POWS executed by Free State

Forces in Tuam 11/4/1923


killed by Free State Forces 1/5/1998

Vol. Robert CLANCEY died in Curragh Camp 12/4/1940

Patrick CASEY executed by British

Forces in Cork 2/5/1921

Vol. Tony DARCY died on hunger

strike 16/4/1940

Vols. Chris QUINN and William

SHAUGHNESSY executed by Free
State Forces in Ennis 2/5/1923


killed in Clashmealcon caves Co.
Kerry 18/4/1923
Vol. Sean MCNEELA died on
hunger strike 19/4/1940

Padraig MACPIARAIS, Thomas J.

CLARKE and Thomas MCDOANGH executed in Kilmainham
Gaol 3/5/1916

Vol. Francis HUGHES died on

Hunger Strike12/5/1981
James CONNOLLY and Sean
MACDIARMADA executed in Kilmainham Gaol 12/5/1916
Vol. Christy BIRD accidently shot
dead 13/5/1939
Niall Boyle PLUNKETT killed by
Free State Forces 15/5/1923
Daniel OBrien shot dead by British
Forces in Cork 17/5/1921

Michael GAUGHAN died on

Hunger Strike in Parkhurst Prison,
Engand 12/6/1974
Luke DILLON dies 7/6/1930
Edward FOLEY and Patrick
MAHER hanged by British Forces
Father Michael MURPHY killed
Frank RYAN died in Spain


way to meet arms ship The Aud at
Ballykisane Co. Kerry 20/4/1916

Willie PEARSE, Joseph PLUNKETT, Edward DALY and Michael

OHANRAHAN executed I Kilmainham Gaol 4/5/1916

1916 Vetran Vol. Joesph CLARKE

died 22/4/1976

Vol. Bobby SANDS died on Hunger

Strike 5/5/1981

Vol. Sean MARTIN killed in accidental explosion 24/4/1940

Vol. Christy HARFORD died on the

run 5/5/1992

Thomas TRAYNOR hanged in

Dublin 26/4/1921


by SAS at Loughgall 8/5/1987


Matt MURPHY shot by British

Forces 21/6/1919

Vol. Pat MAHONY executed by Free

State Forces in Ennis 26/4/1923

Vols. Con COLBERT, Michael


Charles OHARE died in prison


Jeremiah ODonovan ROSSA died


Vols. Raymond MCCREESH and

Patsy OHARA died on Hunger
Strike 215/1981
Finian Michael BARRETT wrongly
accused of the Clerkenwell explosion
is the last man publicly hanged in
England 26/5/1868

Daniel DOWNEY died from effects

of hunger strike in the Curragh Camp
Vol. Peter MCCARTHY shot dead
by Garda Special Branch 17//1937
John and Patrick WATTERS shot
dead by the Black and Tans (Auxiliaries) 17/6/1921

Always remembered by the Republican Movement

Recommended reading for Republicans

A compilation of the last written
words of the men who were executed after the Rising of Easter
Week, 1916. It includes also some
of the statements made and dispatches issued by the leaders during
the Week, at the surrender, and after
it, as well as some references to
their activities while fighting was in


Sean MacBride's views and proposals on The Slave Mentality Unemployment
The Trilateral Commission
The Atlantic Council Neutrality
The Royal Irish Academy
Partition Inland
Hunger Strikes

Sovereign Nation


Dail Eireann met for the first time in
Dublin in January 1919. It attempted to
put into practice the Sinn Fein theory of an
alternative government. It established an
alternative administration to the official
British one, complete with government
departments, courts of law, a department
of finance, a propaganda machine and
other arms of civil administration.. This
book examines the workings of this
counter-state between 1919 and 1921.