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Impacts from Quang Ninh Floods

August 3, 2015


Severe floods has marked impacts on thermal electricity and coal production firms
Total loss to Vinacomin has amounted to over VND1 trillion due to heavy impacts from heavy rain and floods in
Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. We believe that thermal electricity firms and coal producing firms will be most
affected by this event.
Listed coal companies that will be most affected are:
Vinacomin Mong Duong Coal JSC (MDC-HNX): this is the most severely affected coal company , with all
mining sites at depth of -250 meters to -90 meters being immersed in water and mine facilities damaged by
the floods. The company estimates 3-5 months to recover operational capacity of MDC. MDC shares already
declined to floor level during Friday 31st July 2015 trading session to reflect the impact from floods.
Vang Danh Coal JSC (TVD-HNX): 4 plants saw water infiltration from heavy rain and storm. The company
has to stop operations of all 4 plants to fix water drainage capability. This will lead to some loss of revenue
for 2015.
In addition, we believe Vinacomin Coc 6 Coal JSC (TC6-HNX), Vinacomin Cao Son Coal JSC (TCS-HNX),
Vinacomin Deo Nai Coal JSC (TDN-HNX), Vinacomin Ha Tu Coal JSC (THT-HNX), Vinacomin Nui Beo Coal
JSC (NBC-HNX) are also affected to a certain extent due to delayed or temporary halt in production or
additional difficulties in logistics. However, the level of damage is not as severe as MDC and TVD.
Listed thermal electricity companies most affected include Ninh Binh Thermal Power JSC (NBP-HNX), Pha Lai
Thermal Power JSC (PPC-HSX):
Pha Lai 1 Plant (PPC) has enough coal for production in 15 days, as it demands maximum of 3,100 tons of
Pha Lai 2 Plant (PPC) has enough coal for production in 15 days, as it demands maximum of 1,500 tons of
Ninh Binh Thermal plant has sufficient coal for production in 16 days, as it demands total of 380 tons of
Therefore, unless coal supply from Quang Ninh can be restored after this period then these companies may see halt
in production, which could lead to loss of sales revenue. Electricity grid in the South will not be affected or only to a
small degree according to governments officials. However, the electricity grid in the North may see marked impact
if restoration cannot take place in a timely manner.


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