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Universitatea Dunarea de Jos Galati

Facultatea de Medicina si Farmacie

Specializarea Asistenta Medicala Generala

Student: Casu Andreea

AMG IV, gr. I

Motivation for Nursing

I spent the last 8 years working in a private clinic. I loved it from the first day I started,
although I started as a data entry operator. Luckily, I worked for a doctor that was kindly to
teach me and I learned a lot, everything from diagnostic testing, blood tests and human
disease. I transitioned into a management position, but I still worked in the clinic as much as I
could. When my sister went to nursing school I knew it was something that I like to do, so I
prepared for college entrance. This was my chance to go back to school, and chance to
expand my medical knowledge and keep caring for patients. Taking care of patients and
interacting with them is the thing I've always loved most about my job .....
Being a nurse is not an easy job. You need to be attentive, sensitive to peoples needs.
It is one of those jobs, so appreciated by people, that require long working hours and often,
one must overlook ones needs and cater to patients. I am a sensitive, hard-working
individual, perhaps, that is the reason why I got selected this year and was able to perform
exceptionally well at CF Hospital in Galati. Being there and having served people, I have also
learned to stay calm and reassuring in emergency situations. I strongly feel that my skill sets
and my experience will surely help me excel in this service oriented job.
Most nurses are juggling career, home and family responsibilities. One wonders why
anyone would add graduate school to an already busy life. Classes, seminars, term papers
and long clinical days fill the time that is left in their already-packed schedule, but I see
something positive in what I do. Nursing is a challenging career where I learn something
new every day. It is never boring. Helps me organize my time efficiently, has helped me to

really listen to others. Has made me a better person, wife, daughter and friend. I am more
patient, caring and open-minded. Nursing helps me value my life and those who are in
it. Most people don't particularly like their jobs. I can honestly say that I am proud to be a
nurse. I am always post up in new ways, having access to medical advice and education
from trusted healthcare professionals.
My motivation to become a nurse starts with me. My pursuit of becoming a nurse also
stems from my parents. Neither of my parents went to college, but they have made too many
sacrifices over the years to allow me and my sister to get an education. There were many
vacations that they did not take and luxuries that they did not buy. As a nurse, I can have a
career to be proud of, and I can also return the favor to my parents and do my best to take
care of them.
The University and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Galati has prepared me to
study in an accelerated academic environment because I know how to set deadlines for
myself to finish all of my work on time and to work efficiently. I learned how to be passionate
about my work so that I can do the best job possible. My most difficult time was when I had to
balance projects and volunteer work. Yet even with all the work, I did not cut corners in any of
my responsibilities. I planned my own schedule to give myself enough time to finish
everything, but also adapted to unexpected occurrences and finished everything to the best of
my abilities on time. I learned over my four years that nothing is impossible as long as it
approached with dedication, conviction, and a bit of creativity. I am also ready to study in an
accelerated environment because I know that I will have support. While my parents are
unable to help me with the work, they are able to aid me emotionally and give me the strength
to finish.

To become a nurse would be to live my life doing something that I will be passionate
about even though it is not something that others expected of me. To succeed, I will bring
determination, heart, and most of all, a positive mindset.