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JP Morgan regains top spot

New York, March 2, 2010 – Even after the gains of 2009, the hedge fund industry still
has a long way to climb to get back to its peak, with the biggest American hedge fund
firms managing 29% less than they did at their all-time high in 2008, according to AR:
Absolute Return + Alpha (AR) magazine’s biannual Billion Dollar Club survey of U.S.
hedge fund firms managing $1 billion or more.

Full results are available online at www.absolutereturn-alpha.com

As of January 1, the biggest 213 hedge fund firms managed combined assets of $1.182
trillion, a 4.2% increase above what they managed at the beginning of 2009 —
when 218 firms held a combined total of $1.134 trillion — according to the latest survey,
published in the March issue of AR, a publication of Institutional Investor and
HedgeFund Intelligence. In July 2008, the industry’s peak, the 268 biggest firms
managed $1.675 trillion.

A handful of firms managing $5 billion or more nearly doubled their assets from a year
ago, suggesting that the big are getting bigger. Scandals may be one reason the brand-
name firms managed to grab a greater share of the pie in the second half of 2009, as
investors sought the security of large, established shops. Also, a significant portion of
the assets garnered in 2009 came from institutional investors redistributing previously
allocated assets to long-closed mega-funds that had reopened in an attempt to revive
assets lost in 2008.

The 143 firms managing below $5 billion increased their assets by $28 billion.

JPMorgan reclaimed the top spot, surpassing Bridgewater Associates as the largest
hedge fund firm in the United States. The firm now manages $50.4 billion between its
JPMorgan Asset Management and Highbridge Capital Management units -- a $17.5
billion increase from the $32.9 billion managed between them in January 2009.

Bridgewater fell to second place with $43.6 billion, a 17.84% increase from July 2009,
when it managed $37 billion. Paulson & Co. remained in third place, with assets
increasing 10.35% to $32 billion from the $29 billion it managed in January following
strong returns in 2009. Soros Fund Management grew by 28.57% to $27 billion in 2009
and edged D.E. Shaw Group out of fourth place. D.E. Shaw dropped to fifth and was the
biggest loser in the top 10, shedding 17.48% of its assets in 2009 to start 2010 with
$23.60 billion.

Although still shy of making the top 10, BlackRock’s purchase of Barclay’s Global
Investors resulted in an instant 235.63% increase in assets for the firm. However, the
biggest gainer was distressed debt market manager Randall Smith’s firm Alden Global
Capital, which amassed an increase of 475% on top of its January 2009 assets of $400
million to reach $2.3 billion. Distressed funds were among the biggest winners, as
distressed was one of the hottest strategies of 2009.

New York remains the center of the hedge fund world, controlling $708 billion, or 60%, of
the assets managed by the biggest 213 American hedge funds. Connecticut is the
second largest, managing $158.86 billion. Massachusetts surpassed California to take
third place, with Massachusetts managers now running $87.49 billion.

The AR Billion Dollar Club is the only survey of American hedge fund assets that
focuses on the aggregation of January 1 data, which includes the most recent
redemptions and allocations, thereby making the survey more current and accurate than
those focusing on December 31 numbers.

Full results are available online at www.absolutereturn-alpha.com

Firm AUM ($ billions)

JPMorgan $50.40
Bridgewater Associates $43.60
Paulson & Co. $32.00
Soros Fund Management $27.00
D.E. Shaw Group $23.60

About AR
AR magazine, and its online offering at www.absolutereturn-alpha.com, features a fresh and
much needed link between the hedge fund industry, its users and those who provide advisory,
financial, and technological services to the sector. AR is a service of Institutional Investor and
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and information company.

See www.absolutereturn-alpha.com for more information.

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