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1. Tomatoes come in abundance at certain times
of the year. How can the supply be assured?
a. Encourage preservation of tomatoes
b. Plant during rainy season
c. Use substitute to tomatoes
d. Avoid using tomatoes
2. Loss of quality teachers going abroad is one
type of _________.
a. employment
c. fixers
b. brain drain
d. migration
3. When goods bought are less than the
usual volume from a certain amount.
There is a noted
a. Inflation
b. economic crisis
c. artificial money hoarding
d. recession
4. Trade is fast when the ______________
a. figures explain the products
b. translation of labels are done well
c. language used is well understood
d. illustrations are used in the labels
5. Philippine economy indices are closely
related to the rise and fall of the:
a. German mark
c. Japanese
b. US Dollar
d. London Pounds
6. The Philippine currency and its stability
a. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
b. National Economic and Development
c. Bureau of Treasury
d. Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP)
7. Which is LEAST likely to be a function of
trade association?
a. Protecting the reputation of the
b. Influencing government policy
c. Standardizing types of products
d. Encouraging competition
8. Free trade means _____________
a. level of taxing is mutual between
b. goods are all imported
c. goods come in untaxed
d. government
identified goods
9. Very lately, Philippine mangoes were exported
to Australia, but a new country has produced
more quality mangoes and mango products.
This is in
a. Singapore
c. Korea
b. Indonesia
d. Thailand

10.Which of the following elements of

economics are available for immediate
use of households?
a. Consumption goods
b. Production foods
c. Prime commodities
d. Capital goods
11.In some cultures, cemented floors for home
are not welcome. Their reason is ________
a. the ease of repair
b. the cost of cement against bamboo slots
c. the ease of disposing waste
d. the absence of air circulation space
12.What country culture usually shows
courtesy by living their footwear on the
a. Italian
c. American
b. Japanese
d. Chinese
13.Cultural differences and signals may
Spanish families go for kissing one
another. But this is taboo to some Filipino
families who
a. losing virginity
b. takes as an affront
c. disrespect to elders
d. believe its unsanitary
14.Which nation normally observes supremacy of
men? Even during meals the wives have to
serve their husbands first before she takes her
food. The country is recorded as _______.
a. England
c. Spain
b. Japan
d. United States
15.Rural families do not believe in limiting the
number of children since they argue:
a. A small family is not ideal for farmers who
have work a wide track of land
b. A big family is always happy and
economically advantageous
c. Having more children means more helping
d. God does the limiting of children not man
16.During national census each household
member is asked to give ______.
a. his earnings for ten years
b. his nationality and religion
c. his reason for staying in their house
d. his data called for like age, sex,
language, etc.
17.In every society, certain positions are
assigned to individuals on the basis of age,
sex, marital status, and similar other criteria.
These patterns are
a. culturally defined
b. learned from parents
c. taught in school
d. universally accepted and practiced
18.An aspect of Philippine culture that does much
to promote interpersonal communication
beyond the community boundary is the
a. Tagalog movies
c. Television
b. Fiesta celebration
d. Zarsuela
19.Through the process of socialization, the
individual is able to
a. satisfy his personal needs and drives
b. function as a contributing member of the
c. learn to dialogue with peers and adults
d. become an adult member of the society

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20.Which of the following forces of social change

have the greatest impact upon the traditional
Filipino family in the 20th century?
a. Industrialization and Urbanization
b. Immigration and Migration
c. Socialization and Stratification
d. Specialization and Assimilation
21.The case of farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon
was won by the landowner. How was the
case decided by the Supreme Court?
a. The farmers were paid beforehand
b. Final judgment was made because of
political pressure
c. The farmers were landholders of a
d. Final judgment was made after it was
established that the farmers were not
legitimate holders of titles of the land
22.A parcel of land had its title transferred to the
farmers tilling the farm. Who takes care of the
land tax after the release/transfer of title?
a. The government provides exemption
b. The government condones the tax
c. The tenant pays the regular tax of the land
d. The landowner pays as long as the
produce is given to him/her
23.Where will the government get funds to
support the agrarian reform program?
a. Confiscated assets of foreign investors in
the Philippines
b. Sale of government assets
c. Confiscated unexplained wealth of the
d. Donations from foreign land
24.The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
(CARP) provides that a person, association, or
corporation cannot own or retain agricultural
land which is more than how many hectares?
a. 7
b. 50
c. 3
d. 24
25.The comprehensive land reform law was
claims this?
a. Carlos Garcias regime
b. Aquino regime
c. Macapagal regime
d. Marcos regime
26.What is the retention limit to be awarded to
each child of a landowner according to CARP?
a. 10,000 sq.m.
c. 4 hectares
b. 3 hectares
d. 500,000 sq.m.
27.The government wants a piece of land for a
government project. The owner resisted the
governments. How may the government own
the land?
a. right to eminent domain
b. right to government ownership
c. right of habeas corpus
d. right of the sovereign over the governed
implementation of the Land Reform Law be
a. Department of Agriculture
b. Department of Energy and Natural
c. Department of Agrarian Reform
d. Department of Justice

29.The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of

1998 is also known as
a. Republic Act No. 6662
b. Republic Act No. 6673
c. Republic Act No. 6657
d. Republic Act No. 6654
30.What is the retention limit to be awarded
to the landowner according to CARP?
a. 3 hectares
c. 5 hectares
b. 7 hectares
d. 10 hecatares
31.Personal Income Tax should be paid and
filed every year by employees and
corporations. Who among the group are
exempt from filing income tax returns?
a. Government employee
b. Retired
receiving only pensions
c. Private corporation employees
d. Consultants and Commissioners
32.Which among those commodities are VAT or
Value Added Tax exempt?
a. Milk and juices
b. Corned beef and ham
c. Sugar and Syrup
d. Flour and Baking Soda
33.The comprehensive tax law allows no
investigation and audit of assets and income if
a. They pay in two installments
b. They declare only what is earned for the
c. They file their income tax on time
d. They avail 20% in addition to their
declared taxable income
34.Every Filipino is a taxpayer. Where does
this happen?
a. Ordinary housewives do not file
income tax
b. Married couple file only one income
tax return
c. Paying grocery goods is paying taxes
d. Big companies pay taxes
35.This is a form of taxation that is collected
based only on income
a. local
c. indirect
b. direct
d. sacrifice
36.How did recipient of operation title transfer
react to taxation?
a. paying taxes was obviously not the new
landowners concern
b. they wanted the landlords to pay taxes
c. assessment of transfer titles are not
recognized by local office
d. cooperatives do not explain the tenants
role on taxation
37.An item or value upon which the tax is to be
imposed is called?
a. Tax
c. Income
b. Revenue
d. Tax Base
38.If a taxpayer is married, he or she can claim a
tax exemption of
a. 12, 000.00
c. 32, 000.00
b. 50, 000.00
d. 25, 000.00
39.What does the principle of equity provide
a. Taxpayers should be taxed according to
their professions and status in life
b. Taxpayers regardless of income should pay
the same amount of tax

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c. Taxpayers that are similarly situated in life

should be taxed similarly
d. Taxpayers who do not have permanent
jobs should pay less tax
40.Taxable income is derived from
a. Net income less additional exemption
b. Gross
withholding tax
c. Gross compensation income less total
d. Gross compensation income less personal
41.Which of the following legislation/measure
address physical violence against women?
a. sexual harassment law
b. representation of women in the social
security system
c. establishing day care center in every
d. declaring March 8 as national womens day
42.What does presumption of innocence mean
in so far as human rights are concerned?
a. A suspect remains innocent until proven
b. A suspect has the right to remain silent
c. A suspect has the right to a legal counsel
d. A suspect is considered guilty unless
proven otherwise
43.According to the Universal Declaration of
fundamental human rights?
a. life, dignity and self development
b. life, liberty and security
c. life, dignity and security
d. life, liberty and self developments
44.What is the primary reason for the
injection in year 2000?
a. Impeachment
b. Year 2000 was International year for
Peace and Jubilee
c. Congress has repealed death penalty
d. Due to advocacy of the Catholics
45.Learning about the problems and issues,
which cut across national boundaries and
about the interconnectedness of systems is
referred to as
a. Peace Education
b. Environmental Education
c. Global Education
d. Multi-Cultural Education
46.A Child was born to a couple before the
marriage of one bow. He demanded for a
share of his inheritance. How will he be
a. natural born
c. illegitimate child
b. adopted child
d. legitimate child
47.Mr. Sin was born as a Chinese national.
He wants to run as a congressman. He
was naturalized at age 18. Can he run for
a congressional seat?
a. Yes, because he was a naturalized
b. Yes, because he is a citizen
c. No, because a naturalized citizen cant
run for congress

d. No, because his parents are already

48.Child afterbirth has a right to a name.
This is actually
a. a right for just treatment
b. a right for survival
c. a right to suffrage
d. a right to his identity
49.A radio station was padlocked after a
accused the authorities of
a. suppression of the right to express
ones views
b. suppression of the freedom of religion
c. suppression of rights to justice
d. suppression of the freedom from
50.A child saw an incident of killing in school. The
authorities could not compel the child to go to
court. What should be present to allow the
child to testify?
a. Consent of the trying judge
b. Consent of the school principal
c. Consent of the classroom teacher
d. Consent of the parent to testify and
merchandizing is classified under __________
a. Consumer
b. Credit/Loan
c. Farming/Agricultural
d. Electric
52.Cooperatives are encouraged in as many
groups as possible. What agency controls the
different cooperatives?
a. Cooperative Development Authority
b. Department
c. Commission on Audit
d. Securities and Exchange Commission
53.Farmers have been encouraged to join
cooperatives. Privileges are many, how is this
a. Cooperatives enjoy bank loans for farming
b. Banks release farm crop loans with all
members of the cooperative signing the
c. Cooperatives may allow only one member
to contract loans with banks
d. Farm crop loans are release by the banks
with all members of the cooperatives
signing the loan
54.Several cooperatives closed shop when some
members do not follow rules. When does it
a. Credit lines are abused by officers
b. Delinquent members do not make good
their credits
c. Consumer cooperatives lend goods and
repayment is late
d. No transparency of accounts are done
annually or periodically
55.Which of the following describes consumers
a. They procure and distribute commodities
to both members and non-members

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b. They coordinate with other cooperatives in

marketing the products of members
c. They undertake joint production of goods,
whether agricultural or industrial
d. They engage in the supply of production
inputs to members and market their
56.Cooperatives can eventually put up banks on
their own. What are evidences of success?
a. Cooperatives are not heavily taxed
b. Opening of rural banks is allowed on a
cooperative concept
c. Several rural banks started out as
d. Many banks in Metro Manila and Bulacan
started out as cooperatives
57.Cooperatives are very helpful to farmers
especially in irrigation of rice field. This is
evident when
a. members are accountable for their fellow
members credit lines
b. members pay their dues after three
c. members take turn in getting water ration
d. non-members are deprived of water
cooperatives are
a. primaries
b. secondaries
c. Natural persons
d. primary/secondary cooperatives
59.The governments approach to avoid low
prices of products during harvest is through
a. organizing cooperatives among farmers
b. putting up bonded warehouse
c. giving business capital to farmers
d. exchange of products
60.The type of cooperative which promotes thrift
among members and create funds in order to
grant loans for productive and provident
purpose is called
a. Credit Cooperative
b. Producers Cooperative
c. Service Cooperative
d. Consumers Cooperative
61.The concept of the Laboratory School was
expounded by whose philosophy?
a. John Dewey
b. Irving Babbit
c. Plato
d. Jean Jacques Rousseau
62.The establishment of the secondary school
type was one of the greatest contributions of
what kind of education?
a. Rationalistic
c. Realistic
b. Humanistic
d. Reformation
63.Before the establishment of public school
system, the Philippine education was based on
the philosophy of
a. Humanism
c. Idealism
b. Realism
d. Pragmatism
64.The idea of including Physical Education in the
curriculum and replacing lectures with
textbooks comes from the philosophy of
a. Petrarch
c. Erasmus
b. Boccacio
d. Da Feltre

65.The need to study the child carefully for

individualized instruction was expounded by
a. Da Feltre
c. Boccacio
b. Erasmus
d. Ascham
66.Suggested competition and awards as basis
for motivation was advocated by whose
a. Aristotle
c. Quintillian
b. Plato
d. Socrates
67.The present military training in our school
curriculum came from ____________.
a. Sparta
c. Greece
b. Rome
d. Athens
68.The singing of the National anthem in schools
is an offshoot of the philosophy of
a. Nationalism
c. Socialism
b. Naturalism
d. Pragmatism
69.The idea of offering Practical Arts subjects and
Home Economics subjects to boys is whose
a. Gandhi
c. Tagore
b. Confucius
d. Rizal
70.The development of the power of thinking or
the inquiry method for the formation of
fundamental concepts and moral principles of
the universe is whose philosophy?
a. Socrates
c. Rousseau
b. Aristotle
d. Dewey
71.The present emphasis on Character Education
and Values Education in our school system
today is a revival of whose philosophy?
a. Confucius
c. Bonifacio
b. Tagore
d. Gandhi
72.A popular mass education under the American
regime which became the corner stone of
democracy in the Philippines came into being
upon the passage of __________.
a. Education Decree of 1863
b. Monroe Educational Survey of 1929
c. Royal Decree of December 20, 1865
d. Act No. 74 of the Philippine Commission in
73.Our present system of appointing teachers
based on competitive examination is an
educational philosophy of _________.
a. Laurel
c. Mabini
b. Rizal
d. Bonifacio
74.The aim of education is to train men for
a. Aristotle
c. Plato
b. Dewey
d. Socrates
75.Which of the following situation is less evil? A
jeepney driver had to pay tong in order to get
a. Trip out
b. Lessen the amount demanded as tong
c. Evade the tong collector
d. Charge the passengers more
76.How can you help a habitual borrower of
money get rid of his habit?
a. Ask for a collateral for the cash he is
b. Direct him to others
c. Do not lend him anymore
d. Let him do something for you in return for
the money you lent him

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77.The influence of humanism is reflected in the

establishment of __________________.
a. Secondary schools
b. Tertiary schools
c. Distance Education
d. Non-formal classes
78.The system of apprenticeship or cadet training
was patterned after what countrys philosophy
of education ___________.
a. Greece
c. Egypt
b. Rome
d. Syria
79.Both Muslim and Christian value marriage
but the Muslim practices polygamous
marriage while the Christian practices
monogamous marriage. What is this
a. Ethical relativism c. Acculturation
b. Enculturation
80.When teachers are convinced that it is best to
teach students the skill to adapt to change
since change is the only thing permanent in
this world, they subscribe to the philosophy of
a. Realism
c. Pragmatism
b. Existentialism
d. Idealism
81.Whose philosophy suggests that life and
education should be interrelated and that
schools should emulate life experiences as
much as possible?
a. Skinner
c. Montessori
b. Dewey
d. Herbert
82.The old odage Do not do to others what you
do not want others do to you is a teaching of
a. Lao Tsu
c. Mohammed
b. Confucius
d. Buddha
83.The back-to-basic curriculum is in essence a
(an) ___________ curriculum.
a. Existentialist
c. Essentialist
b. Progressivist
d. Perrenialist
84.Whose philosophy states that God should be
worshipped according to the dictate of ones
conscience and be loved above all things for
the Creator is the foundation of all truth, of all
justice and all activities?
a. Jose Rizal
c. Apolinario Mabini
b. Andres Bonifacio
d. Emilio Jacinto
85.Who among these philosophers uses his
writings to show the social ills in his
a. Cresencio Peralta c. Emilio Aguinaldo
b. Antonio Isidro
d. Jose Rizal
86.Who among the following would most likely
approve a subject-centered curriculum?
a. A humanist
c. A progessivist
b. An essentialist
d. An existentialist
87.Approach every pupil as s/he is without
allowing yourself to be influenced by your
foreknowledge of his/her home background is
an advice from a (n)
a. Essentialist
c. Positivist
b. Rationalist
d. Existentialist
system today?
a. The first Filipino political leaders
b. The Americans
c. The Japanese
d. The Spaniards

89.Before the Thomasites arrived in the

Philippines who served as teachers to the
colonials during the American regime?
a. The Elementary Teachers certificate
graduates of the normal school
b. The American soldiers
c. The selected Grade 7 graduates
d. The government officials
90.Who were the Thomasites?
a. The soldiers who doubled the success of
the public educational system to be set in
the Philippines
b. The first American teacher recruits to help
establish the public educational system in
the Philippines
c. The first religious group who came to the
Philippines on board the US transports
d. The devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas who
came to evangelized
91.Which refers to the Filipino trait of practicing
conflicting values in different venues and with
different social groups?
a. Crab mentality
b. Kanya-kanya mentality
c. Procrastination
d. Existential intelligence
92.The emphasis given on respect and care for
the aged in Values Education classes goes
along with teaching of an Oriental philosopher
by the name of _____________.
a. Hsun Tsu
c. Confucius
b. Mo Tsu
d. Lao Tsu
93.Which philosophy approves of a teacher who
lectures most of the time and requires his
students to memorize the rules of grammar?
a. Pragmatism
c. Realism
b. Existentialism
d. Idealism
94.The current emphasis on the development of
critical thinking by the use of philosophic
discussion began with
a. Confucius
c. Aristotle
b. Socrates
d. Plato
95.The inclusion of Logic in the curriculum is
perhaps an influence of the importance of
logic that __________ stressed.
a. St. Augustine
c. The Hedonist
b. The Humanist
d. The Scholastics
96.The most popular among the pragmatists
a. John Dewey
c. Amos Comenius
b. William James
d. Jean Piaget
97.He believes that we acquire knowledge of our
world through our senses. He is also the
pioneer of the inductive and scientific method.
a. John Comenius
c. Jean Piaget
b. Johann Pestalozzi
d. John Locke
98.He introduced the kindergarten or childs
garden to the educational system.
a. Maria Montessori
c. Friedrich Froebel
b. Edward Paparazzi
d. Johann Herbart
99.Curriculum correlation is a concept wherein
subjects should be taught so it relates to
other subjects. The proponent of this concept
a. Johann Herbart
c. John Comenius
b. Hermann Ebbinghausd. Andrew Mc Birch
100. What concept of education makes every
individual a useful citizen of the state?

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a. Conformity
b. Security

c. Humanitarianism
d. Utilitarianism

The greatest discovery of our

is that human beings can alter their lives
by altering their attitudes of mind.
As you think, so shall you be.
William James

Answer Keys
1. A
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. D
8. C
9. D
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. D
14. B
15. C
16. D
17. A
18. B
19. B
20. A
21. D
22. C
23. C
24. A
25. B
26. B
27. A
28. C
29. C
30. C
31. B
32. D
33. C
34. C
35. B
36. B
37. D
38. B
39. C
40. A
41. D
42. A
43. B

44. B
45. C
46. D
47. C
48. D
49. D
50. D
51. A
52. A
53. A
54. D
55. A
56. B
57. C
58. D
59. A
60. A
61. A
62. B
63. A
64. A
65. B
66. C
67. A
68. A
69. C
70. A
71. C
72. D
73. A
74. A
75. B
76. C
77. B
78. C
79. D
80. A
81. A
82. B
83. C
84. C
85. D
86. B
87. A
88. B
89. B
90. B
91. B
92. C
93. C
94. D
95. B
96. B
97. D
98. C
99. C

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