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TS, 2009-2010

Department of Language Teaching Methodology

Observation and Analytic Protocol

Number: 14

Trainee Teacher: Tanja Ivanovska 860182

Observation Date: 14th December 2009
Time: Start: 15:10 End: 15:45
School: 133 SOU A.S. Pushkin
Mentor Teacher: Iliyana Blagoeva
Section A: Basic descriptive information <include details about teacher, grade level, details about
This is 9th grade. One of my colleagues at university is going to teach their lesson and they are
bit over-excited. I feel anxious to see how my colleague will cope with the class of teenage students
and whether she will have problems with the discipline. I expect something interesting to happen, and
I am sure my colleague has prepared and organized the lesson perfectly.

Section B: Teaching and learning procedures

Procedure (contents and participation
structure, instructional time, etc.)

Analysis, Evaluation, Recommendation

Our colleague asks the students to read their
homework aloud. They raise their hands and she
chooses one to read.

I think that it is good to start with the lesson

with the given homework; this is good way to
remain what they learned the class before and if
they have made mistake with the homework the
teacher will correct them.

Teaching and learning activities

Lesson is focused on grammar points and some The teacher is writing some important things
useful phrases, too, also is about reading dialogues. from the homework and this is important for the
The next is gap-filling exercise. Volunteers do it.
students to increase their writing skills by
coping on their note book.
There wasnt any problem to deal with the
exercises for today, they did excellent job.
With giving homework to the students they will
revise the things done in class, and to learn
more if is something unclear.

TS, 2009-2010

Section C: Overall ratings of the lesson <include summaries of the objectives and contents of the
The lesson starts with reading the students homework, actually to the end of the class they do
the exercises from the homework. The teacher corrects them if that is necessary.
The second task is to read a dialogue; there are two volunteers who will read the dialogue given
in the book. In this type of exercise all students are involved in the class work. They have to answer to
several questions which are connected whit the given dialogue.
The teacher-our colleague, is giving another task to make their own dialogue based on the
topic family members. For this task she give 3 minutes to complete the dialogue and then to read
aloud. This is useful for them because they will improve their skills with vocabulary.
Next exercise is to choose between True and False based on one text; firstly they should read
The last task is to complete an exercise from the books, for this exercises she gives 5 min. and
then they should read aloud. The teacher is writing on the board things that are important to
My colleague closes the class with giving them assignment for homework.
Section D: Overall assessment of the quality of the lesson <is this a good lesson, why?>
The teacher was using mother language for the most of the time because the level of these
students isnt so high. However the class was fun, in a quick and good way were made exercise and
the. I believe that my colleague was satisfied with her presentation of the class.
Section E: Recommendation <how can the efficacy of the lesson be improved?>
I believe that just few of the students were active on the class, not because the student dont
know the names on the students, but because one part of the students werent interested on the class.