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Ovids Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR) support the international

movement towards integrating EBM into clinical practice by bringing this best
evidence from medical research to the bedside, clinic, and community.
Healthcare professionals around the world look to evidence-based medicine
(EBM) as the new standard for clinical care. EBM promotes care that is both
experienced-based and clinically proven by integrating the practitioners clinical
expertise with the best available external clinical evidence.
EBM is supported by healthcare institutions worldwide, including the American
College of Physicians (ACP), the Cochrane Collaboration, and the NHS Centre
for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD).


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Collaboration

Fast, bottom-line answers to the most commonly-asked clinical questions, based on

comprehensive and expert analysis of the medical literature. Now includes the Cochrane
Database of Methodology Reviews (CDMR), full-text methodology reviews that summarize the
empirical basis for decisions about methods in systematic reviews.

The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE)

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)

This database provides high quality reviews on the effectiveness of clinical interventions and
policies, based on evaluation of literature searching, inclusion criteria, study assessment, and
synthesis. Produced by National Health Services Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (NHS
CRD) at the University of York, UK.

Health Technology Assessments (HTA)

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)

In collaboration with Swedens International Network of Agencies of Health Technology

Assessment (INAHTA), HTA brings together 4,000 records of completed and ongoing
assessments of the medical, social, ethical and economic implications of healthcare
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Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews

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Ovids EBMR uniquely combines seven of the most trusted evidencebased medicine resources in a single, fully searchable database.


NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHSEED)

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)
This database provides more than 6,000 abstracts of quality assessed economic
evaluations to assist decision-makers by systematically identifying and describing
economic evaluations, appraising their quality and highlighting their relative strengths and


ACP Journal Club - American College of Physicians

The ACP Journal Club collection provides you with two leading journals: ACP Journal Club,
a publication of the American College of Physicians, and Evidence-Based Medicine, a joint
publication with the British Medical Journal Publishing Group.
Definitive Controlled Trials - Cochrane Collaboration
The largest register of its kind, this database contains over 350,000 bibliographic
references to definite randomized controlled trials or controlled clinical trials. It also
contains relevant records from MEDLINE, EMBASE, and other bibliographic databases,
as well as information on unpublished trials.


Cochrane Methodology Register (CMR) - Cochrane Collaboration

A bibliography of more than 9,000 references to controlled trials in journal articles, book
chapters, conference proceedings and reports, and other publications of methodologies
used in health studies. Content is constantly being expanded via an extensive handsearching program and the development of a series of search strategies in MEDLINE and


Ovid is a leading provider of additional evidence-based resources, including these journals

and books:


Evidence-Based Dentistry
Evidence-Based Eye Care
Evidence-Based Gastroenterology
Evidence-Based Medicine
Evidence-Based Mental Health
Evidence-Based Nursing
Evidence-Based Ophthalmology
International Journal of

ACP Medicine
ACS Surgery: Principles & Practice
Endocrine Therapies in Breast Cancer
Evidence-Based Endocrinology
Evidence-Based Eye Care
Evidence-Based Imaging
Evidence-Based Management of Patients

Evidence-Based Healthcare
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical

with Respiratory Failure

Evidence-Based Medicine
Evidence-Based Practice in Medicine &

Health Care, A Discussion of the Ethical Issues

Evidence-Based Public Health

Sports Dermatology: Handbook of Diagnosis
and Management

Please visit www.ovid.com for a complete list of journals, books and databases, including
many of those reviewed in the ACP Journal Club.

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