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This learning material is intended to provide students with guidelines to
the learning of vocabulary and grammar in order to best use the core
book Developing Skills for the TOEIC TEST, one of the most
renowned books by First News.

The material contains 3 sessions. Session 1 deals with the knowledge of

vocabulary in 14 units and the contextual examples of authentic
language given to illustrate. Session 2 gives the important grammar
practice tests related to the key grammar points so that students can
actively practise and effectively improve their skills. Session 3 gives
the answer key.

As mentioned, the material is beneficial to students. Constructive

suggestions and corrections are, therefore, highly appreciated.
English lecturers, HIAST

First published in 2014, Ho Chi Minh. Compiled by lecturers of
English Department, HIAST.
We would like to express our many thanks for the Directing Board of
HIAST for their assistance, strong support and encouragement during the
preparation and production of this material.
We warmly express our sincere thanks for our supportive colleagues at
the English Department at HIAST for their initiation, for their long and kind
co-operation as well as for their careful proof-reading and corrections in the
making of this material.
Ho Chi Minh City, 2014
English lecturers

SESSION 1 VOCABULARY...............................................................................4
UNIT 1: GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES...........................................................4
UNIT 2: AUXILIARY VERBS..........................................................................12
UNIT 3: SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT.....................................................15
UNIT 4: VERB FORM AND TENSES..............................................................18
UNIT 5: PARTICIPIAL FORMS.......................................................................22
UNIT 6: COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES.........................................27
UNIT 7: NEGATION.........................................................................................29
UNIT 8: PRONOUNS AND DETERMINERS..................................................46
UNIT 9: NOUNS AND ARTICLES...................................................................48
UNIT 10: RELATIVE CLAUSES......................................................................50
UNIT 11: CONJUNCTIONS AND PREPOSITIONS........................................60
UNIT 12: CONDITIONALS..............................................................................65
UNIT 13: OTHER POSSIBLE QUESTIONS....................................................71
UNIT 14: REVIEW............................................................................................74
PRACTICE TEST..................................................................................................77
SESSION 2 GRAMMAR PRACTICE TESTS...................................................89
UNIT 1: GERUNDS & INFINITIES.................................................................89
UNIT 2: AUXILIARY VERBS..........................................................................93
UNIT 3: SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT.....................................................97
UNIT 4: VERB FORM AND TENSES..............................................................99
UNIT 5: PARTICIPIAL FORMS.....................................................................101
UNIT 6: COMPARATIVES & SUPERLATIVES............................................103
UNIT 7: NEGATION.......................................................................................105
UNIT 8: PRONOUNS AND DETERMINERS................................................107
UNIT 9: ARTICLES.........................................................................................109
UNIT 10: RELATIVE CLAUSES....................................................................111
UNIT 11: CONJUNCTIONS & PREPOSITIONS...........................................113
UNIT 12: CONDITIONALS............................................................................117
SESSION 3 ANSWER KEY.............................................................................119

- Kite



a toy which consists of a light

frame covered with paper or
cloth = ci diu

th diu


to make something separate

into two or more pieces = gy,


a short period of time when

you stop what you are doing
and rest = s nghi, s dng li

to fly a kite
- Break


e.g.: Let's take a break.

- Fight



if people or animals fight, they

hit, kick, or bite each other =
nh nhau

- Soundly

[' sandli]

(adv.) :

if you sleep soundly, you sleep

well and it is not easy to wake
you = (ng) ngon lnh

- Bartender ['b:tend(r)] (n.)

- On display [n d'sple]

sb who serves wine and drinks

in a bar or restaurant = ngi
phc v quy ru

(idm.) :

put in a place where people can

look at it = on show = c
trng by

e.g.: A collection of photographs was on display in the hall.

- Tear



to damage sth by pulling it

apart or into pieces = x

Tear Tore [t:(r)] Torn [t:n]

e.g.: He tore the letter in two.
Tear down [,te(r) 'dan] (phr.v.) :

to pull or knock down a

building, wall, etc. = git

e.g.: They tore down the old houses and built a shopping centre.

- Graffiti



drawings or writing on a wall,

etc. in a public place = ngh
thut grafito (hnh v, ch
vit ln tng)

e.g.: The subway was covered in graffiti.

- Destroy



to damage sth so badly that it

no longer exists, etc = ph hy

e.g.: An earthquake destroyed the town, killing about 20,000 people.

- Construction [kn'strkn] (n.)

Under construction

the process of building

something large or complicated
= s xy dng

being built = ang c xy


e.g.: Our new offices are still under construction.

- Dresser



a piece of furniture with

cupboards at the bottom and
shelves above for holding
dishes, cups, etc = t bt a

to pay the bill and leave a hotel

- Check out (of) (phr.v.)

= tr phng khch sn
e.g.: Guests should check out of their rooms by noon.
# Check in (at)

(phr.v.) :

to go to a desk in a hotel, an
airport, etc. and tell an official
there that you have arrived =
ng k phng khch sn

e.g.: We've checked in at the hotel.

- Dial



to press the buttons, or to turn

the dial, on a telephone in order
to call someone = quay s

- Tray



a flat open container with

raised edges used for holding
papers, documents, etc = khay
ti liu (dng ng giy t
trong vn phng)

- Folder



a cardboard or plastic cover for

holding loose papers, etc. = ba
ng giy/h s

- Original


(adj.) :

new, interesting, and different

from anything else = c o


a document, work of art, etc.

produced for the first time,
from which copies are later
made = bn gc

e.g.: Send out the photocopies and keep the original.

- Press

to push or squeeze part of a

device to make it work = n

e.g.: to press a button/switch/key :

n vo ci nt/cng tc/cha kha

- Operate





to use or control a machine or

make it work = vn hnh

e.g.: What skills are needed to operate this machinery?




to put a large quantity of things

or into sth = nht



a place where a lot of people

go on holiday = ni nghi mt


the activity of swimming under

water with a container of air
and a tube for breathing
through = vic l n
co mang
bnh kh p

- Resort

- Scuba diving

to go scuba-diving
- Water polo ['w:t(r) pl] (n.) :a game played in water by two teams
of seven players who get points
by throwing a ball into the
opponent's goal = mn bong
- Raft


River rafting


= ci b


cross a river on a raft = sang

(sng) bng b

s i b trn sng

- Contact



to communicate with sb, for

example by elephone or letter =
lin lc vi ai

e.g.: I've been trying to contact you all day.

- Coordinator [kou':dineit(r)] (n.) :

a person who is responsible for

organizing different things or
people so that they work
together = iu phi vin

e.g.: The campaign needs an effective coordinator.

Coordinate [k':dnet] (v.) :to organize the different parts of a job
or plan so that the people
effectively = phi hp
e.g.: They appointed a new manager to coordinate the work of the team.
- Scenic


(adj.) :

- Tournament ['tnmnt] (n.)

providing beautiful views of

nature = (thuc) cnh vt
thin nhin p
a sports competition involving a
number of teams or players
who take part in different
games and must leave the
competition if they lose. The
competition continues until
there is only the winner left =
vng thi u

e.g.: a golf/tennis/chess tournament

- Sign up

[,san 'p]

(phr.v.) :

join a club = tham gia

- Schedule ['edju:l]


timetable = biu thi gian

- Faculty



one department in a university,

college = khoa (ca trng i
hc hay Cao ng)

- Semester [si'mest]


one of the two periods that the

school or college year is
divided into = hc k


- Drop by

[,drp 'ba]

(phr.v.) :

to pay an informal visit to a

person or a place= tt vo
thm, nhn tin gh thm

- Take off

[,tek 'f]

(phr.v.) :

(of an aircraft) to leave the

ground and begin to fly = ct



h cnh

# Land

- Whereabouts ['werbats] (n.): a place where sb/sth is =ch

- Infer



to form an opinion or decide

that sth is true from the
information you have = deduce
= suy ra

- Deform



to change shape in a way that is

not attractive or good = distort
= lm bin dng, lm mo mo

e.g.: The disease had deformed his spine.

- Reform



change or improve = sa i,
ci cch

- Mop



a tool for washing floors that

has a long handle with a bunch
of thick strings or soft material
at the end = cy lau nh

- Force



to compel = p buc

- Opposed


(adj.) :

disagreeing strongly with sth

and trying to stop it = phn i

e.g.: He was bitterly opposed to the war.

- Cause



to make sth happen, especially

sth bad or unpleasant = gy ra

e.g.: Do they know what caused the fire?

- Order



a request to make or supply

goods = n t hng

e.g.: We received an order for two tons of coal.

- Process



to deal officially with a

document, request = gii quyt

e.g.: It will take a week for your application to be processed.


- Lawn



an area of ground covered in

short grass in a garden/yard or
park = bi c

- Fertilizer ['f:tilaiz]


a natural or chemical substance

that is put on land or soil to
make plants grow better =
phn bon

- Root


the part of a plant that grows

under the ground, through
which the plant gets water and
food = r cy

- Strengthen['stren]


to become stronger = tng


- Lead



result in = a n, dn n

- Ideal


(adj.) :


perfect = l tng

e.g.: This beach is ideal for children.

- Shrub



a small bush = bi rm

- Feature



an important part or aspect of

something = im c trng

- Adjust



to change something slightly in

order to make it better, or more
effective = iu chinh

- Tilt



a position in which one end or

side of sth is higher than the
other = nghing


to cause to move into a sloping

position = lm nghing


a round switch on a machine =

nt bm

- Knob


- Underneath [,nd'ni:] (adv.) :

under, below = di

- Lever


- Warranty ['wrnti]


a solid bar, often made of

metal, that you put under a
heavy object to move it =
thanh iu khin


a written agreement in which a

company selling sth promises

to repair or replace it if there is

a problem within a particular
period of time = guarantee =
giy bo hnh
- Guarantee [,rn'ti:]


to give a written promise to

replace or repair a product free
if it goes wrong = bo hnh

e.g.: The machine is still under warranty.

- Cover



include = bao gm

- Labor



work, especially physical work

= lao ng

- Unlikely


(adj.) :

not likely to happen; not

probable = khng chc xy ra

- Assembly [s'embli]


the process of building

something by putting all its
parts together = s lp rp

- Toll


the sound of a bell ringing with

slow regular strokes = ting
chung rung


a machine or piece
equipment in your home


- Appliance ['plans]


= dng c (trong nh bp)

- Thanksgiving [,ks'v] (n.):a public holiday in the US and in
Canada when families have a
large meal together to celebrate
and be thankful for food,
health, families etc. = Ngy l
t n Cha (ngy th nm
cui cng ca thng 11)
- Debt



a sum of money that sb owes =

s n

e.g.: He had run up credit card debts of thousands of dollars.

- Familiar


(adj.) :

knowing sth very well = bit

r ci g

# Unfamiliar
- Interest rate ['intrst ,reit] (n.)

the percentage amount charged

by a bank when you borrow

money, or paid to you by a

bank when you keep money in
an account there = li sut


tin li

- Citizen



a person who has the legal

right to belong to a particular
country = cng dn

- Source



a thing, place, activity etc. that

you get sth from or a person,
book, or document that
supplies you with information
= ngun (ni m t ci g
thu c)

Reliable source of information :

- Recommend [,rek'mend] (v.)

- Significantly [sig'nifikntli] (adv.) :

ngun tin tc ng tin c y

to advise someone that they
should do something = khuyn
meaningfully = ng k



- Break down


stop working

- Surround [s'raund]


to be all around someone or

something on every side= bao

- Logger

['lg]or log-man (n.): sb whose job is to cut down trees =

ngi n g.

- Construction [kn'strkn] (n.)

the process of building things

such as houses, bridges, roads,
etc = s xy dng

- Under construction

being built = ang xy dng

a long seat for two or more

people, especially outdoors =
gh di, gh bang

- Bench



- Cordless phone ['k:dlis'fn] (n.) :

i n thoi v tuyn cm tay

- Stand



a place where taxis or buses

wait for customers = ch u
xe (taxi, but ... ch khch)

- Janitor



caretaker = ngi chm sc

ngi khc

- Cruise



travel by boat as a holiday=

cu c i chi bin [bng tu]

- Island



a piece of land completely

surrounded by water = hn ao

- Dine




- Shortly


(adv.) :

soon, not long = trong thi gian

ngn; khng lu; sm

- Exotic


(adj.) :

extremely glamorous, beautiful

= ep l ky



- Brush up on sth

(phr.v.) :

to practise and improve your

skills or knowledge of sth that
you learned in the past = trau

- Essential [i'senl]

(adj.) :

completely necessary=
thit, thit yu

- Break the ice

- Errand



run an errand


bt u lm quen vi nhau

a short journey to take or get

sth for sb, for example to buy
sth from a shop = vic vt

chy vic vt

e.g.: He is running an errand for his mother

- Owe


mc n, mang n

- Favor ['feiv] Or favour (n.)

sth that helps sb = thi n ; s

qu mn

if you have something on the

go, you have started it and are
busy doing it = ang bn rn

- On the go

- Spreadsheet ['spredi:t]


a computer program that can

show and calculate financial
information = bang tnh

- Coupon



a small piece of paper which

you can use to buy goods at a
lower price, or which you can
collect and then exchange for
goods = phiu (mua hng, thc
phm, vai...), phiu thng
hi n v t; phiu dx s (kem
vi hng mua)

- Utensil



a type of tool that is used in the

home = dng hng ngy
trong gia nh

- Redeem



get money for sth = mua li,


- Tennis court ['tenis'k:t] (n.)

sn qun vt

- Facilities [f'silitiz]


rooms, equipment, or services

that are provided for a
particular purpose = nhng tin

- Maintain [mein'tein]


to keep sth in good condition

by checking and repairing it
regularly = duy tr

- Reputation [,repju:'tein] (n.)

fame = danh ting

- Racket


a piece of sports equipment

that you use to hit the ball with
in sports such as tennis and
badminton = ci vt


divide people or things into

groups = Phn loi, chia loi

- Tournament ['t:nmnt] (n.)

a competition in which players

compete against each other in a
series of games until there is
one winner = vng thi u


- Categorize ['ktigraiz]
Or categorise


- Caviar


or caviar



the eggs of a large fish = trng

c mui



a piece of equipment, usually

made of bars, that you can put
things in or on = gi gc, gi
hnh l (trn xe la, bus)

- Locker room ['lkrum] (n.)

phng thay qun o

- Wipe

clean with a cloth = lau chi,

lm kh, lm sch

- Shaving cream ['eivi'kri:m] (n.):

a special cream that you put on

your face when you shave =
kem co ru, bt co ru

- Skyline



the shape that is made by tall

buildings = ng chn tri,
hnh dng (i, ni) in ln nn

- Wooden


(adj.) :

- Block



- Rack



= Block up

made of wood (bng, t) g

to prevent anything moving

through a space by seeing or
placing sth across it or in =
ngn chn

- Abandoned ['bndnd] (adj.)

that has been left completely

alone = bi bo ri, bi rung bo

- Elevator ['eliveit]


a machine that takes people

and goods from one level to
another in a building = thang
my = Lift (B.E)

- Escalator ['eskleit]


a set of moving stairs that take

people to different levels in a
building = thang cun

- Shelf



K, ngn, gi

- Tissue



khn giy

- Stage



sn khu

- Disaster


- Figure out


Tai ha, tham ha, tai ch

(phr.v.) :

to find an answer to sth or to

understand sb = tm ra, lu n ra



s truy c p (tin hc)


(adj.) :

loyal = trung thnh, chung thy

- Quantity ['kwntti]


a number or an amount of sth =

lng, s lng

- Unique

(adj.) :

the only one = n nht; c

nht v nhi, chi c m t

- Illustration [ils'trein]


an example that makes a point

or an idea clear = s minh ho
ho c c minh ho

- Struggle


to fight in order to prevent sth

or to escape from sb = u
tranh; chin u

- Pumpkin [pmpkin]


qua b ng

- Charge

[ta: d]


tin phai tra, tin cng, th lao

- Napkin



khn n

- Subscriber [sbskraib] (n.)

ngi ng k thu bao

- Subscription [sb'skripn] (n.)

an amount of money that you

pay, usually once a year, to
receive a newspaper or
magazine regularly = s mua
bo di hn

a small container or piece of

equipment that you put inside
sth to make it work

hp mc in

- Access

- Faithful




- Cartridge ['k:trid]

Toner cartridge



- Dealer


trader, seller, merchant / ngi


- Accredited ['kreditid]

(adj.) :

having official approval to do

sth = c chnh thc cng
nh n , chnh qui

- Resum



a curriculum vitae [CV] = l

lich trch ngang

- Honor



sth that makes you proud =

danh d

a British university degree that

is above the basic level in one
or two particular subjects

Honors degree

- Reference ['ref()rns]


a person who provides

character and abilities for a
new employer = ngi gii

- Candidate ['knddet]


sb who is being considered for

a job = ng vin


- Plug



to connect a piece of quipment

to an electricity supply or to
another piece of equipment =
kt ni, gn

- Formally [f.m.li]

(adv.) :

in a serious and correct way =

trang trng

- Fossil


an animal or plant that lived

thousands of years ago which
has turned into rock =ha thch


(adj.) :

ha thch

e.g.: Scientist is examining the fossils.

- Costume



a set or style of clothes worn

by people in a particular
country or in a particular
historical period = trang phuc,
qun o

e.g.: Children are wearing Halloween costumes.

- Statue



a figure of a person or animal

made of stone or metal usu. put
in a public place = tng

tng n thn t do


a sudden attack where sb/ sth

runs straight at sb/ sth else = s
tn cng


attack= tn cng


lnh t kch

e.g.: Statue of Liberty

- Charge


Charging soldier
- Barn



a large building on a farm in

which crops or animals are
kept = nh kho, chung gia sc

- Recipe



the instructions for cooking or

preparing sth to eat = cng thc
nu n

- Favorite

[fev rt]

(adj.) :

best liked or most enjoyed = a


- Weigh



to measure the heaviness of an

object = cn



- Pound


- Biology

- Cost


a unit for measuring weight

approximately equal to 454
grams = cn Anh

[baldi ] (n.)

the scientific study of the

natural processes of living
things = sinh vt hc


have as a price = ng gi


- Organized [':gnaizd]
# disorganized

(adj.) :

arranged or ordered well = c

tr t t, ngn np


- Drawer



a container which forms part of

a piece of furniture such as a
desk, that you can pull out to
put things in = ngn keo

- Locate



to put sth in a particular place =

inh vi, ta lc

(adj.) :

expanded, large area or amount

= rng, ln

- Extensive [iks'tensiv]


- On the interstate [,int'steit] (phr.):

- Overturn [vtn] (n.):
- Pace


trn ng lin bang

s l t nho

turn upside down = lt p

speed = tin


- Urge sb to do sth

(phr.v.) :

persuade sb to do sth= thc

giuc ai lm iu g

- Cautious ['k:s]

(adj.) :

careful = cn thn


a person who can run, jump

very well, especially one who
competitions = v n ng vin

- Athlete


Athletic ['letik]

(adj.) :

a th thao

- Stranger

[strendr] (n.)

someone you do not know =

ngi l

- Analysis

[nlss] (n.)

a process of studying or
examining something in detail
in order to understand or
explain = s phn tch

- Describe



to say or write what someone

or something is like = m ta

- Detail



a single piece of information or

fact about something = chi tit


a person whose job is to work a

particular machine or piece of
equipment = ngi iu khin
thit bi, ngi iu hnh

- Operator ['preit]

Operation [p re n] (n.):

the fact of operating = s hot ng



to (cause to) work, be in action

or have an effect = hot ng
iu khin

- Handling system


h thng giao dich

- Workshop ['w:kp]



- Mandatory ['mndtri] (adj.)

- Secure


a period of discussion and

practical work on a particular
subject, when people share
experience = h i thao

(adj.) :


compulsory = bt buc
safe = an ton


an ninh

a person whose job is to

examine a crime, problem, etc.
to discover the truth = nhn
vin iu tra

iu tra

- Investigator [in'vestigeit] (n.)

- Ethical



(adj.) :

morally correct = c o c

# Unethical
- Policy



contract = hp ng

hp ng bao him

worries or difficulties that you

have because you have too
much to deal with = p lc

huyt p


control/ manage sth = quan l



s quan l



ngi quan l

- Armband [':mbnd]


= bng tay (o huyt p)

- Ultimately ['ltimtli]

(adv.) :

in the end = cui cng

- Premium ['pri:mim]


an amount of money that you

pay regularly for insurance
against accidents, damage =
ph bao him

- Commit


agree or promise to do sth =

cam kt, thoa thu n


li cam kt

Insurance policy
- Pressure



Blood pressure
- Administer [d'minist]


- Annual


- Softball


(adj.) :

yearly = hng nm


a game similar to baseball but

played on a smaller field with a
slightly larger and softer ball =
mn bng mm



- Excite



make someone feel happy and

enthusiastic about something
good that is going to happen =
kch ng

- Inspect



examine = kim tra

Inspection [nspekn] (n.)

examination = s xem xet k,

s kim tra

Inspector [nspekt(r)] (n.): thanh tra vin

- Story


storey = tng (nh)

- Magician [md()n] (n.):

someone whose job is to entertain

people by performing magic
tricks = ao thut gia.

- Entertain [entten] (v.)

interest and amuse sb in order

to please them = tip i

- Bi-weekly [bawi:kli] (adv.)

2 ln 1 tun

- Consider [knsd(r)] (v.)

think about sth carefully,

especially in order to make a
decision = xem xet

- Career

a job or series of related jobs

that you do = ngh nghip

- Extension [ksten()n] (n.)

extra telephone line connected

to a central telephone = my

- Operator [pret(r)] (n.):

a person who works on the telephone

company or organization,
especially at a telephone
exchange = ngi trc tng i
in thoi

- Co-worker






colleague = bn ng nghip

- Appointment [pntmnt] (n.): an arrangement to see someone at a

particular time = cuc hen

Make an appointment
- Favor



Ask for a favor

- Insurance [nrns] (n.)

sp xp mt cuc hen

approval or support for sb or

sth = thin ch, n hu

xin mt n hu

bao him

- State-of-the-art

(adj.) :

modern, up-to-date

- Express

(adj.) :

travelling very fast; operating

very quickly = nhanh


Express delivery service

- Courier



- Caregiver [kegv(r)] (n.)

dich vu giao hng nhanh

a person or company whose job

is to take packages or
important papers somewhere =
ngi, dich vu chuyn pht tin

a person who takes care of sick

or old person at home = ngi
phu t chm sc y t cho ngi

- Microbiologist [makrbaldst] (n.) : a scientist who studies very

small living things = nh vi
trng hc
Microbiology [makrbaldi] (n.) : vi trng hc
- Biotech (n.) = Biotechnology [bateknldi] (n.)
living cells
processes =

: the use of
and bacteria in
cng ngh sinh

- Dentistry [dentstri]


the medical study of the teeth

and mouth = nha khoa

- Retail

(adj.) :

the selling of goods to the

shops/stores = vic bn l



- Murder



crime of killing sb = vu n
mng, ti git ngi



kill sb illegaly = git, tn st



k git ngi

recognize someone/sb = nhn

ra, nhn dng

- Identify

[adentfa] (v.)

- Hoarse


(adj.) :

khn c

Get hoarse
- Utterly


(adv.) :

totally, completely = hon ton,

tuyt i

- Exhaust



make someone extremely tired

and without energy = lm kit

(adj.) :

that you should feel sorry or

sad about = ng tic

(adj.) :

cam thy hi tic


move from one

another = chuyn


send out television or radio

programmes, electronic signals
= truyn pht [sng, tn hi u]

- Transparent [trns'prnt] (adj.) :

that you can see through =

trong sut

- Shine


polish sth; make sth smooth

and bright = nh bng (giy)

- Criticize

[krtsaz] (v.) :

- Reckless


- Regrettable [ri'gretbl]
Regretful [ri'gretfl]
- Transfer


- Transmit [trnzmt]




say what you think is wrong or bad

about something = ph bnh,
chi trch

(adj.) :

risky = liu lnh, to bo


tell people sth officially,

especially about a decision,
plans,etc.= thng bo, loan bo

- Announce [nans]


Announcement [nansmnt] (n.) :a public or official statement that

gives people information about
something = thng bo
Announcer [nans(r)] (n.) :a person who introduces, or gives
information about, programmes
on the radio or television =
ngi gii thiu chng trnh
(truyn hnh)
- Pumpkin ['pmpkin]


a large round vegetable with

thick orange skin = b ng

- Complimentary [kmplmentri] (adj.) : given free = tng

Compliment [kmplmnt] (v.) :

tell sb that you praise or admire

sth they have done = khen
ngi, chc tung.

Compliment [kmplmnt] (n.) :

a remark that expresses praise

or admiration of sth = li khen,
li ca ngi.

- Valve



a device in a pipe or tube

which controls the flow of air,
liquid or gas, letting it move in
one direction only = van

- Occur



happen especially unexpectedly

= xay ra

Occurrence [krns] (n.)

sth that happens or exists = s

xay ra, chuyn xay ra

- Concur



agree with someone or

something = cng xay ra, trng

- Fume



strong-smelling gas or smoke

that is unpleasant to breathe in
= khi, hi khi

- Realtor



a real estate agent = nhn vin

quan l nh t

- Patio



a flat hard area near a house,

where people sit outside = sn,
hin, hnh lang l thin



- Cruise



a journey on a ship for pleasure

= cuc i chi bin bng tu

- Ultimate



the best = ci tt nht

- Knowledgeable [nldbl] (adj.) :

knowing a lot about many

different subjects or about one
particular subject = thnh tho,
am hiu

e.g.: He is very knowledgeable about plants.

- Handicrafts [hndikr:ft] (n.) : beautiful objects made by hands =
th cng
- Crafts


an activity involving a special

skill at making things with
your hands = ngh th cng

- Recreation [rekrien] (n.)

enjoyment = s tiu khin.

- Consultant[knsltnt] (n.)

an expert who gives help and

advice on a particular subject =
ngi t vn, c vn

- Procedure [pr'si:d]

the correct way for doing sth =

th tuc

- Assistance [sst()ns] (n.)

help or support = s gip

- Conduct

organize and perform an

activity = chi o, kim sot

tin hnh cu c hp





Conduct a meeting
- Bellhop



a young man who carries bags,

takes messages etc. in a hotel

- Dresser



a large piece of wooden

furniture with shelves in the
top part and cupboards below =
t qun o



- Belt



a circular band of sth such as

rubber that connects or moves
parts of a machine = bng

- Stack



put sth into a tidy pile = sp


- Warehouse ['wehaus]


a large building where goods

are stored before being sent to
shops = nh kho

- Stuff


fill sth with sth = nhi

gu nhi bng

an organization that has a

particular purpose = vi n, hc
vi n

(adj.) :

using clever new ideas and

methods = c tnh cht i
mi, sng kin


stuffed bear
Part 2
- Institute



Part 4
- Innovative ['inouveitiv]

Innovation [,n've()n] (n.)

- Applause ['pl:z]


clap hands = v tay

- Resident


a person who lives in a place =

c dn


move people from a dangerous

place to somewhere safer = di
tan, s tn


Presidents assistant = ngi

phu t ca Tng thng


- Evacuate [i'vkjueit]

Part 5
- Presidential aide
- Utmost


(adj.) :

greatest = v cng, cc ky


Part 6
- Fabric



cloth = vai

putting sb/sths name on an

official list = s ng k

Part 7
- Registration [,redi'strein] (n.)

['redst(r)] (v.)

- Undergraduate


a university student who has

not yet taken his/ her first
degree = sinh vin cha tt
nghi p

- Comedian [k'mi:din]


a person whose job is to

entertain people and make
them laugh by telling jokes or
compose the humorous plays=
nh son hi kich

- Ceremony ['serimni]


a formal public or religious

event = l

- Donate




- Senior citizen ['si:ni'sitizn] (n.) :

sb who is over 60 or is retired

= ngi gi, ngi v hu

- Legendary ['ledndri] (adj.)

very famous and admired,

mythical = thu c v huyn

- Expertise [,eksp'ti:z]


a high level of special

knowledge or skill = s thnh
tho, tinh thng

- Genre


a particular type or style of

literature, art, film or music
that you can recognize because
of its special characteristics =
th loi



- Clothes


(pl.n.) :

things worn to cover the body

and limbs = qun o

- Pile up

['pail p]


an accumulation of things =
xp ng; cht chng ln

- Behind


(adj.) :

at the back of = pha sau;

ng sau

e.g.: Dont look behind!

- Sale sign

[seil sain]

(phr.) :

e.g. The sale sign is over there.

ng nhn li ng sau!
bang ghi gi bn

Bang ghi gi bn ng kia.

- Gilf shop ['gift p]


dealing in articles suitable for

gifts = ca hng chuyn bn
qu tng

- Shelf


k ; gi ( vt no )


- On the shelf

(phr.) :

(thng tuc) xp x; bo i;
khng cn ch li (vt no )

- Hang



fasten or attach to an object

above = treo ln

- Closet



a wardrobe or a small room for

storing supplies or clothing =
(t M) t hoc phng nho
vt no .

- Shop



to go to a shop to buy or view

goods = n ca hng mua
hng hoc xem hng

- Mall



a large shopping centre =

thng x

- Exit



to leave or get out of (swh) =

thot him; ra khoi (ni no

e.g.: In the event of a fire, exit the building at the rear.

= Khi xay ra vu chy, thot ra khoi to nh bng li thot him pha sau.


- Buy



to get sth by paying money for

it = mua

- Movie Theater ['mu:vi 'it] (n.) :

rp chiu bng

- Window



the space or area beside or

behind a window, used for
displaying goods, etc. at the
front of a shop = ging nh
ca s pha trc quy hng
trng by hng bn hoc cung
cp thng tin cho khch hng

- Clean



to make clean = lau sch

- Load (with sth) [loud]


to carry; to charge with a load

= cht chng; nhi nhet

- Log



a trunk or section of a trunk of

a fallen or felled tree = khc g
mi n h

- Cut



to divide with a knife or other

sharp-edged instrument into
two or more pieces = ct; ch t;
n; chem

- Empty


(adj.) :

(of a receptacle) containing

nothing = rng; trng khng

- Put gas (in sth) [put gs] (phr.) :

du xng (vo vt no )

- Fix (sth)



to repair (sth) = sa cha (vt

no )

- Wash



to remove the dirt from sth

= ra; git

- Broken Down [broukn daun] (adj.) :

hong; h (my mc)

- On the side of the road

bn l ng

(phr.) :

- Vending Machine ['vendi m'i:n] (n.) : my bn hng t ng

- Full


(adj.) :

having no space empty, replete

= y p

- Food



= lng thc; thc n; thc



- Stand



a booth, stall, or counter for the

display of goods for sale = sp;
quy; gian hng

- Vegetable ['vedtbl]


= rau c qua

- Candy Bar ['kndi ba:]

(phr.) :

thanh keo; thoi keo

- Kind



a class of individuals or objects

distinguished by common
essential characteristics = loi;

- Snack



a sip of drink, a bite or morsel

of food; a small quantity of
food eaten between meals =
thc n nhe

- Date



the day of the month, the

month, or the year of an event
= ngy thng

- Turn on

[t:n :n]


to operate (a tap, switch, etc.) =

bt; vn (thit bi; my mc; )

- Light



a source of illumination, as the

sun or esp. a lighted candle =
ngun nh sng; en

- Headache ['hedeik]


a continuous pain (usu. dull

and deep-seated) in the head =
chng nhc u

- Open



to make (a building, box, other

enclosing object, or enclosed
space) open= m; khai mc;

- Work



to do; to perform; to practise (a

task, deed, process) = lm vic

- Co-Worker [kou'w:k] (n.)

a person who works in

collaboration with another; a
fellow worker = bn ng
nghi p

- University [,ju:ni'v:sti] (n.)

trng i hc


e.g.: She hopes to go to university next year.

= C y hy vng sang nm vo i hc.

- Block



nh khi ( gia bn con

ng); l t (chnh ph cp
cho t nhn);

- Go down this street

(phr.) :

i ht con ng ny

- Take your third right

(phr.) :

queo ng th 3 pha bn phai

- Meeting



the action or an act of coming

together, assembling, etc. =
cu c g p g; cu c h i hp

- Branch



a part or division of a larger

system = chi nhnh (ngn
hng, cng ty, ...)

- Bakery



a place where products such as

bread, cake, and pastries are
baked or sold = l bnh m;
hiu bnh

- Worried (about sb/sth) ['wrid] (adj.) :

troubled, perturbed, uneasy, or

distressed in mind = bn chn;
to ra lo lng

- Lost



(qu kh ca lose) mt i

- Credit Card ['kredit k:d] (v.)

a card issued by a bank,

business, etc., authorizing the
acquisition of goods and
services on credit = th tn

- Check


cheque; a written order to a

bank to pay an amount from
funds on deposit = tm sec


kim li; xem k


- Overnight [,ouv'nait]

(adv.) :

for the duration of a night =

qua m

e.g.: He stayed overnight at his friend's house last night.

= m qua anh y ng nh qua m nh bn anh y.
- Miss


- Secretary ['sekrtri]


to fail to observe intellectually

= khng trng thy


a person employed by an
individual or a business to

assist with correspondence,

make appointments = th k
- Suggest



to propose (a theory, course of

action, option, etc., that, doing)
= nghi; xut; gi

- Reservation [,rez'vein] (n.)

an arrangement by which
accommodations, seats. ect. are
held for one = s t ch trc.

e.g.: I'd like to make a table reservation for two people at 7.p.m.
= Ti mun t trc m t bn cho hai ngi vo lc 7 gi ti.
- Wallet



a small flat bag or case, usually

of leather and freq. closed by a
flap fastened with a button or
clasp; esp. one for carrying
banknotes, tickets = ci v

- Draw



a drawer of a cabinet = ngn


- Ready


(adj.) :

with preparations complete =

sn sng

- Trip



a journey or excursion = cu c
du ngon; chuyn i

- Confirm



to make firm or firmer = xc

nh n; chng thc

- Find



to discover or obtain by
searching = pht hi n; tm
thy; tm ra;

e.g.: He was found wandering a mile from his home.

= Ngi ta pht hin anh ta i lang thang cch nh m t d m.
- Pay (sb; for sth; sth to sb/ for sth)

- Lunch



give (a person) money etc. that

is due for goods received, or a
service done = tra; np; thanh
ton (tin; lng)



a meal taken around midday or

early in the afternoon/ ba tra

- Conversation (with sb about sth)




cu c ni chuy n; cu c m
u n

- Take place [teik pleis]

(phr.) :

din ra

- Store


a large shop dealing in a great

variety of articles = ca hng


the areas away from cities and

conurbations = nng thn

- Train station [trein 'stein] (phr.) :

a centre, where trains depart

and arrive = nh ga xe la

- Talk about (sth) [t:k 'baut] (v.) :

discuss / bn v (iu g )


- Country(side) ['kntri]

e.g.: We'll talk about that point later. = Chng ta se bn v im sau.

- High


(adj.) :

of great or above average / cao

- Price


(adj.) :

the (esp. stated) sum in money

or goods = gi tin

- Deal



a transaction; an arrangement =
s giao dich; s thoa thun

e.g.: We did a deal with the management on overtime.

= Chng ti thoa thu n vi ban gim c v gi lm thm.
- Shirt



o s-mi

- Think



to have in mind = suy ngh;


- Great


(adj.) :

remarable; very good = tuyt


- Live



to have life = sng

e.g.: As long as we live, we will fight agaist oppression and exploitation.

= Chng no cn sng, chng ta cn u tranh chng p bc v bc l t.
- Costly


(adj.) :

expensive = t tin; tn tin

- Noisy


(adj.) :

making a loud noise; = n o

- Expensive [ik'spensiv]

(adj.) :

causing much expense; costly

= (t M) xa hoa; t tin

- Crazy

(adj.) :

(of a person, action, etc.)

insane, mad; absurd = in di;
ngu xun


e.g.: That noise is driving me crazy.

= Ting n lm cho ti pht in.


- True


(adj.) :

right, correct = th t; ng

- Manage



quan l; xoay s

- Salary



fixed regular payment made by

an employer to an employee in
return for work = tin lng

- Difficult


(adj.) :

hard to do = kh khn; gay go

e.g.: It is difficult to answer this question.

= Cu hoi ny kh tra li.

- Save money [seiv 'mni] (phr.) :

tit kim tin

- Cell phone [selfn]


i n thoi di ng (nh cell;

cellular phone)

- Organizer [':gnaiz(r)] (n.)

a person who organizes or

arranges sth systematically =
ngi t chc

- Calendar ['klind]


lich (ghi nm thng); lich cng


- Address



ia chi

- Product



a thing which is produced

commercially for sale = san

- Cost



to required a specified payment

= c th mua c vi gi l;
yu cu phai tra tin l

- Camcorder ['kmk:d(r)] (n.)

a portable video camera

incorporating a built-in video
recorder = my quay phim di

- Offer

to present for sale = a ra bn;

cho bn



- Latest technology [leitist tek'tli] (phr.) : cng ngh mi nht

- Model



the design, pattern = kiu; mu;

m hnh

- Excellent ['ekslnt]

(adj.) :

xut sc; u t

- Feature


a distinctive or characteristic
part of a thing = c trng;
tnh nng c bi t



e.g.: Our latest model of phone has several new features.

= Kiu i n thoi mi nht ca chng ti c nhiu tnh nng mi.
- Beside


(prep.) :

- Besides =In addition

- Camera

next to = bn cnh
= ngoi ra; thm vo



any apparatus used for taking

pictures = my chup anh, my
quay phim

- Organize [':gnaiz]


to make arrangements for = t

chc; cu to; thit l p

- Allow (sb to do sth) ['lau] (v.)

to let (sb do sth) = cho phep

(ngi no lm iu g )

= Organise

e.g.: My boss doesn't allow me to make the personal calls.

= ng ch ti khng cho phep ti gi i n thoi ring.
- Store (up to) [st:]


- Mega


(prefix) :

large, great = triu; tht to ln

- Pixel



im anh

- Capacity [k'psti]


the maximum amount or

number that can be contained,
etc. = dung lng

- Access



the action of process of

obtaining stored (documents,
data, ) = truy cp; s dung
thng tin

- Song



a brief musical composition for

singing = bi ht

- Grow



to develop and reach maturity

= pht trin

- Quickly


(adv.) :

nhanh; nhanh chng

- Bicycle



a vehicle having two wheels

turned by pedalling = xe p

- Skateboarding ['skeit,b:di] (n.):

to collect and keep in reserve =

lu tr; tch tr (ln ti)

mn trt vn

- Extinction [iks'tikn]


the state or fact of being extinct

= s hy dit; s tn lui;

- Handball ['hndb:l]


A game similar to football in

which the ball is thrown to get
it into the opposing team's goal
= mn bng nem

- Fashion industry ['fn 'indstri] (phr.) : ngnh kinh doanh thi trang
- Important [im'p:tnt]

(adj.) :

significant; noteworthy = quan

trng; trng yu; h trng

- Leisure


free time = thi gian ri


- Entertainment [,ent'teinmnt] (n.) :

A thing which entertains or

amuses sb = s tiu khin; s
giai tr

- Fashion



a particular make, shape, style

of clothing = thi trang; mt

- Realize



to comprehend completely
= nhn thc r (nh realise)

- Face



- Recent


(adj.) :

to meet face to face; confront

= i mt
gn y

- Interest (in sb/ sth) ['intrst] (n.) :

(a feeling of) curiosity or

concern = s quan tm; s
thch th

- Popuplar ['ppjul]

(adj.) :

commonly known; general =

ph bin; c a chung

- Accessory [k'sesri]


an additional or subordinate
thing = phu tng; vt kem

- Appear


to become visible = xut hin

- Represent [,repri'zent]


to stand for; symbolize = tng

trng cho; ng vai tr

- Sector


a region or district of a larger

geographical area; an area of
industry or of economic
activity = lnh vc; khu vc




- Calm


(adj.) :

peaceful / cool = im tnh

- Ghost



the soul or spirit of a dead

person = hn ma

- Believe (in sb/ th) [bi'li:v] (v.)

trust = tin tng, tin chc chn

- Continue [kn'tinju:]


to go on after an interruption =
tip tuc; lm tip

- Lie



an intentional false statement =

s ni di; s la di

- Strongly


(adv.) :

mnh; r rang

- Criticize (sb/ sth for sth) ['kritisaiz] (v.) : to find fault, be censorious =
ph bnh; ph phn; chi trch
- Show up

[ou p]

to put in an appearance; be
present; = xut hi n; c m t

- Conference ['knfrns] (n.)

a formal (esp. annual) meeting

= h i nghi

- Expect



to look forward to the

occurrence or appearance of =
mong i

- Without


(prep.) :

not having; lacking = khng c

- Feel free

[fi:l fri:]

(phr.) :

c thoai mi; c t nhin

- Ask



to request = yu cu


to make whole or perfect =

hon thnh; lm xong

- Complete [km'pli:t]


e.g.: You have 20 minutes to complete the test.

= Bn c 20 pht hon thnh bi kim tra.
- Task



a piece of work imposed on or

undertaken by a person =
nhi m vu; ngha vu; ph n s

- Evidence ['evidns]


sth serving as a proof; material

admissible as testimony in a
court of law = (php l) chng
c; bng chng

- Case


trng hp; hon canh; tnh th

(adj.) :

reached after careful = suy xet

cn th n; th n trng


- Considered [kn'sidd]


- Vision



visual perception; an instance

of seeing = thi lc; kha nng
nhn thy

- Leave scarred [li:v 'ska:rd] (phr.) :

li vt theo; bi theo

- Accident



an unfortunate event, esp. one

causing injury or damage = ri
ro; tai nn; tai bin

- Bar



quy ru; tim ru

- Frequently ['fri:kwnt]

(adv.) :

thng xuyn; hay xay ra

- Drop (in/by) [drp]


ghe vo; tp vo (ni no )

- Call (in/ on) [k:l]


ghe thm; tt vo thm

- Color-blind [kl blaind] (phr.)

m mu

- Assign

to allot; to allocate = phn

cng; chia phn

allotment; allocation=nhi m vu

['sain] (v.)

- Assignment ['sainmnt] (n.)

e.g.: Your next assignment will be to find these missing persons.

= Nhi m vu sp ti ca anh l tm kim nhng ngi mt tch .
- Dream (of sth) [dri:m]


- Wonderful ['wndfl]

(adj.) :

m tng n ci g
very remarkable or admirable;
extremely good; excellent = ky
l; phi thng; ky di u

e.g.: The child's skill is wonderful for his age.

= Ti nng ca c u be th t l phi thng vo la tui c uy.
- Dependent (on/ upon sb/ sth) (adj.) :

determined or influenced by
another = phu thuc; da vo

- Mostly

hu ht; phn ln; thng l


(adv.) :

e.g.: We're mostly out on Sundays.

- Weather



= Chng ti thng i chi cc

ngy ch nh t.

thi tit; tit tri

- Memo/ memorandum ['memou] (n.) :

th thng bo (n i b)

- Employee [,impli'i:]


a person who works for an

employer = ngi lm cng

- Personel


An administrative division of
an organization concerned with



this body or persons = (t M)

phng nhn s (nh personnel
- Note



to write down; to make a note

= ghi ch; ch thch

- Serving uniform ['svi 'ju:nif:m] (phr.): ng phuc phuc vu

- Worn



(qu kh ca wear) mc; mang

- Serve (sb with sth) [s:v] (v.)

phuc vu; dn (mn n no

cho ai )

e.g.: They served me with curried chicken.= H dn mn ca-ri g cho ti.

- Ordinary [':dnri]

(adj.) :

commonly encountered; usual

= thng; thng thng

- Circumstance ['s:kmstns] (n.):

one of the conditions or facts =

hon canh; tnh hung

- Professional [pr'fenl] (adj.) :

chuyn nghi p ; nh ngh

- Dress



to put clothes on = mc qun

o vo (nh clothe)

- Alike


(adj.) :

similar = ging nhau; tng t

- Tolerate



to treat with forbearance = tha

th; khoan dung

- Dirty


(adj.) :

dull in color = bn thiu; d bn

(nh soiled)

- Issue

['isju:; 'iu:]


to produce or provide sth

official = pht hnh; in ra

- Additional item ['dinl 'aitm] (phr.) :vt cung cp thm

- Inform (sb of/ about sth) [in'f:m] (v.) : to impart information = thng
bo (cho ai bit v iu g)
- Run



- Soon


(adv.) :

within a short time = chng bao

lu na

e.g.: We shall soon know the result.

= Chng ta se sm bit kt qua.

- No longer
- Cancel


hot ng

(phr.) :

khng cn na


an act of cancelling = s xo
bo; s huy bo; s bi bo



bo; xo bo; bi bo (hp ng)

- Until


(prep.) :

trc khi; cho n khi (= till)

- Notice



to notify or inform of = nh n
xet; ch ;

- Inconvenience [,inkn'vi:njns] (v.) :

to cause inconvenience to =
gy phin toi

- In fact

(idom) :

trong thc t

- Step



one of the stages of a process =


- Cost



The price be paid for sth = gi

phai tra; chi ph

- Route



= tuyn ng; l trnh

- Add



thm vo

- Overall


(adj.) :

including everything = bao

gm mi th; ton b

- Offer



to provide = cung cp

- Sadly


(adv.) :

m t cch ng tic

- Hopefully ['houpfuli]

(adv.) :

m t cch y hy vng

- Remains


(pl.n.) :

What remains after other

members or parts have gone =
phn tha; phn cn li

- Matter



the substance of a book,

speech, etc.= ch ; ni dung

- Contact



to get in touch with = lin lc


a person controlling the

activities of a person or team in
sports, entertainment, etc. =
ngi quan l


= th vi n; phng c sch

- Manager ['mnid]

Part 7
- Library


- Management ['mnidmnt] (n.):

the action of managing; the

administration of (a group
within) an organization or
commercial enterprise = s
quan l; ban quan l

- Elevator



- Maintenance ['meintinns] (n.)

a platform raised and lowered

to transport freight or people =
(t M) thang my (nh lift)

something in working order =
s bao dng (my mc)

- Stairs


(pl.n.) :

a series of fixed steps leading

from one level to another = cu

- East



hng ng; pha ng

e.g.: The wind is blowing from the east.

= Gi t hng ng thi ti.

- Access (to swh) ['kses] (v.)

come to (swh) i vo; i n

(ni no )

- Basement ['beismnt]

a storey of a building wholly or

partially below ground level =
tng hm


- Break Room [break ru:m] (phr.) :

phng nghi giai lao

- Office supply ['fis s'plai] (phr.):vn phng phm

- Inventory form [in'ventri] (n.)

biu mu kim k hng tn

- Responsible (for sb/ sth) [ri'spnsbl] (adj.) : chiu trch nhim

e.g.: All pilots are responsible for their passengers' safety.
= Mi phi cng u phai chiu trch nhi m v s an ton ca hnh khch.
- Remaining [ri'meini]

(adj.) :

vn tn ti; vn cn

- Purchase ['p:ts]

(v., n.) :

buy, buying = mua, s mua

- List



a printed or written series of

the names of persons or things,
= danh sch;bang k khai

- Indicate



to demonstrate or point out =

chi inh; cho bit; nh du

- Paper Clip ['peip klip]


kep giy

- Notepad


tp giy ghi chep

- Rubber band ['rb'bnd] (n.)

dy chun

- Staple

= ghim giy

[nout pd]



- Ream



ram giy ( in hoc photo,

khoang 500 t/ ram)

- Record



to set down for preservation in

a record = ghi li; ghi chep

- Several


(adj.) :

being of a number more than

two or three, but not many =
nhiu hn ba; vi; dm ba

e.g.: I have read this books several times.= Ti c quyn sch ny vi

- Entry



the inclusion of a item in a

record = s ghi s; s ghi vo
biu mu

- Register



to record officially = ng k

- Registration [,redi'strein] (n.)

the act of a process

registering = s ng k

- Course



kha; t; (chng trnh hc)

- Recently


(adv.) :

gn y; mi y

- College



trng cao ng; trng trung

cp ngh chuyn nghip; (t
M) trng i hc, ho c m t
b ph n ca trng i hc

- Full time staff

(phr.) :


nhn vin lm vic ton thi


- Interested in (sb/ sth) ['intristid] (adj.) : quan tm n (ai / vic no

, vt no )
- Information [,inf'mein] (n.)

facts = thng tin

- Application [,pli'kein] (n.)

a request, as for a job = n xin

(nhp hc; vic lm)

- Process



the entire course of a legal

action = th tuc

- Assistance ['sistns]


s gip ; s h tr

- Brochure [brou']


a pamphlet; booklet = sch

mong thng tin ho c quang co

- Faculty


a division of learning at a
college or university; the
teachers in a college or school



= khoa (ca trng i hc);

(t M) ton cn b giang dy
ca m t khoa trong trng H
- Funding



a source of supply = qu ti
tr; s ti tr vn

- Provide



to furnish; to suppy = cung

cp; cung ng

- Obtain



to succeed in gaining = t
c; c c; thu c

- Request



an act or example of asking =

li yu cu; xut

- Department secretary

(phr.) :

th k khoa, phng, ban

- Make sure

(phr.) :

nm chc; bao am

- Interfere (with sth) [,int'fi] (v.) :

gy tr ngi; can tr

- Schedule
['edju:l; 'skedju:l;'skedl] (n.)
- Present

timetable = k hoch lm vi c



hand in, give = trnh; n p (

c ai duyt)

- Selection [si'lekn]


a particular choice = s la
chn; s tuyn la

- Supervisor ['su:pvaiz] (n.)

a person who supervises a

person, task, etc. = ngi gim
st; ngi quan l

- Signature ['signt]


a person's name, initials, or

distinctive mark, used in
signing a letter, document =
ch k

- Payment method

(phr.) :

phng thc thanh ton (l ph)

- Department code [di'p:tmnt koud] (n.): m s phng ban

- Confirmation [,knf'mein] (n.): the action of making firm = s xc
nh n; s chng thc
- Within


(prep.) :

- Complain (about sth) [km'plein](v.) :

insde the fixed limits of = trong

gii hn n inh (thi gian;
vic no )
express dissatisfaction
with = phn nn; than phin

- Fee



a fixed charge; a payment =

ph; l ph; tin th lao

- Eligiable


(adj.) :

qualified= t cch; thch hp

e.g.: She is eligible to run for office.

- Applicant ['pliknt]


= C y c kha nng ng c.

A person who applies or makes

request, esp. formally = ng
vin; ngi np n

- Receive (sth from sb) [ri'si:v] (v.) :

to take or to acquire sth given,

or transmitted = nhn; thu

- Permission [p'min]

the action of permitting, or

giving licence to do something
= s chp nh n; giy phep



- Pose



to move into and stay in a

particular position

e.g.: They are posing in front of the building.

- Lift


to move sth from a lower to a

higher position

- Ski


one of a pair of long, flat

narrow pieces of wood

- Dam


a wall built across a river

which stops the river's flow and
collects the water = p nc


a document signed by a large

number of people demanding
or requesting some action from

- Petition



the government or another

authority = ban kin nghi
to send the petition


(adj.) :

small and thin in an attractive

way = nho xinh


going for a long walk in the


- Approachable ['proutbl] (adj.):

being able to reach or get near


- Hiking

e.g: approachable manner (n.)

- Contract term


- Magnetic [mg'netik]

(adj.) :

iu khoan hp ng
with the power of a magnet =
c t tnh

e.g.: Some metals are magnetic.

- Sewage



waste matter such as water

- Dump


to get rid of sth unwanted

- Guilt


the fact of having done

something wrong or committed
a crime


(adj.) :

responsible for breaking a law

e.g.: He was found guilty of possessing illegal drugs.

- Jovial


(adj.) :

cheerful and friendly



a competition or game in which

people buy numbered tickets
and can win prizes = tr chi
x s

ve s

- Raffle

a raffle ticket
- First-hand

(adv.) :



- Handicraft['hndikr:ft] (n.)

an activity in which sb uses

their hands in a skilful way to
make things = ngh th cng


sth that sb has made in a skilful

way using their hands = san
phm th cng


encourage sb by making them

feel confident and eager to do
sth = truyn cam hng

- Inspire


e.g.: After her trip to Venezuela, she felt inspired to learn Spanish.


- Short-sleeved [(r)t sli:vd] (adj. ) :

ngn tay [o]

e.g.: a short-sleeved shirt (n.)

- Grill



- Crawl


- Occupied ['kjupaid]


a part of a stove which

produces strong heat to cook
food that has been placed
underneath it = v nng


to cook sth by direct heat,

especially under a very hot
surface in a cooker


(adj.) :

fully booked

e.g.: The tables are all occupied.


- Lobby


- Toll-free


(adj.) :

the (large) room into which the

main entrance door opens in a
hotel or other large building =
tin sanh; hnh lang
cost-free = (c) min thu

e.g: A toll-free telephone call is free for the person making the call.
- Stapler



a tool used for putting staples

into paper = bm giy

- Refreshment [ri'fremnt] (n.)

food and drink

- Intermission [,int'min] (n.)

a brief period between the parts

of a play, film, concert, etc.

- Auditorium [,:di't:rim](n.)

a large public building such as

a theatre


a show in which industrial

goods, works of art, etc. are
shown to the public.



a plan to show how much

money a person or organization
will earn and how much they
will need or be able to spend

- Plumbing ['plmi]


the water pipes and similar

systems in a building

- Electrical wiring


the system of wires that carry

electricity in a building


time made at least several days

in advance


- Exposition [,eksp'zin]

- Budget

- Tee time


- Bail



- Symposium [sim'pouzim] (n.)

a sum of money which a

person who has been accused
of a crime pays to a law court
so that they can be released
until their trial = tin bao lnh

an occasion at which people

who have great knowledge of a
particular subject meet in order
to discuss a matter of interest =
hi nghi chuyn

qu trnh thu c ngn ng th


- Second language acquisition

- Behind the scenes


(adj.) :

hu trng


- Truck



a large road vehicle used to

carry goods= xe tai

- Back



the inside or outside part of an

object, building..that is furthest
from the front = ng sau

- Light



sth that produces light = en

- Flash



to shine suddenly and brightly

for a short time = chiu sng

- Draw



to make a picture with a pencil

or pen = ve

- Rest



stop working for a time to relax

= nghi ngi

- Bench



a long seat for two or more

people = gh di

- Garbage bag ['g:bd 'bg] (n.): a plastic bag put inside a dustbin to
hold the waste and keep the
container clean = ti ng rc
- Trashcan ['trkn]


a container for waste = thng


- Sail



travel = (tu) chy

- Gather



come together and form a

group = t p hp, tu hp li

- Stadium



a building for public events,

especially sports and large
concerts = sn v n ng

- Ocean



a very large area of sea = i


- Gym

[d im]


a special building or room that

has equipments for doing
physical exercise = phng t p
th duc

- to wait in line [lain]


stand one behind the other in a

line, waiting their turn for
something. = ng xp hng

- Weight


any object which is heavy =

cuc t

- Equipment [i'kwipmnt] (n.)

the tools, machines etc that you

need to do a particular job or
activity = thit bi, dung cu


- Copier



a machine that makes exact

copies of writing or pictures on
paper by photographing them =
my photocopy

- Realize



know and understand sth, or

suddenly begin to understand it
= hiu r, nh n thc r

- Degree



the qualification of a study

course at a university or
college that is given to you
when you have successfully

completed the course = hc vi;

bng cp
- Economy [i:'knmi]


the system of trade and

industry by which the wealth of
a country is made and used =
nn kinh t

- Statistics [st'tistiks]


the science of collecting and

examining such numbers =
khoa hc thng k

- Lobby



the (large) room into which the

main entrance door opens in a
hotel or other large building =
tin sanh; hnh lang

- Inquiry



(the process of asking) a

question = yu cu (thng tin)

- Credit card ['kreditka:d] (n.)

a small plastic card that you

use to buy goods or services
and pay for them later = th tn

- Bank statement [bk 'stetmnt ] (n.) : a printed record of the money

put into and removed from a
bank account = ban in c ghi
ton b s tin nhp v xut
ti khoan ca khch hng trong
mt ky hn nht inh
- Balance



the amount of money that you

have in your bank account = s
d trong ti khoan

- Adjustment ['dstmnt] (n.)

a change in sth that makes it

better, more accurate and more
effective = s iu chinh

- Interest rate ['intrst reit] (n.)

the percentage account that a

bank or other financial
company charges you when
you borrow money, or the
percentage it pays you when
you keep money in an account
= li sut

- Rush

[r ]


when a lot of people are trying

to do or get something = s
x vo (mua m t ci g...)

- Sweater



a piece of clothing with long

sleeves which is usually made
from wool and worn on the
upper part of the body = o len
di tay

- Sales



the total number of products

that are sold during a particular
period of time = s hng ho
bn c

- Knitted



made by using wool or thick

cotton and two long needles =
an len (si...)

- Goods



things for sale, or the things

that you own = hng ha

- Pottery



the activity or skill of making

clay objects by hand = gm


forks, spoons, etc., made of
silver = lm bng bc

- Grocery store ['grousri st:] (n.):

a retail store that primarily sells

food, fruits and vegetables =
ca hng tp ha, ca hng rau

- Cashier



sb whose job is to receive or

pay out money in a shop =
nhn vin thu ngn

- Proud



feeling pleased = t ho

- Provide



give sth to sb or make it

available to them = cung cp;
cung ng

- Silverware ['silv'we]


to provide sb with sth

to provide sth for sb


- Fresh


(adj.) :

- Ingredient [in'gri:djnt] (n.)

not frozen or preserved = sch,


one of the foods that you use to

make a particular food or dish
= thnh phn

- Delicious [di'lis]

(adj.) :

very pleasant to taste or smell

= thm, ngon

- Various

(adj.) :

many different types of sth =

a dng


a lot of things of the same type

that are different from each
other in some way = s a


Variety [v'raiti]

- Lettuce



a round vegetable with thin

green leaves eaten raw in
salads = rau dip

- Broccoli



a green vegetable that has short

branch-like stems = bng cai

- Cucumber ['kju:kmb] (n.)

a long thin round vegetable

with a dark green skin and a
light green inside, usually eaten
raw = da leo


(adj.) :

describes food that is firm and

makes a loud noise when it is
eaten = cng v gin



food or other things that have

been grown or produces on a
farm to be sold = nng san

gim c san xut


a set of instructions for cooking

a particular type of food = cng
thc lm mn n


a centre wide road in a city,

usually with trees on each side
or along the = i l, ng ln

- Crunchy


Produce manager
- Recipe


- Boulevard ['bu:lv:]


- Freeway



a very wide road in the US,

built for fast travel = ng
cao tc; xa l

- Route



a particular way or direction

between places = l trnh;
ng i


return by the same way that

you came = quay v theo li cu

- Interpreter [in't:prit]


sb whose job is to change

spoken words from one
language into another = ngi
phin dich

- Skill


an ability to do sth well = k


- Backtrack ['bktrk]


- Well-known ['wel'noun] (adj.) :

famous = ni ting

- Musician [mju:'zin]


somwone who is skilled in

playing music, usually as their
job = nhc s

- Guess


predict, speculate
phong on



- Acquainted ['kweintid] (adj.) :

know about sth, because you

have seen, read and used it =
quen thu c

- Military


(adj.) :

involving or relating to the

army, navy or air force = thu c
v qun i, qun s

- Power



the ability or right to control

people or events = sc mnh

- Regain



get sth back = ly li

- Decline



become gradually worse in

quality = suy tn

- Glory



an important achievement
which earns someone great
admiration, honour and praise
= s vinh quang, v vang

- Absent

['bsnt] from (adj.) :

not present = vng mt


- Conference ['knfrns] (n.)

a large formal meeting where a

lot of people discuss important
matters = h i nghi

- Soccer game ['sk geim] (n.)

football game = trn thi u


- Remind



make sb remember sth that

they must do = nhc nh

- Pull out

['pul aut]


extract; use force to take sth

from the place where it is fixed
= nh ra (rng)

(adj.) :

not at all interested in sb or sth

= lnh m, th , h hng

(adj.) :

to be directly affected or
decided by sth else = phu
thu c; l thu c

- Indifferent [in'difrnt]
indifferent to sb / sth
- Dependent [di'pendnt]

dependent on / upon sth

# Independent [,indi'pendnt] (adj.):

c lp

- Independence [,indi'pendns] (n.):

s c lp

- Particular [p'tikjul(r)] (adj.)

very careful about choosing

exactly what you like and not
easily satisfied = k lng, cu

to be particular about sth

- Particle


(adj.) :

a very small piece of sth = m t

mu, manh nho (ca ci g)

- Parental


(adj.) :

relating to being a parent =

(thu c) cha me

Parental love

tnh thng cha me

- Parallel


(adj.) :

a relationship between two

things that exist in different
places = song song

- Youth



the period of time when sb is

young = thi thanh nin; tui


- Cut down on


- Expenditure [iks'pendit] (n.)

make sth smaller or less in size,

or price = giam bt, ct bt
(chi tiu...)

the total amount of money that

a person spends during a
particular period of time = chi
ph tiu dng

- Announce ['nauns]


to officially tell people about

sth = thng bo

- Assistance ['sistns]


help or support = s gip

- Toll-free


(adj.) :

a toll-free telephone call is free

for the person making the call=
min ph

- Line



a telephone wire or connection

= ng dy i n thoi

- Client



a customer or someone who

receives services = khch hng

- Access



find information on a computer

= truy c p

- Clinic



treatment is given to people
who do not need to stay in the
hospital = phng khm cha
b n h cho b n h nhn ngoi tr

- Location



a particular place = ia im

- Concern



a feeling of worry about sth

important = mi quan tm, lo

- Inform



to officially tell or give sb

information = cho ai bit v ci
g; ni cho ai bit


sb who secretly tells the police,

the army about criminal
activities for money = chi
im, m t thm


draw a conclusion = suy ra

Informer [in'f:m]

- Infer



- Official



sb who is in a position of
authority in an organization =
vin chc, cng chc

- Expert



sb who has a special skill or

special knowledge of a subject
= nh chuyn mn; chuyn gia

- Appropriate ['prouprit] (adj.) :

correct or suitable for a particular

time, situation or purpose =
thch hp

- Concentrate ['knsntreit] (v.)

to give attention or efforts

towards a particular activity,
subject or problem = t p trung


a short performance that an

actor, musician, dancer, etc.
gives in order to show their
ability and suitability for a
particular play, film, show, etc.
= s th ging (trc khi nh n
vo lm din vin ht)

- Contract ['kntrkt]


a legal document that states

different people or groups, or
the agreement itself = hp

- Contestant [kn'testnt]


someone who competes in a

contest = ngi d thi

- Participate[p:'tisipeit]


join, take part in = tham gia

- Renew



increase the life of or replace

something old = lm mi, gia

- Loan



a sum of money which is

borrowed, often from a bank,
and has to be paid back,
usually together with an extra
amount of money that you have
to pay as a charge for
borrowing = tin cho vay

- Audition



- Process



series of actions that you take

in order to achieve a result =
qu trnh; quy trnh




Personal Identification Number

= m s nh n dng c nhn

- Social security ['soul si'kjurti]: welfare = phc li x h i

- Generate ['denreit]


to cause something to exist =

cp pht, pht ra

- Establish [is'tbli]


set up = thnh l p

- Estimate


to guess the cost, size, etc. of

something=nh gi;c lng

thi gian c lng


Estimated time
- Politician [,pli'tin]


a member of a government or
law-making organization = nh
chnh tri; chnh khch

- Package



a parcel = gi hng, bu ki n

- Packet



small paper or cardboard

container in which a number of
small objects are sold = gi

- Taco shell [' tk el]


a hard, folded tortilla (= thin

flat bread) filled with meat,
cheese, etc. and hot spicy sauce
= bnh thit chin gin (M-hic)

- Tortilla



a type of thin round Mexican

bread made from maize flour =
bnh m dng det c lm t
bt bp c xut x t Mexico

- Praise



to express admiration or
approval=khen ngi; tn dng

- Ruin



spoil or destroy severely or

completely = ph hong

- Purchase ['p:ts]


the act of buying something =

vic mua hng

- Apology


an act of saying sorry = li t

li; li xin li



- Salsa



a spicy sauce made from

tomatoes, onions and chillies =
nc st cay


- Mow



cut with a blade or mower =

xen, ct (bng my xen co)

- Lawn



a field of cultivated and mowed

grass = bi co

Lawn mower [l'nmo] (n.)

garden tool for mowing grass

on lawns = my xen co

- Pond



a small lake = h, ao

- Brush



= bn chai


clean or tidy using a brush =



a substance used as a coating to

protect or decorate a surface =

hp sn

a cleaning implement
sweeping = ci chi

- Paint


a can of paint/ paint can

- Broom




- Boarding pass ['b:d p:s] (n.): a pass that allows you to board a ship
or plane = th ln tu/ my bay
- Manual



a small handbook = sch hng



an electronic device that

answers the telephone and
records messages = my tra li
t ng

- Answering machine
[':nsr m''i:n]


- Customer service representative

['kstm 's:vs reprz'enttv] (n.) :an employee giving customer care
activities = nhn vin phuc vu
khch hng
- Effect

[fekt ]


result = kt qua, hiu qua

- Graphic



the activity of drawing or

making pictures = ha

- Processing speed['proses spi:d] (n.): a computer's processor speed =

tc x l
- Boost



increase sth and make it more

successful = y mnh, nng

- Joint project [dnt]


a task which is shared by or

belonging to two or more
people = d n hn hp

- Bump into sb [bmp]


meet sb unexpectedly = gp ai
mt cch tnh c

- See sb off


go with someone to the station,

airport, or port and say
goodbye to them there = tin ai

(adj.) :

quick at learning things, clever

= thng minh

- Persuade [p'sweid]


give someone good reasons for

doing something, convince =
thuyt phuc

- Submit


present, hand over formally =

trnh, trnh

- Valuables ['vljublz] (n.)

things that you own that are

worth a lot of money,
especially small objects such as
jewellery = qu gi

(adj.) :

free from danger or the risk of

harm = an ton


a strong metal cupboard with

special locks, in which you


- Bright






keep money, jewellery, or other

valuable things = ket st

- Subtitle



translation of foreign dialogue

of a movie or TV program =

- Duty



work that you are obliged to

perform = trch nhim

- Oversee



to supervise, guide = gim st

- Must



necessity or essentiality = s
cn thit

- Flexible


(adj.) :

capable of being changed =

linh hot


considered for a position = ng

- Worldwide ['w:ldwad] (adj.)

exist or happen throughout the

world = trn ton th gii

- Simultaneous [sml'tenis](adj.):

happen or exist at the same

time = ng thi

- Release



publish, prepare and issue for

public distribution or sale = s
pht hnh ( mt b phim, a
ht, sch)

- Expire



run out, lose validity = ht hn,

ht hiu lc

- Direct debit [d'rekt 'debt] (n.)

a single order to allow a

commercial, or similar entity to
charge directly to one's bank
for a regular payment = ghi n
trc tip

- Issue



the version of a newspaper or

magazine that is published = s
bo, tp ch

- Sort out

[s:t at]


solve = giai quyt (vn )

- Candidate ['knddet]


- Refund



money returned to a payer =

tin c hon li

- Residential[rez'denl] (adj.)

used or designed for residence

= , dn c

- Heat


make hot or hotter = si m

- Thermostat [':mstt] (n.)

a device that switches a system

or motor on or off according to
the temperature = b n nhit,
b iu chinh nhit

- Bulletin



a short news report on the radio

or television = ban tin

- Enclose



to put something in the same

envelope as the letter = nh
kem, gi kem theo

- Rent



the amount of money that you

pay regularly to use a house,
flat, or piece of land = tin thu

- Insurance [n'rns] (n.)

an arrangement in which you

pay money to a company, and
they pay money to you if
something unpleasant happens
to you = bao him

- Utilities



important service such as

water, electricity, or gas that is
provided for everyone = tin
ch cng cng

- Deposit



pay a sum of money into a

bank account or savings
account = chi tra, gi (tin vo
ngn hng ly li)

- Paycheck [pe'tek]


a check issued in payment of

wages or salary = phiu lnh



- Automated operator

[':tmetd 'pret] (n.) :

- Transfer


h thng lm vic t ng

move from one

another = chuyn



- ATM = Automated Teller Machine (n.) : my rt tin t ng

- Versatile


(adj.) :

can be used for many different

purposes = nhiu tc dung, a


save or make a lot of money in

comparison with the costs
involved = hiu qua v chi ph,
tit kim chi ph

- Contribution [kntr'bju:n] (n.) :

a sum of money that you give

in order to help pay for
something = tin ng gp

- Stuff envelope [stf 'envlop] (v.) :

fill it with something = bo/

nhi vo phong b

- Cost effectiveness
[kst 'fektvns]

- Create handicraft
[kri'et 'hndikr:ft]


produce handicrafts = ch to
th cng m ngh

- Treat



an occurrence that causes

special pleasure or delight =
iu vui sng, iu thch th

- Roughly


(adv.) :

approximately = c chng,
i khi

- Financial commitment


an engagement by contract
involving financial obligation =
s cam kt v ti chnh

- Promote



try to increase the sales or

popularity of a product = xc
tin, quang co

- Luxury

['lk ri]


sth expensive which is pleasant

to have but is not necessary =
xa xi, s xa hoa



- Grill (=broil) [gril ]


to cook something by direct

heat, especially under a very
hot surface = nng bng v

- Picnic table


bn ngoi tri cho ngi i

d ngoi

- Break


a short period of rest = (vic)

nghi giai lao

take a break

nghi giai lao

break room

phng nghi

chi (nh) bi

xo, trn bi


- Play cards
mix up the cards
- Bug



an insect or similar small

creature = con b

- Leaf



l cy leaves (s nhiu)

ci nga

- Ride a horse
- Stairs


(pl.n.) :

a set of steps which lead from

one level of a building to
another = cu thang b

- Cross



go across = i ngang qua, bng


i (ngang) qua ng

(hng) mu

hp ngmu

c phn, kho (cha hng)

available = c trong kho

part = b phn, khu vc

Cross the street.

- Sample



sample contract
- Stock



In stock [in stk]

- Section




- Birth certificate
[b:r srtfkt]


an official document which

gives details of your birth =
giy khai sinh

make known
publicly = cp

- Issue



- Normal


(adj.) :

- Request


- Go ahead
- Proposal


ordinary, usual = bnh thng,

thng thng


politely, officially ask for sth =

yu cu


li yu cu



start to do sth = bt u
(lm g)


something proposed (such as a

plan or assumption) = li


to suggest a plan or course of

action = nghi

- Recommend [rekmend] (v.)

- suggest, advise = nghi

Propose [prpoz]

- introduce = gii thiu

- Selection [silekn]


- choice = s chn lc
- collection = b su tp

- Branch



- Be located [lkeItid]
- Pass



one of the offices or groups

that form part of a large
business organization = chi
nhnh (cng ty)

be situated = to lc

- go past = i ngang qua

- give sth to someone =
chuyn, giao

Ill pass the message on for you.

- Project



= Ti se chuyn tin nhn cho anh.

planned work = d n

- Notepad



tp giy ( ghi ch)

- Replacement [rplesmnt] (n.): the act of furnishing an equivalent

person or thing in the place of
another = s thay th
- Feature
- Resident



khc ho net c bit; cao


net c bit, c im


someone who lives at

particular place = c dn

(adj.) :

without payment = min ph

(adv.) :

about, almost = xp xi, khoang

- Free of charge
[fri: v t':d]
- Approximately

- Community [kmju:nti](n.)

all the people who live in a

particular area or place = cng

- Seat belt

a safety belt used in a car or

plane to hold you in your seat
in case of an accident = dy an

violent and uneven movement

within a particular area of air,
liquid, or gas = s nhiu lon

a place where vehicles,

passengers, or goods begin or
end a journey = ga (xe la, xe

[si:t belt]


- Turbulence [t:bjlns] (n.)

- Terminal [t:mnl]


- Pass away [p:s we]

(phr.v.) :

die = qua i, cht

- Respectfully [rspektfl] (adv.): in a respectful manner = mt cch knh

cn, tn trng
- Ceremony [sermni]


formal event performed on a

special occasion = bui l

- Disclose


reveal = l ra



- Upset


(adj.) :

unhappy and disappointed =

tht vng

- Dispose



throw away = vt bo

the act of getting rid of sth that

is no longer wanted or needed
= hnh ng vt bo

Disposal [dspozl](n.)

Disposable [dspozbl] (adj.): designed to be disposed of after use =

khng s dung li c
- Loyal


(adj.) :

faithful = trung thnh, chung


- Royal


(adj.) :

connected with a king, queen,

or emperor, or their family =
thuc v hong gia

- Frugal


(adj.) :

economical, avoiding waste =

tit kim

- Likewise


(adv.) :


- Committee[kmti]


a special group delegated to

consider some matter = y ban

- Valid


(adj.) :

based on sensible reasoning =

hp l, ng n

- Agenda



a list of the items that have to

be discussed at a meeting =
chng trnh nghi s


- Consideration [knsdren] (n.) :

sth that should be thought

about = s xem xet, cn nhc

- Guideline [gadlan]


a rule or principle that provides

behavior = nguyn tc, quy

- Assign


select someone for a specific

purpose = chi inh, phn cng

unable to change or get away

from a situation = bi ket, gp
tnh hung kh khan

have nothing to eat = cht i


- Be/Get stuck [stk]

- Starve




- Nutritious [nju:tr s] (adj.)

- Filling



of or providing nourishment,
healthy to eat = b dng

(adj.) :

make you feel full when you

have eaten it = y , lm cho
mau no


the food that you put inside a

pie, sandwich = nhn bnh


vegetable that is produced

chemicals = rau sch (khng c
phn ha hc v thuc tr su)

- owing to = l do

- Organic vegetable
[:rgnk vedtbl]

- Due to


- n hn, ti hn (lm g)
- Definition [defnn] (n.)

inh ngha

- Termination [t:mnen] (n.): the act of ending something = s chm

- Wrap



fold paper or cloth tightly

roundsth to cover it = gi

- Celebration [selbren](n.):

a joyful occasion for special festivities

to mark some happy event = l
ky nim

- Gift-giving season

ma tng qu

state; make known = thng bo

- Announce [nants]


- Eligible (for) ['eldbl](adj.):

suitable; meeting the conditions =

iu kin

- Charge



demand payment = tnh tin

- Package



a small parcel = gi, kin hng

- Come across [km krs] (phr.v.) :

find something or someone by

chance = tnh c gp/ thy

- Technical support
[teknkl sp:t]


a repair and advice service that

some companies such as
computer companies provide

for their customers, usually by

telephone, fax, or e-mail = h
tr k thut
- Designated[deznetd] (adj.)

set aside for a purpose = c

chi inh trc

- Allotted time [ltd tam] (n.): time allowed to have = thi gian
- Address


direct a question at someone =

gi (cu hoi) thng n ai

- Hesitate



delay doing or unwilling to do

= ngn ngi, lng l

- Hang up

[h p]

(phr.v.) :

end a phone call = gc my

(in thoi)



- Coach



a person who trains people to

compete in certain sports =
hun luyn vin

- Referee



the official person in sports

such as football who controls
the match and prevents players
from breaking the rules = trng

- Load



to put a large quantity of st into

a vehicle or container = cht,

- Bat



a piece of wood for hitting the

ball in sports such as, cricket or
baseball = gy th thao

nh bng bng gy


to take care of children while

their parents are away for a
short time = gi tr h (trong
khi b me i vng)


ngi trng tr



a measure of liquid = Galong,

n vi o lng cht long

- Lecture



a long talk on a particular

subject that someone gives to a
group of people, especially to
students in a university = bi
ni chuyn, bi din thuyt

- Focus



the clearness of the picture

seen through an instrument
such as a camera = s r net

r net, r rang

to take someone's attention

away from something by
making them look at or listen
to something else = lm sao
lng, ng tr

to hit the ball with a bat

- Babysit


- Gallon

in focus
- Distract




distracting elements

nhng yu t khng lin quan


to prevent someone from doing

something or something from
happening, by making it
difficult = gy tr ngi, can tr

- Foreground ['f:graund] (n.)

the part of the view in a picture

or a photograph that is closest
to you when you are looking at
it = cn canh

- Obstruct [b'strkt]

- As well as

(adv.) :

cung nh

- Senator



a member of a group of elected

politicians (The Senate) who
make laws in the government
in some countries = thng
nghi s

- Fatal


(adj.) :

resulting in someone's death =

gy cht ngi

- Mourning ['m:ni]


black clothes worn to show that

you are very sad that someone
has died = tang

- Suicidal

(adj.) :

wanting to kill yourself = t t,

t st

(adj.) :



- Deceased [di'si:st]

- Automotive [,:t'moutiv] (adj.) :


- Vend



sell sth

- Subway




- Depict



to describe sb/ sth in words

- Judge



a person who has the ability or

knowledge to give an opinion
about sth = ngi am hiu,
ngi snh soi

ngi am hiu ngh thut


a judge of art
- Vote sb off [vout]

(phr.v.) :

elect = bo phiu bu cho ai


- Subscription [sb'skripn] (n.)

an amount of money you pay,

usually once a year, to receive
copies of a newspaper or
magazine = s mua bo di hn

- Archeology [:ki'ldi] (n.)

the study of ancient societies

by examining what remains of
their buildings = nghin cu
ia thi c

- Geography[di'grfi]

the study of the countries,

oceans, rivers, mountains,
cities etc of the world = ia l


- Anthropology [,nr'pldi] (n.) :

the scientific study of people,

their societies, cultures = nhn
loi hc


- Hood



a folding cover on a car which

gives protection from the rain =
mui xe



- Bakery



a building where bread, cakes

etc. are made or sold =tim
bnh m

- Deli



a shop that sells food such as

cooked meat, cheese, and food
from other countries = tim bn
thc n ngon

- Awful


(adj.) :

used for emphasizing how

something is = d qu, n qu

- Delicious [dls]

(adj.) :

with a very pleasant taste or

smell = ngon

- Subway


a railway that goes under the

ground = ng xe in ngm


the part of a building that is

partly or completely below the
level of the ground = tng hm



a play for the theatre,

television, or radio = v kich

- Suspense [sspens]


excitement or worry that you

feel when you are waiting to
find out what has happened or
what will happen = tnh trng
hi hp

- Romance [rmns]


an exciting and usually short

romantic relationship = truyn
lng mn

- Channel


a television station and the

programmes that it broadcasts
= knh truyn hnh


the evening or night of any day

except Saturday or Sunday =
m ca bt c ngy no tr
Th bay hay Ch nht

to tell someone that you are

sorry for doing something


- Basement [besmnt]

- Drama


- Weeknight [wi:knat]

- Apologize [pldaz](v.)


wrong or for causing a problem

= xin li
- Contact



to write to someone or talk to

them on the telephone = lin

- Semester [smest(r)] (n.)

one of the two periods of about

18 weeks that the school year
is divided into = hc ky

- Solution



a way to solve a problem or to

deal with a bad situation = giai

- Confirm



to tell someone, usually by

writing or telephoning, that
happen at the time or in the
way that has been arranged =
xc nhn

- Dress



to put your clothes on = mc

- Savings



money that you have saved in a

bank or invested so that you
can use it later = tin tit kim

- Discount



to reduce the price

something = giam gi



- Cheddar cheese [ted ti:z] (n.):a type of hard yellow cheese = phomt vng cng
- Bargain


- Spruce up [spru:s p]



to try to persuade someone to

give you a better price or make
an agreement that suits you
better = tra gi

(phr.v.) :

to make oneself/ sb tidy and

clean and smart = lm cho ai
gn gng sch se

[di: a wa] (n.)

do-it-yourself: the activity of

making or repairing things for
your home instead of paying
someone to do them for you =
vic t lm ly

- Demonstrate [demnstret] (v.): to show clearly that something is true
or that it exists = chng minh,
giai thch
- Consider [knsd(r)] (v.)

to think about something

carefully before making a
decision or developing an
opinion = xem xet

- Accelerate [kselrt]


to increase speed rapidly = tng


- Toaster


an electrical device for making

toast = thit bi lm bnh m


- Refreshments [refremnts] (n.): small quantities of food and drink =

nhng phn n thc ung
- Popcorn



seeds of maize that have been

heated so that they burst and
form light whitish balls = bp

- Talent



a natural skill or ability = ti



to know again sb/ sth that you

have seen or heard before =
nhn ra

- Recognize [rekgnz]

- Gate




wooden/ iron gate

- Fence



hng ro

- Railing



ro chn (bng st ho c g)

- Illegally


(adv.) :

bt hp php, tri php lu t

- Tow



si lanh, si gai th (dng

lm dy thng), s dt, s
lai, s keo (tu thuyn, on
toa mc)



dt, lai, keo theo (tu, thuyn)

bng dy thng, xch.

- Browse



c lt qua, xem lt qua,

c bo qung (m t cun sch)

- Cart



xe b, xe nga (hai bnh

ch hng)

- Slam



ting ca ng sm, s n hu
ht, s n ht (qun bi i
phng), li ph bnh gay gt,
li a kch ao to ba ln


ng sm (ca)


s m, s chm, s chch; l
m, l chm, l chch, l
thng, (i n hc) s nh

s nh thng i n

m thng, chm thng, chch

thng, (ngha bng) lm cho x
hi, lm cho tit ngi

- Puncture ['pkt]

electric puncture

- Obsolete


- Complex ['kmpleks]

(adj.) :

c xa, qu hn, li thi


ngi c v t c

(adj.) :

phc tp, rc ri

- Complicated ['kmplikeitid] (adj.) :

phc tp, rc ri

- Operation [,p'rein]

s hot ng; cch hot ng;

qu trnh hot ng

s m x; ca m

s ly li c, s tm li c
(v t mt...); v t ly li
c, v t tm li c s i
li c (mn n...), s bnh
phuc, s khoi b nh


operation on sb for sth

operation to do sth
- Recovery [ri'kvri]


- Wealthy

(adj.) :


giu sang; giu c



(the wealthy) nhng ngi giu



ghim d p (kep giy); inh kep,

ghim d p (hnh ch U); dy
thep r p sch

- Ingredient [in'gri:djnt] (n.)

phn hp thnh, thnh phn

- Sales tax

thu doanh thu

- Staple


- Item



khoan (ghi s...), mn (ghi

trong n hng...); tit muc

- Duty



bn ph n, nhi m vu, trch

nhi m

- Domestically [d'mestikli] (adv.) :

trong nc, n i ia

- Adjust



t li cho ng vi tr ho c
tr t t; iu chinh

- Break-in



cu c tn cng vo ngn hng

- Invoice



(thng nghi p) ho n, (t
him, ngha him) chuyn hng


l p ho n (hng gi...), gi
ho n cho...

- Belabor



nh nh t, n n m t tr n nn

- Point



u nhn ho c t ca ci g;
u; mui (hnh hc) im, du
chm dng khi vit ho c in
(du chm cao, du th p

- Snack



ba n v i vng, ba n qua
loa; ba qu; cht thc n, cht


u, mt, inh, chp

u ngn tay, li khuyn, li

mch nc (nh c nga),
meo, mnh li, mnh khoe

- Tip
The tips of the fingers

- Customary ['kstmri] (adj.) :

theo phong tuc thng thng


- Fare



tin xe, tin , tin ph; tin

ve (tu, my bay...)

- Stain



s bin mu; vt bn, vt mu

kh sch, vt nh, vt en, iu
lm nhuc (thanh danh); s
nh nhuc v o c

- Spill



spilled, spilt lm trn, lm ,

nh (nc...), lm ng
nga, lm rt xung

- Extensive [iks'tensiv]

(adj.) :

r ng v di n tch; keo di ra

- Hammer ['hm]



tin cho vay; v t cho mn

- Loan



- Honest


(adj.) :

th t th, lng thi n, thnh

th t, chn th t

- Relief



s giam nhe, s khuy khoa

ngi li xe, i thay phin

a relief driver, crew

- Faulty


(adj.) :

c m t ho c nhiu khuyt
im, li lm; khng hon hao;

- Alternative [:l't:ntiv](adj.)

c th chn thay cho m t

v t khc; khc


la chn gia hai ho c nhiu

kha nng

- Hasty


(adj.) :

v i, v i vng, v i v; nhanh
chng, gp rt, mau, hp tp,
khinh sut, thiu suy ngh nng
tnh, nng nay, d ni nng

- Mayor



thi trng

- Honorable ['nrbl]

(adj.) :

xng ng, mang n ho c th

hi n danh d, danh gi

- Proposal


s nghi, s xut

quyn pht biu kin ( h i



- Open a floor [fl:]


to give somebody the floor

- Comment ['kment]
- Meager


cho ai pht biu kin

li bnh lu n

['mi: g]

or Meagre ['mi:g]

(adj.) :

gy cm, gy g, khng khiu,

hom hem ngheo nn, xong, s
si, m bc

- Confines



bin gii; ranh gii

- Blizzard



tr n bo tuyt


bo ng phng khng; thi

gian bo ng phng khng


bo cho; phai phngnguy

him v sn sng hnh ng

- Alert

- Prime


(adj.) :

c phm cht tt nht; xut sc;

hon hao; u t, ch yu, quan
trng nht, hng u, cn ban

- Concern



li l c; c phn; lo lng; s lo
u, mi quan tm

e.g: There is no cause for concern.

e.g: What are your main concerns as a writer?
- Cease



- Passable


(adj.) :

c th qua li c

- Bright


(adj.) :

sng, sng chi; lanh li, hot

bt, nhanh nhen

- Changeover ['teind,ouv] (n.) :

s thay i thit bi; s thay i

nhn vin; s thay i h
thng lm vi c

- Subsequence ['sbsikwns] (n.) :

s n sau, s xay ra sau

- Auditorium [,:di't:rim](n.)

phng dnh cho thnh gia,

thnh phng

- Skip

s nhay dy; khi c, anh y bo

qung; nhay lp


Skip off
- Cite



dng, ngng, ngt, thi, ht,


(phr.v.) :

chun, li, i mt


(php l) gi ra hu to


to cite someone before a court :

i ai ra trc to

- Ongoing



nhng vi c ang xay ra (l

lng, chng tai gai mt...)

- Disputes



cu c bn ci, cu c tranh lu n


thu nh vo li tc ca cng
ty kinh doanh


s ng kn


kt thc (cu c thao lu n) bng

cch cho biu quyt

- Corporate tax
= Corporation tax
- Closure


- React



tc n g tr li, anh hng tr

li, phan ng li; phan cng,
nh tra li (ti chnh) sut, h
(gi ca)

- Dismay



s mt tinh thn; s mt ht
can am


lm mt tinh thn; lm mt ht
can am

- Option



s chn la, quyn la chn

- Basket



ci r, ci gio, ci thng

- Salmon



c hi; thit c hi

- Alcoholic [lk'hlik]

(adj.) :

Alcoholic drinks

thu c v ho c cha ng cn;

gy nn bi ru

ung c cn

ung, thc ung (sa, tr,

ru, bia)

- Demonstrate ['demnstreit] (v.) :

chng minh, giai thch, l in

hnh ca ci g; chng to

- Willingness ['wilinis]


s bng lng, s vui lng; s

sn sng, s st sng; s t
nguy n

- Expose


phi ra; phi by ra, ph ra;

bc trn, phi trn, vch trn,
b c l

- Beverage ['bevrid]




- Capital


th ; th ph, ch vit hoa;

vn; t ban

- Risk



s liu, s mo him

- Exist



n i ng t: l c th t ho c
thc s; sng; tn ti

- Subsidies ['sbsidiz]


tin tr cp

- Payroll



(nh) pay-sheet: tng s tin

phai tra cho nhn vin (trong
cng ty)

- Exceed



vt qu

- Nonetheless [nn'les]

(adv.) :

tuy nhin, d sao

- Despite


(prep.) :

d, m c d, khng k, bt chp

- Hint



cch nghi gin tip; li gi

- Religious belief [ri'lids] :

tn ngng tn gio

- Futile


(adv.) :

v ch, khng c hi u qua

- Razor



dao co

- Disposable [dis'pouzbl] (adj.) :

lm ra vt i sau khi dng;

dng m t ln

- Suspect



nghi; nghi ng; hoi nghi; ng


- Accusation [kju:'zein] (n.)

s kt t i; s bu c t i

- Deny



ni rng (iu g) khng c

th t ; ph nh n

- Exclaim



ku ln, la ln

- Unclaimed [,n'kleimd]

(adj.) :

khng bi i hoi; khng bi yu


- Inability


s khng c kha nng, s bt

lc, s bt ti


s gian kh, s th thch gay


- Caricature ['kriktju] (n.)

tranh bim ho


- Hardship ['h:dip]


- Precisely


(adv.) :

ng, chnh xc; m t cch

chnh xc, cn th n

- Reverend ['revrnd]

(adj.) :

ng tn knh; ng knh trng,

ng tn sng, ng sng knh

- Eloquent ['elkwnt]

(adj.) :

hng bi n, c kha nng hng

bi n

- Observe



quan st, theo di

- Needless


(adj.) :

khng cn thit, tha, v ch

- Clan



thi t c be ang, phe cnh

- Alienate



lm cho tr nn khng thn

thi n ho c th ; lm cho xa
lnh ai

- Succumb [s'km]


ngng khng c, ngng chng

li (s cm d, b nh t t, cu c
tin cng); thua, khng chiu
ni, khng chng ni; cht

- Merger



(thng nghi p) s lin doanh

lin kt

- Injury



tn thng thc th cho m t

sinh v t

- Attributable ['tribjutbl](adj.)

c th quy cho

- Fatigue

s m t moi, s m t nhc


- Laudatory ['l:dtri]


(adj.) :

tn dng, ca ngi, khen; hay

tn dng, hay khen

- Exemplary [ig'zemplri] (adj.) :

gng mu, mu mc

- Disciplinary ['disiplinri] (adj.) :

(thu c) ky lu t; a vo ky
lu t

- Absenteeism [bsn'ti:izm] (n.) :

s hay vng m t, s vng m t

khng c l do chnh ng (
cng s, x nghi p...)

- Overhear [ouv'hi(r)] (v.)

tnh c nghe c iu g; nghe


- Reject

v t bi loi, v t bo i, v t
khng c chn, chi khng
tip (ai)




- Tenant



ngi thu, ngi mn

- Condominium ['knd'minim] (n.) :

ch quan l chung, ch
cng quan, nc cng quan

- Term



gii hn

- Hygiene

['haidi: n]


v sinh

- Shift



ca, kp

lm vi c theo ca

to work in shifts
- Trim



s ct tia (tc)

- Adhere



dnh ch t vo, bm ch t vo

- Internal


(adj.) :

trong, bn trong, n i b , n i

(adj.) :

d tip thu, d lnh h i


ngi nh n (tin, qu biu...);

nc nh n (vi n tr...)

- Recipient [ri'sipint]

- Contemporary [kn'temprri] (n.) :

thu c v thi gian ho c thi

ky ang ni ti; thu c cng
m t thi; ng thi; hi n i

- Range



dy, hng (ni, i)

- Proof



chng c; bng chng

- Scratch



s try da; vt xy st, vt

xc; vt thng nhe

- Tear



git (nha...), ch hong, ch

rch, ming xe (do xe gy ra)

- Defect



khuyt im; nhc im


- Prerequisite [pri:'rekwizit] (adj.) :


c i hoi nh m t iu
ki n cho ci g; tin quyt

iu ki n quyt inh trc ht;

iu ki n tin quyt

i cng vi ai nh l m t
ngi bn ng ho c ngi
gip , ngi h tng

= Precondition
- Accompany ['kmpni] (v.)

- Hospitalization or Hospitalisation



s a vo b nh vi n

- Fall



s ri, s ng; s rung xung

(l); s ru xung; s h

- Alliance



s lin minh, khi lin minh,

khi ng minh

- Fatalities [f'tliti]


inh m nh, v n m nh, s

m nh, iu khng th trnh
c, s bt hnh, s ri ro, tai

- Preventable [pri'ventbl] (adj.) :

c th ngn ch n c, c th
ngn nga c

- Dizzy

(adj.) :

hoa mt, chong vng, chng

m t; lm hoa mt, lm chong
vng, lm chng m t

- Cordially ['k:djli]

(adv.) :

thn i, thn m t ; chn thnh

- Tuck


np gp ( qun o, trang
tr, lm cho n nho hn.)


keo, gp, l n mep, vin (qun

o... cho ngn bt, trang


thanh vin (khoi te)



(thng tuc) bn tm, nh tm,

ch u tm; nc tm



cu c do chi, cu c du ngon,
s vp, s bi ngng, s ng, s
sy chn


s c th ng, s c th th t,
s c kha nng xay ra

- Donation [dou'nein]


v t t ng; v t cng

- Upkeep


s bao dng, s sa sang, s

bao quan chi ph bao dng,
chi ph sa sang, chi ph bao



- Grab bar
- Tub
= Bath
- Trip

- Likelihood ['laiklihud]
Or likeliness ['laiklinis]



- Seek



tm, tm kim; c tm cho c,

c kim cho c

- Formalize ['f:mlaiz]


nghi thc ho, trang trng ho

- Desire



s them mun; s mong mun,

s ao c, s kht khao, s m
c, lng them mun, lng
kht khao

- Treat



s tht i; ti c, bui chiu i

Seek sought sought

- Impeccable [im'pekbl]

(adj.) :

hon hao, khng ch vo u

c, khng c ch xu, khng
ty vt ( v t...), khng th
phm t i li, khng th phm
sai lm, khng th mc khuyt
im (ngi)

- Establishment [is'tblimnt] (n.) :

c s (kinh doanh)

- Praise



s tn dng; s ca ngi; li ca
ngi; li tn dng

- Portable

['p: tbl]

(adj.) :

c th mang theo, xch tay

- Generator ['denreit]


my san xut i n nng;

my pht i n

- Vital


(adj.) :

(thu c) s sng; cn cho s


- Mere


(adj.) :

chi l, v t nho nht; v t chng

ng k cht no

- Outage



s ngng chy (my; v thiu

i n, thiu cht t)

- Fuel



cung cp cht t

to fuel a ship
- Cord




- Myth



thn thoi

- Fraud



s gian l n; s gian tr; s la

lc; s la gt

- Scam



(t M, ngha M) mu bt

- Mediation [,mi:di'ein] (n.)

s iu nh, s ho giai, s
dn xp

- Arbitration [:bi'trein]


s phn x, s lm trng ti
phn x

- Dispute



cu c bn ci, cu c tranh lu n

- Arise



xut hi n, nay sinh ra, xay ra

- Tracking ['trki]


s theo di s t ng ray
(v tuyn), s t hi u chinh

- Charge



tin phai tra, gi tin, tin cng,

tin th lao

- Monitor



trng lp, cn b lp (
trng hc)


gim st

- Parameter [p'rmit(r)] (n.)

(ton hc) thng s, (ton hc)

tham s, ham bin gii hn

- Input

mch i n kim tra vi c nh p

li u

arise arose arisen

['input's:kit] (n.)

- Markedly ['ma:kidli]

(adv.) :

r rng; r r t

- Acquisition [,kwi'zin] (n.)

s c, s ginh c, s thu
c, s t c, s kim

- Enact



ban hnh (o lu t); ng, din

(vai kich... trn (sn khu),
trong i sng)

- Balance



sai ngch; s cn li, s d

- Due



quyn c hng; ci c
hng, n ky i, n ky, n
hn, phai tra (n...)

(adj.) :

mc n ho c c ngha vu i
vi ai, mang n

- Municipal [mju:'nisipl] (adj.) :

(thu c) thnh ph; (thu c)

thi; (thu c) thi x

- Citation



(php l) trt i hu to

- Cite



gi ra hu to

to be due to sb


- Plead



(php l) bo cha, bi n h ,

to plead for sb
- Guilty


(adj.) :

lm iu sai tri, ng khin


- Foresee

[ f:'si:]


nhn thy trc; on trc;

bit trc

foresee foresaw foreseen

- Insufficien [ins'fint]

(adj.) :

khng , thiu

- Excessive [ik'sesiv]

(adj.) :

qu mc, tha qu th, qu



Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. The police ... the area near company headquarters.
A. to patrol

B. patrolling

C. patrols

D. patrol

2. The accountant demands that his clerks ... their work

carefully before submitting it.
A. check

B. will check

C. to check

D. checking

3. The hotel needs ... better training for its front desk staff.
A. provides

B. will provide

C. to provide

D. provide

4. Because traffic is heavy, I suggest ... for the airport early.

A. leaving

B. to leave

C. will leave

D. am going to leave

5. Most of the time in Indonesia was spent ... relatives.

A. to visit

B. visiting

C. going visiting

D. go to visit

6. My broker advised me to invest in secured bonds before ...

in the stock market.
A. invested

B. investing

C. investment

D. I will invest

7. It goes without ... that youll be paid for all this extra time
youre spending on the project.
A. telling

B. saying

C. repeating

D. regarding

8. Travel agents advise ... early, in order to avoid disappointment.

A. buying

B. postponing

C. booking

D. canceling

9. We have decided to ... your income with a monthly bonus.

A. implement

B. compliment

C. supplement

D. compartment

10. By ... what the public liked and didnt like, we were able
to fine-tune our ads.
A. sighting

B. focusing

C. predicting

D. pinpointing

11. Can you ... the telephone?

A. answered

B. answering

C. to answer

D. answer

12. We are restocking the warehouse now that the transport strike is over
... that customers get what they need right away.
A. to ensure

B. ensured

C. for ensuring

D. ensure

13. ... spending is probably going to maintain this upward trend

throughout the year.
A. Consume

B. Consumer

C. Consuming

D. Consumed

14. The professor praised him for his the class when she was sick.
A. assist

B. to assist

C. assisting

D. assisted

15. Since most of the business meetings were at night, we were able to
spend the day ....
A. to sightsee

B. to enjoy sightseeing

C. going to sightsee

D. sightseeing

16. The doctor advised her ... more often.

A. swimming

B. swam

C. to swim

D. to have swum

17. We found them ... down at the beach.

A. playing

B. to go play

C. play

D. to play

18. The alarm system of a car must ... reliably.

A. function

B. to function

C. functioned

D. functioning

19. Limited space forced the writer ... his article shorter.
A. making

B. make

C. makes

D. to make

20. Only doctors and nurses can ... this door.

A. using

B. used

C. use

D. to use

21. Put out your cigarette. You are not allowed ... here.
A. to smoke

B. smoke

C. smoking

D. to smoking

22. Last night my parents let me ... out with him.

A. to go

B. go

C. going

D. went

23. That film made her ....

A. sad

B. cry

C. to cry

D. A and B are correct

24. They are busy ... their homework now.

A. doing

B. do

C. to do

D. is doing

25. She cant stand ... at her children in danger.

A. looked

B. to looking C. look

D. looking

26. It is no use ... this work.

A. doing

B. do

C. did

D. to do

27. Have you finished ... your report yet?

A. to type

B. type

C. typed

D. typing

28. We suggest he ... here at 8:00 am tomorrow.

A. be

B. is

C. to be

D. has been

29. She is looking forward ... from you soon.

A. to hear

B. to hearing C. hearing

D. heard

30. Now I am used ... alone here.

A. to living

B. live

C. to live

D. living

31. He loves ... romantic novels.

A. read

B. reads

C. to reading

D. reading

32. Would you mind ... the windows? It is very hot in here.
A. opening

B. open

C. to open

D. to opening

33. Mary, Id like you ... Mr.Peter, my new assistant.

A. to meet

B. meeting

C. meet

D. met

34. We wish you ... A Happy New Year.

A. have

B. having

C. to have

D. all are wrong

35. He stops ... a cup of coffee. He feels sleepy.

A. having

B. to have

C. have

D. has

36. They dont want ... that book.

A. reading

B. read

C. to reading D. to read

37. Please ... it to her. Thanks a lot.

A. gives

B. to give

C. give

D. giving

38. This book is worth ...

A. to read

B. reading

C. reads

D. to be read

39. I am sure she will ... what I have said to her.

A. understands
C. understood

D. to understand

40. We are grateful to you ... us.

A. for helping

B. to help

C. helped

D. helping


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. If we had seen the demand in advance, we surely ... on
the cookbook.
A. would stock up

B. have stocked up

C. had stocked up

D. would have stocked up

2. We ... the money to your money market account within

three working days.
A. have been transferred

B. will transfer

C. transferring

D. will be transferred

3. We are sending you what we have now and ... the remainder
as soon as it arrives.
A. will have shipped

B. will ship

C. shipped

D. shipping

4. School will ... in three weeks.

A. done

B. completion

C. over

D. finish

5. According to the Financial Times, the prime rate ... up


slightly even without the housing boom.

A. would have gone

B. will have gone

C. were to go

D. was going

6. She will neither ... the terms nor give in to your badgering.
A. acceptable

B. accepts

C. accepting

D. accept

7. We were told we ... be able to reserve a seat on the mailboat

that passes through the Arctic Circle.
A. might

B. must

C. can

D. could

8. If the receptionist is unable to answer your question, Ms.Takai

... help you.
A. can

B. did

C. could not

D. would not

9. Mrs. Gonzalez ... one of the best workers we have.

A. always has considered been
B. has been always considered
C. has been considered always
D. has always been considered
10. This year the company has ... heavily in research
and development.
A. was invested

B. invest

C. investing

D. invested

11. The negotiations cannot be ... because of the disagreements.

A. concurred B. continued C. contoured D. confounded
12. He wasnt able to ... my point of view.
A. think

B. mind

C. see

D. reckon

13. The tax authorities will soon ... new guidelines.

A. having issued

B. issuing

C. to issue

D. be issuing

14. The alarm system of a car must ... reliably.

A. function

B. to function

C. functioned

D. functioning

15. Several crops ... by the government.

A. will have been subsidizing
B. being subsidized
C. are subsidizing
D. are being subsidized
16. Another four inches of snow will ... overnight.
A. heighten

B. accumulate

C. develop

D. raise

17. Nothing the workers did was able to ... the new foreman.
A. satisfactorily

B. satisfaction

C. satisfy

D. satisfies

18. We are hoping that the communities will ... in the

waterfront clean-up efforts.
A. involve

B. associate

C. concern

D. participate

19. Being fluent in German, he realized that he might be called upon to

act as a translator for the group ... the need arises.
A. could

B. would

C. if

D. should

20. The product was ... by the manufacturer because of a

faulty closing mechanism.
A. rehired

B. released

C. resent

D. recalled

21. John is a hard student. He usually . his homework until midnight.

A. is doing

B. did

C. does

D. has done

22. She ... me to do my work when we were at university.

A. used to help

B. is used to helping

C. uses

D. was helped

23. The sun ... in the east and ... in the west.
A. rises / setting

B.rose / set

C. rises / sets

D. is rising / sets

24. He ... his report before he went home.


A. had finished

B. has finished

C. was finishing

D. was finished

25. When I came to the station, the train ...

A. has gone

B. had gone

C. is going

D. goes

26. Did you see Peter when you ... on the way to work?
A. were

B. are

C. have been D. will be

27. When I met her, she ... to her boyfriend.

A. is talking


C. talked

D. was talking

28. At this time tomorrow, we ... our test.

A. will be doing

B. will do

C. are doing

D. have done

29. I will phone you as soon as I ... at the airport.

A. will arrive

B. have arrived

C. are arriving

D. arrive

30. She ... her exercises at the moment.

A. is doing

B. does

C. did

D.will do

31. I have lived here since I ...

A. am born

B. born

C. was born

D. will be born

32. I dont understand what he ...

A. has just said

B. is said

C. will be said

D. say

33. Dont worry! I ... this for you.

A. will do

B. am done

C. was doing D. do.

34. You ... meet him now. He is working.

A. couldnt

B. will not

C. cant

D. ought

35. If it rained now, I ... here.

A. would stay B.will stay

C. stayed

D. were staying

36. We must have bought that house if we ... enough money

last year.

A. had had

B. would have C. had

D. have had

37. Thank you for what you ... so far.

A. have done B. did

C. are doing

D. was doing

38. Did you ... in this company?

A. used to work

B. worked

C. use to work

D. use to working

39. They ... with their classmates. Maybe they will come back
here at 3:00.
A. have just gone

B. had gone

C. were going

D. had been going

40. She never ... coffee in the evening.

A. drinks

B. is drinking C. will drink D. was drinking


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. We need to ... the language in this report.
A. simplify

B. simple

C. simply

D. simplistic

2. In my opinion, her leaving early was very ... thing to do.

A. children

B. childish

C. childishly

D. child

3. We could call the TV stations and the opening of our new store.
A. publicity

B. public

C. publicize

D. publisher

4. I like my work because I have the ... to make my own decisions.

A. freed

B. freely

C. freedom

D. free

5. Our company believes it is the best ... to handle the account.

A. organizing

B. organization

C. organizational

D. organize

6. Most meetings are not as ... as this one was.

A. Interested

B. Interestingly

C. Interest

D. Interesting

7. A doctors ... manner makes patients feel comfortable.

A. friendship

B. friend

C. friendly

D. friendliness

8. It was very ... of the boss to buy us those nice gifts.

A. thoughtless

B. thoughtful

C. thought

D. thoughtfully

9. One of your duties will be something ... typing.

A. light

B. lightened

C. lighten

D. lightness

10. She would like a ... raise, not just a few dollars.
A. really

B. realist

C. real

D. reality

11. Your signature below will represent your ... of this contract.
A. accepted

B. acceptance

C. accept

D. acceptable

12. The . on who could be hire for that position did not seem legal.
A. restrictions

B. restricted

C. restricting

D. restricted

13. Employee in this company will prove beneficial for everyone.

A. invest

B. invested

C. investment

D. Investor

14. The contract call for a $1,000 .. for every day we go over the deadline.
A. penalize

B. penalty

C. penal

D. penalization

15. The managers ... for next years profit is very optimistic.
A. projection B. projector

C. project

D. projected

16. We have no other ... if we want to expand the company safely.

A. optimal

B. optimum

C. opt

D. option

17. I missed breakfast and lunch, so my.. right now is getting

something to eat.
A. priority

B. prior

C. Prioritize

D. priors

18. The restaurant is due for an by the Health Department next week.
A inspection B. inspector

C. inspect

D. inspected

19. Our success is based completely on the ... of our products.

A. rely

B. reliable

C. reliant

D. Reliability

20. The low profits weve had over the last two quarters are due to the
bad ...
A. economics

B. economize

C. economic

D. economy



Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. If you cannot . those accusations I want to hear no more about it.
A. substantial

B. substance

C. substantiate

D. substantially

2. Government experts ...he stock market to do better in

the coming months.
A. expectable

B. expect

C. expectation

D. expectant

3. Do you to increase employee benefits during the next open enrollment?

A. intend

B. intent

C. intention

D. intently

4. Whenever out-of-town clients visit us, we do our best to . them.

A. entertainment

B. entertaining

C. entertainer

D. entertain

5. The auditors ... that the bookkeepers send them figures

every two weeks.
A. preference

B. preferable

C. preferential

D. prefer

6. My bosss wife loves to ... antique bottles and jars.

A. collection

B. collect

C. collectible

D. collector

7. I dislike radios playing in the office because they ... me while

I try to work.
A distraction B. distracter

C. distract

D. distracting

8. We would like to that these bonuses are a one-time only thing.

A. emphasize B. emphatic

C. emphasis

D. emphatically

9. Management likes employees who . to participate in company event.

A. voluntary

B. volunteerism

C. volunteer

D. voluntarily

10. By law, we must ... how much federal income tax to

deduct from your pay.
A. calculable

B. calculation

C. calculate

D. calculator

11. When the messenger ..., will you please give him this package?
A. will arrive

B. arrives

C. arriving

D. would arrive

12. The assistant to Ms. Brigham . more responsible in the last year.
A. is becoming

B. has been becoming

C. has become

D. becomes

13. The Paris branch of our bank ... five years ago today.
A. opens

B. has opened

C. opened

D. was opening

14. The consultant ... the results of his recommendations by the

end of the month.
A. knows

B. does know C. has known D. will know

15. My supervisor promises that I ... a raise next year.

A. would get B. should get C will get

D. get

16. After you ... enough practice, it will be easy for you to do.
A. have had

B. will have

C. had

D. are having

17. The boss ... for those reports all morning.

A. is waiting

B. waits

C. has been waiting

D. will waiting

18. I ... something very strange, like burning wires.

A. am smelling

B. smell

C. smelling

D. had smelled

19. You can take those files to the records room unless Kim it first.
A. does

B. will do

C. is doing

D. had done

20. We ... at that restaurant in a few months.

A. dont eat

B. wont eat

C. havent eaten D. didnt eat



Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. The plant ... the window needs water.
A. by the time

B. by

C. is by

D. is

2. The people ... next door arent very friendly.

A. are living

B. live

C. living

D. is living

3. Most of the programs ... on TV arent very interesting.

A. show

B. shows

C. shown

D. are showing

4. The people ... in this office are very helpful.

A. working

B. is working

C. works

D. work

5. The house ... yesterday is extremely beautiful.

A. sells

B. selling

C. sell

D. sold

6. Neil Armstrong was the first person ... on the moon.

A. has walked

B. to walk

C. walks

D. walks to

7. The fruit ... in this area is really delicious.

A. grows

B. grown

C. is growing D. grow

8. That girl ... in the corner looks lonely.

A. is sitting

B. sat

C. sitting

D. sits

9. Ivan was the last person ... at the party.

A. to arrive

B. arrived

C. arrives

D. was arriving

10. With prices at such a rapid rate, buyers should compare prices.
A. increase

B. increases

C. to increase D. increasing

11. Have you read the article ... in The Womens World yesterday?
A. print

B. printing

C. printed

D. prints

12. My assistant wasnt able to get his check ... because the
bank was closed.
A. cash
C. cashing

B. cashed
D. cashes

13. Our company wants its customers ...

A. satisfies

B. satisfying

C. satisfied

D. satisfy

14. Before the prime minister arrived, the police ordered the area ...
A. clear

B. cleared

C. clearing

D. be clear

15. With some effort, Ms. Manson got her schedule ...
A. to change

B. change

C. changed

D. changing

16. The architects want all the hallways ...

A. widen

B. widening

C. to widen

D. widened

17. Mr. Hao was able to get the envelopes ... before the
mail carrier arrived.
A. were addressed

B. addressed

C. were addressing

D. being addressed

18. No than three banks were forced to close their doors this last year.
A. fewer

B. lesser

C. less

D. lower

19. It is better to change the benefits program ... last month.

A. was proposed

B. being proposed

C. proposing

D. proposed

20. The ... report will be published next Monday.

A. selling

B. sell

C. sales

D. sold



Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. The wildlife preservation is ... tourist attraction in the city.
A. as popular as

B. more popular than

C. most popular

D. the most popular

2. The final report on the project needs to be completed ... possible.

A. as quickly as

B. quickly as

C. quickly than

D. more quickly

3. Television advertising costs ... print advertising.

A. most than

B. as much

C. more as

D. more than

4. The new design failed because it was not ... the original one.
A. as convenient as

B. more convenient

C. convenient than

D. most convenient

5. The copy machine was reduced to even ... the sale price.
A. less than

B. more than

C. as much as

D. least as

6. Brenda is ... her mother.

A. as tall as

B. taller

C. the tallest D. tall

7. Although most people are .. than I am, they are not as healthy or wise.
A. wealth

B. wealthy

C. wealthily

D. wealthier

8. Mrs. Choor has managed the department so well that shell be up for
a ... promotion than she expected.
A. big

B. bigger

C. more

D. most

9. An ounce is smaller ... a pound.

A. these

B. than

C. that

D. the

10. Electrical services will be restored more ... if we call in

some of the part-timers.
A. quicker

B. quickly

C. quickest

D. quick

11. Whereas the language barrier, in ... times, was once an


obstacle to trade, that is no longer the case.

A. earliness

B. earlier

C. early on

D. early to

12. The telephone lines of the United States are ... than those
of any country in the world.
A. longer

B. longest

C. long

D. longs

13. The color illustrations included in the new edition of the book made
it ... attractive
A. much more

B. many more

C. that more

D. the more

14. Had we monitored the profit trends, we could have predicted this
drop well ...
A. sooner

B. faster

C. in advance

D. previous

15. . first-aid training is precautionary, often going unused in real life.

A. Less

B. Many

C. Few

D. Much

16. We should have been at the office several hours ...

A. earliest

B. previous

C. sooner

D. past

17. The diamond is ... durable than crystal.

A. most

B. more

C. many

D. much

18. No than three banks were forced to close their doors this last year.
A. fewer

B. lesser

C. less

D. lower

19. It is better to hold the vote ... than later.

A. sooner

B. soonest

C. soon

D. some soon

20. Rewiring the office to accommodate the new air conditioning units
was ... as expensive as the units themselves.
A. just

B. quite

C. moreover

D. same

Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences

1. Nobody ... hungry.

A. are

B. aren't

C. isn't

D. is

2. No matter ..., you must keep trying.

A. how difficult does it seem
B. however seems it difficult
C. how difficult it seems
D. however it seems difficult
3. The policeman warned the photographer . too near.
A. shouldn't come

B. doesn't come

C. not to come

D. don't come

4. "How many eggs have we got?" " "

A. There aren't some.

B. Not too much.

C. They're no in the fridge.

D. Not too many.

5. have the employees complained so much about

working conditions in the factory.
A. never

B. ever

C. soon

D. forever

6. What's wrong with John? He use to be so sad.

A. never

B. didnt

C. wasnt

D. isnt

7. Unfortunately, neither Mr.Sachs Ms. Flynn will be able

to attend the awards anquet this evening.
A. but

B. and

C. nor

D. either

8. To travel from England to Scotland you a passport.

A. mustn't have

B. haven't got

C. needn't

D. don't need

9. two people have the same fingerprints.

A. no

B. none

C. not

D. nothing

10. The athelet accepted of the offers.

A. none

B. never

C. nobody

D. nothing

11. I hope you know that you come with me if you don't want to.
A. don't have to

B. don't need

C. mustn't

D. can't

12. Ever since theyve discovered that little resort off the coast of Spain,
they anywhere else for vacation.
A. didnt go

B. werent going

C. went

D. havent gone

13. There were advantage in stopping distribution of thhis product.

A. non

B. neither

C. not

D. no

14. I don't like tea. Can I have ?

A. anything other

B. something other

C. something else

D. other thing

15. Excuse me! Can't you see the doctor's notice? Do you mind not ?
A. to smoke

B. smoking

C. smoke

D. be smoking

16. It's not raining .

A. some more B. no more

C. more

D. any more

17. When John arrived at the airport, he went right to the gate because
he did not have luggage to check.
A. any

B. some

C. nothing

D. no

18. There was I could say.

A. any

B. nothing

C. everything D. anything

19. he leaves or I leave.

A. neither

B. only

C. unless

D. either

20. Please photocopies of documents.

A. not to submit

B. do not submit

C. no submit

D. not submit


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. The reporter asked the old lady if she had spent on toys.

A. few money

B. some moneys

C. any moneys

D. any money

2. He can't go to see her tonight. He hasn't got time.

A. many

B. a

C. some

D. much

3. I brought my umbrella, but she forgot .

A. her

B. hers

C. her's

D. herself

4. She loves Hungarian music.

A. ---

B. some of

C. the

D. a

5. They never do homework.

A. there

B. they're

C. they

D. their

6. wanted to see you yesterday.

A. A friend of mine

B. One of my friend

C. One my friend

D. A friend of me

7. She will have free time from now on.

A. lot of

B. no

C. few

D. many

8. It was past midnight, so there were people in the street.

A. few

B. any

C. a few

D. less

9. This young man can get along not only with girls, but also with
A. they're

B. their

C. theirs

D. their's

10. is often made of wood.

A. Items of furniture

B. Furniture

C. A piece of furnitures

D. Furnitures

11. By using the new safety equipment, industrial accidents

can be prevented.
A. many

B. much

C. a lot

D. every

12. Among the Iroquois, everyone prepared carefully for

the gathering ceremonies.
A. herself

B. themselves

C. ourselves

D. himself

13. I still have time to spare.

A. much

B. a bit

C. some

D. any

14. Human beings, as distinct from animals, can think

for themselves.
A. another

B. other

C. others

D. the others

15. The travel agent gave me useful information.

A. a

B. one

C. the

D. some

16. Our host family always invites my roommate and to

their house on Sundays.
A. me

B. my

C. I

D. Mine

17. I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were
who haven't.
A. little

B. a little

C. few

D. a few

18. It was raining so we couldn't go out

A. every days

B. all day

C. all the day

D. all days

19. "There are leftovers for you in the fridge", she cried out.
A. few

B. a few

C. little

D. a little

20. That decision of to repaint the house now was a very

smart one.
A. your

B. you

C. yourself

D. yours

Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. This book is accurate guide to popular parks on
west coast.

A. a, an

B. a, the

C. an, the

D. an, ---

2. The contractor will give us estimate of cost

of renovating our house.
A. an, ---

B. an, the

C. an, a

D. a, an

3. I'd like to buy book for my aunt because she likes

A. a, ---

B. a, an

C. a, the

D. ---, the

4. Mr. Ho is manager of Sunrise Foods, ...big company.

A. a, the

B. ---, a

C. the, the

D. the, a

5. I play piano and enjoy listening to music.

A. a, an

B. an, the

C. the, ---

D. the, the

6. This is lovely car but it is also most

expensive one on sale.
A. a, the

B. a, an

C. the, the

D. ---, the

7. My sister and I love Western food but my brother

prefers local food.
A. a

B. an

C. the

D. ---

8. Braille is alphabet for blind people consisting of

arrangement of raised dots.
A. a, a

B. an, an

C. a, an

D. an, a

9. oldest child in that family is talented musician.

A. An, a

B. The, the

C. The, a

D. A, a

10. Neil Amrstrong was first man to step on moon.

A. a, ---

B. the, ---

C. a, the

D. the, the

11. Several were injured in the accident.

A. man

B. person

C. crew

D. people

12. I left a few pieces of in my aunt's house after the holidays.

A. cloth

B. cloths

C. clothes

D. clothing

13. The served at the hospital was so terrible that the


patient refused it.

A. meals

B. food

C. cakes

D. dishes

14. I carried a small bag on board the plane as the rest of the
was checked in before the flight.
A. bag

B. bags

C. luggage

D. suitcases

15. When a stone hit the hive, a of bees flew out.

A. swarm

B. group

C. cluster

D. crowd

16. A of sheep grazed on the hillside.

A. herd

B. flock

C. shoal

D. troop

17. The pilot informed us that the would take an hour.

A. flight

B. journey

C. trip

D. voyage

18. Peter bought a bouquet of for my mother.

A. candy

B. chocolates

C. flowers

D. fruits

19. Salim was late for work because his car had a
A. break away

B. break out

C. breakdown

D. break-in

20. Abdullah received some unpleasant yesterday; his car

had been stolen.
A. news

B. report

C. information

D. knowledge


Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. Sam is the boy shaved his head. He is completely bald now.
A. whose

B. that

C. which

D. O

2. The food she is buying looks healthy.

A. who

B. whose

C. which

D. where

3. A dishwasher is a machine washes dishes.

A. who

B. whom

C. which

D. O

4. The bat is the only mammal can fly.

A. who

B. that

C. where

D. O

5. Look! That's the singer mother is from my hometown.

A. whose

B. who

C. that

D. whos

6. I don't like dogs jump on me.

A. whose

B. that

C. whom

D. O

7. I felt bad for the guy failed the exam.

A. that

B. which

C. whom

D. O

8. Jasmine is a flower is white and very fragrent.

A. which

B. who

C. whose

D. O

9. They are filming the girl birthday is today.

A. whose

B. that

C. who

D. O

10. There's the couple dancing you liked so much.

A. whose

B. that

C. who

D. O

11. I ate all the cake you gave me.

A. what

B. that

C. when

D. whom

12. My brother Tom hates fishing, will stay at home.

A. who

B. whom

C. that

D. which

13. A man name I have forgotten, came to see you yesterday.

A. whom

B. which

C. whose

D. what

14. I put everything in my suitcase, is under my bed.

A. what

B. who

C. that

D. which

15. The teacher, every student is afraid of, is really very nice.
A. whose

B. which

C. that

D. whom

16. This is the town I was born.

A. that

B. which

C. where

D. when

17. Children eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth.

A. which

B. what

C. who

D. whom

18. The girl pen you borrowed neds it not.

A. whose

B. which

C. that

D. whom

19. Go and find the guests arrived here yesterday.

A. who

B. whom

C. which

D. what

20. Look at the horses are drinking in the river.

A. who

B. whom

C. which

D. what


A Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. "Are they good pianists?"
Malee's a good pianist, .
A. but Somsri isn't either

B. and Somsri is either

C. but Somsri isn't too

D. and Somsri is too

2. I'm going to the market but I can't think of to buy for dinner.

A. what

B. where

C. which

D. that

3. We both decided to do different things: he wrote a letter I

listened to the radio.
A. because

B. if

C. since

D. while

4. Tom left his spectacles behind because he was

A. hurriedly

B. hurry

C. to be hurried

D. in a hurry

5. Chote isn't going to go, and Prasit isn't

A. either

B. too

C. as well

D. also

6. Can you explain the difference these two words?

A. of

B. from

C. between

D. to

C. still

D. soon

7. She hasnt arrived

A. only

B. yet

8. They studied in California six months.

A. on

B. at

C. for

D. with

9. Lets meet on the corner Gate Street and Charles Way.

A. of

B. for

C. over

D. from

10. I can buy a new car now I have enough money.

A. but

B. because

C. before

D. between

11. Write your name this paper.

A. at

B. on

C. over

D. between

12. Melody reads three or more books a week.

A. yet

B. ever

C. often

D. until

13. The train to the airport leaves in seven minutes.

A. next

B. after

C. soon

D. near

14. You can swim, fish, camp at the park.


A. but

B. neither

C. and

D. either

15. Please put those boxes the bed.

A. down

B. under

C. low

D. fall

16. A pound meat is equal to 2.2 kilos.

A. of

B. with

C. for

D. on

17. Eat three servings of fruits and vegetables day.

A. every

B. no

C. only

D. several

18. We need $25.

A. yet

B. still

C. ever

D. while

19. It hasnt stopped raining three weeks.

A. for

B. with

C. on

D. under

20. Biology is a common subject for students want to study medicine.

A. whose

B. who

C. when

D. where

B Incomplete sentences
Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. The flight was delayed bad weather.
A. respond to

B. about

C. because of

D. due

2. Guests may select a single room .. a suite with a bedroom and office.
A. but

B. and

C. or

D. nor

3. Ms. Quistorf felt hungry there was nothing at the snack

bar she wanted to eat.

A. only

B. or

C. nor

D. but

4. her vacation she toured every museum in the city.

A. During

B. While

C. Because

D. Although

5. I am tired, I will work late tonight.

A. Or

B. Even though

C. Because

D. So that

6. Youll find the papers the file cabinet on the left.

A. at

B. of

C. out

D. in

7. The radio advertisement will start airing Friday.

A. of

B. in

C. on

D. at

8. A subsidiary has entered a partnership arrangement

with another company.
A. in

B. to

C. into

D. for

9. The flight arrives Rome in two hours.

A. at

B. to

C. for

D. in

10. The air-conditioning systems need to be serviced

A. annually

B. rarely

C. usually

D. seldom

11. The secretary typed up the monthly report, but it isnt correct.
A. still

B. anymore

C. already

D. yet

12. E-mail cannot be sent the network is operational.

A. since

B. until

C. when

D. that

13. Ive got a meeting Thursday afternoon.

A. at

B. in

C. on

D. to

14. Weve lived in this flat five years.


A. ago

B. already

C. for

D. since

15. You can see the details the computer screen.

A. at

B. by

C. in

D. on

16. We are travelling overnight .we want to get there early tomorrow.
A. because

B. but

C. and

D. though

17. The weather report predicts that it will rain become colder.
A. neither

B. nor

C. and

D. either

18. Several trees fell down last night the strong wind.
A. because

B. because of

C. since

D. so

19. When the weather is good, more people will travel bike.
A. by

B. in

C. on

D. at

20. At this time tomorrow over the Atlantic.

A. we flying

B. well be flying

C. well fly

D. we to fly



Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentences
1. "John, do you have a passport?" "No, but I wish I one."
A. can have

B. had

C. have

D. having

2. "Did you enjoy the show last night?" "Yes, but I wish I a cold."
A. hadn't had

B. wouldn't have

C. didn't have

D. hadn't

3. you agree, nothing can be arranged.

A. Because

B. Lest

C. Without

D. Unless

4. If he had not given me advice, I again.

A. wouldn't fail

B. would have failed

C. would be failed

D. would fail

5. She wants to know if we have extra copies.

A. a few

B. the few

C. not many

D. a little

6. You ought to be insured now youre married.

A. unless

B. that

C. because of

D. though

7. Tom left his spectacles behind because he was

A. hurriedly

B. hurry

C. to be hurried

D. in a hurry

8. If Mr. Hu does not arrive soon, we without him.

A. left

B. is leaving C. will leave D. had left

9. Ill be home for dinner unless the boss me to work overtime.

A. will ask

B. is asking

C. asks

D. asked

10. Their marriage wouldnt be so good if they so well

with each other.
A. communicated

B. didnt communicate

C. dont communicate

D. communicate

11. If my passport, Ill be in trouble.

A. I lose

B. Ill lose

C. I lost

D. I would lose

12. is the biggest city in Brazil, it is not the capital.

A. Although Sao Paolo

B. If Sao Paolo

C. Sao Paolo, which

D. Sao Paolo

13. I wish I the answer to your question.

A. would know

B. knew

C. know

D. have known

14. the plumber could repair the toilet, he still would not do it.
A. Therefore

B. However

C. So

D. Even if

15. his joining the group late, his manager is confident that
he will fit right in.
A. Even though

B. Despite

C. If

D. However

16. I filed my report last week, but now I wish I

A. have waited

B. waited

C. had waited

D. wait

17. The doctors will go home after they their rounds.

A. will finish

B. will have finished

C. are finishing

D. finish

18. If Fujikin, Inc., more available capital, theyd have

expanded their European operations.
A. has

B. had had

C. were having D. has had

19. the patient's condition get worse, the nurse will call
in an internist.
A. Might

B. Unless

C. Should

D. As if

20. If Dr. Puri did not like jazz, he to it so much.

A. would not have listened

B. would listen

C. would not listen

D. would be listening


1. D
11. D
21. A
31. D

2. A
12. A
22. B
32. A

3. C
13. D
23. D
33. A

4. A
14. C
24. A
34. C

5. A
15. D
25. D
35. B

6. B
16. C
26. A
36. D

7. B
17. A
27. D
37. C

8. C
18. D
28. A
38. B

9. C
19. D
29. B
39. B

10. C
20. C
30. A
40. A

3. B
13. D
23. C
33. A

4. D
14. A
24. A
34. C

5. D
15. D
25. B
35. A

6. D
16. B
26. A
36. A

7. A
17. C
27. D
37. A

8. A
18. A
28. A
38. C

9. D
19. C
29. D
39. A

10. D
20. D
30. A
40. A

1. D
11. B
21. C
31. C

2. B
12. C
22. A
32. A

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. B 9. B 10. C
11. B 12. A 13. C 14. B 15. C 16. D 17. A 18. A 19. D 20. D

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. C
11. B 12. C 13. C 14. D 15. C 16. A 17. C 18. B 19. A 20. C

1. B 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. D
11. C 12. B 13. C 14. B 15. C 16. D 17. B 18. A 19. D 20. C
1. D 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. B 9. B 10. B
11. B 12. A 13. A 14. C 15. D 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. A

1. D 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. A
11. A 12. D 13. D 14. C 15. B 16. D 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. B

1. D 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. B
11. A 12. B 13. C 14. B 15. D 16. A 17. D 18. B 19. A 20. D

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. D
11. D 12. D 13. B 14. C 15. A 16. A 17. A 18. C 19. C 20. A


1. B 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. A 10. A
11. B 12. A 13. C 14. D 15. D 16. C 17. C 18. A 19. A 20. C

1. D
11. B
1. C
11. A

2. A 3. D 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B
12. C 13. A 14. C 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B
2. C 3. D 4. A
12. B 13. C 14.C

5. B 6. D 7. C 8. C 9. D 10. A
15. D 16. A 17. C 18. B 19. A 20. B

1. B 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. C 9. C 10. C
11. A 12. A 13. B 14. D 15. B 16. C 17. D 18. B 19. C 20. C

--- The End ---


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