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Dr John Ng’s

Dimsum For The Family

Tips for Couples and Parents

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what
life is all about.”
Chinese Proverb

Your children may look and behave like sweet little angels now, yet behind all
that joy and gratitude you’ve been showered with as young parents, there is
one fear lurking: They are going to be teenagers!

Parent-teen conflict is as old as time. It is one of the most daunting issues in

families all over the world, because of the extreme changes to the
relationship, which can take place. Parents and teenagers come out of it
having an excellent long-term bond, or on the other side, a highly combative,
if not permanently damaged relationship between them.

The good news is, conflict should not be perceived as negative at all.
Conflict is neutral, and instead of living in dread or avoiding it, parents can
take charge in managing the conflict.

A father of three teenage children and a recognized trainer and family

mediator, Dr John Ng shares his insight in MANAGING PARENT-TEEN
CONFLICT with parents in Jakarta through a one-day seminar organized by
the Times Bookstore Indonesia.

Dr John Ng helped the participants to understand the nature of Parent-Teen

Conflict and why we have Parent-Teen Fights.

“I am sharing from my heart to the hearts of many parents. Over the last 20
over years, I have learnt many lessons, often from failures,” Dr Ng said.
According to him, as much as parents learn the art of parenting by trial and
error, teens don’t know how to be good teens. Recent studies on the brain
have also shown that some teens are unable to plan, find it difficult to
prioritize, have little impulse control, and are unable to think of

By understanding the nature of teenagers, we begin to value each other,

build positive moments in parent-teen relationship, and learn through and
recover from conflicts.

In his latest book Dimsum For the Family, which was officially launched after
the seminar, Dr John Ng shares his own experiences as a parent, a husband
and a mediation and conflict management expert.

“I hope that you can identify with what I have shared in these pages. It is
meant to be an easily-digestible food for thought and practice. I believe that
the principles and skills I share will work because it has worked in my life and
in the lives of people whom I have helped.”

This book unveils the eight treasured golden rules in managing parent-teen
conflict and the mind-opening ideas on how to transform different conflict
styles from destruction into construction.

“Dim sum is not just to excite our sights. Each dish must be savored and
eaten to enjoy its unique taste. Just like dim sum, we have to embrace each
perspective expounded in the book and practice the skills that we have
discussed. Only then, will it make a difference in our marriage and

JOHN S. K. NG, Ph.D., Honorary President, EMCC & Mediation Consultant,

received his Ph.D. in interpersonal communication from Northwestern
University, USA. An expert in mediation and conflict management, John
provides mediation training regularly to community leaders, lawyers and
mental health professionals. He is also an appointed mediator with the
Singapore Mediation Centre as well as the Ministry of Law. John is also the
Principal Consultant, Meta HR & Communication, a leadership development
consulting company.