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Talent ManagementStrategy,

Execution, Results
Vision & History
DDIs vision: We ignite positive change in people, workplaces, and communities
around the world through our leading-edge talent solutions and global team of
engaged associates.
DDI was founded in 1970 to create and implement assessment centers that would provide
behavioral data for organizations hiring, promotion, and employee and management
development decisions. This groundbreaking work in assessment center methodology
evolved into many of the current best practices in organizational talent development. Today,
DDI is an internationally-renowned human resource training and consulting company with
offices around the world.
In the past four decades, DDI has partnered on talent management processes with
thousands of corporations. We focus on crafting and implementing practical solutions that
focus the performance of your people on the priorities that drive your business strategies.
This involves:

Selecting the right talent for the job.

Identifying the best leaders and giving them the tools to become exceptional.
Having an engaged and effective workforce.

Our valuesincluding Integrity, Driving for Client Results, Reaching Higher, and Teamwork
shape our culture, which in turn earns us recognition as a great place to work. They are the
principles against which we hire, promote, and develop our 1,000 associates in 26 countries.
Still privately held, DDI became a majority women-owned organization in 2010, while
maintaining our existing leadership team with founder Dr. Byham as CEO. For more
information about our history and founders, visit our website:

Core Capabilities
DDI helps create the foundation to select better talent and equip those individuals to produce
results faster, contribute more, and stay longer. The information on our website, accessible
through the links below, provides a closer look at each area of expertise:

Success Profile Management. A clear picture of what defines a successful performer

will help ensure you hire, promote, develop, and retain more of them. DDIs competency
management and job analysis services help you create a more complete Success Profile
of the ideal performer at every level. Success Profiles go beyond competency modeling

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Using our
are developing
more than
250,000 better
leaders each

More than 3,200

decisions are
made every
hour and
have been
using DDI

make crucial
promotion and
decisions for
more than 3,000
each year using
our assessment
process in
Mumbai, New
York, and
hundreds of
other locations.

to define the knowledge, experience, and personal attributes critical to success on the

Selection and Assessment. We offer a comprehensive range of employment testing,

assessment, and behavioral interviewing tools. DDI can train recruiters and managers
via classroom or web-based training programs to conduct effective and legally credible
interviews, sell the candidate on the company, and make high-quality selection
decisions. Our solutions are highly scalablewe can work with you to fill a small number
of positions on an ongoing basis, or bring an entire workforce onboard to meet the needs
of rapid business expansion.

Leadership and Workforce Development. We offer a comprehensive approach to

development at all levels, from individual contributors to strategic leaders. Our upfront
assessment, a competency-based curriculum, and consulting expertise are aimed at
ensuring a flawless rollout tied to concrete measures of success. DDI can support a
blended delivery approach with instructor-led and web-based training, simulations,
mobile and online performance support, and on-the-job learning experiences to reduce
cost and reach broader populations. We can also customize the learning content and
materials to meet the specific needs of your organization and your learners.

Succession Management. DDI can help you ensure that you have a steady pipeline of
leaders who are prepared to drive business goals. We can create a framework for
identifying high potentials, along with assessment techniques to give you a complete
picture of their strengths, derailers, and development priorities. We have a full range of
senior-level solutions to guide development and key placement and promotion decisions.
We customize senior-level programs with compelling activities and strategic learning
experiences linked to business challenges. And to maximize each executives impact,
DDI provides coaching support and mentor training,

Performance Management. DDI consults with organizations to create the alignment,

accountability, and focus critical to achieving organizational strategies. DDIs
performance management training system gives managers and their teams the skills to
set and gain commitment to both the whats (measurable objectives and accountabilities
linked to business goals) and the hows (competencies that guide behavior). Managers
also learn a collaborative process for conducting meaningful performance reviews with
each direct report.

We help you go beyond implementing any HR program. We align your programs with other
systems and initiatives, and develop a communication plan to promote awareness and buyin. We identify accountabilities on your project team and ours and make sure everyone has
the right skills. And we work with you to define what success means to you, then build in a
way to measure progress and ensure your complete satisfaction with the way we are working

Global Presence, Local Support

DDIs global presence and expertise make it possible for our clients to link hiring, training,
and performance management across cultures and geographical boundaries. As a global
company with 42 offices and affiliates in 26 countries, we offer true international capabilities.
We work with many global corporations that rely on our ability to provide consistent worldwide

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applications of our solutions, balanced with an understanding of local cultural and business
practices. Our materials are translated into many languagesincluding German, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin and Cantonese Chineseand are culturally
adapted to meet the specific needs of learners in different locations.

DDI India
DDI India operations started in 2007 and its a wholly owned subsidiary of DDI Inc. DDI India
is a 30 member team with its India head office based out of Mumbai.
DDI India has conducted assessments for more than 2,500+ executive level and 15,000+
leaders at mid / junior levels across large Indian conglomerates and MNCs across the
country. In the last 7 years DDI India team has extensively work at leadership assessment /
development for several IT / non-IT organizations.

A Stable Partner You Can Count On

Our research on our own clients decision criteria shows that the strength and stability of a
business partner is a key buying consideration. Some key information regarding our financial
viability follows:

One of the largest companies in the talent management business.

Family owned and operated since 1970.
D&B rated, well-capitalized, and profitable.
Ongoing investment for product development.

DDIs geographic, industry, and client diversity adds to our stability. Our base of more than
2,000 active clients includes many Fortune 500 companies, such as ExxonMobil, Walmart,
Sanofi, GM, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Lockheed Martin, Cardinal Health, and Procter &

Ensuring Results
DDI approaches each project with a globally consistent process, and a primary step is
defining what success means for you before we start. Only then can we be sure the project
plan will be a step-by-step process toward achieving those results. We collaborate with you to
set expectations, ensure role clarity, and foster two-way communication and feedback. We
provide implementation support to ensure you use and apply our solutions in order to achieve
your desired results. We have conducted dozens of studies that show significant bottom-line
improvements in both individual behavior and organizational performance. Read about our
client successes at:

To learn more about the results our clients experience and the services we provide, visit:

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