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67858 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

226 / Friday, November 24, 2006 / Notices

Jefferson D. Taylor, Director of Dated: November 17, 2006. (Financial Operations) OASA (Financial
Congressional Relations, United States L.M. Bynum, Management & Comptroller).
Patent and Trademark Office. Alternate OSD Federal Register, Liaison 12. Ms. Mary George, Deputy Director
Dated: November 20, 2006. Officer, Department of Defense. for Information Operations and Reports,
Jon W. Dudas, [FR Doc. 06–9373 Filed 11–22–06; 8:45 am] Washington Headquarters Services.
BILLING CODE 5001–06–M 13. Ms. Ellen E. McCarthy, Director,
Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual
Property and Director of the United States Personnel Development and Readiness,
Patent and Trademark Office. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
[FR Doc. E6–19908 Filed 11–22–06; 8:45 am] DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE for Intelligence, Department of Defense.
Department of the Air Force any written comments or requests for
information to Mr. Greg Price, Senior
Notice Is Given of the Names of
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Leader Management, AF/DPS, 1040 Air
Members of a Performance Review
Force Pentagon, Washington DC, 20330–
Board for the Department of the Air
Office of the Secretary 1040 (703–697–8332;
Defense Health Board (DHB) Meeting AGENCY: Department of the Air Force,
Bao-Anh Trinh,
AGENCY: Office of the Assistant DAF, Air Force Federal Register Liaison
Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs); ACTION: Notice. Officer.
DoD. SUMMARY: Notice is given of update to [FR Doc. E6–19841 Filed 11–22–06; 8:45 am]
ACTION: Notice of meeting. the names of members of a Performance BILLING CODE 5001–05–P

SUMMARY: In accordance with section

Review Board for the Department of the
10(a)(2) of Public Law 92–463, The Air Force. Effective date is November
Federal Advisory Committee Act,
announcement is made of the following SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section
Department of the Army; Corps of
meeting: 4314(c)(1) through (5) of Title 5, U.S.C.,
Name of Committee: Defense Health requires each agency to establish, in
Board (DHB). accordance with regulations, one or Chief of Engineers Environmental
Dates: December 5, 2006 (Open more Senior Executive Service Advisory Board
meeting). December 6, 2006 (Open performance review boards. The boards
meeting). shall review and evaluate the initial AGENCY: Department of the Army, U.S.
Times: 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (December 5, appraisal of senior executives’ Army Corps of Engineers DoD.
2006). 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (December 6, performance by supervisors and make ACTION: Notice of open meeting.
2006). recommendations to the appointing
Location: Naval Amphibious Base authority or rating official relative to the SUMMARY: In accordance with Section
Conference Center, Little Creek, 1120 A performance of these executives. 10(d)(2) of the Federal Advisory
Street, Building 3430, Norfolk, Virginia The members of the Performance Committee Act (Pub. L. 92–463),
23521–3297. Review Board for the U.S. Air Force are: announcement is made of the following
Agenda: The purpose of the meeting 1. Board President—Gen. Norton A. committee meeting:
is to address pending and new Board Schwartz, USTRANSCOM/CC. Name of Committee: Chief of
issues and provide briefings for Board 2. Lt. Gen. Donald J. Hoffman, Engineers Environmental Advisory
members on topics related to ongoing Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of Board (EAB).
and new Board business. The Board will the Air Force (Acquisition). Topic: The EAB will discuss national
conduct an executive working session to 3. Lt. Gen. Stephen R. Lorenz, considerations related to ecosystem
address administrative matters related Commander, Air University. restoration through integrated water
internal Board operations. 4. Mr. Roger M. Blanchard, Assistant resources management including the
Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel, recently announced Twelve Points of
Colonel Roger Gibson, Executive Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. Action. The meeting will not focus on
5. Mrs. Barbara A. Westgate, issues specific to Louisiana.
Secretary, Defense Health Board,
Executive Director, Air Force Materiel Date of Meeting: December 6, 2006.
Skyline One, 5205 Leesburg Pike, Room
Command. Place: Wyndham New Orleans at
810, Falls Church, VA 22041–3258,
6. Mr. Robert E. Dawes, Auditor Canal Place, 100 Rue Iberville, New
(703) 681–3279, extension 114.
General of the Air Force, Secretary of Orleans, LA.
sessions on December 5, 2006 and Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
7. Mr. Charlie E. Williams, Jr., Deputy Thirty minutes will be set side for
December 6, 2006 will be open to the Assistant Secretary (Contracting),
public in accordance with Section public comment. Members of the public
Secretary of the Air Force. who wish to speak must register prior to
552b(b) of Title 5, U.S.C., specifically 8. (New Member) Mr. Donald L. Cazel,
subparagraph (1) thereof and Title 5, the start of the meeting. Registration
II, Executive Director, Ogden Air will begin at 8:30. Statements are
U.S.C., appendix 1, subsection 10(d). Logistics Center, Air Force Materiel
Open sessions of the meeting will be limited to 3 minutes.
limited to space accommodations. Tours FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

9. Mr. John Salvatori, Director, Intell

of military facilities will also be limited Systems Support Office (ISSO). Rennie Sherman, Executive Secretary,
by space accommodations and host 10. RADM Donna L. Crisp, Director rennie.h.sherman@usace.army.mil 202–
restrictions. Any interested person may for Manpower and Personnel, J1, The 761–7771.
attend, appear before or file statements Joint Staff. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The EAB
with the Board at the time and in the 11. Mr. John Argodale, Deputy advises the Chief of Engineers by
manner permitted by the Board. Assistant Secretary of the Army providing expert and independent

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