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Hardcover Books

Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide
Legends & Lore
Tome of Magic
Monstrous Manual
Book of Artifacts
Player's Handbook (revised)
Dungeon Master's Guide (revised)
Player's Option: Combat & Tactics
Dungeon Master Option Rulebook: HighLevel
Player's Option: Skills & Powers
Player's Option: Spells & Magic
Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms Setting
Player's Handbook (Premium Reprint)
Monstrous Manual (Premium Reprint)
Dungeon Master's Guide (Premium
Boxed Starter Sets
First Quest: The Introduction to RolePlaying
Introduction to Advanced Dungeons &
Complete Starter Set
Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Game
Boxed Sets
Castles: A 3-Dimensional Game Accessory
GR1: Strongholds
GR2: Dungeons of Mystery
GR3: Treasure Maps (not a boxed set)
Dragon Mountain
Council of Wyrms
Night Below: An Underdark Campaign
The Rod of Seven Parts
Tale of the Comet
Return to the Tomb of Horrors
Monster Collections
MC1: Monstrous Compendium Volume One
MC2: Monstrous Compendium Volume Two
MC8: Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes
MC14: Monstrous Compendium Fiend Folio
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume
Player's Handbook Reference Series
PHBR1: The Complete Fighter's Handbook

PHBR2: The Complete Thief's Handbook

PHBR3: The Complete Priest's Handbook
PHBR4: The Complete Wizards's Handbook
PHBR5: The Complete Psionics Handbook
PHBR6: The Complete Book of Dwarves
PHBR7: The Complete Bard's Handbook
PHBR8: The Complete Book of Elves
PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes and
Halflings PHBR10: The Complete Book of
PHBR11: The Complete Ranger's Handbook
PHBR12: The Complete Paladin's Handbook
PHBR13: The Complete Druid's Handbook
PHBR14: The Complete Barbarian's
PHBR15: The Complete Ninja's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide Reference
DMGR1: Campaign Sourcebook and
Catacomb Guide
DMGR2: The Castle Guide
DMGR3: Arms and Equipment Guide
DMGR4: Monster Mythology
DMGR5: Creative Campaigning
DMGR 6: The Complete Book of Villains
DMGR 7: The Complete Book of
DMGR 8: Sages and Specialists
DMGR 9: Of Ships and the Sea
Historical Reference Series
HR1: Vikings Campaign Sourcebook
HR2: Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign
HR3: Celts Campaign Sourcebook
HR4: A Mighty Fortress Campaign
HR5: The Glory of Rome Campaign
HR6: Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook
HR7: The Crusades Campaign Sourcebook
Encyclopedia Magica Series
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume I
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume II
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume III
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume IV
Monstrous Arcana Series
I, Tyrant
Eye of Pain
Eye of Doom
Eye to Eye

The Sea Devils

Evil Tide
Night of the Shark
Sea of Blood
The Illithiad
A Darkness Gathering
Masters of Eternal Night
Dawn of the Overmind
Spell Compendium Series
Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume One
Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Two
Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Three
Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume Four
Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume One
Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume Two
Priest's Spell Compendium, Volume Three
Jakandor Books
Jakandor: Island of War
Jakandor: Isle of Destiny
Jakandor: Land of Legend
Battlesystem Books
Battlesystem Miniatures Rules
Battlesystem Skirmishes Miniatures Rules
Softcover Books
Dark & Hidden Ways
Wild Things
Magic Encyclopedia, Volume One
Magic Encyclopedia, Volume Two
REF6: Rogues Gallery
City Sites
Castle Sites
Country Sites
Den of Thieves
College of Wizardry
Bastion of Faith
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook
World Builder's Guidebook
Warriors of Heaven
Guide to Hell
The Vortex of Madness and Other Planar
Softcover Adventures
GA1: The Murky Deep
GA2: Swamplight
GA3: Tales of Enchantment
Temple, Tower & Tomb
The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

Labyrinth of Madness
The Silver Key
A Hero's Tale
The Gates of Firestorm Peak
Road to Danger: From the Pages of Dungeon
A Paladin in Hell
Destiny of Kings
The Shattered Circle
Dungeons of Despair
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
TSR Jam 1999
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff
Return to White Plume Mountain
Apocalypse Stone
Reverse Dungeon
Die Vecna Die!
One-on-One Adventures
HHQ1: Fighter's Challenge
HHQ2: Wizard's Challenge
HHQ3: Thief's Challenge
HHQ4: Cleric's Challenge
Fighter's Challenge II
Wizard's Challenge II
Thief's Challenge II
Cleric's Challenge II
RPGA Adventures
The Star of Kolhapur
Moonlight Madness
The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur
Ravenloft (25th Anniversary)
Wand of Archeal
Character Sheets
REF2: Character Record Sheets
REF1: Dungeon Master's Screen
Dungeon Master Screen & Master Index
Fighter's Screen
Priest's Screen
Thief's Screen
Wizard's Screen
Map Folios
Treasure Chest
Treasure Tales
Decks of Cards
CR1: Wizard Spell Cards
CR2: Deck of Priest Spells
CR3: Deck of Magical Items

CR4: Deck of Encounters, Set One

CR5: Deck of Encounters, Set Two
CR6: Deck of Psionic Powers
Cardmaster Adventure Design Deck

Player Packs
Fighter's Player Pack
Priest's Player Pack
Thief's Player Pack
Wizard's Player Pack