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Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jazan University is seeking qualified male/female Candidates to fill the

vacant senior academic positions (Lecturer, Assistant Professor,
Associate Professor, and Professor) in all faculties in the following
.areas of specialty

Applied Medical



Computer Science



English Language



Health Sciences



Medical Research



The potential candidates must have PhD or equivalent degrees in

:specializations related to above Majors

:Required Qualifications
.PhD in relevant field with a minimum of 1 year of work experience

Experience in multi-media teaching ,self-access

methods,assessment,course design and curriculum development

is an advantage

:Benefits and Bonuses

Attractive Salary .I
Competitive tax free salary (negotiable) based on the
applicants academic qualifications and teaching/research
work experiences. Overseas bonus + work experience
.bonus up to a max of 5 years after PhD
Yearly renewable contract

Transportation .II
.Monthly transportation allowance

Housing .III
University provided free accommodation or annual housing

Medical Coverage .IV

Free Medical coverage for the employee and dependents
(spouse and two children below the age of 18) residing
within the Kingdom. Treatment is provided at government.owned healthcare facilities
Roundtrip Airfare .V
Free annual roundtrip airfare for spouse and two children
.with 60 days paid summer vacation
.Three paid local holidays of about 10 days each

Tuition Reimbursement .VI

Tuition support for school age (6 years and up) dependents
.residing in the kingdom

Professional Development


Professional development opportunities such as seminars,

training or grants for presenting research at academic
.conferences (local or international)
End of Contract Severance Package


.Eligibility of severance package after two years of service

:General Roles and Responsibilities

Academic Responsibilities: Max of 40 hours of work per week that
includes 14 to 16 hours of class teaching, Academic advising,
Curriculum development, Course syllabi preparation, Student
assessment and Office Hours for consultation with students

Administrative Responsibilities: Institutional and professional

.services (such as serving on committees)
.How to Apply
Please register at http//es.jazanu.edu.sa with Candidate

Fill all required Fields and add your degree information one
by one just selecting degree information and Click ADD
.Degree button to add degrees one by one

Upload your CV with Cover letter in one file and upload using
.Upload CV Field
Scan All Degrees and Passport in one file and attach using
.Upload Degree Field

Applications without Scan Copy of All
.Documents/Degrees/Passport will not be consider for Interview