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Dear Sirs,

Started career in Sugar in International trade and Logistics with IMC on west coast .
Apart to molasses Trade had also moved to Sugar,Jaggery and Ethanol for Domestic/International mkts.

In AP exported Ethanol of Jeypore sugars and also helped KCP in 2005, in 2003 sold Jaggery of APGovt
worth 60 crore to Assam.

At IMC on west coast helped them on Molasses,sugar exports , Export of Fe ore from Goa, helped them
clear all files at Central excise on exports, Saved huge amounts on Demurrage losses.Have good
Domestic & Int Logistic networks . also enabled realisation of export entaitlements of DEPB/DFRC.

I can proudly say I may be one among the best networked and knowledgable men in Sugar from
Agronomists, Sugar Technologists, Enterpreuners, Traders, Logistic men , Tank Terminal operators,
international finacial Institutions for funding with a comprehensive understanding of industry.

Have been successful in forecasting sugar, and had done global consultation for Gerson Lehman Group
clients from Eu,Asia on global/Indian sugar industry(Citibank,Emergia Institute,Goldman
Saachs,Prudential Asset Management) also had done for Praj industries.

Have good Networks in Carbon asset Trade(CDM) and International Funding agenicies(VC's and
Bankers).Have good contacts with CDM consultants, verification agencies, traders.

Assimilating technology,men,trade,logistics,funding has been key to my success in a short carrer in

sugar from a Novice to being member of Better Sugarcane initiative, Roundtable sustainable
Biofuels,EU biofuels assosciation also sharing my ware with International Sugar Organisation , am also
member of Lehman councils on Global Sugar/Ethanol.

Several Big names in Indian sugar/alcohol industry take my perspective in this segment from
Mr.Sudashan Acharya of UB, Mr.Sarin of Bunge, Mr.Naresh of GMR, Mr.Anand of Vijaynagar sugars,
Mr.Ashok Kadakia , Mr.Pankaj Kapoor Jubiliant, Mr.Omnarayan Director Dhampur, Mr.Ravi of Sanmar,
Mr.Raghunandan EID Parry, Mr.ADL Prasad of Jeypore sugars,Dr.Bhargava Syngenta,Mr.Abhay of Praj to
name a few.

Know several in feedstocks of Sugarcane, Sweet sorghum, Tapioca, Distillation, International

trade,liquid logistics (Syngenta, Farmacule,BSES, ABMauri,Genencore,Novozymes,ICRISAT,FIVES CAIL
KCP, PRAJ,etc).
Have been updating and giving direction on agronomy, Technology,Process, CDM, Trade earlier at
Navabharat ventures and presentlt at EID Parry.
Interact with least 1000 in these sectors globally.
Have been strongly propogating Bioplastics and fortifyed sugar.

Had given complete perspective of Sugar opportunity in Mozambique/Malawai to EID Parry for its new

In short Trade, Logistics, Technolgy, funding, CDM are my strengths apart analysing commodities and
Mkts. Can help in builiding initiatives of Sugar,Ethanol,Cogen,Bioplastics,Renewables,suggesting in
building Team,machinery,technolgy,agronomy,trade tieups,funding, have also good contacts in
feedstock(Tapioca, Maize,Cane,Sweetsorghum,Jatropha) developers.

Can readjust in short time to needs of group and Industry .

Phani Mohan K