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Toyota’s Customer First Policy

Since its founding, Toyota has carried out corporate activities based on
the concept of "the customer always comes first." This concept was
established in 1935 which has been handed down as the Toyota Group's
guiding philosophy. Toyota, including its dealers, makes a company-wide
effort to build relations with its customers, and all employees keep the
"customer first" policy in mind in all aspects of their jobs.

Customer’s Satisfaction
Customers' evaluations and opinions are an expression of their
expectations of Toyota, so Toyota receives them sincerely and responds
in good faith, in the belief that making use of them in its corporate
activities will lead to customer satisfaction.
Toyota is supporting efforts at its distributors worldwide to strengthen
and improve their systems for dealing with customers.

Toyota ensures four consumers rights

To Be Safe

Providing safety to customers

Toyota believes that safety is fundamental for making vehicles. In order

to provide vehicles that attains high levels of safety under various
conditions and offers an optimal driving experience. Toyota is engaged in
developing safety technology using standards established at levels above
those legally required.

On the basis of the following four points:

(1) Comprehensive measures taken from a broad perspective embracing

vehicles, people, and the traffic environment.

(2) Development of safety equipment and vehicle structures based on

advanced technology.

(3) Vehicle manufacturing based on results of accident survey and


(4) Overall balance of customer requirements and social needs.

Toyota promotes concrete measures to make safe vehicles, based on
active safety to make the vehicle less susceptible to accidents and
passive safety to minimize the damage or injury caused if an accident
does occur.

Protection of Pedestrians
Toyota has developed a pedestrian-injury-lessening vehicle
body that helps reduce pedestrian injury when a vehicle collides
with a pedestrian.
To Be Informed
Providing Information to Customers

Toyota strives to provide information about the quality and

safety of its products and services to customers in a timely
fashion, employing the following methods.
(1) Direct explanations to customers by dealer staff.
(2) Labels attached directly to products and instruction
(3) Telephone consultation through the Customer Assistance
(4) Disclosure of information on Toyota's website.

Toyota has built a system for gathering market information from

its dealers around the world. The Quality Division is in charge of
analyzing this data and promoting counter-measures in related
divisions. It provides explanations to the related divisions,
including executive management, regarding measures against
product defects, and also audits each division to ensure that
appropriate action is taken and to solve any issues.

Toyota provides you great information on special offers, pricing,

and features on every Toyota model.

Toyota has divided our ITS endeavours into five basic fields.

The first is the Car Intelligence, where the car itself is invested
with higher functionality. Second is Car Multimedia, a new field
of mobile communications. In the third area, Facilities, we aim
for smoother traffic flow by harmonizing vehicles and
infrastructure. Under the fourth heading, Logistics, we seek to
build a comprehensive, efficient transport system. Activities in
the last area, Transport, are directed at the development of
transport systems for the next generation.

Toyota has been strenuously developing an extensive range of

ITS products and services such as onboard units, roadside
infrastructure systems and so on.

To Be Choose
Provide choices to its customers

Toyota goal shifted from being the customer choice for quality
and good price in being number one and gain market share;
quality and good price are much more important for a customer
than buying from the number one, in fact for years Toyota
customers were buying from not-the-number-one-or-two-or-
three. Toyota goal shifted from being the customer choice for
quality and good price in being number one and gain market
share; quality and good price are much more important for a
customer than buying from the number one, in fact for years
Toyota customers were buying from not-the-number-one-or-
two-or-three. Although it has the top loyalty numbers in the
industry, Toyota wants its dealers to aim still higher. That move
will start in the service drive.

Toyota provides their customers the right to choose freely.

Toyota never acts monopolistically to its customers. It never
force it customers to buy a Toyota instead of any other.
Because the consumers of Toyota never buy any other car. And
it is hard for other firms to attract a Toyota customer. In the
business field customers are aware about what they are
choosing. Toyota has given them the choice to choose freely
what they want. Toyota offers his customer a wide range of
choices like for those who has big families, Toyota offer them to
purchase land cruiser. And for those who has small family,
Toyota offer them to purchase cars like belta, vitz,etc

To Be Heard
Providing acknowledge to its customer about product and services

Toyota collects customer evaluation data through wide-ranging

information collection activities, including directly through
consultations with customers, complaints from customers, and
also through quality reports from dealers and questionnaires
given to purchasers of new cars, as well as from the results of
studies by third party institutions. Toyota collects information
indirectly from dealers and suppliers within the Toyota Group. In
order to have the results of data analysis reflected as soon as
possible in vehicle production, Toyota is strengthening internal
coordination with research and development-related divisions.

Customer Relations Division Initiatives

The Customer Relations division is "the division within the

company in direct contact with customers’ needs." The staff
places an emphasis on the voices of individual customers,
through consulting with them and handling their complaints,
striving to improve customer satisfaction.
The Customer Assistance Centre act as a contact point within
the company for customers and has consulted with or handled
complaints from about 200,000 people this fiscal year.

Toyota is supporting efforts at its distributors worldwide to

strengthen and improve their systems for dealing with
customers. The Customer Relations Division also makes direct
proposals to sales, research and development, and production
divisions and holds discussion meetings with them, so that
customers' voices can be useful in improving the company's
products and corporate activities.

Toyota Motor Corp. is replacing accelerator pedals on about four

million recalled vehicles due to concerns over sudden
acceleration. 3.8 million cars recalled due to floor mats, of all
things, getting caught up in the accelerator. What makes it so
inexcusable is that it is not the first time. “Toyota recalled
55,000 Camry and Lexus ES 350 models in 2007 because of
complaints of unintended acceleration caused by the mats
sticking under the accelerator pedal. The NHTSA said
consumers continued to report instances of uncontrolled
acceleration in Toyota models after that recall.”
Toyota is now taking action and isn't just replacing the floor
mats. The company plans to shorten the gas pedals by three-
fourths of an inch on recalled cars, then install newly designed
gas pedals.