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The weather is very hot today. Can you open the window ,please ?
Of course ,sir. What else should I do ?
Can you turn on the fan ?
Sorry, its broken

1. Can he/she use the fan ?

a. Yes, he can
c. ofcourse
b. No,he cant
d. sure


2. The sentence:Can you open the

window ? is express about
asking something
asking a help
asking opinion
accepting a help


3. Where does the dialogue probably take

place ? It s in
at home
the classroom
the restourant
the market

What can I do for you,sir ?

I need a glass of orange juice,please.
Anythingelse ,sir ?
No thank you.

4. Where does the dialogue probably take place ?

at home
at the restourant
in the market
at school


5. The sentence :No thank you is express

accepting request
refusing something
accepting something
offering something

A: Could you give me 1 kg of apple

please ?
B: Here you are
A: How much is it ?
B: Its Rp . 20.000
A: Can I bargain ?
B: OK, I give you special price,
its Rp 15.000
A: Thank you
6. Where does the dialogue probably take place ?
a. at school
b. at home
c. in the market

b. in the bank
7. Can the 1 st speaker bargain the price ?
a. Yes , he can
c. Ofcourse
b. No he can not
d. Certainly


8. The speaker express giving something , what does he say ?

How much is it ?
Here you are
Can I bargain ?
Could you give me apple?


Have you ever been to Bali ?

Yes , I have twice
What do you think of Bali island?
Its beautiful. I like it very much.

9. The speaker express asking opinion,what does he say ?

What do you think of Bali island ?
Its beautiful
Have you ever been to Bali ?
Yes , I have

10. The sentence : Have you ever been to Bali?

Is express about
a. asking something
b. accepting information
c. asking information
d. refusing opinion

1. Eny : Can you help me with my homework,please ?
Edy : I cant do it either, its so hard for me.
a. Im sorry
b. Yes, all right
c. Ofcourse
d. Certainly
2. Cinta
: Would you close the door, please ?
: Of course.
The underlined sentence express .
c.Asking something
d. accepting a help
3. Roy
: Could I have some tea ,please?
: Certainly. Here you are.
From dialogue we know Rita a thing
a. giving
b. asking
c. rejecting
d. refusing

4. Tono

: What do you think of Indonesia,Bob ?

: Its a beautiful country, I like it very much.
The underlined sentence express :. Opinion.
a. asking
b. giving
c. refusing
d. accepting
5. Tuti
: Do you think that the
headmaster will be heree at
07.30 tomorrow morning ?
Teacher : I. He will. He always gets here before seven.
a. doubt
b. am afraid
c. am sure
d. cant say

6. Arfan
: I think everybody should have a TV in their house . And how about you ?
: .. TV makes people passive.
a. You are right
b. Thats quite right
c. I absolutely agree
d. I disagree
7. Bayu

: I think Santy is cleverer than Mia.

Do you agree with me ?
: .., I know about her. She is very dilligent and shes my neighbour.
a. I think so
b. Thats not true
c. I disagree
d. I dont think so
Complete the dialogue !
Tony : Hi,Dedy ! How are you doing ?
Dedy : .( 8 ) .. What are you doing
here ?
Tony : Oh , Im reading a magazine.
Dedy : What about going to the beach
this afternoon ?
Tony : Yes, thats a good idea . What
time will we meet ?
Dedy : At 5 p.m
Tony : Okey,.( 9 ) .
Dedy ; Bye.
a. Thank you

Good bye
I am fine
Youre welcome


thank you
See you,bye
Here you are

: Its a hot dayy, isnt it ?

Why dont we go sight seeing ?
: Where to ?
: What about going to Hardys mall


: Id love it . Shall we go now ?

; Ok lets go !

hat does Ayu say to open the dialogue ?

a. Its a hot day, isnt it ?
b. Where to ?
c. OK lets go
d. What about going to Hardys mall ?

The text is for numbers 1 to 3.

Most people in the world have a pet. I also have it. My pet is a dog, named Miko. Its color is
brown. It has brown eyes, too. I got this pet from my friend at the beginning of 2009. He bought
it from a pet shop in his country. Once a week, my mother bathes him. He is funny and smart. It
often plays with my neighbour's dog. I love him very much because he can be my friend, too.
1. Miko's eyes are ........
A. black
B. white
C. brown
D. dark brown
2. The writer got the pet from ........
A. his neighbour
B. a pet shop
C. his friend
D. his mother
3. What is the text about ........
A. My lovely dog
B. My best friend
C. My pet shop
D. My neighbour's pet

My Blewuk

I have some pets. However my favorite pet is Blewuk.

Blewuk is a male cat I call it Blewuk because his fur is grey. He is adorable with his
soft stripes. He has innocent round eyes and feeble sweet voice. He always meow
when he feels hungry. Actually his voice is not suitable with his giant body. When I
come home, he usually gives me a kiss.

Blewuk is a nice playmate. Im happy to spend my time with him. Most of the
time, hes a good boy. Its almost impossible for me to be angry with him. In the
morning he always wakes me up early. When he wakes up early, he waits quitly by
me beside until I wake up.

1. Why is the pet called Blewuk?

a. Because it has got sweet voice.
b. Because it is a male cat
c. Because it is adorable
d. Because of the color of his fur
2. Based on the text we know that
a. Blewuk always kisses the writer in the morning
b. Every morning, the writer always wakes Blewuk up
c. Blewuk is a big cat
d. Blewuk is female
3. What does the word feeble in the text mean?


4. What does the word he in the sentence : he usually gives me a kiss .

Refer to?

The writer
The reader
The writers friend

5. What does the word adorable has the same meaning with?
a. very big
b. funny


6. What is the purpose of the text ?

a. To entertain the reader
b. To describe about the Blewuk

To describe how to look after the blewuk

d. To give inform about The Blewuk

7. We can find the physical description of Blewuk in the.paragraph.
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth
8. When

does Blewuk gives a kiss to the writer?

When the writer comes
When Blewuk feels hungry
When the writer wakes up
When Blewuk wakes up earlier

1.c, 2.a, 3.b, 4.b, 5.d, 6.a, 7.c, 8.c, 9.c, 10.b

Choose one of the four choices that you think is the right answer then cross (x) on your chosen
1. She _____ her dog everyday
a. To feed
b. Feed
c. Feeds
d. Feeding

2. I ____ always ____ to the dentist

a. Do not, go
b. Does not, go
c. Do not, went
d. Does not, went
3. When __ you ____ a shower?
a. Do, took
b. Do, take
c. Do, taken
d. Do, taking
4. Q: Do you like to sing?
a. Yes, I likes to sing
b. Yes, I like to sing
c. Yes, I am liking to sing
d. Yes, I liked to sing
5. Tom and I ____ ____ together.
a. Do surfing
b. Dont surfing
c. Do surfs
d. Dont surf
6. I ___ breakfast every day at 7 AM
a. Eat

b. To eat
c. Ate
d. Eaten
7. Q: How do you go to school?
A: We ___ the bus to school
a. Rode
b. Ridden
c. Ride
d. Riding
8. Q: When do you do your homework?
a. I have did my homework at 6 PM
b. I did my homework at 6 PM
c. I do my homework at 6 PM
d. I am doing my homework at 6 PM
9. Q: Do you enjoy playing in the park?
a. No, I doesnt enjoy playing in the park
b. No, I no enjoy playing in the park
c. No, I dont enjoy playing in the park
d. No, I dont enjoys playing in the park
10. Q: Does he love his mother?

a. He love his mother

b. He loves his mother
c. He to love his mother
d. He is loving his mother

1. Andi and Toni ....... to the school by bus.

A. goes
B. go
C. is going
D. was going
E. went

2. She ...... long hair and she .... beautiful.

A. is, have
B. have, is
C. has, is
D. has, are
E. have, are

3. Rina ...... to the school this morning because she is sick.

A. go
B. did not go
C. is going
D. do not go
E. does not go

4. Rani ...... dressed at 7 o'clock everyday

A. got
B. gets
C. get
D. was
E. is get

5. Layla helps her mother in the kitchen .....

A. yesterday
B. last morning
C. every morning
D. next morning

E. last week

6. Cakra and Michael ...... football in the afternoon.

A. will play
B. is playing
C. were playing
D. play
E. playing

7. We ....... our homework together.

A. does
B. did
C. finish
D. finished
E. do not finish

8. My Father ....... a newspaper every morning.

A. read
B. reads
C. are reading

D. are
E. is read

9. ....... your sister ..... a letter for her friend?

A. do, write
B. do, writes
C. does, written
D. did, wrote
E. does, write

10. My parents and I ...... dinner in the dining room.

A. has
B. have
C. will have
D. got
E. is going to

Identify the part of speech for the underlined word in each sentence.
1. The outside of the boat needs scraping.

(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
2. You should scrape the boat without outside help.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
3. Lets sit outside and laugh at you as you work in the blazing sun.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
4. The ambulance is parked right outside the yard, next to the beehive.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
5. The politician repented of his past mistakes.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
6. Turn right past the store with the neon sign in the window.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
7. Did you hear that song before?
(a) Conjunction
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
8. Always follow through with what you start.
(a) Interjection
(b) Conjunction
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition
9. The remark went right through one ear and out the other.
(a) Noun
(b) Adjective
(c) Conjunction
(d) Preposition
10. The gardener mowed the lawn after he reread Lady Chatterlys Lover.
(a) Conjunction
(b) Adjective
(c) Adverb
(d) Preposition


Multiple-Choice Questions


2. B

3. C

4. D

5. B

6. D



Mr. and Mrs. Chew Kok Key
Mr. and Mrs. Lim Kau
request the pleasure of your company
to a wedding dinner at
Holiday Inn
Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz
Melaka, 75000 Malaysia
Tel: 06.2859000
Fax: 06.2859111
at 7.00 p.m.
on the occasion of mariage of
Mr. Chew Whoong Seng
Ms. Lim Boon Eng

1. What is the purpose of the text?

A. Ms. Lim persuades Mr. Chew to marry her.
B. Mr. Chew invites Ms. Lim to go on holiday.
C. Ms. Lim invites Mr. Chew to come to her party.
D. Mr. Chew invites their colleagues to come to the party.
2. When will the party be held?
A. at noon.
B. in the evening.
C. in the morning.
D. in the afternoon



Dear all of students,

Each of us has different talents, different dreams, and different destinations. We all
have the power to make a new tomorrow with great happiness. We, the Senior Class
of Campbellsburg High School, invite you to join us on School Anniversary on Friday
1st June 2011 at 06.30 pm at Hamilton Auditorium Campbellsburg, Arizona.

Where will the anniversary be held?

At high school
In the class room
At the school yard
At Hamilton Auditorium


invite you to join us What does the underlined word mean?


The text is for questions 1 to 3.

1. What program can the students do individually?

A. Story Telling Contest
B. Choir Contest
C. Basketball Match

D. Wall Magazine Competition

2. The competition will last for . . . days.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
3. "They are, Choir Contest, ........"
"Choir" means a group of people trained to . . . . together.
A. sing
B. dance
C. play
D. act