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Denise Lyka Allyza G.



Reflection Paper

August 19, 2015

As a student nurse, I was shocked at the things happening in our country. I dont know if it is due
to the government or to the people or both.
Hunger and malnutrition are in fact the number one health risk in the Philippines. This is really
alarming. Statistics show that two million people are malnourished in Metro Manila alone. There are
many programs by different presidents in their time but unfortunately nothing succeeded.
In all of the families, I saw five major problems that really affect our health.
First, family size. It is clear in the film that hunger incidence is directly proportional to family
size. The larger the family, the bigger the expenses. More so, most Filipino families do not have stable
incomes. I think the role of nurses that is applicable to this is to provide families enough education on
family planning. We must show them the advantages and disadvantages of having a big family. We must
teach them the morally accepted methods that can hinder pregnancies. We cannot deny the fact that many
Filipinos do not attend to these programs because they are against contraceptives just like in our church.
We are taught to reject family planning because it doesnt speak of morality. We as nurses should instill to
the community that family planning is not all about contraceptives, there are a lot of family planning
methods that are socially and morally accepted.
Second, parents have no stable jobs and it really saddens me that their children are being forced
by needs to work and make money out of garbage. It shocked me that there is a family that literally eat
foods from the garbage known as pagpag due to lack of money and some even eat poisonous plants or
fish just to survive. In order to address this problem, I think we should practice our roles as program
managers. We should design a program that doesnt only give health teachings but also help them how to
earn money. We can show them that they can earn a decent living by selling street foods and other stuffs.
We can teach them new methods of growing vegetables and fishes in a very small amount of land. We can
also teach them how to spend money well and how to cook nutritious foods that is within their financial
Third, government does not have enough money for nutrition according to one government
official. I dont really understand why there is no enough money, is it because of corruption? The
government let us handle all of its expenses and as young as we are, we are already paying taxes through
VAT. So I think as nurses, we should do our role as coordinators. We should coordinate with the local
government and exercise our freedom of speech and freedom to information by questioning their
proposed budget and to voice out the needs of our health centers for the benefit of the needy.
Fourth, some remote areas are really hard to access by the government like in Siayan, Zamboanga
del Norte. The DPWH has many projects these past years. As what I observed, they are repairing roads in
different cities even if they are still in good condition. For me, the secretary of DPWH failed to realize
that remote areas are the ones that need the road projects most to provide families easy access to hospitals
and markets. As what the Nursing law states, our role is to establish linkages between the community and
the health team. But how can we do it if there are instances like what I had watched from
Ambulansiyang de paa. It opened my eyes on how cruel life can be. If someone is very ill, they walk
thousands of kilometers to reach much needed medical attentions. As nurses, we must ask the local

government to prioritize communities not accessed by their services and as student nurses, we can ask the
dean if we can have our immersion in their community so that we can help them with their health.
Fifth, there are no doctors or nurses in their health center. There are a lot of graduate and licensed
nurses here in the Philippines but where are they now? I think the problem is that most only want the
service fee and not the service to the community. This really melts my heart. Nursing requires the value of
compassion and dedication in order for us to practice our role as care provider. As future nurses we must
meet and understand different peoples lives and needs. We can have medical missions on different
barangays at least every six months to address their needs, to promote health cares and at the same time to
establish in ourselves the value of compassion and dedication.
In addition to the roles mentioned above, I think our role as researchers can make a difference in
their situation. We should know the past and present situation of hunger in the Philippines, the different
remedies that were implemented and try to find the best solution to stop hunger. One more thing, as
nurses we should exercise our role in monitoring. We should not stop in taking care of individuals and
families. We should always follow them up by visiting them house to house. In this, we can know their
health settings, we can give pieces of advice with things really suitable for them and we can monitor their
improvements. I know that this is quite difficult but there is nothing wrong if we give it a try.
There are a lot of problems in our society that needed immediate attention and health must be in
the priority. Our role as nurses will make a difference in a country that has a sickly society. We must stop
blaming the president, Department of Health, doctors or nurses because everybody is responsible for what
we are now. We must start the process of change from ourselves by having a family that can provide all
the needs of its members and be functioning members of the society. A country with a healthy society will
have a wealthy economy.