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Department of Missions

Kenneth Meade, Secretary

Polish Ministry

Lee Brack
Howard Brammer


P.O. Box 629

Gerald L.Cowan

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Mark Howes

phone: 301-734-1250

Carol Kakac

Paul fcjko, Krettor

Adam J. Korenczuk
Ron Lowry

C. Wayne Murphy

March, 1988

Danny Pelfrey
J. Thomas Segroves
William Walker

The work of the Department of Missions - Polish Ministry from a small

beginning in 1954 under the leadership of Brother and Sister Paul
grew into work of great proportions.
Since that time Slavic Church of Christ in Baltimore was established, week
ly Radio programs in Polish were started and are beaming into Poland

Gospel of Christ till the present time.

Second weekly Radio program in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian was started in
the city of Baltimore through the Slavic Church of Christ,
Contact with Churches in Poland was established and since that time the work

began growing very rapidly.

Since that time 13 churches in Poland were started, 13 buildings for worship
were purchased and 8 were renovated, Christian Service Camp was organized
and property for the Camp was purchased in Ostroda, Correspondence Bible Se
minary came into existance. Home for Senior Citizens is being renovated and
will start operation in 1989.
Musical instruments like organs, pianos mandolines trumpets etc. were
to Poland.

Strong publication department was developed - hundreds of songs have been

translated from English into Polish and song books were published. Books like

"Harmony of the Science and Scripture", "Life of Christ and Book of Acts, Vis."
and other were translated and published and Polish Magazine "The Guidepost" iis
published monthly for 29 years.
Thousands of Bibles and New Testaments were purchased at the British and Fo
reign Bible Society in Warsaw and given into the hands of people.
Thousands of tons of food and clothing were shipped to Poland and medicine is
being constantly sent to Poland

Polish preachers were trained and financial support

is given so that they can

preach the Gospel without worry about the daily bread.

Through the years we worked and prayed that the Church of Christ - Christian

1 -

Church in Poland which was forced into an Evangelical Assosiation, will be free

from any human dominion, NOW we can joyfully say that the Polish Church
independent and registered by the Polish government under the name of "THE CHURCH

Now, like never before^ we have great opportunity to plunge ourselves into evan
gelizing, winning souls and establishing more churches.
Polish ecconomical situation is not bright and our Brethren in Poland still need
our assistance and help.

Paul and Dela Bajko gave already 34 years for that ministry and are still very
active. Although they reached the age of retirement they did not retire and work
as hard as ever but they need help and we need someone well qualified and prepa
red for this ministry.
The Guidance Committee found such help
in the person of Irek Woloszczyk.

WOLOSZCZYK was born in Poland in

a Christian family. His father was the

minister of the Church of Christ


At the age of 12, Irek and his family
immigrated to France where at the age
of 15 Irek was baptized into Christ.

In France his father worked in a fac

tory and at the same time preached to

a small Polish group of believers.
It was Irek*s desire some day to be a

missionary to his own people.

Irek finished High School in France and
attended one year the Community College
and then has been drafted into the
French Army.

In 198A he wrote to Paul Bajko expres

sing his desire to enter a Bible College

in USA and to prepare himself for the
Guidance Committee approved Irek*s re

quest and granted him a


In August 1984 Irek entered Eastern

Christian College.


During these four years Irek not only studied at the College but also helped in

2 -

Irek preaches at the Service Camp in Poland

many functions at the Department of Missions.

Last year together with mem

bers of the Guidance Committee and the Bajko*s he made a trip to Poland where
he preached, translated and sang.

Irek is a very active member of the Slavic Church of Christ in Baltimore. He

sings in the choir, teaches Sunday School, leads the Youth Group and preaches
in Polish and English.
In June 1987 the Guidance Committee of the Department of Missions - Polish
Ministry decided to call Irek Woloszczyk as Assistant to the Director and
promotional man of the Department of Missions - Polish Ministry beginning
with May 1988 when he will graduate Eastern Christian College with B.A.

Irek is highly recommended by the faculty of Eastern Christian College and the
Board of Elders of the Slavic Church of Christ.




1. He will travel extensively representing Polish ministry.

2. He will be engaged in translation of books and literature.

3. He will lead Mission and Faith Promise Rallies.

4. He will work among young people in the Camps.

5. He will produce cassettes with Christian music and Gospel messages.

3 -

6. He will work with Slavic Churcli of Christ in Baltimore, Md.

7. He will produce Christian tracts.

8. He will visit Poland from time to time in order to preach

the Gospel and have conference^ with preachers.

Irek will be working under the supervision of the Guidance Committee and the
Board of Elders of the Slavic Church of Christ.

Irek sings, plays musical instruments, speaks fluently Polish, English and
French and reads in Ukrainian, Russian, German and Latin.

Irek is well qualified for the job.

Irek Woloszczyk is accepted as an independent missionary and must raise his

own living-link support.
He needs

as living-link S 1,250.00 per month and S 100.00 per month for

Health Insurance.

We are looking for Churches, groups and individuals who will pledge support
for Irek Woloszczyk.

Irek will be available for speaking datds in Churches, Camps, Mission Rallies
as of July 1, 1988.
Please write to us for his speaking engagements.

Department of Missions - Polish Ministry

will serve as the forwarding agent

for Irek, so all correspondence should be addressed to:

Irek Woloszczyk
P.O.Box 629

Bel Air, Md. 21014

His living-link support has to be issued in the name of The Department of

Missions - Polish Ministry, I.W. L-L.
Department of Missions - Polish Ministries will send you acknowledgment with
receipt and letter from Irek Woloszczyk.

4 -

Department of Missions
Kenneth Meade, Secretary

Polish Ministry

Lee Brack
Howard Brammer


P.O. Box 629

Gerald L. Cowan
Mark Howes

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

p/,onc: 301-734-7H50

_ ,_
Paul Ba|ko, DImtor

Carol Kakac
Adam ). Korenczuk
Ron Lowry
C. Wayne Murphy

Danny Pelfrey
J. Thomas Segroves
William Walker







As we reported in our last Newsletter Church of Christ - Christian Church

Poland was registered February 12 as an Independent Church.


In order to lead the work successfully and develop an adequate evangelistic

program it is imperative to establish several agencies:
1. Publishing House - to produce and print literature, a monthly
Christian magazine, translate and print books.
2. Department of Sunday School - to prepare Sunday School material
and train teachers for the Churches.

3. To further develop program of the Correspondence Bible Seminary.

4. To coordinate the work of Christian Service

Camp and the Home

for Senior Citizens.

To successfully develop all those branches new personnel and an adequate pla
ce is needed.

We have dedicated personnel but we have no building and no equipment to accomlish all that work successfully.
The Executive Committee in the persons of Henryk Sacewicz, Ryszard Tomaszewski,
Paul Wrobel, Peter Karel and Kostek Jakoniuk elected by all Churches of Christ

in Poland turned to us for help in purchasing such place in Warsaw.






March, 1988
To the Churches of Christ -

Christian Churches in the United States.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. With joy we are sha-

1 -

ring with you the events, which we experienced in the last days here in Poland.

After much work of preparation on Febrtlary 12, 1988 Department of Religious

Affairs in Warsaw registered the Churches of Christ in Poland as an'iiisdelpesident
Church under the following name: Kosciot Zborow Chrystusowych - The Church of
the Congregations of Christ.
Now in this historic moment when we have to carry the work as a fully indepen
dent church, we pray that the Lord will help us to fulfill as best we can oiir
calling for preaching the Gospel to our Polish people and leading souls to

Through this letter we, the Executive Committee, in behalf of our Congregations
would like to express our appreciation to Bro. Paul Bajko, director of the Depar
tment of Missions - Polish Ministry for his unmeasurable contribution to the de

velopment of the work of Churches of Chrijst in Poland.

We would like to say it aloud that Bro. Paul Bajko like no one else there is de
dicated with all his heart to the work of Christ in Poland.

Through all these years he proved to be a true friend to all of us in Poland.

Both he and his faithful helper in the wofrk - his wife, Dela, are loved very
much by the Christians here.

We would like to express our appreciation to the Guidance Committee which is

an inspiration and help to Brother Paul ajnd which builds a bridge to the fellow
ship of American Christians with the Christians in Poland.

We want to acknowledge also two other missions which in a special way showed
their interest in the work here and helped us: Global Radio Ministries - Bro.
George Bajenski and TCM - Bro. Gene Dulin.
We do appreciate it very much.

We want to thank all of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ in America for

your love, your prayers and support. All that you have done is a proof that
God's Word is true - we are one family of God loving one another and caring
one for another.

We rejoice .hearing about your victories and successes in the work of the Lord
there and we thank God for you.

Dear Brethren, after we became independent, we are facing now a great

of carrying the whole work upon our own shoulders.


But we hope that with God*|

help and your love and support we will be able to do what needs to be done.

Our work now needs rtfew facilities which we do not have, as such: for publishing of a Christian magazine, literature and books, for preparing Sunday

2 -

School materials and training the teachers. Three years ago we started a Cor
respondence Bible Seminary, where last year graduated 40 students and now next

40 students are studying. This school also doesn't have the needed facilities.
We would like to have a cassette and video-cassette library which could serve
our churches.

These and other types of work need facilities which we do not have yet.
Facilities that Warsaw Church has are not sufficient and we need either to buy
or to build one.

In the planned building there has to be a small apartment and one or more
guest roomes for the guests from abroad and outside of Warsaw.
In our estimation the cost of such building will be about S 95,000.00.


know that in our economic situation we will not be able to raise this money in
our Churches in Poland.

We present this need to YOU believing that "God is able to make all grace
abound toward you; that ye, having always all sufficiency in all things, may
may abound to every good work". 2 Cor. 9:8.

"And the Lord of peace Himself give you peace by all means. The Lord be with
you all". 2 Thes. 3:16.
Yours in Christ,
Brothers from Executive Committee


For 34 years we stood behind the work in Poland and so much

more now, when the Church of Christ is free and independent,
must help them spiritually and financially.
The peope in Poland are dedicated to the Lord but with empty
hands they will not accomplish much.

3 -

Those of us who care, who love the Lord and are dedicated to

Christ's Great Commission, have to unite behind the work in Poland

especially in their new beginingi and hard economical situation.

For the last 8 years Poland is struggling to overcome the economi

cal c r i s i s .

As the situation is now our Brethren will not be able to raise even
10% of needed S 95,000.00.

Their hope is in the Lord and in us here in

our wonderful county

of America.

Let us join hands together with our Brethren in Poland and give


the Church of Christ in Poland.

I personally plead with each Church, each

Christian in USA and

Canada to make sacrificial gifts that the only Church of Christ

in Eastern Europe will be a shining light in the dark world.


g 95,000.00


please give generously!

Thank you and may the Lord bless you richly.

Yours in His Service,

I, we, with love in our hearts send my, our, contribution

of a



the glory of God.

My contributions goes with praers for the growth of the sister
Churches of Christ Name

Christian Church in Poland.


GuidanceCommil ee:

Kenneth Meade, Semlaiy

Howard Brammer
Gerald L. Cowan

of Alissions
PoUsh Miaittry
M Air. MaryUnd 21014

Cyol Kjkac
Adam J. Korenczuk

_ ,

C. Wayne Murphy

Paul Bajko, D/rMr

Woloszczyk, Assoc. Minister

Danny Pelfrey

J. Thomas Segroves

July 1988

William Walker


Six months of this year are gone.

our ministry -

The year 1988 began with great events in

1. - The Church of Christ in Poland has been registered as an independent

body and now is developing a full program of evengelism, training preachers,
Sunday School teachers, taking over and remodeling the Home for Senior Citi
zens, developing Camp program and cassette - video programs.

In connection with all these independent activities a MISSION CENTER


Warsaw is needed.

On our appeal in May, so far 40 individuals and Churches responded with a total
contribution of 4,000.-. We thank very much all who contributed so far, but
we have far to go in order to reach S 80,000.-.

CENTER IN POLAND which will have a very significant part in Polish ministry.

2. - Bro. IREK WOLOSZCZYK graduated Eastern Christian College May 6th and
was ordained into ministry as missionary May 22nd by the Slavic Church of

Now he works with the Department of Missions-Polish Ministry and already

things are moving on with great speed.
In the Mkrch issue of our Newsletter we asked for his living-link support.
Few individuals sent small amounts as contribution. Then I wrote 14 personal
letters to Churches and Mission Committees. So far only 3 Churches declared
E 100.- per month support; another 3 Churches sent some money and will consider
supporting Irek next year.
Right now we still are short S 700.- per month as his living-link support
plus medical insurance.

IREK is a great addition to our ministry and we need him for the growth
of work in Poland.

Please give your prayerful consideration to this matter and take this young,
dedicated man as your living-link missionary to Polish people.

1 -

3. - In









: i We just received news from Bro. PeI

^^^^9 j f ^ I f

ter Karel that May 28-28 they cele-

brated 10th Anniversary of the Church



There were hundreds of people present

and 7 souls were baptized into Christ.



The Church in Kolobrzeg began work


with 6 people 10 years ago and now

I ,1
j li

their membership is reaching 125, with

Sunday attendance around 200.

They have a beautiful building,

choir, many children and young people.



together with them. They
even made me an honorary member
people congregated for celebration
10th Anniversary, Elders and the

whole congregation bestow upom Missio-

k' '

nary Bro. Paul Bajko the honorary mem-


bership of the Church of Christ in RoAct of bestowing the title of the ho-

Baptismal in Kolobrzeg

norary membership is an expression of

our appreciation for your effort,work

and dedication put into development of our Church. The spiritual and material help
which we received from you during 10 years is for us an axample of service and en
couragement for greater work in proclaniing, the Gospel in our area.
bless you."
Signed:Elders and ministeri

It is indeed a great honor for me.

May the Lord

Thank you Brethren in Kolobrzeg.


Another interesting letter was received from Bro. Waldemar Swiatkowski, minister of
the Church in Polczyn Zdroj, which I would like to enclose in its entirety:

"Deav Bother in the Lord Jesus Christ.

May grace and peace from our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ be with you and your fimrily.

For a long time, I wanted to write to you kt least a short letter, but somehow thet,
time didn't allow it. Lately I had very little free time. But I thank the Lord that

I didn't spend my time on vain earthly things, but rather used it for His glory. In
these past few months, we have hosted in our house almost every other day many people
that desired to talk about God's Word. It has been a blessing and a real goy for us
to leave aside all our usual business to take time to talk to these people. Because
of that, God has "healed" us from many useless and wrong habits such as empty talk,
or watching TV. I am happy that God still wants to teach us new things and correct

our lives.


21 -

Our congregation knew a

real coy this past month
when four new persons we


re baptized into Christ.

}}e hope that this is not
the end, but beginning of
God's blessing. Vraise be
to God!

The present situation of

our church is very good.
We experience many bles
sings from the Lord in
spite of some problems.
But, as it is written that

"all things work together

for good for those who lo
ve God" /Rom.8:28/a so al
so our problems b-ring us
Choir of the Church in Kotobrzeg
closer to God. The problems.
I am thinking of, are those divided families where the father, or husband, is not
a Christian, f/e pray that the Lord intervenes nad changes their hearts.
Dear Brother, I was told that you can help by sending medicine that is nonexistent
or difficult to find in Poland. If I may ask, I need such help today. I need spe
cific medicine for our little son, Martin, who often has angina. I know of some
preventive medicine that can be found in West Germany that is good. It is called
"Esberitox". And also, my brother's little son has often breathing problems
/asthma attacks/ and would need something like "Bronchovaxon".
If you could help us in this, we would appreciate it so much.
Our greetings to your wife. May God bless you both and give you health and peace
and joy in Christ Jesus.
Yours in the Lord, Urszula and Waldemar Swiatkowski.


I thank you very much for your gift that you sent to me through Bro. Peter."

We were very happy to supply Bro. Waldemar with needed medicine.

In April we received a letter from the Elders of Pulawska St. Church of Christ
in Warsaw with petition for S 7,000.- to help them to purchase an additional
property for a mission church in Grojec.
S\May we sent them S5.000.- and we hope that in July or August to be able to send
additional S 2.000.-

3 -



Bro. David Enyart, professor of Johnson Bible College visited Poland in June

where he preached at the graduation of stiiidents of Correspondence Bible Se

minary, Conference of preachers and in several Churches.
In July Bro. Wilbur Reid from J.B.C. will lead the group of singers to Poland
where they will sing and preach in several Churches.

We trust they will beablessing for those yhom they will serve.
I 1


Here on the home base we are very busy: 2(1)00 Bible Dictionaries were sent to

Poland, Polish Magazines were edited, published and sent to Poland, support
for preachers and financial help for renovation and building Church buildings


Packages with used clothing and medicine were sent to Poland, hundreds of letters
were written and the Word of God was preached.
The days seem too short but we thank God yho gives us strength and who blesses
us in this work together with you.




your faithful



and prayers.



Church, Mrs. Griggs, Mrs. M. Kreidler, Brodhead Christian Church.



January 1

- June 30, 1988

t. Received from the Churches and Individuals

S 104,268.51


a/ Support of preachers in Poland, buildings,

medicine, literature. Bibles...

b/ Promotion and office expense

c/ Salaries - living link for. Paul Bajko, Adela
Bajko and Irek Woloszczyk, Social Security,
Housing and Utilities
Total Expenditure

63,301 .69