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school of storytelling

Emerson College 2010 - 2011

A storyteller is more than a teller of tales. Storytellers are

entertainers, teachers and healers with a long spiritual tradition.
To be true to this tradition requires ongoing renewal and inspiration.

The School of Storytelling, founded in 1994 at Emerson College, UK, is

the longest running centre of its kind where the craft of the storyteller is practiced and
honoured. Here stories come alive and serve performers, healers, teachers, the business
world, the environment and the wider community.

We offer a wide range of courses from weekends to a full-time 13 week programme.

Whether an experienced teller or a beginner to the art, everyone is welcome here.

Core Faculty: Roi Gal-Or, Sue Hollingsworth, Ashley Ramsden (Directing Founder)

full-time courses
The Now of Storytelling 15th September – 17th December 2010
What is the relationship between the stories and myths from the oral tradition of the past and your own life
now? Which stories, old and new, are asking to be told today and what is the power of the spoken word
in revealing the full range of our humanity? How can storytellers serve the nourishment and healing of
individuals, communities and the Earth?

In this thirteen-week course we will explore The Now of Storytelling in three different ways:

The Skills of the Storyteller: In-depth work on story structure, voice, gesture, movement, audience
awareness, authenticity and presence.

The Oral Tradition: Working with humanity’s heritage of stories from folk and teaching tales to
wonder tales and myth.

Biographical Storytelling: Shaping and crafting personal stories as gifts to illuminate our lives.

Essential to this journey is a path of inner work - the ongoing practice of being fully present, bridg-
ing the gap between who we are and what we tell. Supporting subjects will include singing, games,
improvisation, environmental work, creative writing and craftwork.

Course Carriers: Roi Gal-Or with Ashley Ramsden and Sue Hollingsworth
The Body, Voice and Skills of the Storyteller
10th - 21st January 2011
Some people hold our attention, others do not. Some storytellers have the magic, others do not. What makes
the difference? The truth is that behind the magic there are physical and spiritual practices that can help your
voice and body to become powerful instruments of expression.....and these make all the difference. Join us
for this 2 week intensive to learn some key storytelling skills and to find a voice that is truly your own.
Course Carriers: Ashley Ramsden and Olivia Olson

Turning Straw Into Gold: Storytelling for Children and Adolescents

24th January - 25th February 2011
When we speak heart to heart to children through stories, hidden treasures awaken between us. Folk tales,
wonder tales, myths, and legends from all cultures speak to the child’s inner core: instructing, guiding,
inspiring and transforming. This is a practically based 5 week course for teachers, parents, therapists, and
experienced or beginning storytellers. Come and discover what stories are best told at what stages of a child’s /
adolescent’s development and why, and how to tell stories in a way that is suitable for different age groups.
Course Carriers: Marianna deCroes and Roi Gal-Or

Teaching English as a Second Language through Storytelling

14th - 25th March 2011
Storytelling is an engaging, lively and effective way to teach English as a Foreign or Second
Language. This 2 week course will include the tiny stories of classic English nursery rhymes, games and
poems, as well as a selection of folk tales that can be exciting doorways into understanding and speaking
English for students of all ages. Grammar, spelling and comprehension exercises will also be included.
Course Carrier: Marianna deCroes

spring courses 2010

26 – 29 April. The Courage to Love: Storytelling for the transformation of fear
17 – 20 May. Forgiveness and Freedom: Storytelling and the pathway of forgiveness
Course Carriers for both: Annie Blampied and Roi Gal-Or

summer courses 2010

25 – 31 July. Deep in the Woods: Transformation through Story
Course Carrier: Clare Coburn
25 – 31 July. The Storyteller at Play
Course Carriers: Roi Gal-Or and Ashley Ramsden
1 – 7 August. Storytelling in Education: Turning Straw into Gold
Course Carrier: Marianna deCroes
8 – 14 August. Storytelling in Education: the Adolescent
Course Carrier: Marianna deCroes
8 – 14 August. If I’m so successful, why am I so stressed?
Course Carriers: David Confino and Ashley Ramsden
8 – 14 August. Wind and Waves and Wild days: Singing, Storytelling and Walking in Wales
Course Carriers: Sue Hollingsworth and Helen Chadwick
15 – 21 August. Storytelling in Education: Teaching English as a Foreign Language through Storytelling
Course Carrier: Marianna deCroes
15 – 21 August. Stepping out of Stories
Course Carriers: Michael Jacobs and Ashley Ramsden
16 – 21 August. Let’s Walk for a Change! Biographical Storytelling and Life Coaching on the South Downs
Course Carriers: Sue Hollingsworth and Jan Castle

For detailed information about the courses visit

For costs & application forms visit
Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX, England. Tel: +44 (0)1342 822238

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