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Quality Assurance procedure for Major Works

Excavation and Backfilling

1. Layout & levels will be submitted to Engineer prior to the commencement of work
2. Lab test Results will be submitted to Engineer for approval
3. Work methodology comprising of plant details, excavation method, compaction
method, and proposal for dewatering will be submitted to Engineer for approval prior
to start of work.
4. Excavation will be according to lines, grade & dimensions as shown on drawings
5. Drawings showing layout & sections showing elevations prior & after the fill will be
submitted to Engineer
6. Filling will be done in layers (not more then 300mm), compaction will be done as per
7. Field test results for Compaction, Max dry density will be submitted to Engineer for
his review & approval
8. Final inspection will be carried out after job is complete to identify any nonconformance with specs & drawings.
9. In case of any non-conformance remedial/corrective actions will be taken as per
instructions of Engineer
Concrete Works
1. Forms providing specific surface finish will be used
2. Installation will as per drawings & specs.
3. A inspection of the formwork prior to concrete will be carried out to check following;
1.1 Form work is aligned true to line & grade
1.2 Stable without any deformation under load during concreting
1.3 Embedded items installation
4. Removal of formwork after specified duration

Steel Reinforcement
1. Bar bending schedule will be prepared & submitted to Engineer for approval & all
cutting & bending will be as per Rebar schedule.
2. Visual inspection will be made to check placement as per drawings
3. Final inspection & measurements
1. Method statement comprising of Schedule Progarmme & proposed arrangements of
batching, mixing, conveying, placing & curing will be submitted to Engineer for
review & approval
2. Manufacturer/Suppliers certificates of compliance with relevant
standards/specifications will be submitted for each consignment of materials e.g
cement, steel, admixtures, water stopper, aggregates,etc

3. All relevant tests on materials like cement, aggregates will be performed and results
will be submitted to Engineer
4. Trial mixes and tests will be made by contractor in presence of Engineer for purpose
of designing & quality control. Each mix design will be approved from Engineer
5. Prior to all pours inspection of formwork & steel reinforcement will be carried out as
per drawings.
6. Slump & temperature will be recorded for fresh mix at batching plant or at other
locations directed by Engineer.
7. Cylinders/Beams for compressive strength will be casted at appropriate interval as
specified in specs (10-70 cu.m)
8. Cylinders/Beams will be tested by the Engineer in accordance of the applicable codes
9. Inspection of concrete surface will be made after removal of formwork, if required
repair of concrete will be performed as per specs by skilled labor
10. Final inspection will be made of finished/Hardened concrete surfaces, if concrete
surface irregularities exceeds the permissible tolerance limits as specified in specs,
remedial measures will be taken