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Sofa Villalobos Carrillo A01226122 Group: 151

Self-Actualization Report: Steve Jobs

As the psychologist Abraham Maslow stated in his theory, only 2% of the people
are self-actualized. But, what do I have to achieve in order to become this? With
some research Ive made, I found out that in order to be self-actualized you
should: have self-acceptance and a democratic world view, to be realistic,
problem-centered, to have had peak experiences, autonomy, solitude and
privacy, philosophical sense of humor and spontaneity, etc.
It might look like a long list or maybe difficult, but the reality is that there are and
there have been people who have achieved this. Maslow had a list of famous
people which he thought were self-actualized; including Abraham Lincoln and
Albert Einstein. These two are very good examples of self-actualized people, I
think, but if Maslow had lived during our time, who have he thought that were
self-actualized people?
If you think about it, there are quite a few names that pop into your head, but
one that stuck and made me think even more was Steve Jobs. Ive read some
fragments of his biography and made some research, and for my opinion, the
famous well-known Apple co-founder was a self-actualized person.
One of the reasons I think he became a self-actualized person is because had
always a realistic view of the world. As a child, he had few economic resources
and he knew that if he wanted to succeed in life, he had to work so hard he
would give everything of him, also he always had this clear image of the
projects he had in mind and to accomplish them, he knew under which grounds
he was playing and exactly what he had to do to achieve them.
Also, because of being realistic, he was very self-accepting. He knew that he
was adopted and his family didnt have much. For most people, their goals
would be low and easy to persuade, but this didnt stop him to persuade his
dreams and he didnt let anybody to bring him down because of his economic
resources. Instead, he accepted himself just as the way he was and became
one of the best-known people and entrepreneurs of our times.
What I think was one of his most valuable attributes that made him achieve selfactualization, was that he was problem-centered. At the beginning of his career,
he had numerous failures and problems with his first models of computers. But,

his great sense of responsibility made him push even harder and never give up.
Even though, some problems seemed to him complicated, he knew exactly that
he had to strike the problem and move on.
What better term to describe Steve Jobs than peak experiences? This need in
Maslows pyramid was plentiful during Jobs life. Not just to mention that he
transcended to history and made products that changed peoples lives, to my
opinion, Job had many experiences that fulfilled him. For example:
1976: Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve
Wozniak and Ron Wayne.
In 1977: Apple is incorporated by its founders and venture capitalists.
1980: Apple goes public, raising $110 million in one of the biggest initial
public offerings to date.
1986: Jobs founds computer company NeXT Inc. and buys Pixar from
George Lucas for $10 million.
2000: Jobs is named Apple CEO.
2003: Apple opens the iTunes store with 200,000 songs at 99 cents
each. It sells 1 million songs in the first week.
2007: Apple releases the iPhone.
2010: Apple sells 15 million iPads in nine months, giving rise to a new
category of touch-screen tablet computers.
As for autonomy, he never conformed others ideals of happiness as his own.
He had dreams and life goals that for some people might have seemed crazy
and stupid at the moment, but his visualization of happiness made him
succeed. He did what made him happy and never changed or stopped for
anyone. A quote of his that can show his autonomy is the next one: Dont
follow what other people want you to do, follow what you want to do.
As to my opinion, these are the most important and remarkable qualities, needs
that Steve Jobs fulfilled during his life that made him a self-actualized person.
This list is short for Steve Jobs; by reading his biography you may find
countless virtues he had and how he achieved his full potential as a human
Steve Jobs is a clear example of self- actualization, and just like him, a lot of
people achieve to fulfill all their needs during their lives. So, what we really need
to think about is: if Steve Jobs being a humble person, like many others, could
achieve self-actualization, why not us?