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Name Thienus Ferreira

Date of Birth 05 May 1977
Identity Number 770505 5037 086
Nationality/Gender/Status South African/Male/Engaged
Residential Address D459 Lente Vlei
Contact Number 083 449 2244
E-mail Address
Languages English & Afrikaans
Driver's Licence Code 08(EB)
Professional Status Branch Manager
Computer Programmes Net term/Parcel perfect


E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (1)
(07 December 2007 - Current) RTT
Job Title Branch Manager Newcastle
Duties 1) Day to day administration tasks:
- Audit internaly
- Signing of orders to service providers
- Checking of registers and staff reports
- Ensuring NAS compliance
- Fleet control
- Ensuring vehicles are maintained by fleet controller
- Conducting Staff meetings
2) Client care and enquiries
3) Sales and client visits
4) Implementing cost saving initiatives
5) Monthly Profit & Loss reports
6) Negotiating with service providers
7) Ensuring maintenance is up-to-date on building
9) Reconciliation of fuel reports and vehicle utilization
10) Weekly wages
11) Any and all Disciplinary hearings
12) Follow up on system generated queries and compile various reports
Computer Programmes Net term/SLE

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (2)
(March 2007 - 06 December 2007) United Express
Job Title Branch Manager Newcastle
Duties 1) Route planning and despatch:
- Negotiating rates with owner drivers
- Arranging special loads and same day requests
- Ensuring all departments in the branch are functional according to

2) Staff meetings and agendas:
- Conducting disciplinary hearings
- Checking of POD's and delivery quality
- Quotes for special loads to customers
- Monthly Profit & Loss reports
3) Communicating any and all problem areas to Director and GM
- Ensuring service levels are achieved
4) Staff training and development
5) Notify clients regarding problem deliveries and areas
6) Weekly wages
Computer Programmes In-house program
Reference Gerhard Spalding (General Manager SA)
Contact No. 082 318 1831

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (3)
(January 2007 - March 2007) ACT Logistics
Job Title Operations Manager
Duties 1) Co-ordinating of all operational procedures
2) Fleet control
3) Staff training and implementation of new procedures
4) Solving of Enquiries
5) Daily correspondence between agents and clients
6) Co-ordinating of specialized freight movements
7) Communicating any and all problem areas with Branch Manager

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (4)
(June 2006 - December 2006) Value Express
Job Title (Temporary) National Airfreight Controller/Special Services
Duties 1) Operational and procedural planning
2) National Airfreight branch co-ordination
3) Auditing of vendors and agents
- Weekly procedure planning with agents regarding operations and
movement of cargo
4) Incident investigation of lost and stolen cargo
5) Staff operational training
6) Report all operational and cargo errors directly to Divisional Director
and Branch Manager
7) Customer Services Department training
8) Reconciliation of vendor and agents monthly statements
9) Quotes on special movements and same days
10) Internal Branch auditing regarding service standards and
implementation of service procedures

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (5)
(July 2005 - May 2006) Lufthansa Cargo
Job Title Export Agent
Duties 1) Accepting of Air Cargo from clients:
- Flight inspection of cargo
- Flight planning/cargo positions
- Supervising of palletising and packing of any and all containers
- Solving of enquiries and giving feedback to clients
- Communication and liaison between ground handlers and movement
of cargo to Aircraft
2) Supervising loading of Aircraft
3) Completion on flight plan and flight file

4) Pre-alert and warning on cargo volume and estimates to international
5) NOTOC of dangerous goods to captain

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (6)
(February 2005 - June 2005) Con Cargo Group Holdings
Job Title Sales Representative
Duties 1) Attend to any and all service requirements regarding existing clients
2) Prospecting of Future Business clients:
- Setting up of appointments with future clients
- Handing over rate proposals
- Negotiating rates and tariffs
3) Attend to discrepancies regarding statements and monthly accounts

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (7)
(August 2002 - January 2005) Airborne Express
Job Title Operations Manager
Duties 1) Receiving of vehicles and office equipment
2) Staff interviewing and employment
3) Operations infrastructure planning
4) Meetings with vendors and agents
5) Weekly wages, petty cash and stationary control
6) Attending to existing clients
7) Prospecting of Future clients
8) Reconciling of fuel account, fleet control and servicing of vehicles
9) Assisting with any and all CSD related enquiries
10) Booking of cargo space with Airlines on a daily basis
11) Ensuring all department files and procedures are adhered to daily

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (8)
(January 2000 - August 2002) RTT Airfreight
Job Title Operations Controller/Night Shift Manager
Duties 1) Receiving of cargo
2) Supervising scanning and loading of cargo to the various branches
3) Supervising trip scanning and loading of vehicles
4) Booking of containers with Airlines daily
5) Supervising capturing of waybill information by data capturers
6) Extracting of daily movement reports and solving any problems
7) Assisting in audit preparation and service standard requirements
8) Fleet control management
9) Route planning and vehicle utilization
10) Handover of late shift to day shift

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (9)
(November 1998 - December 1999) Expressit Couriers
Job Title In-House Controller
Duties 1) Arranging of specialized movements for client i.e. same days
2) Daily feedback regarding shipments and status reports
3) Assisting in all customer enquiries
4) Ensuring all in-house agents on site perform within service levels
5) Reporting of any operational failure within the company to the Director
6) Assisting in client reconciliation statements
7) Pre-alert and follow-up with other branches on any and all incoming
ICU sensitive shipments

E M P L O Y M E N T R E C O R D (10)
(February 1997 - November 1998) Speed Services
Job Title Export Clerk
Duties 1) Receiving and checking of cargo for illegal contents
2) Checking and ensuring all the required documentation is accurately
completed for exports and customs
3) Assist border police on any and all illegal cargo found
4) Retrieving of all international POD's from agents
5) Assisting CSD with any and all enquiries
6) Assisting the claims department regarding claim amounts to be paid
7) Assisting the operations department
8) Training of export clerks


High School Attended Hoerskool Suid-Natal

Highest Standard Passed (Matric) National Senior Certificate-1996