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41418 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

140 / Friday, July 21, 2006 / Notices

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: will be to review and provide range of goods, technologies, and
Audrey Wright, Office of the Staff recommendations to the Department of software presently controlled for
Director, (202) 376–7700. Commerce on deemed export policy. national security, non-proliferation,
The DEAC, which will not exceed 12 foreign policy, and short supply reasons
David P. Blackwood, members, will be structured to ensure a
General Counsel.
or that are proposed for such controls,
balanced membership that will offer a balanced to the extent possible among
[FR Doc. 06–6407 Filed 7–19–06; 9:12 am] comprehensive point of view on the large and small firms.
BILLING CODE 6335–01–M complex technical and policy questions
at issue. The advisory committee will TAC members are appointed by the
consist of representatives from industry, Secretary of Commerce and serve terms
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE academia, and other experts in the field of not more than four consecutive years.
to ensure a full discussion of all aspects The membership reflects the
Bureau of Industry and Security of deemed exports and knowledge Department’s commitment to attaining
[Docket No. 060505121–6121–01] transfer from the corporate, academic, balance and diversity. TAC members
and national security perspectives. must obtain secret-level clearances prior
Establishment of Advisory Committee Members will be called upon to advise to appointment. These clearances are
and Clarification of Deemed Export- BIS on highly technical issues necessary so that members may be
Related Regulatory Requirements surrounding technology transfer and to permitted access to the classified
help ensure that BIS effectively carries information needed to formulate
AGENCY: Bureau of Industry and out its critical national security recommendations to the Department of
Security, Commerce. function. To that end, the DEAC shall Commerce. Each TAC meets
ACTION: Notice; extension. have a diverse membership with approximately 4 times per year.
expertise in national security affairs, Members of the Committees will not be
SUMMARY: The Bureau of Industry and scientific research and development
Security publishes this notice to extend compensated for their services.
(R&D) policy, and the various forms of
the recruitment period on the Deemed technology subject to the EAR, such as The six TACs are responsible for
Export Advisory Committee (DEAC). nuclear, chemical, missile, electronics, advising the Department of Commerce
The original solicitation for this Federal computer, telecommunications, and on the technical parameters for export
Advisory Committee was published in avionic technology. controls and the administration of those
the Federal Register on May 22, 2006. DEAC members will be appointed by controls within the following areas:
The DEAC will review and provide the Secretary of Commerce and serve a Information Systems TAC: Control List
recommendations to the Department of term of not more than one year. DEAC Categories 3 (electronics), 4 (computers),
Commerce on deemed export policy. members must obtain a secret security and 5 (telecommunications and
The new deadline to respond to this clearance prior to appointment. These information security); Materials TAC:
recruitment notice is July 28, 2006. clearances are necessary so that Control List Category 1 (materials,
DATES: Resumes must be received by members may be permitted access to the chemicals, microorganisms, and toxins);
July 28, 2006. classified information needed to Materials Processing Equipment TAC:
ADDRESSES: You may submit resumes to formulate recommendations to the Control List Category 2 (materials
Ms. Yvette Springer by any of the Department of Commerce. The DEAC processing); Regulations (EAR) and
following methods: will convene as appropriate, but in no
procedures for implementing the EAR;
• E-mail to Yspringer@bis.doc.gov. case less than quarterly.
Sensors and Instrumentation TAC:
Include ‘‘DEAC application’’ in the Dated: July 18, 2006. Control List Category 6 (sensors and
subject line of the message. Matthew Borman, lasers); Transportation and Related
• Fax: 202–482–2927. Include ‘‘DEAC Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Equipment TAC: Control List Categories
application’’ in the subject line of the Export Administration. 7 (navigation and avionics), 8 (marine),
message. [FR Doc. E6–11625 Filed 7–20–06; 8:45 am] and 9 (propulsion systems, space
• Mail or Hand Delivery/Courier: U.S. BILLING CODE 3510–33–P vehicles, and related equipment). To
Department of Commerce, Bureau of
Industry and Security, Outreach and respond to this recruitment notice,
Education Services Division, 14th & please send a copy of your resume to
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Room Ms. Yvette Springer at
1099D, Washington, DC 20230, ATTN: Bureau of Industry and Security Yspringer@bis.doc.gov.
Ms. Yvette Springer—DEAC application. Deadline: This Notice of Recruitment
Technical Advisory Committees; will be open for one year from its date
Notice of Recruitment of Private-Sector of publication in the Federal Register.
Lopes, Director, Deemed Exports and
Electronics Division, Bureau of Industry For Further Information Contact: Ms.
and Security, Telephone: (202) 482– Summary: Six Technical Advisory Yvette Springer on (202) 482–4814.
4875, or e-mail: alopes@bis.doc.gov. committees (TACs) advise the Dated: July 18, 2006.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Department of Commerce on the
Yvette Springer,
Bureau of Industry and Security technical parameters for export controls
publishes this notice to extend the applicable to dual-use commodities and Committee Liaison Officer.
recruitment period on the Deemed technology and on the administration of [FR Doc. 06–6399 Filed 7–20–06; 8:45 am]
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES_1

Export Advisory Committee (DEAC) those controls. The TACs are composed BILLING CODE 3510–JT–M
from July 21, 2006 to July 28, 2006. The of representatives from industry and
original solicitation for this Federal Government representing diverse points
Advisory Committee was published in of view on the concerns of the exporting
the Federal Register on May 22, 2006 community. Industry representatives are
(71 FR 29301). The purpose of the DEAC selected from firms producing a broad

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