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40458 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

136 / Monday, July 17, 2006 / Proposed Rules

§ 171.610 May I arrange an Incentive § 171.715 How do I obtain an Annual The rules of 26 CFR 601.601(a)(3)
Agreement if I want to farm idle lands? Assessment Waiver? apply to the hearing. Persons who
We may approve an Incentive For your land to be granted an Annual submitted written comments by April
Agreement if: Assessment Waiver, you must: 26, 2006, and outlines by July 5, 2006,
(a) You request one in writing at least (a) Send us a request in writing to may present oral comments at the
90 days prior to the beginning of the have your land granted an Annual hearing.
Assessment Waiver. A period of 10 minutes is allotted to
irrigation season that includes a detailed
(b) Submit your request prior to the each person for presenting oral
plan to improve the idle lands, which
bill due date for the year for which you comments. The IRS will prepare an
contains at least the following:
are requesting the Annual Assessment agenda containing the schedule of
(1) A description of specific Waiver; and speakers. Copies of the agenda will be
improvements you will make, such as (c) Receive our approval in writing. made available, free of charge, at the
clearing, leveling, or other activities; hearing.
(2) The estimated cost of the § 171.720 For what period does an Annual
Assessment Waiver apply? Guy R. Traynor,
improvements you will make;
Annual Assessment Waivers are only Chief, Publications and Regulations Branch,
(3) The time schedule for your Legal Processing Division, Associate Chief
proposed improvements; valid for the year in which they are
Counsel (Procedure and Administration).
granted. To obtain an Annual
(4) Your proposed schedule for water Assessment Waiver for a subsequent [FR Doc. 06–6260 Filed 7–12–06; 2:37 pm]
delivery, if necessary; and year, you must reapply. BILLING CODE 4830–01–P
(5) Justification for use of irrigation
[FR Doc. E6–11293 Filed 7–14–06; 8:45 am]
water during the improvement period.
(b) You sign our Incentive Agreement
containing terms and conditions we Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade
specify. Bureau
§ 171.615 Can I request improvements to
BIA facilities as part of my Incentive Internal Revenue Service 27 CFR Part 9
Agreement? [Notice No. 60]
26 CFR Part 1
Yes. You may request and we may RIN 1513–AB22
agree to make improvements as part of [REG–146459–05]
your Incentive Agreement that we RIN 1545–BF04 Proposed Establishment of the Snake
determine are in the best interest of the River Valley Viticultural Area (2005R–
irrigation facility servicing your farm Designated Roth Accounts Under 463P)
unit. Section 402A; Hearing
AGENCY: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and
Subpart G—Non-Assessment Status AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Trade Bureau, Treasury.
Treasury. ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking.
§ 171.700 When do I not have to pay my
annual operation and maintenance ACTION: Change of location for public
SUMMARY: The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax
assessment? hearing.
and Trade Bureau proposes to establish
You do not have to pay your annual SUMMARY: This document provides a the 8,263-square mile ‘‘Snake River
operation and maintenance assessment change of location for a public hearing Valley’’ viticultural area in
for your land(s) within the service area on proposed regulations under sections southwestern Idaho and southeastern
of your irrigation facility when: 402(g), 402A, 403(b), and 408A of the Oregon. We designate viticultural areas
(a) We grant you an Annual Internal Revenue Code relating to to allow vintners to better describe the
Assessment Waiver; or designated Roth accounts. origin of their wines and to allow
DATES: The public hearing is being held
consumers to better identify wines they
(b) Your land is re-designated as
on Wednesday, July 26, 2006, at 10 a.m. may purchase. We invite comments on
permanently non-assessable or
this proposed addition to our
temporarily non-assessable. ADDRESSES: The public hearing was regulations.
originally being held in the IRS
§ 171.705 What criteria must be met for my DATES: We must receive written
land to be granted an Annual Assessment
Auditorium, Internal Revenue Building,
1111 Constitution Avenue, NW., comments on or before September 15,
Waiver? 2006.
Washington, DC. The hearing location
For your land to be granted an Annual has changed. The public hearing will be ADDRESSES: You may send comments to
Assessment Waiver, we must determine held in the IRS Auditorium (New any of the following addresses:
that our irrigation facilities are not Carrollton location), 5000 Ellin Road, • Director, Regulations and Rulings
capable of delivering adequate irrigation Lanham MD 20706. Division, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and
water to your farm unit. Inadequate Trade Bureau, Attn: Notice No. 60, P.O.
water supply due to natural conditions Box 14412, Washington, DC 20044–
R. Traynor, (202) 874–9752 or Richard
or climate is not justification for us to 4412.
Hurst at
grant an Annual Assessment Waiver. • 202–927–8525 (facsimile).
• (e-mail).
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with PROPOSALS1

§ 171.710 Can I receive irrigation water if I SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The •

am granted an Annual Assessment Waiver? subject of the public hearing is a notice index.htm. An online comment form is
No. Water will not be delivered in any of proposed rulemaking (REG–146459– posted with this notice on our Web site.
quantity to your farm unit if you have 05) that was published in the Federal • (Federal
been granted an Annual Assessment Register on Thursday, January 26, 2006 e-rulemaking portal; follow instructions
Waiver. (71 FR 4320). for submitting comments).

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