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Part III: Healing the Lower Back Focus on Strengthening our Core Power

Centre and Letting go of Fearful Instability - VataKapha Pitta - Bhmana Kriya

Core Power Centre -Strength
I-33 Maitrikaruna-muditopeksanam-sukhaduhkha-punyapunyavisayanambhavanatah-cittaprasadanam
When others are happy, be friendly (show loving kindness); when they are depressed,
show compassion (empathy); when they are doing virtuous deeds, be joyful for them;
when doing non-virtuous deeds, feel equanimity (do not get thrown off your centre)
Contemplate a person in your life for each situation can you follow this
advice? Why or why not?
Fearless, Relaxed Mind with Core Strength Mula Bandha Hold after Exhale
I-34 Pracchardana-vidharanabhyam-va-pranasya
Or [a clear mind arises] from breathing exercises (pranayama) which focus on
exhalation and the retention of breath after exhalation.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika (II,18) also recommends starting with lengthening the exhale
before the inhale - also, Vyasa and the Yoga Rahasya agree because it is safer.
How is your breath? Long and smooth or Short and rough?

1. Lying Warm-up Focus on Warming-up and Gently Strengthening/Stretching

Lower Back
Tdkamudr: Little Pond Mudra with Hold after Exhale
Focus: To practice conscious breathing technique and gently warm up back muscles.
Bend legs to protect lower back

Dvipda Ptham Two-footed stool Pose Purple Block b/t thighs to stabilize pelvis.
Use a green block under the lower back if lordosis (sway back) is causing back pain
Focus: To gently warm up as well as stretch and strengthen the back. To stretch the
hip flexors.
Repeat each variation 4-6 T

Maggie Reagh


Apnsana: Lower abdominal vital air posture

Focus: Counter pose that relaxes the lower back with hold after exhale to strengthen
the core muscles/stabilize pelvis

rdhva Prasrta Pdsana: Upward-spread feet Variations

Focus: To strengthen the lower abdominals and mula bandha (pelvic floor); to stretch
lower back/hamstrings safely lying forward bend with neutral spine!

2. Opening Chanting Invocations/Yoga Sutras See Course Outline

Modify by sitting on a chair
Meditate on Flame (Agni) in Belly Touch Belly
Chant: Ram (3rd Cakra) Vam (2nd Cakra) Lam (1st Cakra)

Maggie Reagh


3. Cakravksana Vinysa 6T Count breath 4-6

Focus: To gently stretch/warm up/strengthen the whole body including the Lower

Bhujangsana; (Ardha) alabhsana; Vimansana Cobra, (Half) Locust & Airplane

Focus: To strengthen the lower back and stabilize the S.I. (sacroiliac) joint function one
side at a time.

Maggie Reagh


Childs Pose Legs Parallel Belly on Thighs

Focus: To stretch and contract back muscles as counter to back arches

Transition to Standing with Lunges

Focus: Stretching psoas muscle and balancing pelvic rotation one side at a time

4-6 T/side
Transition through childs pose to go from lft to rt

4. Tadsana Parva Variation

5. Vrabhadrsana with Prva Uttnsana Vinysa: Warrior with One-sided

Forward Bend Flow Using wall and chair Stay in poses to intensify
Focus: To warm up the whole body while gently stretching/strengthenng the upper
and lower back. To balance the rotation of the pelvis while stretching the hamstrings
and strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower back.

Maggie Reagh


6. Prvakonsana: Side Angle Stretch

Focus: To stretch the lateral sides of the body, strengthen/stretch back and balance
hips and pelvis

7. Prasrita Pda Uttnsana: Spread-footed Forward Bend

Focus: To realign the spine after asymmetric work while stretching the back and
hamstrings.To teach how to execute safe forward bends with a neutral spine and bent

Maggie Reagh


8. Transition to Floor Bend knees in all forward bends to give more core stability
and less load on the back Skip transition if necessary for Lower Back Pain

9. Janu Sirasana Knee to head pose Advanced Only

Focus: To stretch lateral sides of body into fascia of hips/gluts

10. Childs Pose Legs Parallel Belly on Thighs - Transition to lying

Focus: To stretch/relax/rest back muscles as counter to standing/seated poses

11. Jathara Parivrtti (Parva) - Rotated and Lateral Twist: Jathara Agni-Fire Twist
Variations with Supta Eka Pdngusthsana: Lying One-footed Big toe posture
Focus: To stretch the musculature of the hips/ lower Back/ hamstrings and to balance


Maggie Reagh


12. Apnsana: Lower abdominal vital air posture Counter Pose

13. avsana - Meditate on Flame in Belly

In: Am Ex: Strong
In: Am Ex: Free
In: Ram Ex: Lam

14. Closing Chants

Maggie Reagh