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June 28, 2006

Part III

Department of Labor
Office of the Secretary

Department of Labor Employment of

Individuals With Disabilities and Veterans
With Disabilities; Notice
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VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:11 Jun 27, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 4717 Sfmt 4717 E:\FR\FM\28JNN2.SGM 28JNN2
36920 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 124 / Wednesday, June 28, 2006 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR equal access to the privileges and barriers to employment of qualified
benefits of the workplace. persons with disabilities.
Office of the Secretary C. The Veterans’ Employment and
5. Employment of Individuals With
[Secretary’s Order—15–2006] Disabilities and Veterans With Training Service is available to provide
Disabilities guidance and assistance for DOL
Department of Labor Employment of initiatives to further eliminate barriers
Individuals With Disabilities and The goal of the Department is to to the employment of qualified veterans
Veterans With Disabilities ensure that qualified individuals with with disabilities.
disabilities, including veterans with
1. Purpose disabilities and employees who become D. DOL Agency Heads and Regional
disabled, have a full measure of Administrators—Office of the Assistant
To prescribe Department of Labor Secretary for Administration and
(DOL) policy and responsibilities with opportunities in hiring, placement,
retention, and advancement in Management are responsible for
regard to employment of individuals effectuating affirmative employment
with disabilities and veterans with employment. This goal is an integral
part of the ongoing personnel initiatives in their respective Agencies;
disabilities. submitting statistical, evaluative, and
management program, and is to be
2. Directives Affected accomplished by the employment of narrative reports to OASAM in support
Secretary’s Order 9–78 is canceled. qualified persons with disabilities in a of Congressionally-mandated reports;
broad range of grade levels and in a and support and implementation of the
3. Background representative variety of occupational Department’s policy within their
Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act series with career advancement respective Agencies, including but not
of 1973 (Pub. L. 93–112, Title V), as opportunities commensurate with those limited to issuing policy directives to
amended (Pub. L. 93–516), requires the for all employees within an managers and supervisors expressing
development and implementation of organization. strong support for the employment of
affirmative employment programs for qualified individuals with disabilities,
the hiring, placement, and advancement 6. Responsibilities including veterans with disabilities; and
of individuals with disabilities, as well A. The Assistant Secretary for conducting recruitment activities
as annual reports. Further, Executive Administration and Management has through their Human Resource Offices
Order 13164 requires Federal agencies responsibility for the overall to locate qualified individuals with
to establish written procedures to administration of the Department’s disabilities and veterans with
facilitate the provision of reasonable programs for employment of qualified disabilities.
accommodation for individuals with individuals with disabilities, including E. The Solicitor of Labor is
disabilities so that they can enjoy the veterans with disabilities; the issuance responsible for providing legal advice
benefits and privileges of employment of departmental directives in support of and technical assistance to all officials
equal to those enjoyed by employees these programs; and oversight of DOL of the Department who are responsible
without disabilities. Agency responsibilities for effective for implementing DOL policy regarding
implementation of DOL policies. the employment of qualified persons
4. Policy Additionally, the Office of the Assistant with disabilities, including veterans
It is the policy of the Department to Secretary for Administration and with disabilities.
encourage the use of the Government- Management serves as the primary
wide special hiring authorities, as reporting agency on DOL affirmative 7. Effective Date
provided for by the Office of Personnel employment programs for qualified This Order is effective immediately.
Management, to employ and advance in individuals with disabilities and
employment qualified persons with Dated: June 20, 2006.
veterans with disabilities.
disabilities and qualified veterans with B. The Office of Disability Elaine L. Chao,
disabilities. The Department shall also Employment Policy is available to Secretary of Labor.
ensure that the special needs of these provide guidance and assistance for [FR Doc. 06–5741 Filed 6–27–06; 8:45 am]
employees are met so they may have DOL initiatives to further eliminate BILLING CODE 4510–23–P
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