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Outgoing Bassa
Superintendent Cooper
Explains Reasons for Quitting


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Speaker Tyler
describes death of
fallen Lofa lawmaker


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Len Millar Triumphs
over St. Theresa


VOL 9 NO.141






I welcome the move by president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for dismissing him, it will set a precedent for others who are
involved in gender base violence, while it is true that he has been dismissed, I will not just let it go for free, I am going
to court he must pay for the pains he has caused me, many thanks to Madam Leyma Gbowee and other well-meaning
Liberians advocates for the role played in bringing justice. I also call on government protection as I am currently
living in fear as I have started receiving calls making me scare Esther Glain, victim of alleged beating
















These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of the foreign exchange market
in Monrovia and its environs. The rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the
commercials banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Source: Research, Policy and Planning Department, Central Bank Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Al-Varney Rogers alvarney.rogersfrontpageafricaonline.com; Massa F. Kanneh-Dorleymasskanneh@yahoo.com or 0886848625

Monroviahe torrential downpour of rain in Monrovia did not

spare the city as many homes and streets were flooded,
posing a serious challenge to residents.
A resident of CEMENCO community on the Bushrod
Island and a single mother Grace Toe, 28, could not take her
daughter to school due to the heavy downpour of rain adding that
the only route they use was flooded.
My daughter never went to school this morning because of the
heavy downpour of rain, she said.
My daughters school is in town. When we got to the Freeport
this morning, the whole place was full with water and the only
way for us to pass is to swim and I cannot do that so I took by
daughter back home, Toe added.
Toe said because of the flooding, residents of the CEMENCO
Community are experiencing difficulty, with the water destroying
personal effects.
In downtown Monrovia, some streets were impassable due to the
downpour. Vehicles were submerged in flood waters while idle
youths, mainly men, stood nearby to help pull out vehicles.
We can carry youjust give us something, a youth told residents
who were anxious to go their various place of work.
Residents in some communities were temporarily displaced as
the flood ravished their homes.
An employee of the National Port Authority (NPA), Albert Dickson,
34, was coerced to pay LD 50 to cross the street on the back of a
young man in order to get to work.
I stood there thinking about means to cross the water for over an
hour until I saw a guy who was crossing people on his back and he
crossed me, Dickson said.
I work in the port, this morning I got late for work because of
the heavy rain, the car I got in from New Georgia estate, the car
stopped me CEMENCO because the car was so low and the water
covered the car; so the driver stopped at CEMENCO, Dickson said.
Dickson continued: I have not seen this thing (flood) happen
to Freeport like this before. Just this morning rain cant full this
place, what more about the seven day rain - the whole of Bushrod
Island will get flooded. So, I think the government should act
quickly so as to stop this embarrassment.
A resident of Vai Town, Morris Kamara, mentioned that the flood
in his community is not strange, every year they undergo such
Look, the way this water came over our community is not
strange. I have been living in this community for the past twenty
years and the story is the same every year. Once the rain comes,
the government will come and when the rain goes, they will go;
leaving us in the problem, Kamara said.
Kamara said he blames the conditions of the flood on the various
stores built in the waterway.
You cannot have the stores in the water way and you want us to

believe that flood will not occur in our community.

He called on the government to break structures along the water
ways. With that, he says, the flooding problem can come to an end.
Flood is not a novelty in Liberia especially in the capital Monrovia.
Even the residence of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has suffered
the from severe flooding which led to angry residents in the Fish
Market Community and other environs to angrily break the fence
of the Presidents residence to allow the free flow of water.
The intervention by the Ministry of Public works by opening
drainages around the Presidents vicinity has greatly reduced the
flooding in that community while other communities like Clara
Town, Doe Community and CEMENCO are still seeking assistance
to curb their situation.
The downpour has left thousands of residents on the Bushrod
Island homeless and properties damaged overnight.
Residents of a factory enclosed community of Ballima narrated
their ordeal that the heavy downpour of rain that destroyed their
properties, started at 3 am this morning while everyone was still
as sleep.
Miatta Kamara, grandmother of eight, narrated that she was fast
asleep alongside her grandchildren and had only noticed that the
room was getting flooded when her grandchildren began to cry as
water seeped from under the floor.
She said during the night, she had to relocate her children one at
a time to a school building for safety.
The grandmother of eight is appealing to President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf and other humanitarian groups to intervene for Sethi
Brothers Inc. Duraplast Factory and CEMENCO to open the water
ways for the community.
She said the community was not facing such situation in the
past until Sethi Brothers
constructed its Rubber factory,
which has been causing
problem for both Bassa town
and Ballima communities.
We were asleep when the
rain started. The children on
the ground started crying,
thats how we got to know that
water was there, said Old lady
If they can help us to come
and open the drainage in
the streets, we will be happy
because it is from the streets
the water is coming from, she
She said it is the first time such
a terrible thing has happened
to them.

Things like this never happened here before but Sethi Brothers
built house all over here and they have built in the places where
the water used to pass, Old lady Miatta said.
If the government can help to take us from this suffering by
opening the drainages, we will be really happy. When it starts to
rain we dont sleep. We are all worried, we really need help said
another resident Makoya Dukuly.
According to the chairman of the Ballima Community, Mulbah
Dukuly, 56 houses and over 10,000 people have been affected by
the flood.
Dukuly said lots of properties, including mattresses and food have
been destroyed by the water.
The Chairman said he is kindly appealing to the government and
other humanitarian groups to come to the aid of the residents.
We want to let the nation and government knows what has
happened to us in Ballima. The water has damaged all of our
residences, foods and even mattresses.
An official of the Ministry of Public Works, Claude Langley Deputy
Minister for Technical Services, on Tuesday told lawmakers that
the flooding of the city and other parts of the country is due to the
lack of capacity by his ministry to respond.
According to Langley, most of the drainages are being clogged by
solid waste thrown into it by community members. The Ministry
says it does not have any equipment to clean the drainage.
He blames the over flooding of the city to the construction of
structures over drainages and a result of the outdated zoning
map currently in use. He called on the Legislature to make the
needed appropriations for the ministry to enable it get some of
the equipment needed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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Dismissal Not Enough State
Must Prosecute George

THE UNITED NATIONS Mission in Liberia, which has been

in the post war country for over a decade, is expected to
depart in 2016 i.e. if the United Nations Security Council
finally decide to end the operations of one of the largest
UN peace keeping missions ever.
ALREADY LIBERIA HAS been told that it will take charge
of its own security from UNMIL by June 2016 and the
country is preparing with a plan, dubbed the UNMIL
drawdown, finding out ways to fill the security gaps when
the UN mission is over.
WITH A LONG HISTORY of security agencies paying loyalty
to individuals instead of the state, coupled with abuse of
power by those in charge of security, many Liberians fear
that the UNMIL drawdown could threaten the peace of the
TOP SECURITY OFFICIAls are all appointed by the
president. Rather than protecting the entire population,
these officials focus on protection of those at the helm
of power leaving the citizens at the peril of criminals,
resulting to what is commonly known in Liberia as no
Justice for the poor.
ADHERENCE TO THE rule of law is still a major problem in
the country as some individuals rely on their connections
and power to abuse the rights of ordinary Liberians and
these Liberians in most instances do not get redress.
ONE OF SUCH incidents of abuse of power and use of force
against innocent Liberians occurred on September 13
in the Barnesville Housing Estate, a suburb of Monrovia
where a top security personnel, Deputy Director for
Operation of the Executive Protection Service, Darlington
George is said to have severely beaten one Esther Glain
leaving bruises and spill of blood on the face of the female
ESTHER, EXPLAINED to FrontPageAfrica on Sunday that
while at the Barnersville Sports pitch, EPS Deputy Director
for Operation, George and his men terribly beat her for
arguing with him.
THE VICTIM SAID it all started while she and her friends
were having a good time watching a football match, an SUV
pulled up so close to them almost to the point of ramming
into them, prompting them to yell out of fear only to see
Deputy EPS boss walking over to call them prostitutes.
THE GROUP OF women were said to have reacted angrily
and, according to eyewitnesses, George grew furious and
struck Esther hard in the face, kicked her to the ground
and then ordered his men to join in. When he was beating
me, one of his men used a Malta bottle and smashed it on
my head and later stabbed me on the jaw, Esther narrated.
ESTHER SAID SHE was left unconscious while Darlington
and his men drove away. She later found herself in a local
clinic where she was treated.
THE SITUATION of Esther, who is currently feeling the
pain, is one of many taking place around the country
where security personnel use their power to abuse the
ordinary people and go free.
BESIDES PHYSICAL INJURIES caused Esther, the alleged
action of a member of the presidential elite security is
good reason for his dismissal by President Sirleaf.
THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THE President Sirleaf has
dismissed an official of government for physically
assaulting a peaceful citizen.
ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR Sectorial Planning at the
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Jeremiah

Senator Cooper's debate for Budget cut and the threats of suspension

J. Yanqui Zaza, jyanqui@aol.com, Contributing Writer

nce again, Liberian President Ellen Johnson

Sirleafs government is boasting that Liberia has
accomplished a milestone-Liberias admission to
the World Trade Organization (WTO). Liberias
admission into the WTO comes after the Sirleaf government
has signed many flawed big-business-concessionary
agreements since her ascendency to the presidency in
2006. Predictably, many Liberians, aware of the cozy
relationship between President Sirleaf and big business,
are asking whether Liberia will benefit from its WTO
membership. Why should this matter to Liberia when the
country cannot export a significant value of commodities
and, or services?
Most importantly, wouldnt, investors, awarded with flawed
concessionary agreement, delay or fight against amending
the agreements, since legal recourse is available within
the WTO? Even worst, wouldnt Firestone, Mittal Steel,
etc., violate current labor laws, environment laws, etc., if
experts at the WTO perceived the laws as anti-business?
For President Sirleaf and representatives of the World
Trade Organization, Liberias admission to the World Trade
Organization is a victory FrontpageAfrica, 8/23/2015). Mr.
Joakin Reiter, Deputy Secretary of WTO stated, major
benefit of the WTO is that it provides government with
a power instrument for domestic reforms to accelerate
growth, modernize, strengthen institutional capacity and
enshrine the rule of law. Also, WTO will create a platform
to reform international market, said Dr. Cheidu Osakwe,
Director of Accession Division, WTO.
Before I share my view on Liberias WTO membership, let
me define what are trade and WTO. The Webster dictionary
says: trade is to engage in buying and selling for profit.
Adam Davidson of the NY Times magazine says, Trade is
central to every key economic issue we face. Whether it
is the subject of income inequality, financial stability, the
future of work, it all comes down to a discussion of trade.
In Liberia, trade includes Firestone selling latex to its
Parent, Bridgestone of Japan; Liberia acquiescing to the
World Banks loan with strings attached; or a merchant
using a Letter of Credit from a local bank to import rice/
medical drugs on credit from a foreign country.
WTOis a 142 member governments who try to
sort out trade problems they face with each other
or with companies operating within their countries.
WTO agreementsare essentially contracts, binding
governments to keep their trade policies within agreed
limits. Alternatively, it is a way to settle differences
between governments or between companies and
governments through some neutral procedure based on an
agreed legal foundation.
However, Global Exchange, an international organization,
says otherwise and has published eleven points explaining
why WTO is against the poor. Here are two of the eleven
points: 1) WTO is seeking to privatize or sell essential
public services such as education, health care, energy and
waterradio airwaves or schools 2) many important
decisions get made in a process whereby poor countries
negotiators are not even invited to closed door meetings
Will Liberia benefit according to President Sirleaf? The
heading below, of an article called How big business in
Krah was dismissed for assaulting a female police officer.
The assistant minister reportedly assaulted police officer
Beauty Mulbah at the intersections of Buchanan and Broad
Streets in central Monrovia when she stopped his vehicle
and asked him for his car documents and license.
IN THIS INSTANCE, the assaulted police officer, a female,
did not sustain bodily harm like the case of Esther and the
President took action.
A STATEMENT FROM the Executive Mansion quoted
President Sirleaf as describing the statement as
unacceptable the assault on a law enforcement officer,
particularly a female, by a member of her government.

the U.S. and the WTO crushed Indias subsidies for Solar
system, might give us some understanding. The heading
of the article says: Four hundred million Indiansone
quarter of Indias populationhave no electricity, but as
far as the United States and the World Trade Organization
(WTO) are concerned, they can keep sitting in the dark.
Several economists such as Mr. Gojko Barjamovic, an expert
in ancient languages and culture at Harvard University
agreed with some of Global Exchanges points, especially
the widening of the gap of income inequality. In their
study, they included economic activities between 1890 B.C.
and 1860 B.C. for one community in the town of Kanesh,
what is now called Iraq. Among the parallels with todays
economic activities, governments did enforce regulations
and reprimanded wrongdoers. Another parallel was a
privileged few gained enormous wealth. However, unlike
today, the wealthy did redistribute a high percentage of
their earnings, which was used to build public educational
system, network of public libraries, public parks, etc., the
economists reported.
The wealthy are not only reluctant to contribute a portion
of their wealth to finance social programs, but have created
a complex monetary system to generate additional wealth.
Or as Adam Davidson of the New York Magazine stated
that the rich has engineered basic architecture of a new
global financial system in which economic calculus, not
military and political power would determine where
money flows
WTO is part of that the economic calculus to shield
and generate more wealth from flawed concessionary
agreements, of course in collaboration with its sisterorganizations (The World Bank and International Monetary
Funds). The economic calculus begins with international
companies providing the money that World Bank uses
to loan to poor countries. Thereafter, the World Bank/
IMF identifies which multinational companies (Mittal
Steel or Bridgestone; parent of Liberian Firestone Rubber
Plantation) will manage natural resources. So, indirectly,
Liberia did borrow from Firestone.
If the adage is true that He who pays the piper calls the
tune, then poor countries are not only indirectly under the
control of the World Bank, but also are under the indirect
control of international companies. WTO, with legal
provisions, comes in to seal the financial relationship after
the money-lending connection between the poor countries
and the World Bank, and big business, by extension. As
a member, investors can now file lawsuits within the
WTO, even if local courts have given a ruling on the same
issue. For example, the three-panel judges can determine
whether amending any of the flawed concessionary
agreements is good for business or not. In view of the get
rich quick mentality, investors will not only fight against
amending the flawed concessionary agreements, but might
file lawsuits at the WTO to coerce countries such as Liberia
to relax its environmental laws or allow Mittal steel to
pollute the rivers in Liberia. That is why a country such as
Liberia was lured into the WTO, even though its exports
are miniscule to pose any challenge to the importation of
goods and services.

SIRLEAF AT THE time declared that she hopes her action

will serve as a deterrent to others in government who
would want to use their positions to abuse and violate the
rights of others.
ASSISTANT MINISTER Krah at the time walked into the
offices of FrontPageAfrica where he declared that he did
not assault the police officer. Krah was never investigated
but summarily dismissed from his position.
SO TOO THE dismissal of George is laudable but based on
the gravity of the injuries sustained by Esther, the state
must draw charges against him for hurting a peaceful
citizen as his action is a crime against the state.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Sylvester Moses Works at Self-Employed
Great victory, congrats Team Lone Star, Coach Debbah, Grandpa
Doe, Youth and Sports Ministry, and the fans; we're proud, and
Garrison F. Togba Jr. Proprietor at Garto Financial
Thank you, Frontpage Africa, for this impressive report.
Although, I was not at the game, your description of the game
itself as well as the pre and post game analysis give me an
appreciative understanding of the game. Thanks a million as I
look forward to reading your next Lone Star story.

Boima Gbelly Works at Self-Employed

Thank you plenty Lone Star for giving us victory! If nothing
good is happening in Liberia now, Thanks for making us happy.
We love you all!!!!
James Kollie Works at United Cerebral Palsy of Greater
Dane County (UCP)
Bravo!!!!! Lone Star, u made my weekend complete
Moses Kollie University of Liberia
Congratulations, Lone Star on your victory over Tunisia, keep
on the good works as we are with you forever, bravo again.

E Herodotus Payne Jr. Economist at Ministry of Finance

and Development Planning
Thank you President Sirleaf and the MFDP family for ensuring
the support and timely discharge of the players' per diem and
other necessary finances that kept the preparations on and
spirits high.
Simeon Humanitarian Simeon Chief Executive Officer at
Give Coach Debbah time and support!!! I'm optimistic him
will bring success, Before let I said his approaches is working,
Thank to the player's and more especially the Liberian peoples
for their supports,
Pius Torbor University of Liberia
Congratulations boys. It only takes hard work and
determination. Keep the courage and focus, with the needed
support you will succeed.

Emmanuel Blimie Park Center Senior High

Kudos! Way to go guys. Y'all just keep bringing us the goodies.
Hey grandpa, hats out to you. Remembered those days playing
against you and Papi on buduburam refugee camp...the power
of focus and hard work can take you anywhere. Not to digress!
Its official. I am on the ballet for Florida State Senate in 2016
after running successful campaigns for Obama, VP Biden, and
Charlie Crist. About me: www.esblimie6.wix.com/senate or
Luther Tarpeh Oceanview Christian High school,
Rivercess, Liberia
Thank you Boys for your splendid performance against one of
Africa best teams. For a long time Liberians haven't had much
to laugh about. After the horror of Ebola and uncertainty we
can smile again. Thank you James Debah and your team of
coaches. We are with you. Let's unite and support the boys to
represent us at this coming nation cup. Congratulations! Lone
Star on the WAAAAY!

Festus Wongbay Student at Nimba County

I am glad to hear that my country won against Tunisia it is a
vision that Liberia will go for final.
Boima Williams Lincoln Technical Institute
Well. I must commend the Lone Star Team for a job well done
but I am not ready to celebrate yet, we have all seem this before,
first leg, we win by one or draw and on the return leg we are
eliminated, until we win away from home, I will only say Thank
You to the Players and Technical Staff for this much needed
victory and showing heart to defend our nation and making us
relevence and proud in African Football

DISCLAIMER: The comments expressed here are

those of our online readers and bloggers and do no
represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

Send your letters and comments to:




The Editor,

ou know what; here we go again with a proliferation

of lies against the President. Some are accusing the
President Barack Obama of pointing the finger at her
as one of Africas most corrupt leaders, while others
cannot simply accept the fact that Minister of Agriculture, i.e. Dr...
.Florence Chenoweth, has resigned her Ministerial post because
of personal, health-related issues.
When do we learn that to speak the truth is Godly while
continually telling lies and falsehood have dreadful consequences
for the ungodly!
These two leaders have made immense contributions to this
Land and this Nation. They have built up our national treasures in
Democracy, Diplomacy and in Agricultural projects such as never
seen before since the founding of our Republic.
Yet, we take pleasure in chastising and criticizing them for
only the good that they have done and the sacrifices they have
made. Donor countries are not under any obligation to fund
Liberian-government or Liberian-people projects. They provide
the funding and money only when they can perceive that the
projects are sound and that there is justifiably, good governance
originating from country leadership.
I will make my position avidly clear as a bell, such as I have done
in the past and I will assure you that those lost souls who bear
false-witness against their neighbor shall feel Gods justice.
As for what they believe will be a better day ahead, they need to
stop dreaming and start praying for a future that will ensure that
this nation does not slip again into the decadence that enveloped
it, before the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
I for one was running during the time of Doe and I dont intend
running away from anyone anymore. I will stand my ground. The
churches should encourage Liberians to grow their own food and
own their very own businesses. Focus on where your talents lie
and work to achieve improvements to your person and self. Stop
passing the buck! Blame no one else but yourself. There has to be
less dependence upon Government and more focus upon what
can I do for myself?
As for James Sirleaf, I have never held a Government job or ever
depended upon any Government for my daily bread. That is why I
am so proud of myself.
The critism remains but what improvements have been rendered
to the greater Public by thepontiffs, scribes and critics who were
around during the decades of decay of rule by previous leaders
of this republic. What is good for Peter must also be what is good
for Paul.
Oh I see, now because the finances flow much better; we find more
than a third and a still growing population from all around the
country have now all immigrated to Monrovia and expect to live
off the work and sweat of families and other working populations.
How many take assignments to work with Concessions and move
back to rural areas? Who encourages these ones who still dont
realize that the money found in the city only comes from the bush.
This is a wakeup call because we have university students
employed as bank managers who cannot write a fitting decent
Who do we blame for all that? Blame the Government! Yeah right.
This is a wakeup call because the fault is not that of the
Government alone. The fault lies with the People. The Liberian
people, the Liberian churches, the Liberian sports associations,
the Liberian media, Liberian business people, Foreigners doing
business in Liberia, etc., are all very corrupt. I do have some proof.

The greater gravity nevertheless, of all of these problems, may

be attributed to the war and trying times of the Doe and Taylor
governments. This is when the true suffering began. People made
millions while others fought their battles and wars. Children died
and many women became victims of war.
Unfortunately this suffering tide, may not end with Ellens
What was the benefit of an education then, i.e. during the time of
Taylor and Doe? I cant tell you that. But I can tell you that now,
a 12th grade education is worth only the same as a 6th grade
education was back in 1968.
My friends, you know what you need to do? You need get off (you
know what) to make something happen for yourself in your own
life. Expect assistance but dont expect handouts.
I will reiterate my previous views that the revelation of the Gospel
is being revealed in this Country during these times.
Our President has led her people well, through the Red Sea and
over the desert away from Pharaohs forces.
She has held God first and have continued to rely upon his
judgment and his goodness for our and the Countrys salvation.
Albeit and however, you still find the many detractors, whom we
all know and who are desperately trying to succeed. I should not
call names but you and I know them well.
They make comments and criticism, but have no solutions to
offer. They claim that they represent and speak the language of
the people, when they are in fact evil men and women casting a
shadow of a doubt over all that are fair and right.
Beware of Satans angels my friends, because the last days are
already here.
We will continue to stand our ground and fight against Satan and
his forces of evil.
We will continue to hold hands in faith and kneel together in the
time of pestilence and strife forever asking our God for strength
and his forgiveness of our sins.
We will castrate the thoughts of those who preach and condone
evil over and around us and our families.
We will stand firm and protect our leaders at all costs.
The Devil and his henchmen and henchwomen shall never
succeed as we stand in servitude under the mantel of the Lord
of Hosts.
The Lord of Hosts shall strike them down and make them pay for
their wickedness, evil and deception.
The Lord of Hosts shall provide us with his Chariot that will ride
through the darkest channels of hopelessness and into the Glory
of the Lord, our Father.
The rally and the might of the Lord and the most high remain
unchallenged. The faith and beliefs of the faithful are best made
by choice and not through persuasion.
Mr. James E. Sirleaf, sirleafjames2013@gmail.com
Director MOTC:
A Former Banker with formidable years of business banking
experience RVP Emerging Markets at Citibank London, Div Head
for Corporate and Institutional Bank, United Bank for Africa
(UBA) Liberia, General Manager Corporate and Institutional
Banking at FI Bank in Monrovia. Mr. Sirleaf served as a participant
and speaker at the very first World Forum for Democracy in
Strasbourg, France 2012. James is a highly experienced finance
expert and continues with MOTC as General Manager, a job he has
held since December 2012.


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

077-936-138, editor@FrontPageAfricaonline.com;
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015




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I welcome the move by president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for dismissing him, it will set a precedent for others who are
involved in gender base violence, while it is true that he has been dismissed, I will not just let it go for free, I am going
to court he must pay for the pains he has caused me, many thanks to Madam Leyma Gbowee and other well-meaning
Liberians advocates for the role played in bringing justice. I also call on government protection as I am currently
living in fear as I have started receiving calls making me scare Esther Glain, victim of alleged beating

By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr (231886458910)-edwin.genoway@frontpageonline.com

Monroviabig security monster

Director Darlington
George was late Monday
dismissed for allegedly several
flogging a female in the
Barnesville Community.
In a statement released the
Executive Mansion stated
that President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf, has with immediate
effect relieved George of this
duties and directed him to
report to the Ministry of Justice
for investigation and if found
wanting shall be sent to court
for prosecution in the case
of assault on Ms. Varnester
Maday Kiatamba.
FrontPageAfrica has gathered
that the Executive Mansion has
mentioned the name used by
the victim on her social media
page-facebook instead of her
real name Esther Glain.
The Executive Mansion said it
has also strongly directed that
others involved in the fracas
that are not EPS agents should
also report to the Ministry of
The release furthered that the
President will not condone
such acts of sheer indiscipline
and total lack of morals on the
part of any member of State
security institutions especially
the EPS, which has been subject
to thorough psychological

reform in order to give a human

face to the public service they
are entrusted to perform.
The victim told FPA that she
welcomes the dismal but will
still take the matter to court
because she is suffering severe
injuries from the action of
Esther Glain, a resident of
Barnesville Estate has alleged
that she was severely beaten
by the Deputy Director of
Operations at the Executive
Protection Service, Darlington
Esther explained that on
Sunday September 13, 2015
while at the Barnersville Sports
Pitch, EPS Deputy Director for
Operation, Darlington George
and his men terribly beat her

for arguing with him.

According to her, she and her
friends were having a good
time watching a football match
when an SUV jeep pulled up
so close to them almost to the
point of ramming into them.
They bellowed out to the
driver, Darlington George, out
of fear to stop. She noted that
the EPS Deputy boss got out
of his vehicle, walked over to
them and looked into their eyes
and called them prostitutes.
Esther said she didn't take it
kindly being called prostitute
by a Deputy presidential guard
who nearly hit her with his car.
After he missed us with the
car, I said his mother was the
prostitute, she explained.
She furthered noted that


Bettie K. Johnson/ betty.johnson@frontpageafricaonline.com


downpour of rain
on Sunday, several
high school students
gathered for the grand finale of
the inter-high school debate
competition at the Monrovia
City Hall.
Decked in their uniforms, four
high schools took the stage,
namely Seventh Day Adventist,

G.W Gibson, St. Theresa

Convent and Len Millar to
debate the contentious issues.
The students were judged
eloquence amongst others.
Speaking at the grand finale, the
organizer of the competition,
Alex Devine said his company is
not just into planning programs
but developing programs and
events that provide answers

to many issues and challenges

affecting the different sectors
of society. Devine is the
CEO of Devines Events and
He disclosed that debate is
meant to provide creative and
useful alternative to Super
Friday which was a serious
distraction to students, adding
that all debates were held on
Friday to serve as a distraction

George grew furious and

struck her hard in the face,
kicked her to the ground and
then ordered his men to join in.
When he was beating me, one
of his men used a Malta bottle
and smashed it on my head
and later stab me on the jaw,
she noted.
Esther said she was left
unconscious while Darlington
and his men drove away, she
later found herself in a local
clinic where she was treated.
The alleged flogging of Esther
has generated a heated debate
among Liberians in and around
Monrovia. One of Esthers
who witnessed the incident
presidential guard.
Rebecca said it is evident that
most Liberians do not trust
this current security sector of
president Sirleaf because of its
habitual tendency of abusing
those it claims to be protecting.
Public confidence is lacking as
a result of bribery, extortion,
coercion, corruption, and
humiliation. Even the LNP
is no longer seen as an
institution to fully rely on for
safety as political interference
mandate and operations. It is
no secret that the LNP now is
being extremely manipulated

from Super Friday.

The competition, according to
Devine, is to create a competing
environment for excelling in
learning because the students are
now referred to as weapon of
education. The deep research,
intense studies and the display
of their excellent presentations
have not only broadened their
horizon, but made them believe
in their potentials and abilities
even more. It has helped inspire
and make ready other students
who would be seeing the next
He stated: the competition
promotes a national agenda for
transformation; we have seen
the government made frantic
efforts in ensuring the messy
education is transformed into
better one.
Devine added that his company
is committed to working with
everyone in making a difference
in transforming Liberia.
Today we are talking education,
tomorrow we could be talking
rehabilitation and reintegration
of our wayward brothers and
sisters. Tomorrow we could
talk development and as you
have already started seeing, we
are going to have comedy and
entertainment shows, we are
ready, said Devine.
In the first debate, G.W Gibson
versus S.D.A, both schools

external forces to carry

out unacceptable acts, she
The sister of Esther, Ms. Georgia
disappointment in the action
of the deputy presidential
guard. I am a human, I am a
woman; I stand for women
rights and I stand for human
rights. Every day, we strive to
increase the awareness and
stop domestic violence. I am
disappointed that we, women,
are called all sort of names on
a daily basis by men who claim
they love us. We are called
prostitutes, losers, good for
nothing, nobodies by those
men we gave birth to; by the
men we feed and sacrifice our
lives for. I am disappointed and
horrified! I fear that I might
fall in love and marry a killer
someday, she noted.
Georgia furthered explained
that if a man from Liberia
can beat a woman till she is
debated on whether the youths
are prepared to take over
leadership in Liberia.
G.W Gibson debated that the
youths are ready while S.D.A
debated that youths are not
In the grand finale, St. Theresa
Convent versus Len Millar
High School debated on if
teachers are responsible for the
massive failure of students.
Convent argued that teachers
are responsible while Len
Millar objected and deferred
the failure of students to low
budgetary support given to
schools, parents and students
S.D.A was awarded the 3rd
place while Len Millar was
crowned the winner of the
The competition was sponsored
by many partners, including
Cellcom GSM.
Kemmie Weeks disclosed that
many letters for sponsorship are
sent to the company but their
interest is mainly in education.
consultancy of continuous
support. We are going to do
more for the next season.
Len Millar won Convent with
an increment of 1, 96-95.
When the winners were
announced, Amu Roberts,
Principal of the Len Millar

traumatized and unconscious,

she is not proud to be called
a Liberian. Violence in our
society is a norm; it has always
been a way of life, Men beat
women for pleasure and
satisfaction. Where will I go
if an ordinary man violates
my rights? The police and law
enforcement officers commit
the same atrocities as a mere
criminal. THIS HAS TO STOP
NOW! I am fed up with all of
this! Women are great people;
we love, we care, we forgive,
and we protect people. Yet,
we cant find protection easily
why? she asked.
Esther noted that Director
George has been begging her
not to go public with the case
as she is planning a legal action
against him for his act towards
The Deputy EPS Director did
not answer or respond to text
messages sent to him.

School said: I knew we could

make a mark and I know they
are on par with the arguments.
This serves as an inspiration to
the students populace because
we have been doing well in the
academic competition.
Nathan Gbellee, captain of Len
Millar, said the track record of
his school proved their triumph.
In order to be a good student,
you must take on every task.
What we need now is that the
Government must put more
budgetary and more time in the
educational sector.
The 3rd place winner, Alhaji
Dolley, said he feels happy,
stating: in life you have to be
a victor or victim, but with the
3rd place award today, we are
happy and its a challenge to
every student to take.
Meanwhile the captain of
St. Theresa Convent, Olivia
Livingstone, was awarded 300
USD for her tactful eloquence.
She stated that despite their
defeat, she believes that they
are not losers. The fact that
the team lost gives us strength
to move forward and win the
next time. I trust my team and
I know how we prepare for
the debate and with the award
given us, it shows that we did
well and I accept the results in
good faith.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buchanan, Grand Bassa
Madam Etweeda
Cooper says she resigned
with deep regret and
stressed that
a unify
leadership is cardinal to the
growth and development of
the county.
According to a statement
mansion, Madam Cooper on
September 3 tendered her
resignation to the President
explaining that it is her
hope that her resignation
will foster the spirit of unity
among the residents of the
county and thereby promote
development which they all
At a press conference on
Monday, September 14, held
in Buchanan City, Madam
Cooper stressed that it was
with great regret that she
tendered her resignation to
President Sirleaf.
I arrived at the point where
I had to make a very difficult
decision because I have so
many more things to do in
life, Im unable to do so
in the current position that
Ive served in; so its with
deep regret that I tendered
my resignation, she told
journalists at the Countys
administrative building.
Cooper served Grand Bassa
for three years and came
under increasing pressuring
early this year from the



Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, daffae82@gmail.com

accused her of corruption and
disrespect. Many asserted
that it was the increasing
pressure from the legislative
caucus that forced her to step
down but she insists she was
never pressurized to quit.
She maintains that despite
the difficult relationship

with some officials of the

county, shes proud of several
achievements which she
mentioned as the managing
of the Ebola virus in the
county, establishment of the
County Service Center (CSC),
the ongoing construction
of a sports stadium, and
the county meet triumph



Henry Karmo (0886522495) henrykarmo@frontpageafricaonline.com

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Monroviahe National Legislature (House of

Representatives) is mourning the death
of one of its members, Representative
Sahr Fofi Beimba (UP-District #2 Lofa
County). The Lofa County Lawmaker, in his early
60s, died on Sunday as a result of a brief illness,
according to family sources.
Family sources said the Lofa lawmaker fell
ill Saturday night and was pronounced dead
upon arrival at the John F. Kennedy Hospital
in Monrovia but unconfirmed report says the
fallen Lawmaker suffered from hypertension
and he might have died of that illness.
Family members described the passing of the
former lawmaker as shocking and unbelievable.
He became a member of the 53rd legislature
after the 2011 presidential and general elections
for a newly created district in Lofa as a result of
the demarcation process.
Funeral arrangement of the late lawmaker is
currently on hold, pending the arrival of the
deceased elder son who is currently out of the
country and could be in Liberia in the next 24

hours from the United States. Our brother

thought all of us one thing and that is humanity.
I think its because of that all of you are here
today, said Lassana Beimba, Elder Brother of
the deceased.
On behalf of the legislature, Speaker Alex Tyler
described the fallen lawmaker as a good friend
and a person who had a great deal of humanity
and described his death as shocking to everyone.
Yes we cannot get use to death but this hit us so
hard, speaker Tyler said.
The late Beimba was chair on the House of
Representatives committee on Agriculture and,
according to Speaker Tyler, exhibited passion
as a lawmaker about the agriculture sector of
Liberia. Before being elected as lawmaker, he
served as Development superintendent of Lofa
County during the first term of President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf.
Beimba is the second person to have died from
the 53rd National Legislature. The former was
Moses Tandapolie (CDC-District#12). He passed
three months after his inauguration.

of Grand Bassa after two

decades and its subsequent
Madam Cooper says shes
still committed to continue
to make contributions to the
country and will now observe
the unfolding in Grand
Bassa County. I too will be
watching and supporting

our next superintendent,

she said. I will work for
the county outside of the
assured you Im not leaving
Bassa, she added.
She added that her most
the attitude of people of
the county asserting and
accusing leaders of the
county or country of being
corrupt, criminal or are
stealing the county money.
She however indicated that
as Superintendent, there
was change in the attitude of
people in the county. Unified
leadership and the people is
cardinal to the growth and
development of Bassa, she
In her resignation letter,
according to the Executive
mansion, Madam Cooper
indicated that her action was
the best way forward for her
home county in the current
atmosphere of calumny,
invective, intense acrimony,
and what she termed as
falsehoods that currently
typify political and societal
exchanges in the county.

Audit Report Imminent

resignation comes just after
an audit of the county and
social development funds is
being finalized and according
to the county administration,
the draft report is expected
in the coming weeks.
Cooper critics argue that the
resignation is untimely since
she didnt await the report
before stepping down.
county chief administrator
told reporters that it was
her administration that
requested the audit in April
this year, adding that she
will submit to the findings
of the report and whatever
flaws will be left for the next
administration to correct.
I am a law abiding citizen
of the Republic of Liberia,
so whatever the audit says
that there were some flaws
in process, maybe the next
superintendent will correct
the flaws in the processes but
Im ready at any time, she


Al-Varney Rogers alvareny.rogersfrontpageafricaonline.com 0886304498


trooped to the
Town Hall to access free
medical care provided by the
municipality of the City of
Paynesville in partnership
with various medical centers
in Paynesville.
The free medical care was
provided to the locals as part of
a Health Fair organized by the
Paynesville City Corporation.
The health fair began with a
bike ride which was led by the
Mayor of Paynesville Cyvette
Gibson in major streets in the
Mayor Gibson said the bike ride
was intended to encourage
bike riding in the city and it is
her hope that it will be done
twice every year.
At the fair, all of the medical
institutions had separate
centers in the hall with their
staffers seen willing to receive
people who had come to seek
free medical care.
A mother of two, Kebbeh
Flahn, thanked PCC for such
an initiative in the city and
said she was grateful to have
benefitted from the Health Fair.
Flahn said it is her hope that
the fair is done more than once.
Flahn continued: "Well the
process is fine, I came to
check my health status, some
treatments were given to
me, and they treated me and

referred me to JFK."
Another beneficiary, Mamie
Johnson, said the health fair is
good because it helps people to
know their health status.
Johnson said, she was treated,
given medications and advised
to do a follow up at a local
You see it is difficult for us to
do our checkup when we fall
sick. So you see I did not know
that my blood pressure was
this high."
She added: "I want to thank
the people who are providing
these services especially the
Paynesville City Corporation.
She said she hopes that such
initiative continues, adding
that the fair should be done on
a regular basis.
The City Mayor of Paynesville,
Cyvette Gibson said the fair is
intended to ensure that people
have access to proper medical

Gibson said: "We decided to
have a health fair because
we wanted to make sure our
citizens have access to proper
healthcare. One of the reasons
we found this necessary is
because we want to build
a municipality of healthy
organizing the fair, health
they [Medical Centers] are
treatment for the people.
Gibson continued: "I wouldn't
say there wasnt any difficulty,
they were very receptive; we
didn't run into any issue at all.
"People are coming and
providing their services free
of charge, we are targeting as
many as we can, she said.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Renovation of Liberian Chancery (Embassy Building) in

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Contract Identification No. IFB No: RL/MFA/FM-FREETOWN/RB/001/14/15

1. The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has apportioned funds for the purpose of renovating the Liberian Chancery
(Embassy Building) in Freetown, Sierra Leone: IFB No. RL/MFA/FM-FREETOWN/RB/001/14/15.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs now invites interested applicants to submit sealed bids for the performance of said works (Renovation of the
Liberian Chancery in Freetown, Sierra Leone). Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) Procedures as specified in
the Amended and Restated Public Procurement and Concession Act (PPC Act), and is opened to all eligible and qualified bidders. These applicable
procurement procedures are consistent with the REPUBLIC of LIBERIA Amended and restated PPCC Act published and approved on September 18,
3. Qualification requirements include but not limited to the following:
Current Business Registration Certificate (Registrar General);
Current Tax Clearance Certificate with Tax Identification Number (TIN)) (Liberia Revenue Authority);
Minimum average turnover of $ 50,000 USD within the last 2 years of operation;
Be a certified member of the Ministry of Public Works Contractor Classification and Certification System (CCCS) and the Association of Liberian
Construction Contractors (ALCC).
Must be able to obtain work permits to perform said work in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Capacity to do at least 30 (thirty) days pre-financing of project.
Experienced as a prime contractor in the construction of a similar project within the last three (3) years; and an
Audited financial statements for the last 2 years.

4. A complete set of bid package including the scope of works may be purchased by qualified and eligible bidders at the address below upon payment
of non-refundable fee of Fifty United States Dollars (50.00 USD) or its equivalent amount in Liberian Dollars. Bid security must be submitted together
with bid document, and must be $2,500 US or its equivalent in Liberian Dollars of the bid price in the form of a Bank Guarantee or Bid Bond.
5. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain a complete set of bid package on Monday September 14, 2015 at 14:00 GMT.

6. Submission must be clearly marked, signed and sealed in an envelope, including other requested information as follows: Renovation of the
Liberian Embassy Building, Freetown, Sierra Leone and clearly mark CONFIDENTIAL BID for the renovation of the Liberian Embassy for Fiscal
Year 2014/2015 and addressed to:
The Deputy Minister for Administration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Monrovia, Liberia

7. Questions concerning the Project should be submitted in writing and directed to the Ministrys Civil Works Consultant via the e-mail and phone
number listed below:
E-mail: bokollie@yahoo.com
Phone: +231880636925/+231777339339

8. Bid opening will be done promptly after the bid closing date on Monday September 28, 2015 at 14:30 GMT in the Ministrys Conference room in
the presence of the bidders representative or those who choose to attend.
9. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to reject or accept any bid submitted and to annul the entire process at any time without incurring
any liability and without assigning any reason thereof.
Signed: Wede Elliott-Brownell, PhD

Deputy Minister for Administration

Approved: Honorable Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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P.O. BOX 9019


Vacancy/Booker Washington Institute (BWI)


Montserrado County
Chapter of the ruling
Unity Party have held
a congress discussing several
key issues within the party.
According to the UP youths, the
congress which was designed
to reawaken and strengthen
the Youth Congress at the
County, districts, and zonal
levels and to also encourage
partisans to take the Unity
Party as their heritage was
conducted with the aim at
identifying the strengths,
and threats facing the party
in Montserrado County; and
build up the strength of the
party through its constitution
was well attended.
Vice President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf was amongst some of
the high profile partisans who
attended the party.
The Retreat Committee of the
Montserrado Youth Congress
said it is currently compiling
a report that will highlight in

detail the retreat solutions.

The committee has indicated
that key issues to be consider
as possible recommendations
include the readiness of the
Youth Congress to increase
its activities in the various
districts; the development
of projects to highlight the
achievement of the UPs
Lead Government and the
development of projects to
empower young people.
In attendance at the program,
according to the UP youth
included standard Bearer, Vice
Standard Bearer, Legislative
Caucus, other party Executive
Committee Members, District
Officials, Young People and
other senior partisans.
The Standard Bearer, Vice
Standard Bearer and other
Partys Officials and Members
lauded the young people for
being far sighted to organize
such a unit activity and further
encourage them to take on
more ventures as they are

the owners of the party. They

pledge their support to the
youth in all their initiatives.
Thinking SOLUTIONS Not
Problems, the Montserrado
County UP youth indicated
that in 2013, the Executive
Committee of the Montserrado
Youth Congress, Unity Party
visited the 17 electoral districts
of Montserrado County to
discuss issues confronting the
districts and the party at large.
In a statement, the UP youth
noted that results gathered
established the platform for
the conduct of a county retreat
to discuss issues raised by
districts and find amicable
Some of the issues include but
not limited to closure of some
district offices, involvement of
the party in the governance of
the states, implementation of
the partys platform, design
programs to make the Youth
Congress more viable in the
districts, etc.


Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a nonprofit international health organization with over 2200 staff
in more than 70 nations. Our mission is to save lives and improve the health of the worlds poorest and most
vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.
MSH Liberia wishes to pre-qualify suppliers of the following items, services and agents for the period 1
October 2015 to 30 September 2017.

Supply of General Office Stationery e.g. cartridges, paper etc


Supply of Branded Desktop PCs (e.g. dell) and Copiers & Accessories


Supply of Office Furniture, Curtains, Furnishings and Fittings


Supply of Printed Stationery, Banners, promotion materials and branding services


Supply of cleaning materials


Supply of Bottled Drinking water and Water Coolers


Provision of Conference Equipment Hire Services



Repair and Service of Office Equipment, Computers & Printers


Repair, maintenance and Service of motor vehicles (Must be Toyota authorized service centers)


Provision of Courier Services-Picking & Distribution of Letters/Petty Errands



Interior Design Services


Office Partitioning & Alterations


Repairs of Office Furniture & Fittings



Editing, Design and Layout of Documents before Printing


General Printing and photocopying



Provision of ground transportation, Taxis, Vans buses and Car Hire services with and without
driver: Monrovia, Nimba, Bonn and Lofa

Interested Vendors should contact MSH office to get at NO COST a detailed Prequalification document in the
reception desk at: Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town (Opposite to Palm Spring Resort Hotel), Monrovia.
A prospective Vendor having any questions regarding this Prequalification of Suppliers shall contact the MSH
Liberia office by e-mail at: procurement@mshliberia.org
MSH will respond to any question received no later than seven (7) business days prior to the due date. The
question and response will be sent to all vendors who have requested or been sent this Prequalification of
The completed prequalification documents, addressed to The F&A Director, with the vendors name clearly
specified, must be delivered in a plain sealed envelope, with the code and category name clearly marked on top
of the envelope and deposited in the Tender Box located on the Security post at the mentioned above address.
Previous suppliers in the listed categories must re-apply if they wish to be considered.
The Prequalification document duly filled must be received at the address above no later than 15:00
hours (Monrovia Time) on September 25th 2015. Closed opening will be held at MSH.
More than one vendor may (is expected) to be pre-qualified in each category.

: Principal
: Board of Governors
: All Departmental Heads

To provide guidance as educational leader for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures of the Institute
to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment that meets the approved curricula and
mission of the Institute.
To provide oversight responsibility in the daily operations of the Institute through the administrative and
instructional staff for its smooth operations;
Provide quality vocational education to help students develop and utilize the requisite skills to contribute to the
social and economic development of the country.

Education Policy Management and Regulation

Training Coordination
Policy Formulation
Capacity Building
Implementation of Institutions Vision
Strategic Academic Planning
Performance Assessment
Faculty recruitment, placement and promotion
Curriculum development


Coordinates the activities of various departments for the smooth operations of the Institute;

Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the
Institute consistent with the philosophy, mission values and goals of the school including instructional programs,
extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, building maintenance, program
evaluation, personnel management, office operations, and emergency procedures
Promotes positive attitudes relative to vocational training with local schools, CEOs, DEOs, local schools, business
and industry and the general public within its geographic area
Serve as chief liaison between the Institute and accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies on all academic issues;
Coordinate with Principal Cabinet and Principal Council and Instructional Staff to develop and implement
Academic policies and procedures, and ensure compliance with regulatory statutes and accrediting requirements;
Use effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff, parents, and the community including appropriate
vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech
Process requests for information regarding the instructional program and ensure compliance with Board of
Governors approved annual budget.
Develop relationships and articulate agreements with related industries, businesses, colleges, universities and
high schools for enrolment possibilities.
Perform other duties and functions as may be assigned by the Board of Governors.

Oversee the development of curriculum and keep the Board apprised.

Oversee the running of the Institutes library to support training, research and consultancy services of the Institute
as well as public;
Management of Budget

Liaise with Business Manager Team to prepare annual budget, Training budget, Hospitality fees, Scholarship
budget, External support budget
Efficient and effective use of allotted budget by the Government of Liberia consistent with the school strategic
Management of Staff

Conduct meetings with Principals Cabinet (VPA, VPI, BM, VPSS) and Principals Council (VPA, VPI, BM, VPSS and
all Departmental Heads) to ensure the efficient and effective program implementation;
Management of Assets
The Principal will be responsible for the safekeeping of buildings, supplies textbooks, Library, vehicles and
apparatus belonging to the Institute

The successful candidate must possess a Masters Degree in Education Administration, Public Administration,
Human Resource Management or Social Science and related areas. Advanced studies in Public Sector Management.
Ph.D. in related fields is an added advantage.

The candidate must have at least 5 years experience working in or supporting Government in developing and
implementing a capacity development program. Managing school, classroom and work as part-time or full-time
University, Vocational, High School Lecturer or Teacher for considerable length of time.

Strong administrative, management and leadership skills;

Ability to maintain clear procedures that create attractive, functional, clean and healthy learning environment;
Sound judgment and analytical skills; and
Effective analytical presentation skills
Applications should be addressed to the:
Office of the Director-General
Civil Service Agency
P.O. Box 9019
63 Carey Street
Monrovia, Liberia

Deadline for submission of applications: September 18, 2015 @ 4:00 P.M.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


on record has killed more

than 11,000 people in Sierra
Leone, Guinea and neighboring
Liberia since it began in
December 2013.
Liberia was declared Ebolafree this month but growing
evidence that the virus may
survive longer than previously
thought in sperm has raised

fears of fresh outbreaks.

The teenage girl, Kadiatu
Thullah, died on Sunday at
the International Medical
Corps Ebola treatment unit,
authorities said.
Emmanuel Conteh, head of the
Ebola Response Centre for the
district of Bombali in northern
Sierra Leone, said that some
690 people in the village of
Robuya where Kadiatu lived
would be isolated for three
"Seven of her primary contacts
have been taken to the Ebola
treatment unit," he told
Reuters. Three patients who
came into contact with the
girl at another health facility
have also been taken to the
treatment unit.
Conteh said health workers
were investigating how the
teenager got infected, since
she had not traveled outside
the village in years. Initial
suspicions are that she had sex
with an Ebola survivor.
"We are baffled by that
possibility because the survivor
in question was discharged
in March, way beyond the 90day period within which sexual
transmission is said to be
possible," Conteh said.
The head of Sierra Leones
Ebola response, Pallo Conteh,
has warned of a possible
new surge of the virus after
a woman died in the nearby
Kambia district, on the border
with Guinea. Nearly 1,000
people are into their second
week of quarantine there, but a
"high risk" contact remains on
the loose, Conteh said.

Ms Bishop had supported his

bid to become party leader.
Image copyright EPA Image
caption Julie Bishop and
Malcolm Turnbull were elected
as deputy and party leader in a
secret ballot of MPs
The last Australian prime
minister to serve a full term
was John Howard, who left
power in 2007.
Labor Prime Minister Julia
Gillard was ousted by rival
Kevin Rudd in a leadership
vote in June 2013 - months
before a general election won
by Tony Abbott's Liberal Party
and its coalition partners the
National Party.
Ms Gillard herself had ousted
Mr Rudd as prime minister in
Mr Turnbull had previously
been leader of the Liberals
while in opposition, but was
ousted by Mr Abbott in 2009.
February, but his government
has consistently been behind
the opposition Labor Party in
opinion polls.
Media caption Australia's

history of political ousting - in

60 seconds
Under the Australian system,
as in the UK, the prime minister
is not directly elected by voters
but is the leader of the party or
coalition that can command a
majority in parliament.
The outgoing prime minister
has not spoken publicly
since he was voted out by his
parliamentary colleagues.
Current opposition leader
Bill Shorten tweeted that
"Australia does not need
another arrogant, out of touch
Liberal leader - Australia needs
a change of government".
Australia Editor, BBC News
Malcolm Turnbull has always
been close to the sources of
power, whether it was giving
legal advice to Australian
media mogul Kerry Packer in
the 1980s, or running his own
investment bank and later as a
partner of Goldman Sachs.
He has now risen to the
highest job, a position he has
coveted for at least as long as
he has been in politics. But that
doesn't mean it will be all plain
sailing from here.
Mr Turnbull holds views that
are at odds with his coalition
colleagues, in particular, on
climate change, gay marriage
and making Australia a
No doubt, deals have been
done but it remains to be seen
how many compromises the
member for Wentworth may
have made to win support in
Monday's ballot.

as Ebola Returns to Sierra Leone District

court in Kenya has begun hearing a case filed by a

United Arab Emirates (UAE) woman who says she
was seized by Kenyan special forces, taken to Somalia
and Ethiopia, and tortured.
Kamilya Mohammedi Tuweni says she was accused of being an
al-Qaeda agent while on trip to Kenya in 2007.
Ms Tuweni was released without charge after being detained
for 72 days, and was given no reason for her detention.
The head of Kenya's Anti-Terrorism Police Unit denies the
The case has now been adjourned until 29 October.
Africa Live: news updates
'I want justice for terror detention'
Ms Tuweni is suing the Kenyan government for financial
compensation and is demanding a formal apology for her



gypt has apologised after 12 people, including eight

Mexican tourists, were mistakenly killed by security
forces in an anti-terror operation.
The group had permission to travel to a remote area of
the Western Desert, tourism officials said.
However the interior ministry insists they entered a restricted
Egypt has been battling Islamist militants for years, with
attacks escalating since the 2013 ousting of Islamist President
Mohammed Morsi.
While the vast Western Desert is a popular tourist site, it has
become increasingly dangerous because of the deteriorating
security situation in Libya.
Ten Mexicans and Egyptians were injured in the operation.
Security officials put the number of Mexican tourists killed at
eight, although this is yet to be confirmed by Mexico, with four
Egyptians dead.



he al-Shabab militant group has beheaded two

brothers accused of spying for the Somali Government
and for having dealings with Ethiopian troops,
relatives said.
Relatives say the beheaded bodies of the two men, said to be
20 and 25 years old, were found Sunday in Raaso village, 60
kilometers south of Bulo Barde town in the central Somali
region of Hiran.
The two men were captured last week by al-Shabab militants in
Buqaqable, hours after the Ethiopian and Government troops
suddenly vacated the town.
Villagers told VOA Somali the brothers were in Buqaqable when
the Ethiopian troops and Somali government forces seized it
August 10 from al-Shabab.

hundreds of people
in northern Sierra
Leone on Monday after a
16-year-old girl died of
Ebola in an apparent case of
sexual transmission, the first
confirmed death from the
ustralia is to have a
new prime minister
after Tony Abbott
was ousted as leader
of the centre-right Liberal
Party by Malcolm Turnbull.
In the dramatic late night party
leadership ballot, Mr Abbott,
who had been plagued by poor
opinion polls, received 44
votes to Mr Turnbull's 54.
Mr Turnbull said he assumed
that parliament would serve
its full term, implying no snap
general election.
The new leader will be
minister since 2013.
Image copyright AP Image
caption Tony Abbott (centre)
lost the ballot of Liberal MPs at
Canberra's Parliament House
How it all went wrong for Tony
#PutOutYourOnions for Tony
The prime minister-elect is
expected to be sworn in after
Mr Abbott writes to Australia's
governor general and resigns.
Earlier on Monday Mr Abbott
had dismissed rumours of
a leadership challenge as
"Canberra gossip" - only to be
voted out by his fellow Liberal
They also voted for Foreign
Minister Julie Bishop to remain
deputy leader of the party.
Speaking after the result
was announced, Mr Turnbull
praised his predecessor for his
"formidable achievements" as
prime minister.
The new party leader said
Australia needed to have "the
economic vision, a leadership,
that explains the great
challenges and opportunities
we face".
He said he would lead
government, committed to

virus in the district for nearly

six months.
Sierra Leone celebrated last
month when it discharged the
last remaining Ebola patient
from its treatment centers. But
since then a new spate of cases
has erupted, leaving two dead
and five people in treatment.
The worst outbreak of Ebola



freedom, the individual and

the market".
Who is Malcolm Turnbull?
Served as Minister for
Communications under Mr
Abbott, before resigning to
launch a leadership challenge
Many in his party dislike his
support for climate change
action and gay marriage
Led the Liberal Party in
opposition from 2008-2009 but lost a leadership challenge
to Mr Abbott by one vote
Previously worked as
a successful lawyer and
businessman - defending
former British spy Peter
Wright in the "Spycatcher"
case in the 1980s
Ahead of the vote, Mr Turnbull
had said if Mr Abbott remained
as leader, the coalition
government would lose the
next election, which is likely to
take place next year.
He said he had not taken the
decision to launch a leadership
challenge lightly, but that it
was "clear enough that the
government is not successful
in providing the economic
leadership that we need".

Tuesday, September 15, 2015





heres a controversy
the Liberia amputee
soccer team that came to the
United States over a month
ago. It appears the three-time
African Nation Tournament
and some say their current
situation is their own making.
According to members of the
team (15 in all), they had been
invited by the United States
Amputees Football Federation
to take part in an international
friendly match that was
supposed to be held in the state
of Maryland in early August
this year. But before they could
leave Liberia, the tournament
had been canceled.
Still, the team decided to
come to the United States but
without proper arrangements
in terms of accommodation.
Now it appears they are
having a tough time in terms
of meeting their basic daily
Rough conditions in Liberia
Cooper Melvin Goteh, president
of the Liberia Amputee Soccer
Association, told VOA the team
came to the United States
despite the cancelation of
their tournament to explain
to the world the deplorable
conditions under which they
live in Liberia.
He said Liberian amputees lack
decent housing, education, and
food and many have turned to
panhandling in front of hotels.
Goteh said the team came to
the United States despite their
tournament being canceled to
appeal for assistance.
We knew that actually on the
23rd of June the tournament
was canceled but we had other
appointments. So thats why
we use the opportunity to
come to America. We felt that
back home things are difficult,
so thats why we remain to see
how we can raise some funds
for our own organization and

Page 11


ll Premier League
clubs have agreed
to improve access
supporters by August 2017.
A 2014 BBC investigation
found that 17 of England's
top-flight clubs failed to
provide enough wheelchair
At the moment, 15 out of 20
clubs will have to increase
capacity to comply with
guidelines on accessible



for our own purposes, he said.

Goteh denies suggestions by
some Liberians that the team
came to the United States
for a tournament that had
been canceled because the
members were looking for
an opportunity to stay in the
United States.
What I will say to any Liberian
that will be saying such a thing,
first I will give him a parable. I
will say look, if you give birth to
a child and you are not taking
care of that child, will the child
be brave to be around you? The
answer will be no! We need
assistance. So thats why we
decided to come although the
tournament was canceled,
Goteh said.
Goteh said he and his team
members would like to return
to Liberia but he has heard the
government plans to prosecute
them for using government

funds to travel to the United

States for a tournament that
they knew had been canceled
before they left Liberia.
I can say I want to go back
but when I heard information
from home telling that they
had threatened me as leader
and my co-workers because
I allowed government-use
money that they were not
willing to use, so if I go back
they are going to prosecute me.
For that reason Im a little bit
afraid, he said.
Liberias Minister of Youth and
Sports Eugene Nagbe told VOA
theres been a lot of goodwill
towards the amputees in
They are the only federation
that has a brand new bus; we
interact with them daily; the
president has made several
contributions to them daily
through her own personal

finances and also through

the budgets of the various
ministries. So for them to say
that they had not been honored;
they had not been catered to, is
quite unfortunate, he said.
Nagbe said the government
continues to encourage the
amputees to return to Liberia
because it would be better
than to be loitering in America.
Nagbe denies claims by Liberia
Amputee Soccer Association
President Goteh that the
government plans to prosecute
them upon their return for
using government funds to
travel to the United States to
participate in a tournament
that had already been canceled
before the team left Liberia.
Prosecution for what? He
has committed no crime here
or in America; they got their
visas to travel; they entered
America legally. Our worry is
that they dont overstay their
visas and then their stay in
America would be illegal. So
we are encouraging them to
come back home. Theres no
writ out for anybodys arrest,
Nagbe said.
Nagbe said President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf has met with
the amputees on several
occasions, including shortly
before they left for the United
Liberian diaspora responds
A number of Liberians have
been helping the amputees,
including Saymendy Lloyd
Wing Organization based
in Washington, DC. Shes
currently hosting 11 of the
Lloyd and her organization
found a six-bedroom house,
renovated it with cable
television so that the amputees

can watch their favorite sport,

soccer. She lobbied area hotels
to donate mattresses. She is
also lobbying restaurants in
the area to donate their unsold
Other Liberians, like Varnie
Sambole and Pastor Maxwell
Roberts, have been helping
with the daily needs of the
amputees. VOA discovered
that Sambole has set up a
GoFundMe.com, an online
crowd funding platform that
allows people to raise money
for events. However, VOA called
Samboles number and got this
message: At the subscribers
request, this phone does not
accept incoming calls.
Pocket change
Over the weekend the group
asked Lloyd for pocket
change money and at least
$50 for each of them to send
to his family in Liberia because
according to them, they were
all breadwinners in Liberia.
Lloyd told VOA she is worrying
about how and where to get
the next days meal for the
amputees as well as how to
pay for the utilities gas, water,
electricity and cable and the
nearly $2,700 month rent.
A Liberian Embassy official
described the situation of the
amputees as a nightmare.
He said the embassy got a call
one day from Baltimore police
after a hotel there had put the
amputees out.
The official said the Liberian
government authorized funds
of about $300 per person for
the embassy to rewrite the
amputees tickets to enable
them return to Liberia.
Write to Ian Talley at ian.

gypt have been

handed a tough
bid to reach the
men's Olympic football
tournament for a twelfth
time in Brazil next year.
They will face Algeria, Mali
and Nigeria in Group B of
the Africa Under-23 Cup of
Nations in Senegal from 28
November to 12 December.
Hosts Senegal will play
South Africa, Zambia and
Tunisia in Group A.
Only the top three sides at
the tournament will qualify
for next year's Games in


4-1 win for Zamalek

Pirates of South
the Egyptian side at the top of
Group B in the Confederation
That means they avoid Cairo
rivals Al Ahly in the semi-finals
of the competition.
But the two sides could still
meet in the final, because title
holders Ahly are also through
to the last four.
They beat Stade Malien of Mali
1-0 in Suez on Saturday to top
Group A.
Zamalek face Etoile du Sahel
in the last four and Ahly take
on Pirates, who are through
despite their defeat.

Page 12 | Frontpage

his West African
the World Health
month declared Ebola-free,
is facing a new threat: Chinas
economic slowdown.
Turmoil in the worlds
second-largest economy has
roiled emerging markets.
African nations such as
Liberia count on China as
one of their largest export
destinations and a major
donor and investor.
Liberia is contending with
the likelihood of a long period
of low commodity prices and
falling Chinese demand.
Their slowdown is affecting
the commodity markets
that are so important to
Liberia and other African
countries, Christine Lagarde,
the International Monetary
Funds managing director,
said during a two-day visit to
Liberia last week.
Combined with an expected
increase in interest rates by
the U.S. Federal Reserve, a
move that would push up
rates across the world, that
makes your massive effort of
conducting democracy and
growth in a postconflict and
post-epidemic environment
even more difficult, the IMF
chief said.
exports such as iron ore
and unprocessed rubber
was already down because
of the epidemic. As Chinas
economy cools faster than
many expected, that has sent
commodity prices into a nose
export receipts, declining
government revenue and
delays and cancellations of
planned investments, Ms.
Lagarde said.
She pressed the Liberian
government to move ahead




Downturn in worlds second-largest economy imperils West

African nation as it emerges from Ebola epidemic

the fund says will revive
growth prospects, unlock
IMF emergency financing
and encourage donors and
investors to pour muchneeded cash into the country.
growing at a healthy 8%
annual rate after two decades
of civil war ended in 2003.
But in 2014, the Ebola virus
hit the country, ravaging the
small nation. The disease
killed about 4,800 Liberians,
more than 1% of the

struggled to contain the virus.
Farmers abandoned their
fields, shop owners shut their
stores and manufacturers cut
output. Exports fell by more
than 10% for two consecutive
years and the economyin
which 80% of the population
lives on less than $1.25 a
daywas pushed into a deep

much larger quantities of rice

than UCI had paid for.
However, the publication
management in an e-mail to
state that the story is untrue and
misleading as it is defaming
the company both locally and
DRUM indicated that it is of
the opinion that the publication
is centered around information
gathered from detractors.
is therefore demanding an
immediate retraction of the
story otherwise DRUM will
be left with no alternative but
to take legal action against the
The UCI management has
therefore revealed that the
story was masterminded by
some Lebanese nationals who
want to import rice but finding
it difficult due to reasons best
known to them.
meanwhile, has noted that a

credible media institution,

headed by the respected
veteran journalist Kenneth Y.
Best, should have adhered to
the ethical duty of balancing a
story before going ahead with
The company said the legal
action will set a precedence for
media houses and journalists
alike who are in the business
of tarnishing the hard earned
reputation of individuals who
are contributing immensely
to the economic growth of the
nation and its people.
The business public is warned
to beware of blackmailers
operating under the canopy of
journalism in Liberia, the UCI
management indicated.
The UCI as well wants the
Press Union of Liberia (PUL)
to institute stringent measures
against journalists and media
houses engaged in yellow
journalism at the detriment of
the unique media profession.



Monroviahe management of the

United Commodities
Incorporated (UCI)
has said it is taking
legal action against the reporter
of a malicious story in the
Monday, September 14, 2015
edition of the Daily Observer
for the publication against
its Chief Executive Officer
(CEO), Mr. Anwar Ezzeddine.
The entity stated that without
balancing his story, reporter
William Q, Harmon claimed
that the UCI CEO has been
international suppliers of
rice by manipulating a
credit arrangement known
as a Collateral Management
Agreement (CMA).
According to the Daily
Ezzeddine has been allegedly
conniving with agents from
a UK-based company called
withdraw from the warehouse

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

with the help of a flood of
international aid and health
Now that we are Ebolafreewe can use full force
in moving our economy and
our nation forward, said
President Ellen Johnson
The IMF said that to do so, the
government needs to scale
up infrastructure investment,
diversify the economy and
focus more spending on

development priorities such

as health and education.
Moving ahead would help
the country capitalize on
in the U.S. and Europe.
But failure to make those
changes would leave the
country exposed to anemic
volatility from overseas. It
would also make Liberia
more vulnerable to political
turmoil ahead of elections in
two years.
Private investors and public
donors such as the World
Bank and U.S. Agency for
International Development
are watching to see whether
Ms. Sirleafs government
honors its commitments
to the IMF. The fund has
committed $130 million to
the countryincluding a
highly unusual $36 million in
debt relief at the height of the
Ebola crisisto help get the
country back on its economic
The latest disbursement has
been held up for months,
however, amid questions
over Liberias spending
yet to implement the
recommendations of an

year of $100 million in
road contracts that werent
included in the budget and
breached a number of hiring
protocols. The central banks
governor, J. Mills Jones,
recently stirred controversy
by using bank funds for
instead of building up
depleted currency reserves.
Efficient public spending is
not only important for fiscal
reasons, but also to obtain
broad public acceptance for
public investment projects,
Ms. Lagarde said in a speech
at Monrovias city hall on
Finance Minister Amara
Konneh said after two
days of meetings that the
government would address
the IMFs concerns.
recommendations in the
audit that calls for deepening
particularly around public
procurement, he said in an
interview. He also said Mr.
Jones, in meetings with the
IMF leadership, promised
to raise reserve levels and
to use them appropriately,
adding that Liberia has
succeeded and survived the
worst crisis since the end of
the conflict.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015



ne of the sons of Liberias President, Madam Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf, has donated a 40-foot container with
assorted items including computers, text books, tables,
among others items for public schools and orphanages
in Liberia.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the 40-foot container
of assorted items sent by Dr. Adama Sirleaf is part of his
contribution to the countrys recovery efforts.
Receiving the container on behalf of the Government of Liberia
on the compound of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center on
Monday, September 14, 2015, the Deputy Minister of Gender,
Children and Social Protection, Mrs. Lydia Mai Sherman, lauded
the contribution of Dr. Sirleaf and encouraged others to emulate
his good example, noting that it is a very important donation.
Speaking on behalf of President Sirleaf, Religious Advisor Jervis
Whitherspoon thanked Dr. Adama Sirleaf for the donation,
adding, This is a goodwill donation that must be appreciated.
he said.
The donation, among other things, will be distributed among
public schools and orphanages in Monrovia and its environs in
the next few days.



On the occasion marking the National Day celebrations, President

Sirleaf extended, through the Ambassador, congratulations and
warmest felicitations on behalf of the Government and people of
Liberia, to His Excellency President Xi Jinping and the Government
and gallant people of the PRC.
Speaking earlier, PRC Ambassador to Liberia, His Excellency Mr.
Zhang Yue said the visit of his countrys Foreign Minister, Mr.
Wang Yi to Liberia a month ago has turned a new page in the
bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially in the
post-Ebola era.
He assured that as promised by Foreign Minister Wang Yi, China
will fully support Liberias Economic Stabilization and Recovery
Plan and will focus on the bilateral cooperation in health,
education, infrastructure, agriculture and other fields.
Considering the urgent need of Liberia, China will speed up the
aid projects especially the renovation of the Samuel Doe Sports
Stadium, the construction of the Monrovia Vocational Training
Center, Ministerial Complex, Annexes to the Capitol Building and
the diplomatic lounge at the Roberts International Airport, the
Chinese Ambassador assured, adding that China will help Liberia
break the bottlenecks in development which he said included
insufficient infrastructure and human resources. He pledged
to encourage and support Chinese enterprises participate in
the development of infrastructure in various ways including
the promotion of capacity-building opportunities especially for
Liberians to study in China.
Ambassador Zhang Yue promised to enhance cooperation in the
manufacturing sector so that Liberia can make the best use of and
add value to its own resources and improve its sustainable selfdevelopment capacity.
The Chinese Envoy, who has served this mission for the past one
and half years, said he is deeply impressed by the firm commitment
of both governments to push forward the practical cooperation
and the strong wish of the two peoples to tighten friendship
between both countries. He said although Sino-Liberia relations
has suffered twists and turns in the past, the two countries have
never given up the faith that they should sail in the same boat and
share the good and bad times.
Celebrating the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC this
year, Ambassador Zhang Yue said China has achieved remarkable
development with a historic leap in comprehensive national
strength and a big upgrade of peoples living standards.
China is the second largest economy in the world with the largest
trade volume and foreign exchange reserves. It is also the third
largest overseas investment. It is also the largest trading partner
of 130 countries. Last year Chinas Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
surpassed US$10 trillion. The GDP per capital has risen from less
than US$100 in the early days of the PRC to nearly US$7,500 today.
The Chinese envoy said though China has made notable
achievements in development, its basic attributes of a developing
country hasnt changed. We still face great challenges, such as
a large population, comparatively weak economic foundation,
imbalance of development and so on, he pointed out, adding that
China still has a population of 200 million people living below the
poverty line as defined by the United Nations.
He predicts that the country still has a long way to go for common
prosperity. Besides, the road to global economic recovery is
bumpy, with many ups and downs and the performance of the
major economies has been divergent.



Monrovia resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has extolled the

Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) for
the important role theyre playing in Liberias recovery
process, including helping to attract critical private sector
investments in the mining sector, professional contractual service
in the construction sector, and support for critical infrastructure
in the health and education sectors.
She highlighted Chinas support to the countrys peace and
security through a sizable contingent of Chinese military
personnel in UNMIL, equipping and expanding the capacity
of the Armed Forces of Liberia through donated construction
equipment, but most especially, the significant role played in
Liberias fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease.
The Liberian leader made the remarks at the countrys Embassy in
Oldest Congo Town on the occasion marking the 66th Anniversary
of the founding of the PRC on Friday, September 11, 2015.
President Sirleaf recalled that during the deadly outbreak, China
was the first friendly country to provide humanitarian support
in the form of material supplies and equipment. China also
provided a chartered flight loaded with medical equipment and
materials valued at US$1,800,000 to jumpstart the construction
of Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs), she said, adding that China
constructed a 100-bed ETU worth US$5 million and provided a
team of medical experts to operate the Unit. This very needed
response builds upon the important contribution in the health
sector through the construction and equipping of a modern
hospital in one of our highly concentrated counties.
She noted that Liberia and China have enjoyed a long and
cherished relationship spanning several decades; noting that
two years ago this was further consolidated by the passage of a
resolution by both Houses of the National Legislature reaffirming
the One China Policy as the political basis for the countrys
relationship and demonstrating that Liberians are supportive of
the friendship and cooperation enjoyed with China.

MONROVIAresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dedicated a newly

constructed two-lane concrete bridge connecting
Bushrod Island and Caldwell Township over the Stockton
Creek valued at US$8.3 million. The funds for the project
was provided by the World Bank.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader
named the bridge the Jacob Samuel Melton Bridge or Jake
Melton Bridge in recognition of the enormous contributions and
outstanding role of a true son of Caldwell and former Minister of
Interior during the administration of the late President William
V.S. Tubman.
Speaking to a jubilant crowd amid a heavy downpour of rain in
Caldwell Township, on Sunday, September 13, 2015, President
Sirleaf termed the afternoon a new day for the people of Caldwell
Township and other adjourning communities because they will
now experience easy access and free movement along that axis.
This bridge has become another achievement of your
government that keeps its promise, she emphasized, adding, As
you know thats our area and because we promise to build the
bridge today we perform its dedication.
She told the residents that her government had promised to
elevate them from the hardship of commuting on a dirt road that


Page 13

became deplorable during the raining season, a health hazard

during the dry season, and on a dilapidated one-lane bridge built
since the 1940s to a modern one.
The Liberian leader lauded the pen-pen motorcyclists and the
residents around that axis for their patience, perseverance,
cooperation and commitment while waiting for the completion
of the project. This project has been a long time coming and we
want to thank you for your dedication, commitment and patience
because it could not have been possible without you, she said.
She also thanked the contractor, China Henan International
Cooperation Group Company (CHICO), the Ministry of Public
Works, residents of Caldwell and all those who contributed
meaningfully to the construction of the bridge as the project is
just a small example of a promise fulfilled.
On behalf of the people of Caldwell Township, Commissioner
Mrs. Alexine Mendscole-Howard thanked President Sirleaf and
partners for the construction of the bridge. We are grateful to
God for what he has enabled you and the government been able
to do for us, she stressed.

Commissioner Mendscole narrated that since the Township was

founded in 1825, it has always been underdeveloped and roads
where in a deplorable condition; but hope came for us when
your government promised to pave our roads, install street lights
and construct a modern two-lane bridge which has transformed
the outlook of our township, she told the audience amidst the
cheers from the crowd, this is one thing that we will never
forget as residents of Caldwell. You have brought relief to us;
most especially the students, marketers and others, who use to
struggle on this bad road through the mud to get to their schools
and places of work.
For her part, World Bank Country Manager, Madam Inguna
Dobraja, said the financing of this bridge is part of a much larger
transport program the World Bank is implementing together with
the Liberian Government. She noted that rebuilding dilapidated
transport infrastructure is one of the development priorities
of Liberia and the World Bank fully stands behind the Liberian
Government in helping to implement these priorities.
Roads and bridges are important they connect country and
people; they increase access to markets and they are essential
in providing health and education services to remote areas, the
World Bank Country Manager said, noting that the new bridge
and the approaching access roads will provide primary access
to the White Plains Water Treatment facility and the Mt. Coffee
Hydroelectricity Generation Plant.
She thanked all the stakeholders - the Government of Liberia, the
consultant and contractor - who have worked hard to complete
the project.
Manager Dobraja chose not to dwell on the numerous challenges
the construction process faced; but highlighted the result of
working together which culminated in the dedication of the bridge.
This is a manifestation of the continuous support of international
partners to Liberia and its development priorities, she stressed.
She encouraged young Liberians to pursue technical education,
like engineering as Liberia needs many more engineers to achieve
the ambitious goals of the countrys development agenda.
Also making remarks, Public Works Minister William G. Moore
put the life span of bridge at 100 years. He lauded President
Sirleaf, World Bank, CHICO, his predecessors, citizens of Caldwell
and partners for the support given to complete the bridge; but
was quick to warn the residents about undermining of the bridge.
He urged them to take ownership of this project to ensure its life
The newly constructed Jake Melton Bridge is built over the
Stockton Creek and is 110 and 13 meters in length and width,
respectively. It was constructed by Chinese construction company
China Henan International Cooperation Group Co., Ltd (CHICO)
with consultancy provided by PHOENIX-G.A.S.H Engineer from
The bridge also serves as a by-pass around Monrovia for the
traffic connecting the Freeport intersection on Bushrod Island
and the ever busy and congested commercial district of Red-Light.
The dedication ends the first phase of the Caldwell road project.
The road from Caldwell Junction to Louisiana has been paved
with asphalt and street lights installed.
In August 2011, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry
of Public Works secured a grant through the Urban and Rural
Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project for the Studies, Conceptual
Design and Pre-contract services for a new Caldwell bridge. The
existing one lean bridge (now replaced), for many years provided
important primary access to the areas mentioned earlier.


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