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List of Publications

1. Debenzylation of vanillic acid over sulfosuccinic acid functionalized mesoporous

silica nanocomposites.
Divya Sachdev1, G.Robin Wilson, Neel Mani Srivastava and Amit Dubey,
Catalysis Communications (2014) 51, 90-94 Impact factor: 3.0
2. Mesoporous Silica/polyphosphoric acid (SBA-15/PPA) nanocomposites for acylation of
naphthalene D. Sachdev, A. Dubey Catalysis Communications, ISSN 1566-7367 (2013)
(2013), 39, 39-43. Impact factor : 3.0
3. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application
of ordered mesoporous silica
nanocomposites functionalized with chloroacetic acid (SBA-15/CA) A. Dubey, D.
Sachdev Advanced materials lett. ISSN : 0976-3961 (2012), DOI:
10.5185/amlett.2012.icnano.113 Impact factor: yet to come
4. ''Synthesis and Characterization of Silica-Polymer nanocomposites functionalized with
piperazine for the synthesis of -nitro alcohols (2011) D.Sachdev and A.Dubey Catal.
Lett. ISSN: 1572-879X (electronic version) 141 1548-1556. Impact factor: 2.24
5. Sulfonic acid functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 for one-pot synthesis of substituted
aryl-14H-dibenzo [a, j] xanthenes and bisindolyl methanes (2010) M.A. Naik, D.
Sachdev and A. Dubey Catal. Comm, ISSN 1566-7367, 11 1148-1153. Impact factor :
6. One step liquid phase heterogeneous synthesis of Phenytoin over MgAl Calcined
Hydrotalcites.(2010) D.Sachdev and A.Dubey, Catal. Comm ISSN 1566-7367, 11, 10631067.
7. Environmentally benign aerial oxidation of benzoin over copper containing hydrotalcite.
(2010) D.Sachdev, M.Naik, A.Dubey and B.G.Mishra, Catal. Comm. ISSN 1566-7367,11
684-688. Impact factor : 3.0
8. Heterogeneous liquid phase synthesis of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidine-2 (1H)-ones using
aluminated mesoporous silica (2008) A.Dubey, B.G.Mishra, D.Sachdev and M. Sowmiya
React. Kinet. and Catal. Lett. SSN: 1878-5204 (electronic version) 93 149-55. Impact
factor: 0.829
9. Environmentally benign liquid phase oxidation of vanillin over copper containing ternary
hydrotalcites (2008) D.Sachdev, A.Dubey, B.G.Mishra and S.Kannan Catal. Comm, ISSN
1566-7367 9 391-94. Impact factor : 3.0
10. Enhancement of electro-optical response of ferroelectric liquid crystal: the role of

graphene quantum dots. V. Kumar, A. Kumar, A. M. Biradar, G. Reddy, D.

Sachdev, and R. Pasricha, Liquid Crystals (2014) 41(12) 1719-1725.

11. Restructural comfirmation and Photocatalytic Applications of graphene oxide-

gold composites synthesized by Langmuir-Blodgett method. V. Kumar, N.

Bahadur , D. Sachdev, S.Gupta, G. B.Reddy, R.Pasricha, Carbon (2014) 80, 290304. Impact factor: 6.6.
12. Mesoporous silica polymer nanocomposites encapsulated with polyphosphoric
acid for synthesis of -amino carbonyl compounds under environmental benign
conditions. Divya Sachdev, Amit Dubey, G.R.Wilson, A. Sharma New Journal of
chemistry DOI: 10.1039/C4NJ01748J. Impact factor: 3.1
13. Ordered mesoporous silica polymer nanocomposites for the adsorption of bovine
serum albumin (BSA). GR Wilson, A Sharma, NM Srivastava, D Sachdev, A
Dubey Journal of Porous Materials (2015),22, 333-337 Impact factor: 1.3
Papers in Preparation
1. Fabrication of mesoporous silica functionalized with piperazine for selective
and sensitive sensing of ascorbic acid
Divya Sachdev, Priyanka H. Maheshwari, Amit Dubey (accepted) in advance
science letters 2015.