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Autumn 2007

Norwood to open
special unit
at new school
for Ravenswood Village
the highlight of my week
Staff members
go the extra mile

C H I L D R E N & FA M I L I E S F I R S T
service news: the difference we make
What’s inside
the difference we make
Binoh – a lifeline for children
news about our services
We are thrilled to introduce Norwood now, our the funds we raise 6-7 with learning difficulties
brand new Norwood magazine, and hope you’ll news about our fundraising activities
be just as excited about reading it. We start the the support you give 8-9 “My son Mendi refused is crucial, as Chantal Rubin, a member of Binoh’s
to get out of bed in the Educational Psychology Team, explains: “The self-
Jewish New Year by combining the Volunteers, news about our volunteers esteem of a child unable to achieve success in
Staff and Norwood newsletters into one fresh, the job we do 10-11 morning to go to school. the classroom will quickly be undermined, often
modern magazine that proudly showcases our news about our staff He has borderline dyslexia. with long-term consequences.”
work supporting children and families coping We didn’t know what to Binoh’s educational psychologists initially
with disabilities and social difficulties. do with him until someone assess a child through observation at school,
Inside Norwood now you’ll find told me about Binoh. followed by one-to-one work with the child. Mendi Gross
four colour-coded sections: the difference we
A message from It proved to be a lifeline.” The focus is on helping teachers to optimise
make, the funds we raise, the support you give the child’s strengths and support their getting help with basic subjects such as
and the job we do. Mrs Grossman, the mother weaknesses.Together teachers, parents and English and Maths, and participating in

In the difference we make, our service

Richard Desmond of a Binoh service user. Binoh psychologists decide on a strategy. creative activities too. Most of all, he
receives encouragement.”
Binoh is Norwood’s education and therapy Mrs Grossman says: “Binoh has changed my
users’ news section, read about the exciting
I am delighted to welcome you to the first service offering support to children with child from one who was really unhappy to one To contact Binoh
photography project and our other service
edition of Norwood now, the new magazine learning difficulties such as attention deficit who can’t wait to go to school in the morning. Tel: 020 8457 4457
success stories. In the funds we raise, we disorder or mild dyslexia. Early intervention Mendi now attends Binoh three times a week, Email: binoh@norwood.org.uk
for everyone involved in this remarkable
showcase some of our recent fundraising events.
charity – staff, supporters, volunteers and,
In the support you give, learn about what inspires volunteers to
most importantly, our service users and
give so generously of their time and themselves. Finally, in the job
their families.
we do, we profile staff members and celebrate their achievements.
Continuing our commitment to making all our communications
as accessible to service users as possible, we have extended our
Having become
Norwood President
artsdepot project
award-winning Plain English format to the difference we make.
relatively recently, I am
still learning about the
spotlights artistic talent
We hope Norwood now will reveal parts of the organisation wonderful work of this
you may not know about, and inspire you to get even more charity, and am constantly
involved with our work. Norwood now is your magazine – it’s As a child growing up in the East End, 74-year-old David
amazed at the real
Levene remembers taking snaps of his family at
a thank you to all our volunteers, donors, staff members and difference it makes to
home and on holiday. Now, some 60 years
service users. We look forward to receiving your feedback and people’s lives. later, David, who lives in a Norwood
suggestions for forthcoming issues. residential home in Stanmore, has rekindled
As someone who has been involved in
May we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy publishing all my working life, I know the his love of photography. His renewed interest
and peaceful new year. importance of regular, relevant and timely is thanks to Norwood’s Adult Opportunities
Services, which offer stimulating community-
news to keep everyone involved in what the
Norma Brier, Chief Executive organisation is doing and for this reason I
based educational, leisure and therapy activities.
Michael Teacher, Board Chairman strongly support Norwood now. It is great to Having attended two photography lessons during Aubrey celebrates his 80th birthday in style
see this initiative come to fruition at the start summer 2006, David showed such natural flair that
his teacher, Javier Ortega, suggested he come on a
New appointments to Norwood Council of the Jewish New Year. Some of the stunning photos
more advanced 10-week course covering the theory
Birthday wishes
We are delighted to welcome three new members to the Norwood Council,
I hope you will find Norwood now an
enlightening and inspiring read, and also see
taken by artsdepot project
photographers and practice of portrait photography. David, who has a
learning disability, is now half way through the series of
come true
an advisory body comprising experts in fields relevant to our work. how you fit into a bigger picture of something Aubrey Greenbaum, a resident at one of
workshops, held at the Community Focus Arts Centre in
Leading autism expert Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor of very special. North Finchley’s artsdepot. Norwood’s supported houses in
Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow Redbridge, recently celebrated his 80th
I wish Norwood now every success and I wish David said: “I enjoy the classes and have learned to develop
at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is also Director of the Autism Research birthday in grand style. Staff made
you all a happy, healthy and sweet new year. photos in a dark room. I would like to be able to buy a
Centre (ARC) and has published widely on autism. Aubrey’s wishes come true when he and
professional camera one day. I’d like to take photos of events
his friends enjoyed a ride in a stretch
Dr Valerie Sinason PhD PGTC MACP MInst.Psychoanal. FRSA, is a child Richard Desmond, President and buildings and am also hoping to take pictures when I
limousine, before arriving in London’s West
and adult psychotherapist, an adult psychoanalyst, poet and writer, and is go on holiday to Bournemouth.”
End for a special birthday meal.
well known for her pioneering work with people with learning disabilities.
Denise Perks, Norwood’s Day Opportunities Activity
After the party Aubrey said: “I have always
Dr Richard Trompeter FRCP FRCPCH, is a Consultant Paediatric
Nephrologist and Chairman of the Clinical Ethics Committee at Great
contact us Worker, explained: “Attending this course has been
great for David’s personal development and self-esteem.
wanted to go in a limo and I had the time
of my life – all the staff worked so hard to
Ormond Street Hospital, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Send your thoughts, feedback and suggestions for He tended to be rather isolated in group situations, but
make my day so special.”
Health and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Institute of Urology at UCLH. now he interacts really well with the other students and
future issues to norwoodnow@norwood.org.uk
looks forward to the classes immensely.”
Their combined experience and expertise will be a great asset to our or call us on 020 8420 6900.
work, and will strengthen our support for children and families.
The difference a job makes Service news in

service news: the difference we make

Naomi Mushin, a resident at one of Norwood’s homes in Hendon, began
STOP PRESS!!! Plain English
Jewish Community Secondary School
working for Mellcrest Limited as an Office Assistant in February. Naomi,
who has a learning disability, is now a permanent staff member, working JCoSS receives I The new school for children aged 11-18 years old will be
one day a week. built in Barnet.

Naomi said: “I wanted to work to earn my living. I like working in the office. I get Sarah Howard, Hayley Shenholds (YPFG co-ordinator) and James Lunnon
planning permission I It will have a special unit for children with disabilities.
paid and the money goes into my bank account. I can save for my holiday and use at the fun day
Binoh helps children to learn better at schools
my money to go shopping. I’ve improved my life and I’ve got my job.” The new Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS) has
I Binoh works with teachers and parents to help children
Sandra Grimes, Naomi’s key worker at Norwood, supported her
Young People’s Focus Group now received planning permission from Barnet Council and
with learning difficulties to learn.
the opening is planned for September 2010. The school will
to complete her Level 1 Administration NVQ and worked with
Linda Looney, Norwood’s Employment Co-ordinator, to support
Naomi in her new job.
triumphs again grow to provide places for 1310 students, aged from 11-18,
and will include a 50 place Special Unit for children with
Service users take photos at artsdepot project
I David Levene is one of the service users who enjoyed
severe and complex disabilities, in partnership with Norwood.
Young people with a learning photography lessons at the artsdepot in Finchley.
Sandra said: “This job has made a huge difference to Naomi. disability from London and Relocating the existing residential Annie Lawson School in I The teacher thought David was very talented and invited
It has increased her confidence and independence and Berkshire enjoyed another day of Berkshire to the heart of the Jewish Community will enable him to attend some more classes.
improved her self-esteem. She has a great sense of pride in fun activities at the second annual many children with severe and complex disabilities to live at
her job and feels much more included in everyday society.” event organised and run by seven teenagers who are Naomi’s new job
home for the first time. It will also mean that these children
Robert Hackman, Managing Director at Mellcrest Limited, members of Norwood’s Young People’s Focus Group (YPFG). will have the opportunity to travel to and from school with I Naomi is a resident at one of Norwood’s homes in Hendon.
added: “Naomi and our other Norwood employees are The fun day took place at the Leonard Sainer Children & their siblings. Norwood funder,Trevor Pears of the Pears I She has a new job at an office one day a week.
a pleasure to work with.They take so much care to Family Centre in Redbridge and more than 50 young people Foundation, praised the inclusive vision of the project which I Staff at Norwood supported Naomi to get her job.
ensure that their work is up to standard.” from across our services joined in. Premier League club brings children of all abilities together to benefit from the
Tottenham Hotspur sent two coaches to the event to run a best facilities available. Young People’s Focus Group has fun event
special football session for the children. I The group was formed to listen to service users’ thoughts

Pioneering Healthy Young People’s Focus Group member Sarah Howard said:
“We had a really fun day. I organised the cookery session and
and to say what type of fun events they’d like to arrange.
The group has become even bigger and has just held its

Lifestyle Project the bean bag toss for the mini-olympics and everything went
well. I enjoy being part of the Group because we get the
Belarusian second fun day.

Lionel Bernstein had an article in

Children with special needs often miss out
on sporting opportunities, which leads to
chance to let people know what we think.”
The YPFG was developed by Norwood to bring together
Government rolls out Community Care magazine
I Lionel is talkative, friendly and funny
low levels of fitness and physical confidence.
Norwood and Maccabi GB have teamed up
to launch the Healthy Lifestyle Project to
young service users from across the organisation, to gather
feedback, provide a platform to have their voices heard –
and organise fun events.
Novi Dom model I Lionel says: “If I won the lottery I would go on a
round-the-world trip on a double-decker bus and invite
all my friends.”
offer children individually tailored Getting fit and ha Eighteen months ago Novi Dom opened its doors
ving fun The Young People’s Focus Group is supported by
programmes, including football, athletics and in Minsk and became the first centre of its kind in Norwood and Maccabi join up for
team sports, and educate them about healthy eating and cooking. Belarus to provide respite care and educational Healthy Lifestyle Project
The pilot project is funded by Awards for All (supported by The National Lottery),
resources for children over 11 years old with I Children with disabilities played sports like football and
learning disabilities. The Belarusian Government has athletics, and learned about how to eat and cook in a
Sport Relief and the Jack Petchey Foundation.
now advised all rehabilitation and correction healthy way.
centres in the region to follow this model.
Norwood children have fun at special Seder
Norma Brier, Norwood’s Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted that the
I 25 children had a special Seder meal for Passover and sang
If You Ask Me… we talk to Lionel Bernstein, a 63-year-old service user who Belarusian authorities have seen Novi Dom as the way forward. It means
children with disabilities can stay with their families at home and use the
Passover songs. Alisa, from Unity, helped Michael lead the
special Seder from the Passover Haggadah.
lives in Norwood-owned semi-independent residential accommodation in Kenton, Middlesex. centre during the day – which is better for the child and the family.”
The Tager Centre
Who has influenced you the most? What is your dream date? I The new Tager Centre is being built at Ravenswood Village.
My mother, who taught me to be me. If I met the woman of my dreams, I would take her out to dinner It will be a wonderful place where service users with
Which professional has helped
you the most?
for fish and chips in the West End. If I really liked her I would buy
her champagne.
Norwood children autism will have very good support.

Novi Dom helps children

Kevin and Nora, previous staff, David,
my old key worker and Amy, the
If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?
I would go on a round-the-world trip to Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan,
tell the Pesach story with learning disabilities in Minsk
I Minsk is a city in Belarus.There wasn’t a service like
homes manager at my flat now. They America and Hong Kong in a red double-decker bus and I’d invite Alisa helped Michael
Norwood there, so Norwood started a centre called
are all friendly people who have my all my friends along! Levin, Norwood’s Cultural
Advisor, to lead the Novi Dom. Many children use the centre and now more
best interests at heart, help me get places like Novi Dom will open.
What is your greatest achievement? children’s mock Seder
on in life – and we have a laugh too. at the Kennedy Leigh
I am most proud of learning to use my mobile phone, so I can
Children & Family
What three words best describe you? travel independently, without staff support. To find out more about any of our services contact our
Centre. She attends
Talkative, friendly, humorous. Unity, Norwood’s Head Office at Broadway House, 80 – 82 The Broadway,
This interview appeared in the April 2007 edition of recreational, play and Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4HB.
What one thing would you like to ban?
Community Care magazine. youth service.
I don’t like the clocks going back in the autumn and forward in Tel: 020 8954 4555 Fax: 020 8420 6800
March. It gets too dark too early. I think we should just leave Email: info@norwood.org.uk
the time alone. our website: www.norwood.org.uk
04 05
Charity cyclists Calendar of

fundraising news: the funds we raise

Fundraising is Norwood’s lifeline. Our target is to fundraising
raise £8m each year as many of our services receive little or no blaze a trail from events
government funding. Our fundraising team works tirelessly
to offer innovative and exciting fundraising activities – read
Sunday 9 and Thursday 20 Sept ‘07
Kennedy Leigh Centre,
more about them in the stories below. Nearly 1,500 fundraisers got Lord Woolf Hendon, NW4
on their bikes for Capital to Coast Details: 020 8420 6832
2007 – the London To Hove Charity
Bike Ride – on Sunday 15 July 2007.
Lord Woolf sara.parish@norwood.org.uk
lays down the law
You shall tell How to impress
The ride, organised by Norwood,
celebrated its 12th year by raising
more than £300,000 to benefit Norwood, the Down’s
Lord Woolf, ex-Lord Chief

the story… the ladies Syndrome Association, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Southern
FM’s Help A Local Child.
Justice of England and
Wales and one of the
most high-profile figures in
Monday 10 Sept ‘07
Monday 26 Nov ‘07 – GRAND FINAL
Hush, W1
The moving stories of two young service The Man That Can: Recipes Details: 020 8420 6886
The charity cyclists, whose the British legal profession, was the star
users’ lives have helped to raise a new by men, for men to cook michelle.lassman@norwood.org.uk
ages ranged from 7 to 77, attraction at the YN Lawyers Reception
record amount of £100,000 for this for their women is packed www.norwood.org.uk/backgammon
made their way in brilliant in June. He was interviewed by Simon
year’s Pesach appeal – surpassing last with mouth-watering
sunshine from the start in Israel, home affairs correspondent for CASINO EVENING
year’s record donations by a huge 10%. A brighter recipes for all men.To Sunday 7 Oct ‘07
Esher College, Surrey, to the Channel 4 News, in front of an audience
The appeal has been shortlisted as a future for purchase a copy go to The Avenue, St James Street, SW1
finish on Hove sea front. of more than 180 young lawyers. The
Natalie and www.themanthatcan.org.uk Details: 020 8420 6922
finalist for the Third Sector Excellence A team of people with event raised over £21,000.
Joseph or call 020 8420 6823. lisa.coffer@norwood.org.uk
Awards 2007 best direct marketing learning disabilities took part
campaign – watch this space. Lord Woolf said: “I think Norwood is a
Norwood’s cookbook, The Man That Can on the back of tandems ISRAEL BIKE RIDE
marvellous cause. It is uplifting to see such
Judith Katzler, Norwood’s Director of Business Development, explains: along with their friends and Sunday 14 – Sunday 21 Oct ‘07
a substantial audience of young lawyers Details: 020 8420 6834
“The stories about Natalie and Joseph are typical of the work that support workers.
here tonight to support this charity. If challenges@norwood.org.uk
Norwood does every day of the year.”
Investing in Service user Zoe May crosses
the finish line with her dad, Ralph
there is one cause in this country that
justifies your support, it’s Norwood.”
Natalie is a warm and lively 16-year-old with physical and learning disabilities.
She has benefited from Buckets & Spades Lodge, the short-break respite centre
for children with disabilities, since she was young, and also enjoys going to Unity,

Yamit Mamo,The BIG Voice winner in 2006

Monday 15 Oct ‘07
where she can have fun with children her own age. at the Property Lunch Search for The BIG Voice Claridge’s, Brook Street, W1
Details: 020 8420 6922
Through Norwood, six-year-old Joseph has found a loving Jewish foster family
Over five hundred property professionals attended Norwood’s Norwood is looking for new talent to lisa.coffer@norwood.org.uk
who have now applied to adopt him. He was placed with Norwood after both
Property Lunch and responded generously to a film illustrating perform in a singing competition, The BIG
his birth family and his first foster family were unable to continue caring for him VIETNAM/CAMBODIA BIKE RIDE
the urgent need to upgrade facilities at Ravenswood Village, Voice, at the artsdepot on 9 March 2008. Thursday 8 – Monday 19 Nov ‘07
and now looks forward to a much brighter future.
Norwood’s residential community for people with learning The winner will win a day of recording and Thursday 15 – Monday
disabilities.The event was a huge success, raising a record- in Bryan Ferry’s studio. 26 Nov ‘07
breaking £430,000. Details: 020 8420 6834
Stephanie steals Paul Kemsley, Chief Executive of Rock, the main sponsor of the
To audition on 9 or 20 September 2007 please contact Sara Parish on
T: 020 8420 6832 or E: sara.parish@norwood.org.uk

everyone’s hearts event, pledged to undertake some of the repairs at the Village,
so that more of the money raised could go directly to

Fundraising newsbites…
arris Norwood for the development of services.
Everyone attending Norwood’s Stephanie H Monday 12 Nov ‘07
Business Breakfast at Claridge’s in Guest speaker George Osborne MP, Shadow Chancellor of the The Grosvenor House Hotel,
Exchequer, said: “Norwood is a remarkable charity which is like Park Lane, W1
February knew they were in for a
an extended family. We will deliver on improvements for the Norwood’s Backgammon Waterside Walkers Kew Gardens to Hampton Court Details: 020 8420 6822
treat when Marks & Spencer’s Chief
Executive Stuart Rose was property sector, all I ask for in return is that you are generous Tournament, sponsored by encountered more water than in May. Spirits weren’t dampened
announced as the guest speaker, in giving to charities like Norwood.” The Pears Foundation and walk as they trailed a 20-mile though, and the walkers raised a LADIES LUNCH
sharing the secrets of the successful headed up by Mark Pollack and sponsored walk in the rain from sunny £20,000. Wednesday 21 Nov ‘07
The lunch was sponsored by Rock in association with AXA, Bank of Ireland,
turnaround of M&S. RBS and Property Week his committee, aims to raise Moor Park Golf Club, Hertfordshire
The London Marathon saw Details: 020 8420 6886
£65,000.The Grand Final takes
However, it was the film of Stephanie’s story that stole everyone’s hearts. 21 Norwood runners, the largest michelle.lassman@norwood.org.uk
place in November.
Stephanie, a 14-year-old service user with physical and learning disabilities, number of runners of all the
has needed 24-hour care since she was a baby. Buckets & Spades Lodge The ‘Voice of the Balls’ popped Jewish Community’s charities,
Monday 26 Nov ‘07
offered a lifeline to her parents, giving them short breaks and dedicated the questions at Norwood’s City brave the heat and humidity to
Claridge’s, Brook Street, W1
time to spend with Stephanie’s brothers. Slickers annual Supper Quiz. Alan raise a phenomenal £75,000.
Details: 020 8420 6922
Dedicoat, the National Lottery lisa.coffer@norwood.org.uk
Guests were deeply moved both by Stephanie’s delight in her relationship 300 young Junior Bike Ride
announcer, helped to raise more
with the staff and her parents’ joy at knowing how happy she is at Buckets challengers, aged between DEATH VALLEY, LAS VEGAS
than £4,500.
& Spades. It was Stephanie’s smile that really made the Business Breakfast, 7-14 years old, enjoyed a day BIKE RIDE
and contributed to the event raising over £100,000. 170 cyclists took a lush ride in out with mud and mates, Sunday 2 – Monday 10 March ‘08
Kerala in Southern India in cycling in a 10-mile off-road Details: 020 8420 6834
The Business Breakfast was sponsored by Investec Private Bank. challenge and raising over challenges@norwood.org.uk
November 2006, raising an
amazing £650,000 for Norwood. £20,000 for Norwood. www.norwood.org.uk/challenges

06 Paul Kemsley, George Osborne MP, Norma Brier, Richard Desmond 07

Party for Volunteers Week

volunteering news: the support you give

Norwood’s Volunteering Services celebrated national
Our volunteers
Volunteers Week on 1-7 June with a party and a Norwood has a long history of volunteers going back over 100
barbeque to thank Norwood’s volunteers for their years to the time of the Norwood Orphanage when ‘aunties and
support. Over 650 volunteers give up their time uncles’ would volunteer to take children on outings or home for
supporting Norwood in a variety of ways, including the weekend for a taste of family life.
taking children on outings and providing administration
Terry and Mandy Holforth, Walter Taylor and supporter Sue Maxton
support to the Charity. Our volunteers take on a dress to impress
Norma Brier, Norwood’s Chief Executive, said: “We give huge variety of roles across
enormous thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work
and dedication. What they do is amazing. No matter how
all Norwood’s services such
as working at the stables at Walter Taylor meets
much time each gives, their contribution to Norwood
makes a real difference to the lives of the children and
families, the service users and residents with learning
disabilities and social difficulties that we support.”
Left to right: Harold Livingstone, Norma Brier – Norwood Chief Executive, Charles Loeb, Lara Goldbart,
Jackie Meisell – Norwood Volunteer Co-ordinator, Esther Posner, Sonia Nathan, Judy Raymond,
Kay Preston, Marilyn Kohen
Ravenswood Village;
accounting at Head Office;
befriending service users or
helping out in one of
the Queen
Walter Taylor, a resident of The Elms at Norwood’s
Norwood’s shops.
Ravenswood Village, had a day to remember when he
Norwood’s volunteers
was invited by his befriender, Mandy Holforth and her
A warm welcome have a wealth of skills
husband Terry, to attend the Queen’s Annual Garden
The highlight
of my
from Norwood 25
and experience and a
wonderful can-do attitude.
Party at Buckingham Palace in July.
Mandy has been Walter’s befriender since February this year.
week – by Diane Serlin The Volunteering Services
Department at Broadway
She sees him at least once a month when they meet for
James Harrison received a very warm welcome when he coffee and a chat, and she speaks to him regularly on the
House manages the
Diane Serlin and her husband Jeff have volunteered for became a volunteer for Norwood 25, a monthly outings phone. She recently visited Walter while he was in hospital.
whole volunteering
Norwood for 12 years, organising the Junior Bike Ride and group for children aged 5-15 years from socially
process.The Head of There are 70 befrienders who each spend time with
helping at the Capital to Coast Bike Ride. Jeff has cycled all disadvantaged backgrounds.
Volunteering Services is residents at Ravenswood Village in Berkshire and at our
over the world for Norwood, and is taking part in the The group takes children on fun days out, encouraging them to supported by a team of Volunteer Libby London homes for people with learning disabilities. We
Cotel with Unity
Vietnam/Cambodia bike ride in November. Diane decided express themselves and ensure they have a good time. Set up staff who cover Harrow, Kimberley Smith service user are always looking for more befrienders, so if you are
to get involved closer to home and began volunteering to in 1985, the group offers a range of activities such as strawberry Barnet, Redbridge, interested, please contact Volunteering Services.
help adults with learning disabilities at ‘Ted’s Singalong’ picking, visits to museums and the London aquarium, ice-skating, Hackney and Ravenswood Village.
group at a community centre in Stanmore. cinema outings, pony trekking and boating in Regents Park.
I Norwood now has over 650 active volunteers.
Diane said: “Norwood has always been my passion as a James joined because he wanted to make a real difference for I The age of Norwood’s volunteers ranges from 15 to 86.
charity. Without a doubt, the highlight of my week is helping children who don’t have the greatest opportunities in life. He
explains: “Volunteering with Norwood is a great way to give I The longest serving volunteer has been
Norwood service users to sing and dance at ‘Ted’s Singalong’ a befriender and driver for 27 years.
something back to the community and develop your own skills
group. It is truly rewarding and I forget about everything else
while I’m volunteering. Now that I work specifically
in a professional manner at the same time. There’s always help I Jack Freeman, Muriel Kauffer and Keith Ambler each volunteer
and support available – I highly recommend it.” over 1,000 hours a year for Norwood.
with service users, I can see for myself what
this great organisation is all about.” To find out more about becoming a Norwood 25 volunteer,
contact Jackie Meisell on 020 8420 6947.
If you would like to volunteer for Norwood,
Ted with Diane and please contact Volunteering Services directly on: Cyclists get into the saddle at Norwood’s Cycle Club. Left to right:
Cissie Baber at David Rosenfeld, Danny Ackerman, Alex Pomerance, David Lightman
Tel: 020 8420 6926
the Singalong
Volunteer training at Email: volunteering@norwood.org.uk.

Ravenswood Village Norwood

A training programme at Ravenswood Village offers new
volunteers the chance to improve skills in five bite-size
sessions on topics ranging from communication to an
Muriel Kauffer has volunteered for
Norwood for over 15 years and
Cycle Club
Jack Freeman has volunteered for If you are looking for a great way to get fit and have fun, why
introduction to Jewish culture and learning disabilities.
more than 5 years
not come and join the Norwood Cycle Club? They offer a
Delivered by experienced staff, the training also gives
Sunday social ride once a month from Radlett and welcome
volunteers the opportunity to spend some time getting to
cyclists of all standards.The Cycle Club was started a few
know one another.
months ago by a group of Norwood volunteers who also
take part in Norwood’s domestic and international
Challenges. Lynne Gilbert, one of the Cycle Club organisers,
said: “Since the club’s first social ride in May, we have been
Welcome to our new volunteers thrilled by the response and support from new and existing
Hayley Arovo, Sacha Benfredj, Abigail Chodosh, Sarah Davie, Roisie Ehrenfeld, Lisa Jordan, Landon Kulick, Ashli riders.We have 40-50 riders turning up each time and we
now have over 100 new registered riders.”
Lazarus, Lydia Miller, Atara and Steve Onona, Sarah Padwa Herstick, Kane Robin, Abigail Rose, Helen Rothfeder,
Inesa Rozenman, Claire Simon, Rachel Tovi, Sara Weintraub and Chava Sarah Zobin. If you would like to know more, please email:
cycleclub@norwood.org.uk or call Lynne on 07710 326 154.
08 09
Staff members

staff news: the job we do

Profile: Philip Bunt, Ayson enjoys opportunity and
our Director of Corporate Services go the extra mile
Philip is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, was
This November staff members Ian Tate and
career progression
previously the Acting Chief Executive at the Royal Society of Arts
and is also a Governor of JFS School and a Trustee of Campaign for Sara Parish are taking their day-job fundraising Ayson Marcos arrived at Norwood Nursing, underwent training Commenting on his new skills,
Learning. Philip’s responsibilities at Norwood span Finance, Property, responsibilities to the limit by cycling 600km four years ago from Baguio City in including skills in working with Ayson said: “The skills I have gained
IT, Human Resources and Risk. His hobbies include theatre, jazz, through Vietnam and Cambodia to raise money the Philippines and soon realised service users, epilepsy training at Norwood have been invaluable.
gym and hill walking. to support Norwood service users. there was opportunity for career and obtained industry recognised Norwood has opened up so many
progression for those who NVQs in care services. doors for me – I would recommend
Who or what most inspires you? Moses Montefiore, a successful Ian, Head of Challenges, has been doing
wanted to take advantage of the it to anyone who wants to see real
businessman, supporter of Jewish humanitarian causes and Israel. tandem bike rides since 1995, cycling across Ayson was promoted in his second
training offered and were willing career progression in the care
the world with service users. He has also year at Norwood and this January, in
Who has influenced you most in your life? My parents, of to work hard. service industry.”
run three London Marathons, raising a his fourth year, he was promoted
course! But there are a number of colleagues who I have admired
phenomenal £30,000 for Norwood. He says: Ayson, who joined Norwood as a again, becoming a senior support Success story, Senior Care Worker,
and tried to emulate. Ayson Marcos
“More than 2,200 people took part in care worker with a Diploma in care worker.
If you won the lottery, how would you spend Challenge Events in 2006, raising over £1.3
the money? 10% to charity (under Gift Aid of million. This year we plan Sara Parish
course) and then on a home in Israel. to push the bar even higher.”
What is your greatest achievement? YN (Young Norwood) fundraiser and novice
A day in the life of… Service users
Bringing up two wonderful children – with a lot cyclist Sara says: “With a bit of hard training
Ian Tate
Lena Spitzer, Senior Family
of help from my wife.
If you had a superpower what would it be?
and a good dose of dedication, anyone
can do it – I hope!”
Centre Worker at Norwood’s
are trained
Time travel would be helpful – there is so much To sponsor them please go to
Philip enjoys the vie
much loved wa lk
w on a
I want to do and so little time. www.justgiving.co.uk/saraparish and
www.justgiving.com/iantate2007. Somers Children & Family to interview new staff
Service users at Ravenswood
Centre in Hackney Village have taken part in
Learning and Development training sessions to enable
Norwood “When I arrive, I start preparing the main play area for Rav Tov,
goes from now winners our mother and baby drop-in group attended by Chassidic
families. My team take over and I pack a bag of toys from our toy
them to interview new staff
who will support them in
their everyday lives.They
to strength
library to take with me on a home visit to a child with a
Congratulations to service users Lionel Bernstein and Laurie
developmental delay.The child was born with Down’s syndrome, focused on interview skills
Decker and staff member Sara Parish who all suggested the
and the mother has nine other children. I stay for an hour and and how to sit on an
winning title Norwood Now in our ‘choose a title’ magazine
Norwood’s commitment to ensuring that all staff have the appropriate work with her on the current aims and goals for stimulating this interview panel. Paul
competition. All three win M&S vouchers.
knowledge to offer the best possible services has paid off. child. I leave some toys with her. Solomon is one of the
Learning choices at Norwood include computer-based learning, work Back at the centre, in the soft play area, the singing session for the h list of what he wo service users who is
Paul draws up a wis rker
shadowing, research-based projects, National Vocational Qualifications drop-in group is in full swing, including some Yiddish nursery po rt wo
like from his ideal sup receiving the training.
(NVQs), distance learning and traditional course work. rhymes we’ve created ourselves. One mother calls me over
In May 2007, 83 care staff members received industry awards in
recognition of their efforts both at Ravenswood Village and
Staff Conference because she is worried about her child who has just begun
nursery and is refusing to speak. I will talk to our Binoh
psychologist about this. Mums who have just taken their babies to
Norwood’s residential homes and family centres.
Ellen Olsen, Head of Learning and Development said: “The sheer
be immunised at our Wellbeing at Bearsted centre tell me how
much they appreciate having this new service so close to home.
Ravenswood Village
number of care industry awards achieved shows why Norwood is
a leading provider of specialist services within the UK’s learning
disability sector.”
I dash back to my office to pick up a few messages and
discover that a huge donation in kind has been
made to the toy library for needy families. We
Fun Day
all spend lunchtime sorting out the toys. This year’s Fun Day was a great success.
Staff, residents and volunteers organised
Fatma Ally Yusuf (centre) In the afternoon, I welcome an optician the music festival-themed day. Residents
receives her care award from who is running a workshop for mothers. and staff from homes at Kadimah ran a
service users Roy Gilbert (left) Linda Looney and Maxine Segalov play ‘The Two Ronnettes’ to help colleagues After that, Migdal, our after school club card game stall, Aviv made healthy fruit
and Philip Rose (right) understand learning disability for children with special needs, begins. kebabs, Copper Beech cooked up an
My day finishes with me reflecting what Italian spaghetti stall and Gila helped to
Norwood held its inaugural staff conference in central London a privilege it is to work in this set up the festival sound. The sun shone, Ursula Hancock an
on 11 June 2007. Staff had the opportunity to meet other d Linda Gill
wonderful centre.” adding to the day’s festival atmosphere. ser ve up pavlova
employees, share ideas and learn more about Norwood’s
services and strategic plan. Russell Ford from Support Services and Jane Phillips,Volunteer
If you have any staff news items that you’d like to see in Fundraising Co-ordinator ran the day. Russell said: “Everyone contributed
One member of staff said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to
future issues of Norwood Now please send them to to the planning and the staff, our residents and volunteers made sure the
spend the entire day with colleagues.” Another commented: “I
norwoodnow@norwood.org.uk. day ran smoothly making this year’s fun day one to remember.”
found it very interesting and inspiring to learn about the specialist
activities our service users benefit from, such as music therapy.”
10 11
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The photographs used in Norwood now are all of Norwood service users, staff, volunteers and donors and are used with the subjects’ or their parent’s/guardian’s permission.They are
representative of the adults, children and their families who rely on Norwood’s services and the wide range of supporters. In order to protect confidentiality, names may have been changed
and do not necessarily relate to the personal histories or service divisions where they are featured.

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