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Routine Brief instruction

01. Preparations to be made while analyzer is switched off:

Take all required reagents out of the refrigerator and prepare them according to the package insert.
Empty the waste bin for the cuvette rotors.
Fill up the washing solution (small bottles), rinsing solution and disinfectant (canister) if necessary.
Fill up the cuvette rotors in the cuvette rotor store (right).
Empty the liquid waste (canister).

02. Turn the system on in the following order:

> Analyzer -> wait 30 seconds -> PC -> Screen -> Printer

03. Start up the operating system.

In the Windows XP login dialog, enter your user name and the standard Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics password.

04. Start up the BCS XP program.

Click OK in the BCS XP disclaimer dialog.

Enter your user name and password in the login dialog. -> The analyzer initializes (takes ~ 5 min.).

05. Perform all required maintenance procedures .

06. Position the reagents, standards and controls that you require,
without lids and stoppers, on the racks and load them.
07. Control measurements
Click on the Control journal button. Double-click on the field for the control and assay.
-> The controls requested will be measured.

08. Place the barcoded samples, without lids and stoppers, in the racks
and insert the racks into any available lane from 5 to 14.
The system enters all available sample IDs in the job list automatically.
If you are working with a host, the jobs are created automatically.

09. Without host connection: Enter the jobs manually.

Click on all assays in the job list that you wish to measure for the relevant samples.
Click on the New button in the toolbar.
The jobs are saved and sent to the analyzer.

10. Samples without barcodes

Preload the racks in the Loading dialog in accordance with the actual positions in the rack and
enter the jobs at the same time by selecting all the assays required for the relevant sample.
Insert the racks.

11. Results
Click on the Job list button.

12. Release of results

The results are automatically released if the system is configured to do so.
You can also release the results manually by
selecting the relevant results and clicking on the Release button in the tool bar.

13. Disinfect the system and clean up the data structures

If you do not wish to turn off the system:
In the System menu, select the Shift change option.

14. Switch off

Quit the BCS XP software by choosing File - Quit.

Wait until the analyzer has finished the shutdown routine and the program has closed automatically.
Turn off the analyzer and the printer.
In the task bar, under Start, select the option marked Quit and then Shutdown.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics 2006