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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

108 / Tuesday, June 6, 2006 / Notices 32507

calling or writing Diana Hynek, investors. The data are needed to sample survey, as described; universe
Departmental Paperwork Clearance provide reliable, useful, and timely estimates are developed from the
Officer, (202) 482–0266, Department of measures of foreign direct investment in reported sample data.
Commerce, Room 6625, 14th and the United States, assess its impact on
III. Data
Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, the U.S. economy, and based upon this
DC 20230 (or via the Internet at assessment, make informed policy OMB Number: 0608–0034.
dHynek@doc.gov). decisions regarding foreign direct Form Number: BE–15.
Written comments and investment in the United States. The Type of Review: Regular submission.
recommendations for the proposed data are used to derive annual estimates Affected Public: Businesses or other
information collection should be sent of the operations of U.S. affiliates of for-profit organizations.
within 30 days of publication of this foreign investors, including their Estimated Number of Respondents:
notice to David Rostker, OMB Desk balance sheets; income statements; 4,950.
Officer, FAX number (202) 395–7285, or property, plant, and equipment; external Estimated Time per Response: 21.8
David_Rostker@omb.eop.gov. financing; employment and employee hours.
compensation; merchandise trade; sales Estimated Total Annual Burden:
Dated: June 1, 2006.
of goods and services; taxes; and 107,900 hours.
Gwellnar Banks, Estimated Total Annual Cost:
research and development activity. In
Management Analyst, Office of the Chief addition, data covering employment and $4,316,000 (based on an estimated
Information Officer. reporting burden of 107,900 hours and
property, plant, and equipment are
[FR Doc. E6–8759 Filed 6–5–06; 8:45 am] collected by state. The data are also an estimated hourly cost of $40).
BILLING CODE 3510–22–P used to update similar data for the IV. Requests for Comments
universe of U.S. affiliates collected once
every five years on the BE–12 Comments are invited on: (1) Whether
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE benchmark survey. the proposed collection of information
BEA proposes the following changes is necessary for the proper performance
Bureau of Economic Analysis of the functions of the agency, including
to the survey, beginning with the survey
Proposal To collect Information on the for 2006: (1) Add a question to the BE– whether the information will have
Annual Survey of Foreign Direct 15 EZ, short form, and long form to practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the
Investment in the United States identify the accounting principles used agency’s estimate of the burden
to compile and report the survey data. (including hours and costs) of the
ACTION: Proposed collection comment (2) Modify the question on the BE–15 proposed collection of information; (c)
request. long form that collects information on ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
the major industrial activity of the U.S. clarity of the information to be
SUMMARY: The Department of affiliate to include all of the affiliate’s collected; and (d) ways to minimize the
Commerce, as part of its continuing major activities; currently, information burden of the collection of information
effort to reduce paperwork and on only one major activity is collected. on respondents, including through the
respondent burden, invites the general (3) Include a check box on the BE–15 use of automated collection techniques
public and other Federal agencies to Supplement C to determine if a U.S. or other forms of information
comment on proposed and/or affiliate is claiming an exemption based technology.
continuing information collections, as on a merger or on a consolidation; Comments submitted in response to
authorized by the Paperwork Reduction currently, a single check box covers this notice will be summarized and/or
Act of 1995, Public Law 104–13 (44 both mergers and consolidations. (4) included in the request for OMB
U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). Clarify certain instructions, add approval of this information collection;
DATES: Written comments must be illustrative diagrams, and modify they also will become a matter of public
submitted on or before 5 p.m., August formatting in an effort to make the record.
7, 2006. survey forms more clear and easier to Dated: June 1, 2006.
ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments complete. Taken together, these changes
Madeleine Clayton,
to Diana Hynek, Departmental will not affect the overall respondent
burden for the survey. Management Analyst, Office of the Chief
Paperwork Clearance Officer, Information Officer.
Department of Commerce, Room 6625, II. Method of Collection [FR Doc. 06–5138 Filed 6–5–06; 8:45 am]
14th and Constitution Avenue, NW.,
Washington, DC 20230 (or e-mail The BE–15 annual survey is sent to BILLING CODE 3510–06–M

dHynek@doc.gov). potential respondents at the end of

March each year. A completed report
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Obie covering a reporting company’s fiscal DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE
G. Whitchard, Chief, International year ending during the previous
Investment Division, (BE–50), Bureau of calendar year is due by May 31. Reports Foreign–Trade Zones Board
Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of must be filed by every nonbank U.S.
Commerce, Washington, DC 20230; Scope Clarification Request Foreign–
business enterprise that is owned 10 Trade Subzone 234B(Loading
phone (202) 606–9890 (or e-mail percent or more by a foreign investor
obie.whichard@bea.gov). Equipment and Parts and Components
and that has total assets, sales, or net Thereof), LeTourneau, Inc., Longview,
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: income (or loss) of over $30 million. Texas
Potential respondents are those nonbank
I. Abstract U.S. business enterprises that reported An request for clarification of scope
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

The Annual Survey of Foreign Direct in the 2002 benchmark survey of foreign has been submitted to the Foreign–
Investment in the United States (Form direct investment in the United States, Trade Zones Board (the Board) by
BE–15) obtains sample data on the along with nonbank businesses that LeTourneau, Inc., operator of Foreign–
financial structure and operations of subsequently entered the direct Trade Subzone 234B. A grant of
nonbank U.S. affiliates of foreign investment universe. The BE–15 is a authority for LeTourneau’s subzone was

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