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Module I


Planning and Design Structure Engineering

Overview of EPC & Civil Industries and Scopes.

Designing Methodology of EPC Industry.
Overview of Basic Engineering Packages.
Overview of an Engineering Organization.
Role of Civil Engineer in various Industries.
Relevant Code & Standard For Civil Structure.
1893 Seismic Code.
Conventional Signs and Symbols.
Introduction to Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Detail of Various Structure by Client side and their documents.
Basic Design Requirement Based on Petro-chemical, Oil & Gas,
Refineries, Pharmaceutical, Power Plant, Steel Plant, Cement Plant etc.

Design of Structural Elements

Concrete Elements
Steel Elements
Structural Joints

Materials and Structural Design

Design of RCC Beams, Columns and Slabs.

Different Types of Slabs/ Beams/ Columns/ Footings
Designing of Slabs/Beams/Columns/Footings/Staircase
Overhead Tank Design.
Staircase Design.
Ductile Detailing.
Plate Girder.
Concrete Chimneys.
Steel Beam & Column.
Connection Design.
Base Plate Design.
Portal Frames and Bracing Design.
Portal Frames and Bracing Design.
Deciding Columns/Beams/Slabs positions
Orientation of Columns
Storm Water Drains.
Soil Mechanics.
Pile Foundation.
Equipment Foundation Under Vibrating Type.
Concept of Gravity.
Underground Water Tanks.
Projecting of points, lines surfaces and solids.
Draw sketches from models.
Plan, Elevation, section of buildings.
Isometric of building views.
Draw different ground floors.

Loads and Design Safety

Loading Calculation.
Wind, Snow Load.
Load Combination.
Slab Load Calculation.

Steel Structure Design

Design Approach of Steel Structure.

Connection of Steel Structure.
Tension members steel structures.
Compression members of steel structures.
Beams-Columns of Steel Structures.
Beam Size Calculation.
Industrial Building of steel Structures.
Bridges, Tanks & Towers.

Support & Sleepers Design

Equipment Support Structure & Foundation.

Pipe Rack and Sleepers
General Civil Work-Road, Drains, CRWS, OWS & Paving.
Dyke Wall, Tank Farm Area, Boundary Wall, Fence & Gate.
Draw various types of arches and lintels.
Prevention the structure with DPC.

Approximate Analysis Methods as a Basis for Design

Cable Structures
Prestressed Concrete Bridges.
Constructability and Structural Control
Fire Protection

Module Il

SoftwarePRO Software.
Defining Structure Geometry/ Modeling .
Modeling Technique of 3D Portal Frame From 2D Portal Frame
Assigning Member Specifications.
Additional Member Specifications.
Assigning Supports & Loads.
Creating the First Load Case.
Creating the Second Load Case.
Creating the Combination Load Case.
Merging of two Structures.
Analysis of Grillage Structure.
Analysis of Plate Structure.
Analysis & Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures.
Supported Beam with Full Lateral Restraint.
Supported Beam with Lateral Restraint at Point Load.
Supported Beam without Intermediate Restraints.
Column with Pinned End & Intermediate Support.
Analysis of Portal Frame.
Analysis of Plane Truss.
Analysis of Continuous Beams.
Preparing Structural Drawings.