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29172 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

Release Report, Parole Release Report, amount of increase in the number of DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
Prisoner in Custody at Year-end. prison admissions, prison releases and
(3) Agency form number, if any, and parole exits in the three States that Office of Disability Employment Policy
the applicable component of the currently report manually. [SGA 06–07]
Department of Justice sponsoring the
collection: Form number(s): NCRP–1A, (6) An estimate of the total public
burden (in hours) associated with the Self-Employment for Adults and Youth
NCRP–1B, NCRP–1C, and NCRP–1D. With Disabilities Research and
Corrections Statistics Unit, Bureau of collection: There are an estimated 2,298
total burden hours associated with this Technical Assistance; Solicitation for
Justice Statistics, Office of Justice Cooperative Agreements
Programs, United States Department of collection.
Justice. If additional information is required Announcement Type: New notice of
(4) Affected public who will be asked contact: Lynn Bryant, Deputy Clearance Availability of Funds and Solicitation
or required to respond, as well as a brief Officer, United States Department of for Grant Applications (SGA) for
abstract: The National Corrections Justice, Policy and Planning Staff, cooperative agreements for Self-
Reporting Program (NCRP) is the only Justice Management Division, Suite Employment for Adults and Youth with
national data collection furnishing Disabilities Research and Technical
1600, Patrick Henry Building, 601 D
annual individual-level information for Assistance.
Street, NW., Washington, DC 20530 Funding Opportunity Number: SGA
State prisoners admitted or released
(phone 202–514–4304). 06–07.
during the year, those in custody at
year-end, and persons discharged from Dated: May 15, 2006. Catalogue of Federal Domestic
parole supervision. The NCRP collects Lynn Bryant, Assistance (CFDA) Number: 17.720.
data on sentencing, time served in Executive Summary: The U.S.
Department Deputy Clearance Officer, United
prison and on parole, offense, Department of Labor (‘‘DOL’’ or
States Department of Justice.
admission/release type, and ‘‘Department’’), Office of Disability
[FR Doc. 06–4684 Filed 5–18–06; 8:45 am]
demographic information. BJS, the Employment Policy (‘‘ODEP’’),
BILLING CODE 4410–FY–M announces the availability of up to
Congress, researchers, and criminal
justice practitioners use these data to $5,000,000 to fund both a national
describe annual movements of adult technical assistance and research
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE cooperative agreement, and multiple
offenders through State correctional
systems. Providers of the data are cooperative agreements for sub-national
Foreign Claims Settlement
personnel in the State Departments of research and technical assistance pilot
Commission projects to investigate, develop and
Corrections and Parole.
(5) An estimate of the total number of validate systems models likely to
respondents and the amount of time [F.C.S.C. Meeting Notice No. 4–06] increase self-employment opportunities
estimated for an average respondent to for people with disabilities.
respond: BJS anticipates 41 respondents Sunshine Act Meeting • The national technical assistance
for report year 2006 with a total annual and research cooperative agreement
burden of 2,298 hours. Magnetic media The Foreign Claims Settlement award will be funded for up to $1.5
or other electronic formats are expected Commission, pursuant to its regulations million for a 36 month period of
from 40 respondents and 2 respondents (45 CFR Part 504) and the Government performance.
are expected to report manually. The in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. 552b), • The sub-national research and
respondents who have an automated hereby gives notice in regard to the technical assistance pilot cooperative
data system will require an estimated 24 scheduling of meetings for the agreement award(s) will be funded for a
hours of time to supply the information transaction of Commission business and total of up to $3.5 million. Awards may
for their annual caseload and an other matters specified, as follows: range from $800,000–1,200,000, with an
additional 2 hours documenting or average of $1 million for a 36 month
DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, May 24, period of performance.
explaining the data. The estimate of
respondent burden for these States 2006, at 10 a.m. ODEP’S unique mission is to provide
includes time required for modifying SUBJECT MATTER: (1) Issuance of national leadership by developing and
computer programs, preparing input Proposed Decisions in claims against influencing disability-related
data, and documenting the tape format Albania. employment policy and practice
and record layout. affecting the employment of people with
The estimated average amount of time STATUS: Open. disabilities. Congress designated these
required to manually complete the All meetings are held at the Foreign monies to ODEP to further the
NCRP–1A, NCRP–1B, and NCRP–1C claims Settlement Commission, 600 E development of self-employment policy
questionnaires are 10 minutes, 5 Street, NW., Washington, DC. Requests for individuals with disabilities. A
minutes, and 3 minutes per inmate, for information, or advance notices of critical element of this endeavor will be
respectively. The respondent burden is intention to observe an open meeting, the generation of data and information
directly related to the number of cases may be directed to: Administrative to validate systems capacity-building
reported. For 2000, the two manually Officer, Foreign Claims Settlement strategies and systems change models
reporting States submitted about 2,600 Commission, 600 E Street, NW., Room for successfully increasing self-
completed questionnaires for the NCRP– 6002, Washington, DC 20579. employment opportunities for
1A; about 2,400 for the NCRP–1B; and individuals with disabilities, to
Telephone: (202) 616–6988.
about 400 for the NCRP–1C. The document the systems-related
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

estimated total burden for these Mauricio J. Tamargo, difficulties and challenges that may be
respondents who submitted data Chairman. encountered, and to develop and test
manually was 654 hours. We expect no [FR Doc. 06–4710 Filed 5–17–06; 10:11 am] mechanisms for addressing these
additional manual reporters in the challenges. This data, obtained as a
future; and we expect an insignificant result of research and technical

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00054 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices 29173

assistance efforts, will be used by ODEP Priority 1: National Self Employment resources and supports available to
and other stakeholders in developing Technical Assistance and Research persons with disabilities for pursuit of
policy recommendations across Initiative entrepreneurship, and as Congress
multiple public and private systems for ODEP intends to award one national directed, ‘‘to undertake a thorough
increased self-employment options as research and technical assistance analysis of the structures currently in
an alternative to more traditional types cooperative agreement for place that either promote or impede the
of employment. approximately $1.5 million for a period expansion of business ownership in the
DATES: Key Date: Applications must be of performance of 36 months. disability community.’’ Specifically,
received by July 3, 2006. This priority supports creation of a this research will:
ADDRESSES: Applications must be (a) Document existing public and
cooperative agreement to accomplish
mailed or hand-delivered to: U.S. private programs or activities that have
three tasks:
Department of Labor, Procurement the authority or responsibility for
(1) Provide direct technical assistance
Services Center, Attention: Cassandra developing and supporting
to the ODEP grantees described in
Mitchell, Reference SGA 06–07, Room entrepreneurs with or without
Priority 2;
N5416, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., disabilities in starting, financing and
(2) Provide technical assistance,
Washington, DC 20210. managing a small business;
training, dissemination and (b) Analyze the abilities and
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This informational services to a broad limitations of these resources for serving
notice contains all of the necessary constituency that will include state and people with disabilities; and
information and forms needed to apply local workforce development entities, (c) Develop recommendations for
for the ODEP cooperative agreements including but not limited to, State Job modifying or developing policies for
described below. Additional forms can Training Institutions, WIA One Stops, reducing impediments and increasing
be obtained from the following Web site SBA Small Business Development the capacity of the resources,
address: http://www.whitehouse.gov/ Centers, the Vocational Rehabilitation individually or collaboratively, to
OMB/grants/forms.html and Employment Agencies of the respond to the entrepreneurial training,
Solicitation Information Conference Department of Veterans Affairs, State, financing and support needs of people
Call: A Solicitation Information and Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation with disabilities.
Conference Call will be held at 2 p.m. Agencies to implement effective and Applicants will build in methods for
(ET), Wednesday, June 1, 2006. The accessible practices for achieving self- evaluating the effects of their technical
purpose of this conference call is to employment outcomes; and assistance, and develop criteria for
provide interested parties an overview (3) Identify and analyze the effects of identifying promising practices and
of this Cooperative Agreement program existing programs on entrepreneurship mechanisms for documenting and
and an opportunity to ask questions by people with disabilities. analyzing policy related information. To
concerning the solicitation. A transcript Task 1: Task 1 consists of providing the extent that surveys are included in
of the conference will be made available assistance to grantees funded under the final research design, the grantee
on the ODEP Web site, http:// Priority 2 of this solicitation based on will be responsible for designing those
www.dol.gov/odep shortly following the the identified needs of each project. surveys in conjunction with ODEP and
conference. Individuals who wish to Assistance provided under this task will working with ODEP to develop an OMB
participate in this conference call must use strategies and information generated clearance package and ensuring
register by contacting ODEP at 202–693– in Tasks 2 and 3 and additional appropriate clearances. Surveys may be
7880, no later than 4:45 p.m. (ET) on assistance appropriate to the needs of
Friday, May 26, 2006. Please ask to mixed mode (mail, internet and phone)
the grantee, including site specific and should be designed to achieve an
register for the Self Employment SGA assistance.
Conference Call. Registrations should be overall response rate of at least 80%.
Task 2: This task will focus on
made as soon as possible. At the time of developing and implementing a Priority 2: Sub-National Projects of
registration, call-in information will be comprehensive strategy for increasing Systemic Innovation and Technical
provided. the capacity of existing systems for Assistance
I. Funding Opportunity Description and providing self-employment services to ODEP intends to award multiple
Authority people with disabilities through cooperative agreements for projects of
training, technical assistance, research, systemic innovation. ODEP anticipates
A. Description and Purpose and identification and dissemination of awards will be in the range of $800,000–
ODEP envisions two forms of research successful and recommended practices . 1,200,000, with an average of $1 million,
and technical assistance. ODEP will This will include outreach to potential for a 36 month period of performance.
award multiple cooperative agreements entrepreneurs with disabilities and to However, this does not preclude funding
to conduct research that will document potential financial and lending decisions above or below this amount,
and analyze existing agencies, policies institutions. Included in the training or funding a smaller or larger number of
and practices available to assist people and technical assistance will be projects, based on the number and
with disabilities in starting and innovative strategies for fostering self- quality of submissions.
operating small businesses; identify, employment for individuals with Under this priority, ODEP intends to
demonstrate, and evaluate innovative disabilities and guidance about forming fund multiple projects that will
models across public and private partnerships among agencies that have research, test and evaluate innovative
systems for supporting self-employment complementary expertise and resources. models of self-employment service
for people with disabilities; assist In addition, this task will establish delivery that can be adopted across the
relevant entities to implement effective sustainable resources for continued country. In addition, these projects will
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

and accessible practices for achieving capacity building beyond the period of provide sub-national technical
self-employment outcomes of people performance of the cooperative assistance (separate from and unrelated
with disabilities; and inform agreement. to Priority 1 technical assistance)
development of policies that expand Task 3: Task 3 will be nationwide supportive of their individual research
access to such practices nationally. research and analysis of current efforts within a political or economic

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00055 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
29174 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

jurisdiction, such as a state, Outcomes for this priority will be long- and short-term goals focus efforts
metropolitan area, rural district or quantitative and qualitative on initiatives that bring about this level
economic development zone, proposed documentation of the model(s), of change. In short, ODEP develops
by the Awardee. These jurisdictions will including: policies and strategies that will:
be chosen on characteristics established (a) Strengths and weaknesses for • Enhance the capacity of service
by the applicants but including the assisting people with disabilities; delivery systems to provide appropriate
presence of numerous public and (b) Recommendations for informing and effective services and supports to
private programs, including but not policy development and addressing youth and adults with disabilities;
limited to, State Job Training barriers and facilitators to achieving • Increase planning and coordination
Institutions, WIA One-Stops, SBA Small desired results; and within service delivery systems to
Business Development Centers, the (c) Identification and dissemination develop and improve systems,
Vocational Rehabilitation and through technical assistance of processes, and services;
Employment Agencies of the promising and successful practices. • Improve individualization of
Department of Veterans Affairs, and This information will be used by services to better assist youth and adults
State, and Tribal Vocational ODEP, in concert with other Federal with disabilities in seeking, obtaining,
Rehabilitation Agencies, capable of agencies, to develop and implement an and retaining employment or self-
supporting potential entrepreneurs with action plan to promote self-employment employment;
disabilities. The awardees will be and small business development among • Increase employer access to
expected to research, test and evaluate youth and adults with disabilities, supports and services to meet their
innovative systems models that will particularly those with the most employment needs;
increase self-employment opportunities significant disabilities. • Increase the quality of competency-
for entrepreneurs who represent a range B. Background based training for service delivery
of disabilities, ages and life systems;
Congress provided $5,000,000 in the • Increase the adoption of universal
circumstances. FY 2006 appropriation for ODEP to strategies for service provision; and
Critical components of this priority conduct a national initiative to develop • Develop partnerships with and
will include: research-based policy and provide among critical stakeholders to
(a) Detailed resource mapping of the technical assistance to related systems effectively leverage available resources
selected jurisdiction, documenting in implementing effective and and facilitate implementation of
existing public and private programs or accessible practices for achieving practices and policies that increase
activities in the local area of the project sustainable self-employment outcomes employment and self-employment
that have the authority or responsibility for individuals with disabilities. (See opportunities and the recruitment,
for developing and supporting Departments of Labor, Health and retention, and promotion of youth and
entrepreneurs with or without Human Services, and Education, and adults with disabilities.
disabilities in starting, financing and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, Three measures inform ODEP’s
managing a small business; 2006, Public Law 109–149, Title I, 119 annual progress: The number of policy-
(b) Analyzing the abilities and Stat. 2833, 2841 (2005); H.R. Conf. Rep. related documents; the number of
limitations of these existing resources No. 109–300, at 59 (2005); S. Rep. No. formal agreements; and the number of
for serving people with disabilities; 109–103, at 26 (2005)). Through this effective practices. These performance
(c) Developing recommendations and initiative, ODEP intends to increase the results support achievement of the
providing technical assistance for knowledge base of existing practices for following intermediate outcome goals:
modifying or developing policies for serving the self-employment training Accessible employment resources;
reducing impediments and increasing and financing needs of individuals with coordinated programs, processes, and
the capacity of the resources, disabilities, and to identify, investigate services; and adoption of effective
individually or collaboratively, to and validate systems models likely to practices.
respond to the entrepreneurial training, increase self-employment opportunities Achievement of these intermediate
financing and support needs of people for people with disabilities. outcome goals, in turn, supports
with disabilities; and The Office of Disability Employment achievement of the long-term service
(d) Developing, testing, evaluating, Policy (ODEP) provides national delivery systems outcome goals, which
and disseminating innovative models leadership by developing and are marked by increases in these areas:
within the area of jurisdiction of the influencing disability-related Capacity of service delivery systems;
proposed project. employment policies and practices. A planning and coordination within
The resultant resource mapping, five-year strategic plan guides ODEP in service delivery systems; and employer
policy analysis, and innovative systems achieving its mission by identifying access to supports and services for
model development must address the long-term strategic and outcome goals as recruitment, retention, and promotion.
needs of adults, youth, veterans and well as shorter-term intermediate and ODEP is committed to supporting and
older workers with disabilities performance goals. In addition to encouraging the creative use of
(including those with significant measuring agency performance, as alternative employment strategies, such
physical, mental health and cognitive required by the Government as self-employment, through
disabilities) who desire Performance and Results Act (GPRA), appropriate skills development,
entrepreneurship. It must also include the strategic plan sets forth a road map entrepreneurial education, training
generic programs available to all for prioritizing the formulation and opportunities, access to funding and
potential entrepreneurs as well as those dissemination of innovative necessary supports, and capacity
targeted specifically to people with employment policies and practices to building within systems to ensure
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

disabilities, and a review of relevant service delivery systems and employers. availability of self employment
regulations, policies, practices and ODEP’s annual goal is to build outcomes for individuals with
funding mechanisms. Any differences knowledge and advance disability disabilities.
between rural and urban employment policy that affects and People with disabilities who choose
entrepreneurship must be addressed. promotes systems change. The agency’s entrepreneurship as their path to

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00056 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices 29175

financial independence have understood. Available strategies to assist C. Definitions

historically been underserved both by individuals with disabilities to develop Definitions for purposes of this
the agencies that specifically serve assets to further self-employment appear solicitation include:
people with disabilities and those that to be underutilized. Strategies for • ‘‘Self-employment’’ means work by
serve potential entrepreneurs who are leveraging resources across multiple a person who owns or operates a trade,
members of the general public. While systems are impeded by funding business or profession, either by
facing the same obstacles as restrictions and bureaucratic inertia. themselves or with other owners.
entrepreneurs who do not have Numerous Federal agencies and • ‘‘Youth with disabilities’’ refers to
disabilities, entrepreneurs with private entities are potential resources individuals who are ages 14 to 24.
disabilities must resolve additional for individuals with disabilities, such as • ‘‘Significant disability’’ is defined
issues that result from their disabilities. education agencies, state job training as an individual with a disability who
Government programs and private
institutions, Workforce Investment Act is receiving Social Security or
agencies have begun a groundswell of
One-Stop Career Centers, Small Supplemental Security Income
support for encouraging people with
Business Administration-sponsored disability benefits.
disabilities to consider entrepreneurship
Small Business Development Centers,
as a career option and for providing the II. Award Information
the vocational rehabilitation and
technical and financial assistance they
employment services of the Estimated Available Funds:
need. The most recent amendments to
Departments of Veterans Affairs, and $5,000,000.
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Title V
State and tribal vocational rehabilitation Priority I: One Award: up to
of the Workforce Investment Act of
agencies, and other related programs. $1,500,000.
1998) reemphasize the use of self-
Agencies that serve the employment Priority II: Multiple Awards: range
employment or small business
needs of youth and adults with from $800,000—$1,200,000 (Average
ownership as legitimate employment
disabilities, however, regularly report size of awards approximately
outcomes for vocational rehabilitation
that their staff members are not $1,000,000).
clients. The Social Security
knowledgeable about small business Period of Performance: 36 months
Administration (SSA), which under the
procedures or resources. At the same from date of award.
new Ticket to Work Program has begun
time, organizations that support small The U.S. Department of Labor (‘‘DOL’’
issuing ‘‘tickets’’ to beneficiaries and
recipients of its cash benefit programs, business development report a lack of or ‘‘Department’’), Office of Disability
has included the support of an knowledge about how to serve people Employment Policy (‘‘ODEP’’),
individual’s entrepreneurial goals as a with disabilities or what resources announces the availability of up to
possible use of the ticket. SSA’s PASS might be available to help those $5,000,000 to fund :
(Plans for Achieving Self-Support) individuals. Very little research on (1) A national technical assistance
program provides a way for SSI people with disabilities and self- and research cooperative agreement,
(Supplemental Security Income) employment exists, leaving many and
recipients to accumulate funds questions unanswered for policy (2) Multiple sub-national cooperative
necessary for business start-ups and makers. agreements for research and technical
operation without jeopardizing the ODEP recognizes that creating assistance pilot projects to identify,
individual’s cash benefits or health care successful self-employment models for investigate and validate innovative
coverage. Across the Federal people with disabilities may necessitate systems models likely to increase self-
government, personal budget and asset- changes to the systems in place for employment opportunities for people
building programs such as Individual promoting small business ownership or with disabilities.
Development Accounts, economic for responding to the complex needs of Note: Selection of an organization as a
development programs and housing individuals with disabilities. Grantee does not constitute approval of the
programs are creating new opportunities Information from ODEP grant initiatives grant application as submitted. Before the
for entrepreneurs with disabilities. has identified the following critical actual grant is awarded, USDOL may enter
ODEP’s Customized Employment and elements for achieving enduring into negotiations about such items as
WorkFORCE (Working for Freedom, systems change: program components, staffing and funding
Opportunity and Real Choice Through levels, and administrative systems in place to
(1) Increase the capacity of system support grant implementation. If the
Community Employment) Action grant elements to achieve a goal through staff negotiations do not result in a mutually
initiatives are demonstrating the training, modifications to policies and acceptable submission, the Grant Officer
feasibility of self-employment as an practices, and improved facility reserves the right to terminate the negotiation
option for individuals with significant accessibility; and decline to fund the application.
disabilities who were previously
considered by some systems to be (2) Increase the coordination and Because ODEP plans to make awards
unemployable. collaboration between multiple agencies in the form of a cooperative agreement,
Across the country, private and public to maximize the use and effectiveness of USDOL will have substantial
programs are successfully assisting services and financial resources; involvement in the administration of the
people with disabilities to become (3) Customize services to better fulfill agreement. Such USDOL involvement
competitive members of the small the unique needs of each individual; will consist of:
business community. Small business (1) Approval of any sub-contract
(4) Implement and evaluate new and
development centers and awarded by the grantee(s);
different practices;
microenterprise agencies have begun to (2) Participation in site visits to
open their doors to people with (5) Disseminate information regarding project areas;
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

disabilities. Innovative customized successful changes and lessons learned (3) Providing advice and consultation
approaches to entrepreneurship such as to others who might benefit; and to the Grantee(s) on specific program
supported self-employment, use of (6) Ensure that successful changes are criteria;
cooperatives and development of micro- institutionalized so that they will (4) Providing the Grantee(s) with
boards show great potential but are little endure. technical and programmatic support,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00057 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
29176 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

including training in USDOL local government agencies. The IV. Application and Submission
monitoring and evaluation systems, and consortium members may include Information
standard procedures regarding USDOL public and private entities, which may
1. Addresses To Request Application
management of cooperative agreements; include but are not limited to non-profit
(5) Reviewing, at reasonable times, all Package
organizations, institutions of higher
documents pertaining to the project, education, and faith-based and This SGA contains all the information
including status and technical progress community organizations. The lead and forms needed to apply for this grant
reports, and financial reports; government agency will be the recipient funding. Application announcements or
(6) Discussing administrative and of the award and must be the forms will not be mailed. The Federal
technical issues pertaining to the responsible financial and administrative Register may be obtained from your
project; entity for the Cooperative Agreement nearest government office or library. In
(7) Approving all key personnel should that application result in an addition, a copy of this notice and the
decisions, and sub-contractors or sub- award. application requirements may be
recipients; downloaded from ODEP’s Web site at
(8) Approving all press releases and According to section 18 of the http://www.dol.gov/odep and at http://
publicity materials regarding the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, an www.grants.gov. If additional copies of
project; organization, as described in section the standard forms are needed, they can
(9) Approving all content for online 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code also be downloaded from: http://
resources developed through project of 1986, that engages in lobbying www.whitehouse.gov/omb/grants/
activities, including clearing concepts activities will not be eligible for the grants_forms.html.
for material production and final receipt of Federal funds constituting an
document production; and award, grant, or loan. See 2 U.S.C. 1611; 2. Content and Form of Application
(10) Drafting terms of reference for, 26 U.S.C. 501(c) (4). Funding Submission
and participating in project evaluations. restrictions apply. See Section IV (5). General Requirements: Applicants
III. Eligibility Information must submit one (1) paper copy with an
2. Cost Sharing
original signature, and two (2)
1. Eligible Applicants Cost sharing, matching funds, and additional paper copies of the signed
Applications for Priority 1 will be cost participation are not required under proposal. To aid with the review of
accepted from both for profit and not- this SGA. However, leveraging of public applications, DOL also requests
for-profit entities or from consortia of and private resources to achieve project applicants to submit an electronic copy
such entities, which include but are not sustainability is highly encouraged and of their proposal’s Sections II (Executive
limited to, institutions of higher included under evaluation criteria B. Summary) and III (Project Narrative) on
education (including state institutions) disc or Compact Disc (CD) using
and faith-based and community 3. Other Eligibility Requirements Microsoft Word. The application (not to
organizations, all of whom have exceed 50 pages for Section III), must be
Legal rules pertaining to inherently
demonstrated national experience in: double-spaced with standard one-inch
religious activities by organizations that
(a) Employment, self-employment and margins (top, bottom, and sides) on 81⁄2
receive Federal Financial Assistance:
disability research and demonstration x 11-inch paper, and must be presented
activities; Neutral, non-religious criteria that on single-sided and numbered pages. A
(b) Providing technical assistance on neither favor nor disfavor religion will font size of at least twelve (12) pitch is
a range of topics necessary to achieve be employed in the selection of grant required throughout. All text in the
self-employment for people with recipients and must be employed by application narrative, including titles,
disabilities; and grantees or in the selection of sub- headings, footnotes, quotations, and
(c) Demonstrated knowledge of and recipients. captions must be double-spaced (no
technical assistance experience working The government is generally more than three lines per vertical inch);
with state or local systems to promote prohibited from providing direct and, if using a proportional computer
systems change; and financial assistance for inherently font, must be in at least a 12-point font,
In accordance with the supporting religious activities.1 These grants may and must have an average character
legislative language for this effort which not be used for religious instruction, density no greater than 18 characters per
states: worship, prayer, proselytizing or other inch (if using a non-proportional font or
‘‘The Committee directs that, in making the inherently religious activities. Neutral, a typewriter, must not be more than 12
national technical assistance grant, priority non-religious criteria that neither favor characters per inch). Applications that
be given to national non-profits with nor disfavor religion must be employed fail to meet these requirements will be
experience in delivering direct consumer in the selection of grant recipients and considered non-responsive.
services as well as training to public and
private agencies,’’ an additional five (5)
sub-recipients. Cooperative Agreement Mandatory
evaluation points will be given to such lead Application Requirements
1 In this context, the term direct financial
applicants. For further information, see Part The three required sections of the
V, Application Review Information, Item 1. assistance means financial assistance that is
provided directly by a government entity or an application are titled below and
Evaluation Criteria.’’
intermediate organization, as opposed to financial described thereafter:
If the applicant is a consortium, the assistance that an organization receives as the result Section I—Project Financial Plan (No
lead for profit or non-profit entity will of the genuine and independent private choice of
a beneficiary. In other contexts, the term ‘‘direct’’
page limit).
be the recipient of the award and must financial assistance may be used to refer to financial Section II—Executive Summary—
be the responsible financial and assistance that an organization receives directly Project Synopsis (Not to exceed two
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

administrative entity for the Cooperative from the Federal government (also known as (2) pages).
Agreement should that application ‘‘discretionary’’ assistance), as opposed to Section III—Project Narrative (Not to
assistance that it receives from a State or local
result in an award. government (also known as ‘‘indirect’’ or ‘‘block’’ exceed 50 pages).
Applications for Priority 2 will be grant assistance). The term ‘‘direct’’ has the former The mandatory requirements for each
accepted from consortia led by state or meaning throughout this SGA. section are set forth below. Applications

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00058 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices 29177

that fail to meet the stated mandatory DOL staff in Washington, DC (at least a. Documentation (such as letters of
requirements for each section will be once per quarter), at a time and place to intent and memorandum of agreement
considered non-responsive. be determined. In addition to other from proposed consortium members,
Section I. Project Financial Plan administrative requirements identified consultants and other key entities)
(Budget): The Project Financial Plan in section VI (2) of this SGA, the which reflects that each entity or
will not count against the application applicant must comply with the individual is committed to participating
page limits. Section I of the application ‘‘Uniform Administrative Requirements and working cooperatively with the
must include the following three for Grants and Cooperative Agreements applicant, shall be included in the
required parts: to State and Local Governments’ (also Appendix;
(1) Completed ‘‘SF–424—Application known as OMB Circular A–102), b. A description of the procedures and
for Federal Assistance.’’ Please note codified at 29 CFR part 97, or ‘‘Grants approaches the applicant will use to
that, beginning October 1, 2003, all and Agreements with Institutions of identify and respond to the technical
applicants for federal grant and funding Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other assistance and training needs of the
opportunities are required to include a Non-Profit Organizations’’ (also known entity(ies) providing services to
Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) number as the ‘‘Common Rule’’ or OMB Circular potential entrepreneurs with
with their application. See OMB Notice A–110), codified at 2 CFR part 215 and disabilities;
of Final Policy Issuance, 68 Fed. Reg. 29 CFR part 95. c. A description of the procedures and
38402 (June 27, 2003). The DUNS In addition, the budget submitted for approaches that will be used to ensure
number is a nine-digit identification review by DOL must include, on a that the target agencies receive the
number that uniquely identifies separate page, a detailed cost analysis of assistance that provides them with the
business entities. There is no charge for each line item. The costs listed in the specific skills and information needed
obtaining a DUNS number (although it detailed cost analysis must comply with for serving people with disabilities and
may take 14–30 days). To obtain a the applicable OMB cost principles accomplishing the goals of the proposed
DUNS number, access the following circulars, as identified in 29 CFR 95.27 project;
Web site: http:// and 29 CFR 97.22(b). Justification for d. A detailed description of how the
www.dunandbradstreet.com or call 1– administrative costs must be provided. applicant will document and analyze
866–705–5711. Requests for exemption Approval of a budget by DOL is not the existing self-employment related
from the DUNS number requirement same as the approval of actual costs. programs;
must be made to OMB. The Dun and The applicant must also include the e. A description of the methods used
Bradstreet Number of the applicant Assurances and Certifications Signature to ensure that the elements of the
should be entered in the Page (Appendix C) and the Survey on project’s technical assistance model will
‘‘Organizational Unit’’ section of block 5 Ensuring Equal Opportunity for
be sustained following the completion
of the SF 424. (See Appendix A of this Applicants (Appendix D).
of project activities; and
SGA for required form). Section II. Executive Summary—
(2) Completed SF–424 A—Budget Project Synopsis: The Executive f. A detailed description of
Information Form by line item for all Summary is limited to no more than two procedures and materials that will
costs required to implement the project single-spaced, single-sided pages on 81⁄2 enable others to adopt the successful
design effectively. (See Appendix B of x 11-inch paper with standard margins models developed.
this SGA for required forms). throughout. The project synopsis must 2. Priority 2 applicants: Applications
(3) DOL Budget Narrative and identify the following: for Priority 2 must include:
Justification that provides sufficient (1) The lead entity; a. Documentation (such as letters of
information to support the (2) The planned period of intent and memorandum of agreement
reasonableness of the costs included in performance; from relevant state and local public and
the budget in relation to the service (3) The list of consortium members, as private agencies and entities,
strategy and planned outcomes, appropriate; and consultants and other key entities)
including continuous improvement (4) An overview of how the applicant which reflects that each agency and
activities. will conduct the research, analyze the entity to be included in the
The SF–424 must contain the original data, and present the findings associated demonstration project is committed to
signatures of the legal entity applying with the priority targeted by their participating and working cooperatively
for Cooperative Agreement funding and application. with the applicant, shall be included in
two additional copies. The individual Section III. Project Narrative: The the Appendix;
signing the SF–424 on behalf of the DOL Cooperative Agreement Project b. A description of the procedures and
applicant must represent and be able to Narrative is limited to no more than fifty approaches that will be used to identify
legally bind the responsible financial (50), 81⁄2 x 11 pages, double-spaced with and evaluate systems models that
and administrative entity for a standard one-inch margins (top, bottom, integrate services for people with
Cooperative Agreement should that and sides), and must be presented on disabilities into the existing
application result in an award. single-sided, numbered pages. infrastructure of any organizations
Applicants shall indicate on the SF–424 Note: Any Appendices, including letters of currently providing self-employment
the organization’s Internal Revenue cooperation, resumes, etc., are not included training or financing within the
Service (IRS) status (e.g., 501(c)(3) in this fifty-page limit. jurisdiction of the project;
organization), if applicable. Successful applicants will develop c. A description of the self-
The DOL Budget Narrative and and describe in their Project Narrative employment systems models to be
Justification must describe all costs innovative and comprehensive plans for tested and evaluated for effectiveness,
associated with implementing the accomplishing the tasks described for including whether they ensure customer
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

project that are to be covered with Priority 1 and Priority 2 as detailed choice and self-direction of funds;
Cooperative Agreement funds. The below. Direction for all applicants is d. A description of the criteria and
budget must support the travel and included thereafter. methods to be used to select the
associated costs of sending at least one 1. Priority 1 applicants: Applications project’s political or economic
representative to periodic meetings with for Priority 1 must include: jurisdiction;

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00059 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
29178 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

e. A description of the methods to be Federal office: Office of Special carriers other than the U.S. Postal
used to ensure that the elements of the Education Programs; Program title: Field Service will be considered hand-
project’s system model will be sustained Initiated Research; Award number: delivered applications. Failure to adhere
following the completion of project H324C980624; Time commitments: Year to the above instructions will serve as a
activities; and 1—30%; Year 2—25% and Year 3— basis for a determination of non-
f. A detailed description of 40%) can be provided as an Appendix responsiveness.
procedures and materials that will to the application. Applicants are advised that mail in
enable others to adopt the successful In general, ODEP will not reduce time the Washington DC area may be delayed
models developed through technical commitments on currently funded due to mail decontamination procedures
assistance and other means. grants from the time proposed in the and may wish to take this information
3. All applicants: a. Must describe the original application. Therefore, ODEP into consideration when preparing to
methods and procedures for collecting, will not consider for funding any meet the application deadline.
analyzing, and reporting data from the application where key staff are bid Late Applications. Any application
evaluation of the project; above a time commitment level that staff received by the designated office after
b. Must describe the procedures and have available to bid. Further, the time the exact date and time specified will be
approaches for working with multiple commitments stated in newly submitted considered non-responsive, unless it is
Federal, state and local public and applications will not be negotiated received before awards are made and it:
private agencies to implement the down to permit the applicant to receive (a) Is determined that its late receipt was
various policy recommendations and a new grant award. caused by DOL error after timely
strategies proposed in relation to the The Project Narrative should also delivery to the Department of Labor; (b)
specific situation in each agency; describe how the applicant plans to was sent by U.S. Postal Service
c. May apply for an award in each comply with the employment registered or certified mail not later than
priority category, but a separate discrimination and equal employment the fifth calendar day before the date
application must be submitted for each opportunity requirements of the various specified for receipt of applications
priority, and for each separate laws listed in the assurances section. (e.g., an application submitted in
jurisdiction under Priority 2. Awards In addition, the evaluation criteria response to a solicitation requiring
will be made independently for each of listed in Section V (1) include receipt of applications by the 20th of the
the priorities described in this SGA; and consideration of the qualifications, month must have been post marked by
d. Must include: including relevant education, training the 15th of that month); or (c) was sent
(1) A detailed 36-month management and experience, of key project personnel by the U.S. Postal Service Express Mail
plan for project goals, objectives, and as well as the qualifications, including Next Day Service to addressee not later
activities; relevant training and experience, of than 5 p.m. at the place of mailing two
(2) A detailed 36-month timeline for project consultants or subcontractors. (2) working days prior to the date
project activities including producing Resumes for all staff and consultants specified for receipt of applications. The
and submitting a final report; must be included in the Appendices. term ‘‘working days’’ excludes
(3) A detailed outline for an weekends and Federal holidays.
evaluation research design (see Section 3. Submission Dates, Times and
Addresses ‘‘Postmarked’’ means a printed,
V (1) (F) for more information); stamped, or otherwise placed
(4) A description of procedures and Applications will be accepted impression (exclusive of a postage meter
approaches that will be used to provide commencing May 19, 2006. The closing machine impression) that is readily
ongoing communication and date for receipt of applications by DOL identifiable without further action as
collaboration with, and input from under this announcement is July 3, having been supplied or affixed on the
ODEP’s Project Officer on all grant- 2006. date of mailing by an employee of the
related activities; Applications, including those hand- U.S. Postal Service.
(5) A description of how performance delivered, must be received by 4:45 p.m. Withdrawal of Applications: An
feedback and continuous improvement (ET) on the closing date at the address application that is timely submitted may
are integral to the design of the project; specified below. No exceptions to the be withdrawn by written notice or
and mailing and hand-delivery conditions telegram (including mailgram) at any
(6) Information on proposed staffing set forth in this notice will be granted. time before an award is made.
consistent with the requirements below. Applications that do not meet the Applications may be withdrawn in
The Project Narrative must describe conditions set forth in this notice will person by the applicant or by an
the proposed staffing of the project, be considered non-responsive. authorized representative thereof, if the
including consultants, and must Applications must be mailed or hand- representative’s identity is made known
identify and summarize the delivered to: U.S. Department of Labor, and the representative signs a receipt for
qualifications of the personnel who will Procurement Services Center, Attention: the proposal.
carry it out as well as time commitments Cassandra Mitchell, Reference SGA 06–
of all staff and consultants. For each 07, Room N–5416, 200 Constitution 4. Intergovernmental Review
staff person named in the application, Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210. This funding opportunity is not
please provide documentation of all Applications sent by e-mail or subject to Executive Order 12372,
internal and external time telefascimile (FAX) applications will ‘‘Intergovernmental Review of Federal
commitments. In instances where a staff not be accepted. Programs.’’
person is committed on a Federally Hand-Delivered Proposals: It is
supported project, please provide the preferred that applications be mailed at 5. Funding Restrictions
project name, Federal office, program least five (5) days prior to the closing (a) Funding Levels: The total funding
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

title, the project Federal award number, date to ensure timely receipt. Hand- available for this solicitation is
and the amount of committed time by delivered applications will be $5,000,000. The Department of Labor
each project year. This information (e.g., considered for funding, but must be reserves the right to negotiate the
Staff: Jane Doe; Project Name: received by the above specified date and amounts to be awarded under this
Succeeding in the General Curriculum; time. Overnight or express delivery from competition. Please be advised that

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00060 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices 29179

requests exceeding the maximum stated assistance grant (i.e. Priority 1), an for the appropriate priority in the
amount for each Priority in the additional five (5) scoring points will be Project Narrative section of this SGA
Executive Summary section of this given to applicants who are ‘‘national (section IV(2));
solicitation will be considered non- non-profits with experience in (3) The extent to which the proposal
responsive. Additionally, there will be delivering direct consumer services as describes a strategic process for
no reimbursement of pre-award costs. well as training to public and private designing and implementing the project;
(b) Period of Performance: The period agencies’’. (4) The extent to which the design of
of performance will be for 36 months the proposed project is appropriate to,
A. Significance of the Proposed Project
from date of the award unless modified. and will successfully address the needs
(10 Points)
It is expected that the successful of, all people with disabilities,
applicant(s) will begin program In determining the significance of the including adults, youth, veterans, older
operations under this solicitation proposed research, the Department will workers and persons with significant
immediately upon receiving the ‘‘Notice consider the following factors. disabilities;
of Award.’’ For all Priority areas: (5) The extent to which the design of
(c) Option Year Funding: Not (1) The potential contribution of the the proposed project reflects a review of
applicable. proposed project to increase knowledge disability-related literature, up-to-date
(d) Indirect Charges: If indirect or understanding of problems, issues, or knowledge of research and effective
charges are claimed in the proposed effective strategies for providing self- practices relating to planning, financing
budget, the recipient must provide on a employment options to adults and and implementing self-employment
separate sheet, the following youth with disabilities, including options, an in-depth understanding of
information: significant disabilities, as an alternative relevant economic, social, financial,
(1) Name and address of cognizant to traditional types of employment; institutional or other problems and the
Federal Audit Agency; (2) The extent to which the proposed use of appropriate methodological tools
(2) Name, address and phone number project is likely to yield findings that to ensure successful achievement of
(including area code) of the Government may be used by other appropriate project objectives;
auditor; agencies and organizations; and (6) The extent to which the design of
(3) Documentation from the cognizant (3) The likely utility of the products the proposed project can identify
agency indicating: (such as information, materials, barriers and challenges associated with
(a) Current indirect cost rate and the processes, or techniques) that will result providing self-employment options to
base against which the rate should be from the proposed project, including persons with disabilities;
applied; their potential for being used effectively (7) The extent to which the proposed
(b) Effective period (dates) for the rate; in a variety of other settings. project will effectively contribute to
and Additional Factors for Priority 2: increased knowledge and understanding
(c) Date last rate was computed and (1) The extent to which the proposed by building upon current theory,
negotiated; research identifies promising new research, and best practices.
(4) If no government audit agency strategies that build upon, or are (8) The extent to which the applicant
computed and authorized the rate alternatives to, existing strategies; encourages involvement of people with
claimed, a proposed rate with (2) The extent to which the promising disabilities, relevant experts, and
justification may be submitted to practices of the proposed project are to organizations in project activities;
provide a brief explanation of be disseminated and shared through (9) The extent to which performance
computation, who computed and the technical assistance in ways that will feedback and continuous improvement
date; successful applicants will be enable others to use the information or are integral to the design of the
required to negotiate an acceptable and strategies; proposed project; and
allowable rate within 90 days of grant (3) The potential replicability (10) The adequacy of the
award with the appropriate DOL (national significance) of the proposed documentation submitted in support of
Regional Office of Cost Determination or project or strategies, including, as the proposed project to demonstrate the
with the applicant’s cognizant agency appropriate, the potential for commitment of each entity or individual
for indirect cost rates (See Office of implementation in a variety of settings; included in project implementation.
Management and Budget Web site at (4) The extent to which the proposed
project is likely to build sustainable Additional Factors for Priority 2:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/grants/ (1) The extent to which the proposed
attach.html). The recipient shall call the capacity in the area of jurisdiction to
provide, improve or expand self- project is designed to build systemic
Office of Cost Determination at 202– capacity and yield results that will
693–4100 for the initial contact. employment opportunities for
individuals with disabilities; and extend beyond the period of
However, applications claiming an performance of the cooperative
indirect cost rate greater than 15% will (5) The importance or magnitude of
the results that are likely to be attained agreement;
not be considered. (2) The extent to which the design of
by the proposed project.
V. Application Review Information the proposed project utilizes cutting-
B. Project Design (25 Points) edge strategies for promoting personal
1. Evaluation Criteria In evaluating the quality of the choice and control in the development
A Technical Panel will review grant proposed project design, the Department of self-employment options; and
applications against the criteria listed will consider the following factors. (3) The extent to which the proposed
below, on the basis of the maximum For all Priority areas: project leverages a combination of
points indicated. ‘‘In accordance with (1) The extent to which the goals, public and private resources for
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Part III of this SGA, Eligibility objectives, and outcomes to be achieved purposes of sustainability and provides
Information, Item 1, entitled Eligible by the proposed project are clearly other concrete evidence of
Applicants, sub-item (d), regarding specified and measurable; sustainability, including appropriate
legislative language-driven priority (2) The extent to which the proposal letters of support included in the
directions for the national technical incorporates the key activities identified Appendices.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00061 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
29180 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

C. Organizational Capacity and Quality services relating to the scope of work for the geographic distribution of Federally
of Key Personnel (25 points) the proposed project; and funded grants.
(4) The extent to which the time
Applications will be evaluated based 3. Anticipated Announcement and
commitments of the project director
on the extent to which the applicant Award Dates
and/or principal investigator and other
demonstrates organizational capacity
key project personnel are appropriate Announcement of this award is
and quality of key personnel to
and adequate to meet the objectives of expected to occur within 30 days of
implement the proposed project,
the proposed project. award. The cooperative agreement will
be awarded by no later than September
(1) Demonstrated experience with F. Quality of the Project Evaluation (15
30, 2006.
similar projects in employment or self- points)
employment and related areas for the In evaluating the quality of the VI. Award Administration Information
appropriate Priority area, as well as in project’s evaluation design, ODEP will 1. Award Notices
providing services related to self- consider the following factors:
employment for people with (1) The extent to which the methods The Notice of Award signed by the
disabilities; of evaluation are thorough, feasible, and Grant Officer is the authorizing
(2) Experience with the target appropriate to the goals, objectives, document and will be provided through
population; context, and outcomes of the proposed postal mail and/or by electronic means
(3) Qualifications and experience of project; to the authorized representative listed
the applicant’s key personnel and (2) The extent to which the design of on the SF–424 Grant Application.
consultants; the evaluation includes the use of Notice that an organization has been
(4) Commitment to developing and objective performance measures and selected as a grant recipient does not
sustaining work across key stakeholders; methods that will clearly document the constitute final approval of the grant
(5) Experience and commitment of project’s intended outputs and application as submitted. Before the
any proposed consultants or outcomes and will produce quantitative actual grant award, the Grant Officer
subcontractors; and and qualitative data; and/or the Grant Officer’s Technical
(6) Appropriateness of the (3) The extent to which the evaluation Representative may enter into
organization’s structure to carry out the will include methods to validate self- negotiations concerning such items as
project. employment strategies and document program components, funding levels,
systems change models in order to and administrative systems. If the
D. Budget and Resource Capacity (10 negotiations do not result in an
points) provide information to the Federal
government and other entities about acceptable submittal, the Grant Officer
In evaluating the capacity of the effective self-employment and systems reserves the right to terminate the
applicant to carry out the proposed change strategies suitable for replication negotiation and decline to fund the
project, ODEP will consider the or testing in other settings; and proposal.
following factors: (4) The extent to which the methods 2. Administrative and National Policy
(1) The extent to which the budget is of evaluation provide measures that will Requirements
adequate to support the proposed inform ODEP’s annual performance
project; and goals and measures and ODEP’s long- All grantees, including faith-based
(2) The extent to which the term strategic goals. organizations, will be subject to
anticipated costs are reasonable in applicable Federal laws (including
relation to the objectives, design, and 2. Review and Selection Process provisions of appropriations law),
potential significance of the proposed A technical review panel will regulations, and the applicable Office of
project. objectively rate each complete Management and Budget (OMB)
application against the criteria Circulars. The grant(s) awarded under
E. Quality of the Management Plan (15
described in this SGA for the this SGA will be subject to the following
appropriate priority as identified in the administrative standards and
In evaluating the quality of the application. Each application will only provisions, and requirements applicable
management plan for the proposed be rated for one of the priorities. to particular entities. The applicant
project, ODEP will consider the Multiple applications must be must include assurances and
following factors: submitted if an applicant seeks funding certifications that it will comply with
(1) The extent to which the under more than one priority. The panel these laws in its grant application. The
management plan for project recommendations to the Grant Officer, assurances and certifications are
implementation appears likely to including any point scores, are advisory attached as Appendix C.
achieve the objectives of the proposed in nature. The Grant Officer may elect
project on time and within budget, and A. Regulations
to award grants either with or without
includes clearly defined staff discussion with the applicant. In • 29 CFR parts 31 and 32—
responsibilities, time allocation to situations where no discussion occurs, Nondiscrimination in Federally
project activities, time lines, milestones an award will be based on the signed Assisted Programs of the Department of
for accomplishing project tasks, project SF–424 form (see Appendix A), which Labor (respectively, effectuation of Title
deliverables and information on constitutes a binding offer. VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964, and on
adequacy of other resources necessary The Grant Officer may consider the the Basis of Handicap in Programs and
for project implementation; availability of funds and any Activities Receiving or Benefiting from
(2) The extent to which the information that is available and will Federal Financial Assistance).
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

management plan appears likely to make final award decisions based on • 29 CFR part 35—Nondiscrimination
result in sustaining activities beyond the what is most advantageous to the on the Basis of Age in Programs or
period of direct federal investment; government, considering factors such as: Activities receiving Federal Financial
(3) The adequacy of mechanisms for The advisory recommendations from the Assistance from the Department of
ensuring high-quality products and grant technical evaluation panel, and Labor.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00062 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices 29181

• 29 CFR part 36—Nondiscrimination receiving Federal funds must clearly advance if any key personnel are to be
on the Basis of Sex in Education state: removed or diverted from the
Programs or Activities Receiving • The percentage of the total costs of cooperative agreement, shall supply
Federal Financial Assistance. the program or project, which will be written justification as part of this
• 29 CFR part 93—New Restrictions financed with Federal money; notice as to why these persons are to be
on Lobbying. • The dollar amount of Federal removed or diverted, shall provide the
• 29 CFR part 95—Uniform financial assistance for the project or names(s) of the proposed substitute or
Administrative Requirements for Grants program; and replacement, and shall include
and Agreements with Institutions of • The percentage and dollar amount information on each new individual’s
Higher Education, Hospitals and Other of the total costs of the project or qualifications such as education and
Non-Profit Organizations, and with program that will be financed by non- work experience.
Commercial Organizations, Foreign governmental sources.
Use of USDOL Logo: In consultation VII. Reporting and Monitoring
Governments, Organizations Under the
Jurisdiction of Foreign Governments with USDOL ODEP, the Grantee must ODEP is responsible for ensuring
and International Organizations. acknowledge USDOL’s role as described effective implementation of this
• 29 CFR part 96—Federal Standards below: Cooperative Agreement, in accordance
for Audit of Federally Funded Grants, • The USDOL logo may be applied to with the provisions of this
Contracts and Agreements. USDOL-funded material prepared for announcement and the terms of the
• 29 CFR part 97—Uniform world-wide distribution, including Cooperative Agreement award
Administrative Regulations for Grants to posters, videos, pamphlets, research document. Applicants should assume
States, Local Governments or Tribes. documents, national survey results, that ODEP staff will conduct on-site
• 29 CFR part 98—Federal Standards impact evaluations, best practice project reviews periodically. Reviews
for Governmentwide Debarment and reports, and other publications of global will focus on timely project
Suspension (Nonprocurement) and interest. The Grantee(s) must consult implementation, performance in
Governmentwide Requirements for with USDOL on whether the logo may meeting the Cooperative Agreement’s
Drug-Free Workplace (Grants). be used on any such items prior to final objectives, tasks and responsibilities,
• 29 CFR part 99—Federal Standards draft or final preparation for expenditures of Cooperative Agreement
for Audits of States, Local Governments, distribution. In no event shall the funds on allowable activities, and
and Non-Profit Organizations. USDOL logo be placed on any item until administration of project activities.
• 29 CFR part 2—General USDOL has given the Grantee written Projects may be subject to other
Participation in Department of Labor permission to use the logo on the item. additional reviews, at the discretion of
Programs by Faith-Based and • All documents must include the the ODEP.
Community Organizations; Equal following notice: ‘‘This document does The selected applicant must submit
Treatment of All Department of Labor not necessarily reflect the views or on a quarterly basis, beginning ninety
Program Participants and Beneficiaries. policies of the U.S. Department of days from the award of the grant,
• Applicable cost principles under Labor, nor does mention of trade names, financial and activity reports under this
OMB Circulars A–21, A–87, A–122, or commercial products, or organizations program as prescribed by OMB Circular
48 CFR part 31. imply endorsement by the U.S. A–110, codified at 2 CFR part 215 and
Government.’’ 29 CFR part 95. Specifically the
B. Travel following reports will be required:
Any travel undertaken in performance D. Intellectual Property (a) Quarterly report: The quarterly
of this cooperative agreement shall be Please be advised that DOL will report is estimated to take five hours to
subject to and in strict accordance with reserve a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and complete. The form for the Quarterly
Federal travel regulations. irrevocable license to reproduce, Report will be provided by ODEP. The
publish, distribute, publicly display and Department will work with the grantee
C. Acknowledgement of USDOL to help refine the requirements of the
perform, and create derivative works
Funding report, which, among other things, will
from, and to authorize others to use, for
Printed Materials: In all Federal Government purposes: (1) The include measures of ongoing analysis
circumstances, the following shall be copyright in any work developed under for continuous improvement. This
displayed on printed materials prepared a grant, subgrant, or contract under a report will be filed using an on-line
by the grantee while in receipt of DOL grant or subgrant; and (2) any rights of reporting system. The form will be
grant funding: ‘‘Preparation of this item copyright to which a grantee, subgrantee submitted within 30 days of the close of
was funded by the United States or a contractor purchases ownership the quarter.
Department of Labor under Grant No. with grant support. (b) Standard Form 269: Financial
[insert the appropriate Grant number].’’ In addition, the grantee will agree to Status Report Form: This form is to be
• All printed materials must also notify DOL of any pre-existing completed and submitted on a quarterly
include the following notice: ‘‘This copyrighted materials it intends to basis using the online electronic
document does not necessarily reflect incorporate into materials developed reporting system.
the views or policies of the U.S. under the grant, and, prior to such (c) Final Project Report: The Final
Department of Labor, nor does mention incorporation, the grantee will agree Project Report is to include an
of trade names, commercial products, or that it will acquire, on behalf of DOL, assessment of project performance and
organizations imply endorsement by the any necessary licenses to allow DOL to outcomes achieved. It is estimated that
U.S. Government.’’ exercise the rights described in the this report will take twenty (20) hours
Public reference to grant: When paragraph above. to complete. This report will be
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

issuing statements, press releases, submitted in hard copy and on

requests for proposals, bid solicitations, E. Approval of Key Personnel and electronic disk using a format and
and other documents describing projects Subcontractors following instructions, to be provided
or programs funded in whole or in part The recipient shall notify the Grant by the Department. A draft of the final
with Federal money, all Grantees Officer at least 14 calendar days in report is due to the Department sixty

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:37 May 18, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00063 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\19MYN1.SGM 19MYN1
29182 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 97 / Friday, May 19, 2006 / Notices

(60) days before the end of the period mitchell.cassandra@dol.gov, tel: 202– C. Assurances—Non-Construction
of performance of the cooperative 693–4570 (note that this is NOT a toll- Programs,
agreement. The final report is due to free number). To obtain further D. Applicant is not a 501(c)(4)
DOL ten (10) days before the end of the information about the Office of organization.
period of performance of the Disability Employment Policy of the
Applicant Name and Legal Address:
cooperative agreement. U.S. Department of Labor, visit the
The Department will arrange for an USDOL Web site of the Office of If there is any reason why one of the
independent evaluation of the Disability Employment Policy at http:// assurances or certifications listed cannot
outcomes, impacts, accomplishments, www.dol.gov/odep. be signed, please explain. Applicant
and benefits of each funded project. All need only submit and return this
grantees must agree to cooperate with IX. Appendices signature page with the grant
this evaluation and must make available The appendices are as follows: application. All other instruction shall
records on all parts of project activity, Appendix A. Application for Federal be kept on file by the applicant.
including available data on employment Assistance, Form SF–424. lllllllllllllllllll
and wages of participants in the self- Appendix B. Budget Information Signature of Authorized Certifying
employment service delivery models Sheet, Form SF–424A. Official
being studied, and provide access to Appendix C. Assurances and lllllllllllllllllll
personnel, as specified by the Certifications Signature Page. Title
evaluator(s), under the direction of (Appendices D and E are not lllllllllllllllllll
ODEP. This independent evaluation is applicable). Applicant Organization
separate from the ongoing evaluation for Appendix F. Survey on Ensuring
continuous improvement required of the lllllllllllllllllll
Equal Opportunity for Applicants.
grantee for project implementation. Date Submitted
Detailed information and document
Technical assistance efforts will be locations: Please Note: This signature page and any
coordinated with and will complement Appendix A. Application for Federal pertinent attachments which may be required
those of ODEP’s National Center on by these assurances and certifications shall
Assistance, Form SF–424 (OMB No.
Workforce and Disability for Adults be attached to the applicant’s Cost Proposal.
(NCWD/A), as well as ODEP’s other Appendix B. Budget Information Signed at Washington, DC this 12th day of
technical assistance efforts, including: Sheet, Form SF–424A (OMB No. 0348– May, 2006.
The National Consortium on Workforce 0044). Eric Vogt,
and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Y), the Both forms SF–424 and 424A can be Grant Officer.
Job Accommodation Network (JAN), the obtained at the following Web address:
Employer Assistance and Recruiting [FR Doc. 06–4669 Filed 5–18–06; 8:45 am]
Network (EARN), and the Small FormLinks?family=7.

Business and Self-Employment Service Appendix F. Survey on Ensuring

(SBSES) (a service of ODEP Equal Opportunity for Applicants (OMB
implemented through JAN which No. 1890–0014). DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
provides information, counseling, and The Survey on Ensuring Equal
referrals about self-employment and Employment and Training
Opportunity for Applicants form can be
small business ownership opportunities Administration
obtained at the following Web address:
for people with disabilities). Grantees http://www.ed.gov/fund/grant/apply/ [TA–W–58,583]
must also agree to work with the ODEP appforms/surveyeo.pdf. (If you are
in its various technical assistance efforts viewing this in an electronic format and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
in order to freely share with others what are receiving ‘‘page not found’’, please Including On-Site Leased Workers of
is learned about delivering self- cut and paste the URL into your browser Shaw Maintenance, Inc., Pace, FL;
employment services to individuals window) Notice of Revised Determination on
with disabilities. Grantees must agree to Appendix C. Assurances and Reconsideration
collaborate with other research Certifications Signature Page.
institutes, centers, studies, and By letter dated March 10, 2006, a
evaluations that are supported by the Certifications and Assurances company official requested
DOL and other relevant Federal administrative reconsideration
Assurances and Certifications Signature regarding the Department’s Negative
agencies, as appropriate. Finally, Page
Grantees must agree to actively utilize Determination Regarding Eligibility to
the programs sponsored by the ODEP, The Department of Labor will not Apply for Worker Adjustment
including the Job Accommodation award a grant or agreement where the Assistance, applicable to workers of the
Network (http://www.jan.wvu.edu), and grantee/recipient has failed to accept the subject firm. The Notice of Affirmative
the Employer Assistance and Recruiting assurances and certifications contained Determination Regarding Application
Network (http://www.earnworks.com). in this section. By signing and returning for Reconsideration was issued on April
Each successful applicant will be this signature page, the grantee/ 20, 2006, and was published in the
required to prepare a strategic plan for recipient is providing the certifications Federal Register on May 5, 2006 (71 FR
achieving the goals of the cooperative set forth below: 26563).
agreement during the first year of the A. Certification Regarding Lobbying, The Department’s negative
agreement and submit it to ODEP for Debarment, Suspension, Other determination was based on the findings
approval. Responsibility Matters—Primary that the subject company did not shift
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

Covered Transactions and Certifications production of ammonia nitrate abroad

VIII. Agency Contacts Regarding Drug-Free/Tobacco-Free or increase imports of ammonia nitrate
Any questions regarding this SGA Workplace, during the relevant period. A survey of
should be directed to Cassandra B. Certification of Release of the subject company’s major declining
Mitchell, e-mail address: Information, customers did not reveal increased

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