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Drug (Generic and Trade): Levaquin (Levofloxacin)


Drug (Generic and Trade): Albuterol Sulfate

Classification: Antibiotic
Normal range: Adults 500
mg daily PO or IV for 10-14 days for community-acquired pneumonia
Onset: Oral- Varies Peak: Oral- 1-2 hrs
Duration: Oral- 3-5 hr
IV- End of infusion
IV- 3-5 hr

Classification: Antiasthmatic, Bronchodilator, sympathomimetic

Normal range: 1-2 inhalations every 4-6 hr, max dose, 12 inhalations
every 24 hrs
onset: Oral- 30 min peak: Oral- 2-2.5 hr duration: Oral- 4-8 hr
Inhalation- 5 min
Inhalation- 1.5-2 hr
Inhalation- 3-8 hr

pt dose and route: Community-acquired pneumonia:500 mg daily PO

or IV for 7-14 days
Mechanism of Action: Bactericidal: Interferes w/DNA by inhibiting
DNA gyrase replication in susceptible gram-neg & gram-pos bacteria,
preventing cell reproduction

pt dose and route: 1-2 inhalations every 4-6 hr, 2-4 mg 3-4 xs PO

Indication/use: Treatment of respiratory, urinary tract, skin, & sinus

infections caused by susceptible gram-neg bacteria in adults; treatment
after exposure to anthrax
Major Side Effects: Headache, insomnia, Nausea, diarrhea, muscle &
joint tenderness
Nursing Implications: Administer oral drug w/out regard to meals w/a
glass of water; separate oral drug from other cation administration,
including antacids, by @ least 12 hr. Ensure that pt is well hydrated
during course of therapy.
Prep- No further prep is needed if using the premixed solution; dilute
single-use vials in 50-100 mL D5W
Infusion- Administer slowly over @ least 60-90 min. DO not
administer IM or SubQ
Compatibilities- Can be further diluted in .9% sodium chloride
injection, 5% dextrose injection, 5% dextrose/.9% sodium chloride, 5%
lactated Ringer..
Discontinue drug @ signs or symptoms of hypersensitivity (rash,
photophobia) or complaint of tendon pain, inflammation, rupture.
Arrange for culture & sensitivity tests before beginning therapy.
Contraindications: Allergy to fluoroquinolones, lactation, myasthenia
gravis, tendinitis, tendon rupture. Use cautiously w/real impairment,
seizures, pregnancy

Mechanism of Action: In low doeses, acts relatively selectively @

beta2-adrenergic receptors to cause bronchodilation & vasodilation; at
high doses, beta2-receptors to cause typical sympathomimetic cardiac
Indication/use: Relief @ prevention of bronchospasm in pts
w/reversible obstructive airway disease or COPD.
Inhalation: Treatment of acute attacks of bronchospasm; prevention of
exercise-induced bronchospasm
Major Side Effects: Restlessness, anxiety, sweating, nausea,
Major Nursing Implications: Hypersensitivity to albuterol;
tachyarrhythmias, tachycardia caused by digitalis intoxication, Use
minimal doses for minimal periods; drug tolerance can occur
w/prolonged use
Contraindications: Use cautiously w/diabetes mellitus;
hyperthyroidism; history of seizure disorders; psychoneurotic
individuals; pregnant, lactation


Drug (Generic and Trade): Tylenol (Acetaminophen)


Drug (Generic and Trade):

Classification: Analgesic (nonopiod); Antipyretic Normal range: PO

or Rectal- By suppository, 325-650 mg every 4-6 hr PO, OR 1,300 mg
ER tablets every 8 hr (do not exceed 4,00 mg/daily)
onset: Oral- Varies
peak: .5-2 hr
duration: 4-6 hr
pt dose and route: 325-650 mg every 4-6 hr PO
Mechanism of Action: Reduces fever; temporary relief of minor aches
& pains caused by common cold & influenza, headache, sore throat,
toothache (>2 yrs old), backache, menstrual cramps, minor arthritis
pain, & muscle aches (>12 yrs old)


Indication/use: Relief of pain & fever in a variety of situations


Major Side Effects: Myocardial damage when doses of 5-8 g/day are
ingested daily for several weeks or when doses of 4g/day are ingested
for 1 yr, Hepatic toxicity & failure
Major Nursing Implications: Do not exceed the recommended dosage
Prep- Use as prepared. For small, pediatric doses; draw solution into
a syringe & administer using a syringe pump. Do not refrigerate. Use
w/in 6 hr of breaking vacuum seal on vial.
Infusion- Infuse over 15 min.
Incompatibilities- Do not add other meds to vial or infusion device.
Physically incompatible w/diazepam & chlorpromazine; do not
administer simultaneously.

Major Side Effects:


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pt dose and route:

Mechanism of Action:

Major Nursing Implications: