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26930 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

89 / Tuesday, May 9, 2006 / Notices

Dated: April 27, 2006. Authorities, or the Army where no Local Arizona
David M. Spooner, Redevelopment Authority has been Tucson—Allen Hall USARC, 1750 E.
Assistant Secretary 6 for Import recognized, shall assist interested 29th Street, POC: Commander 63rd
Administration. parties in evaluating the surplus Regional Readiness Command, ATTN:
[FR Doc. E6–6938 Filed 5–8–06; 8:45 am] properties for the intended use. Base Transition Coordinator, 4235
BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S Deadlines for notices of interest shall be Yorktown Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA
90 days from the date a corresponding 90720–5002 Telephone: 520–889–
notice is published in a newspaper of 1129
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE general circulation in the vicinity of the
installation. The properties are listed by Arkansas
Department of the Army state. Additional information for any El Dorado—Rufus N. Garrett Jr. USARC,
listed property may be found at http:// 815 West 8th Street, POC: City of El
Surplus Properties; Notice www.hqda.army.mil/acsimweb/brac/ Dorado Local Redevelopment
SUMMARY: This notice provides
braco.htm. Authority, P.O. Box 486, El Dorado,
information regarding the properties Surplus Property List AR 71731 Telephone: 870–863–4070
that have been determined surplus to Fayetteville—Leroy R. Pond USARC,
the United States needs in accordance Alabama 1616 N. Woolsey Street, POC: Public
with the Defense Base Closure and Dothan—Harry L. Gary Jr. USARC, 801 Information and Policy Advisor, City
Realignment Act of 1990, Public Law Mill Avenue, POC: Commander, 81st of Fayetteville, 113 W. Mountain,
101–510, as amended, and the 2005 Regional Readiness Command, ATTN: Fayetteville, AR 72701 Telephone:
Base Closure and Realignment Base Transition Coordinator, 225 479–575–8330
Hot Springs—Hot Springs USARC, 200
Commission Report, as approved, and West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL
Reserve Street, POC: Commander,
following screening with Federal 35209 Telephone: 205–329–9215
Fort McClellan—Faith Wing USARC, 90th Regional Readiness Command,
agencies and Department of Defense
215 Regimental Avenue, POC: ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator,
Commander, 81st Regional Readiness 8000 Camp Robinson Road, North
DATES: Effective May 9, 2006. Little Rock, AR 72118 Telephone:
Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Coordinator, 225 West Oxmoor Road,
Headquarters, Department of the Army, Jonesboro—Jonesboro USARC, 1001 S.
Birmingham, AL 35209 Telephone:
Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Caraway Road, POC: Commander,
Management, Base Realignment and 90th Regional Readiness Command,
Mobile—Wright USARC, 1900 Hurtel
Closure Division, Attn: DAIM–BD, 600 ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator,
Street: Commander, 81st Regional
Army Pentagon, Washington DC 20310– 8000 Camp Robinson Road, North
Readiness Command, ATTN: Base
0600, (703) 601–2418. For information Little Rock, AR 72118 Telephone:
Transition Coordinator, 225 West
regarding a specific property, a contact 501–771–8788
Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL 35209
is provided on the list of properties Telephone: 205–329–9215 California
below. Montgomery—BG William P. Screws Long Beach—Schroeder Hall USARC,
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Under the USARC, 4050 Atlanta Highway POC: 3800 Willow St, POC: Commander
provisions of the Federal Property and Commander, 81st Regional Readiness 63rd Regional Readiness Command,
Administrative Services Act of 1949, as Command, ATTN: Base Transition ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator,
amended, the Defense Base Closure and Coordinator, 225 West Oxmoor Road, 4235 Yorktown Avenue, Los
Realignment Act of 1990, as amended, Birmingham, AL 35209 Telephone: Alamitos, CA 90720–5002 Telephone:
and other public benefit conveyance 205–329–9215 530–889–1129
authorities, this surplus property may Troy—PFC Grady C. Anderson USARC, Pasadena—Desiderio Hall USARC, 655
be available for conveyance to State and 358 Elba Highway, POC: Commander, Westminster Drive, POC: Planning
local governments and other eligible 81st Regional Readiness Command, and Development Department, City of
entities for public benefit purposes. ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator, Pasadena, 175 North Garfield Avenue,
Notices of interest from representatives 225 West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, 3rd Floor, Pasadena, CA 91101
of the homeless, and other interested AL 35209 Telephone: 205–329–9215 Telephone: 626–744–7143
parties located in the vicinity of any Tuscaloosa—AMSA 51, 2627 10th Riverbank—Riverbank Army
listed surplus property should be Avenue POC: Commander, 81st Ammunition Plant, POC: City Council
submitted to both the recognized Local Regional Readiness Command, ATTN: of Riverbank and District 1 Board
Redevelopment Authority and Army Base Transition Coordinator, 225 Supervisors of Stanislaus County, City
point of contact as listed above, or West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL of Riverbank, 6707 Third Street,
where no Local Redevelopment 35209 Telephone: 205–329–9215 Riverbank, CA 95367–2396
Authority has been recognized, the Tuscaloosa—Finnell AFRC, 2627 10th Telephone: 209–863–7129
notice of interest shall be submitted to Avenue POC: Commander, 81st San Jose—PVT George L. Richey
the Army point of contact as listed Regional Readiness Command, ATTN: USARC, 155 W. Hedding Street, POC:
below. Local Redevelopment Base Transition Coordinator, 225 Commander 63rd Regional Readiness
Authorities are in the process of being West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL Command, ATTN: Base Transition
recognized. Where no Local 35209 Telephone: 205–329–9215 Coordinator, 4235 Yorktown Avenue,
Redevelopment Authority is listed, Tuskegee—Cleveland Leight Abbott Los Alamitos, CA 90720–5002
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

please contact the Army point contact USARC, 2202 VA Hospital Road, Telephone: 530–889–1129
below for the latest information. Notices POC: Commander, 81st Regional
of interest from representatives of the Readiness Command, ATTN: Base Connecticut
homeless shall include the information Transition Coordinator, 225 West Fairfield—1LT John S. Turner USARC,
required by 32 CFR 176.20(c)(2)(ii). Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL 35209 180 High St., POC: Fairfield High
Recognized Local Redevelopment Telephone: 205–329–9215 Street Redevelopment Authority, First

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:02 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00011 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 89 / Tuesday, May 9, 2006 / Notices 26931

Selectman’s Office, 725 Old Post 1102 Tower Square Plaza, Marion, IL Michigan
Road, Fairfield, CT06824 Telephone: 62959 Telephone: 618–997–6281 Battle Creek—George Dolliver USARC/
203–256–3032 Waukegan—Waukegan AFRC, 1721 AMSA 135, 135 N. Washington
Middletown—Middletown USARC, 499 North McAree Road, POC: Waukegan Avenue, POC: Commander, 88th
Mile Lane POC: Middletown Federal Acquisition Committee, 100 Regional Readiness Command, ATTN:
Realignment and Closure North Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Base Transition Coordinator, 506
Redevelopment Authority, 245 Waukegan, IL 60085 Telephone: 847– Roeder Circle, Fort Snelling, MN
DeKoven Drive, Middletown, CT 599–2510 55111–4009 Telephone: 612–713–
06457 Telephone: 860–344–3401 3827
Milford—AMSA 69, 26 Seamans Lane, Iowa
Selfridge—United States Army Garrison
POC:, POC: Milford Local Cedar Rapids—Cedar Rapids AFRC, Michigan POC: Chesterfield
RevelopmentAuthority, City Hall, 110 1599 Wenig Road NE., POC: Township Local Redevelopment
River Street, Milford, CT 06460 Commander, 89th Regional Readiness Authority, 47275 Sugarbush,
Telephone: 203–783–3230 Command, ATTN: Base Transition Chesterfield Township, MI 48047
Waterbury—Paul J. Sutcovoy USARC, Coordinator, 3130 George Washington Telephone: 586–949–0400
Lydia Street Extension, POC: Boulevard, Wichita, KS 67210–1598
Commander, 94th Regional Readiness Telephone: 316–681–1759 ext. 1223 Minnesota
Command, ATTN: Base Transition Middletown—Burlington Memorial Cambridge—Cambridge Memorial
Coordinator, 11 Saratoga Boulevard, USARC, 17879 Highway 79, POC: USARC, 540 Fifth Avenue, NW., POC:
Devens, MA 01432–5216 Telephone: Commander, 89th Regional Readiness City of Cambridge Local
978–796–2238 Command, ATTN: Base Transition Redevelopment Authority, 300 Third
Delaware Coordinator, 3130 George Washington Avenue Northeast, Cambridge, MN
Boulevard, Wichita, KS 67210–1598 55008 Telephone: 763–552–3201
Wilmington—MAJ Robert Kirkwood Telephone: 316–681–1759 ext. 1223 Faribult—GEN Beebe USARC/AMSA
Memorial USARC, 3931 Kirkwood 111, 2118 Highway 60, POC: Faribult
Highway, POC: Delaware Economic Kansas Local Redevelopment Authority, 208
Development Office, Carvel State Parsons—Kansas Army Ammunition First Avenue, NW., Faribult, MN
Office Bldg. 10th Fl., 820 N. French Plant, POC: Kansas Army 55021–2884 Telephone: 507–333–
Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 Ammunition Plant Local 0345
Telephone: 302–577–8477 Fax: 302– Redevelopment Planning Authority,
577–8499 Montana
P.O. Box 387, Oswego, KS 67356
Georgia Telephone: 620–795–2138 Helena—AMSA #75(G) (Fort William
Harrison), 2150 Williams Street, POC:
Atlanta—Fort McPherson, POC: Kentucky Commander, 96th Regional Readiness
McPherson Planning Local Louisville—MG Benjamin J. Butler Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Redevelopment Authority, 86 Pryor USARC, 3600 Century Division Way, Coordinator, Building 102, Fort
Street, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia P–3, POC: Louisville/Jefferson Douglas Armed Forces Reserve
30303, (404)–614–8298 Redevelopment Authority, 444 South Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113–
Columbus—Columbus USARC #1, 3001 5007 Telephone: 801–656–4255
Fifth Street, Suite 600, Louisville, KY
Macon Road, POC: Mayor, Columbus Missoula—Ernest Veuve Hall USARC/
40202 Telephone: 205–329–9215
Consolidated Government, P.O. Box AMSA 75, T–25, Fort Missoula, POC:
1340, Columbus, GA 31902–1340 Paducah—Paducah Memorial USARC,
2956 Park Avenue, POC: City of Commander, 96th Regional Readiness
Telephone: 706–653–4712 Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Forest Park—Fort Gillem, POC: Forest Paducah Local Redevelopment
Authority, P.O. Box 2267, 300 South Coordinator, Building 102, Fort
Park/Fort Gillem Local Douglas Armed Forces Reserve
Redevelopment Authority, 2270 Mt. 5th Street, Paducah, KY 42002–2267
Telephone: 270–444–8690 Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113–
Zion Road, Jonesboro, GA 30246 5007 Telephone: 801–656–4255
Telephone: 678 610–4021 Paducah—USARC #2,2001 N. 12th
Street, POC: City of Paducah Local Nebraska
Hawaii Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Box Hastings—Hastings USARC, 4790 East J
Hilo—SFC Minoru Kunieda USARC, 2267, 300 South 5th Street, Paducah, Street, POC: Commander, 89th
470 W. Lanikaula Street, POC: KY 42002–2267 Telephone: 270–444– Regional Readiness Command, ATTN:
Kunieda ARC Local Redevelopment 8690 Base Transition Coordinator, 3130
Authority, 25 Aupuni Street, Hilo, HI Massachusetts George Washington Boulevard,
96720 Telephone: 808–961–8234 Wichita, KS 67210–1598 Telephone:
Chicopee—Westover AFRC, Bldg 5550, 316–681–1759 ext. 1223
Illinois Westover AFB POC: Commander,
Centralia—SFC E.L. Copple USARC, 904 94th Regional Readiness Command, New Hampshire
Martin Luther King Drive, POC City of ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator, Portsmouth—Paul A. Doble USARC, 125
Centralia, 222 South Poplar, Centralia, 11 Saratoga Boulevard, Devens, MA Cottage Street, POC: City of
IL 62801, Telephone: 618–533–7622 01432–5216 Telephone: 978–796– Portsmouth, 1 Junkins Avenue,
Fairfield—SSG R.E. Walton USARC, 2238 Portsmouth, NH 03801 Telephone:
1002 Leininger Road, POC: SSG R.E. Springfield—Arthur MacArthur USARC, 603–610–7202
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

Walton U.S. Army Reserve Center 50 East Street, POC: Commander, 94th
Local Redevelopment Authority, 108 Regional Readiness Command, ATTN: New Jersey
NW. 7th Street, Fairfield, IL 62837 Base Transition Coordinator, 11 Edison—SGT J.W. Kilmer/AMSA 21, 91
Telephone: 618–842–2153 Saratoga Boulevard, Devens, MA Truman Drive, POC: Edison
Marion—PFC R.G. Wilson USARC, 1001 01432–5216 Telephone: 978–796– Township Council, Township of
Deyoung Street, POC: City of Marion, 2238 Edison Municipal Complex, 100

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:42 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00012 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
26932 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 89 / Tuesday, May 9, 2006 / Notices

Municipal Boulevard, Edison, NJ Ohio Bloomsburg—Bloomsburg USARC, 1469

08817 Telephone: 732–248–7371 Columbus—Ft Hays Memorial USARC, Old Berwick Road, POC: Scott
Fort Monmouth—Fort Monmouth 530 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Bldg 300, POC: Township Local Redevelopment
Economic Revitalization Planning Commander, 88th Regional Readiness Authority, Scott Township Municipal
Authority, P.O. Box 001, Trenton, NJ Command, ATTN: Base Transition Building, 350 Tenny Street,
08625–001 Telephone: 609–777–1257 Coordinator, 506 Roeder Circle, Fort Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Telephone:
Pennsauken—SFC Nelson V. Brittin Snelling, MN 55111–4009 Telephone: 570–784–9114
USARC/S–S, 3911 Federal Street, Chester—James W. Reese USARC, 500
POC: Brittin USARC Local W. 245th St. (Upland), POC: Reese
Kenton—LT Jacob Parrott USARC, 1025
Redevelopment Authority, Municipal Local Redevelopment Authority, 224
S. Main Street, POC: Hardin County
Building, 5605 N. Crescent Boulevard, Castle Avenue, Upland, PA 19015
Local Redevelopment Authority, One
Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Telephone: Telephone: 610–8734–7317
Courthouse Square, Suite 100, Horsham—Horsham Memorial USARC,
856–665–1000 Kenton, OH 43326 Telephone: 419– 936 Easton Road, POC: Horsham
New York 674–2205 Township Authority for NASJRB
Mansfield—SSG Roy Clifton Scouten (Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base),
Amityville—Amityville AFRC, 600 USARC, 271 Hodges Street, POC:
Albany Avenue, POC: Town Board of 1025 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA
Commander, 88th Regional Readiness 19044 Telephone: 215–643–3131
Town of Babylon, Downtown Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Revitalization Task Force, 200 East Lewisburg—Lewisburg USARC, Hafer
Coordinator, 506 Roeder Circle, Fort and JPM Roads, POC: Commander,
Sunrise Highway, Lindenhurst, NY Snelling, MN 55111–4009 Telephone:
11757–2597 Telephone: 631–957– 99th Regional Readiness Command,
612–713–3827 ATTN: Base Transition Coordinator,
3013 Springfield—SFC M.L. Downs USARC/
Fort Tilden—Fort Tilden USARC, 415 99 Soldiers Lane, Corapolis,
AMSA 58, 1515 W. High Street, POC: Pennsylvania 151908–2550
State Road and Breezy Point Blvd, City of Springfield Local
POC: Fort Tilden Redevelopment Telephone: 412–604–8159
Redevelopment Authority, 76 East Norristown—1LT Ray S. Musselman
Authority, 120–55 Queens High Street, Springfield, OH 45502
Boulevard—Room 226, Kew Gardens, Memorial USARC, 1020 Sandy Hill
Telephone: 937–324–7674 Road, POD: Commander, 99th
NY 11424 Telephone: 718–286–3000 Whitehall—Whitehall Memorial
New Windsor—Stewart Newburgh Regional Readiness Command, ATTN:
USARC, 721 Country Road, POC: Base Transition Coordinator, 99
USARC, 930 Raz Avenue, POC: Town Whitehall Local Redevelopment
of New Windsor Local Soldiers Lane, Corapolis,
Authority, 360 South Yearling Road, Pennsylvania 15108–2550 Telephone
Redevelopment Authority, 555 Union Whitehall, OH 43213 Telephone: 614–
Avenue, New Windsor, NY 12553– 412–604–8159
338–3103 Norristown—North Penn Memorial
6196 Telephone: 845–563–4610
Oklahoma USARC, 1625 Berks Road, POC: North
Niagara Falls—Niagara Falls USARC/
Penn USARC Redevelopment
AMSA 76, 9400 Porter Road, POC: Clinton—Donald A. Roush USARC, Authority, 1721 Valley Forge Road,
Town of Niagara Local 1720 Opal Street, POC: Clinton P.O. Box 767, Worcester, PA 19490
Redevelopment Authority, 7105 Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Box 610–5484–1410
Lockport Road, Town of Niagara, NY 1177, 415 Gary Boulevard, Clinton, Oakdale—Charles E. Kelly Support
14304 Telephone: 716–297–2150 ext. OK 73601 Telephone: 580–323–0261 Facility, 6 Lobaugh St., POC:
136 Norman—Joe A. Smalley USARC, 1507 Redevelopment Authority of
Poughkeepsie—2LT Glen Carpenter W. Lindsey, POC: City of Norman Allegheny County, 425 Sixth Avenue,
USARC, 25 Oakley Street, POC: City Local Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Suite 800, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
of Poughkeepsie Industrial Box 370, Norman, OK 73070 Telephone: 412–350–1061
Development Authority, Municipal Telephone: 405–366–5439 Philadelphia—Germantown Veterans
Building, P.O. Box 300, Poughkeepsie, Memorial USARC, 5200 Wissahickon
NY 12602 Telephone: 845–451–4046 Oregon
Avenue, POC: City of Philadelphia
Uniondale—BG Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Portland—2LT Alfred Sharff USARC, Planning Commission, One Parkway,
USARC, 101 Oak Street, POC: 8801 N. Chautauqua Blvd, POC: 13th Floor, 1515 Arch Street,
Commander, 77th Regional Readiness Commander, 70th Regional Readiness Philadelphia, PA 19102 Telephone:
Command, ATTN: Base Transition Command, ATTN: Base Transition 215–683–4615
Coordinator, Building 200, Fort Coordinator, 4575 36th Avenue West, Philadelphia—Philadelphia Memorial
Totten, Flushing, NY 11359–1016 Seattle, WA 98199–5000 Telephone: USARC, 2838–98 Woodhaven Road,
Telephone: 718–352–8717 206–510–6793 POC: City of Philadelphia Planning
North Carolina Portland—SGT Jerome Sears USARC, Commission, One Parkway, 13th
2731 SW Multnohah Blvd., POC: Floor, 1515 Arch Street, Philadelphia,
Albemarle—Jesse F. Niven Jr. USARC, Commander, 70th Regional Readiness PA 19102 Telephone: 215–683–43615
1816 Main Street, POC: City of Command, ATTN: Base Transition Wilkes Barre—Wilkes-Barre USARC,
Albemarle Local Redevelopment Coordinator, 4575 36th Avenue West, 1001 Highway 315 South, POC:
Authority, P.O. Box 190, Albemarle, Seattle, WA 98199–5000 Telephone: Commander, 99th Regional Readiness
NC 28002–0190 Telephone: 704–984– 206–510–6793 Command, ATTN: Base Transition
9408 Coordinator, 99 Soldiers Lane,
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

Wilmington—Adrian B. Rhodes AFRC, Corapolis, Pennsylvania 15108–2550

2144 Lake Shore Drive, POC: City of Bethlehem—Wilson-Kramer USARC, Telephone: 412–604–8159
Wilmington Redevelopment 2940 Airport Road, POC: Bethlehem Williamsport—Lycoming Memorial
Authority, P.O. Box 1810, Local Redevelopment Authority, 10 USARC, 1605 Four Mile Drive, POC:
Wilmington, NC 28402–1810 East Church Street, Bethlehem, PA Loyalstock Township Board of
Telephone: 910–341–5820 18018 Telephone: 610–8654–7085 Supervisors, 2501 East Third Street,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:42 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00013 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 89 / Tuesday, May 9, 2006 / Notices 26933

Williamsport, PA 17701 Telephone: Houston, Building Services Floor, Hampton, VA 23669,

570–323–6151 Department, City of Houston, P.O. Telephone: 757–727–6884
Box 1652, Houston, TX 77251
Puerto Rico Washington
Telephone: 713–247–2639
Bayamón—1LT Paul Lavergné USARC, Houston—Houston USARC #3, 6903 Pasco—PFC Daniel L. Wagenaar
RD 167, KM 5.0, Hwy 8, POC: Perimeter Park Drive, POC: City of USARC, 1011 E. Ainsworth Street,
Bayamón Lavergné U.S. Army Reserve Houston, Building Services POC; Port of Pasco, 904 E. Ainsworth,
Center Local Redevelopment Department, City of Houston, P.O. box Pasco, WA 99301 Telephone: 509–
Authority, P.O. Box 1588, Bayamón, 1652, Houston, TX 77251 Telephone: 547–3378
PR 00961 Telephone: 787–707–4925 713–247–2639 Seattle—2LT Robert R. Leisy USARC/
Marshall—Marshall USARC, 1209 AMSA 79, 4570 Texas West Way,
Rhode Island POC: Commander, 70th Regional
Pinecrest Drive East, POC:
Bristol—Quinta-Gamelin USARC, Commander, 90th Regional Readiness Readiness Command, ATTN: Base
Asylum Road, POC: Town Council Command, ATTN: Base Transition Transition Coordinator, 4574 36th
Local Redevelopment Authority, Coordinator, 8000 Camp Robinson Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98199–
Town Hall, 10 Court Street, Bristol, RI Road, North Little Rock, AR 72118 5000 Telephone: 206–510–6793
02809 Telephone: 3401–253–7000 ext. Telephone: 501–771–8788 Seattle—CPT James R. Harvey USARC,
133 San Antonio—Boswell Street USARC, 4510 Texas West Way, POC:
Warwick—PT Lloyd S. Cooper III 432 Boswell Street, POC: San Antonio Commander, 70th Regional Readiness
USARC, 885 Sandy Lane, POC: Local Development Authority, City of Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Warwick Local Redevelopment San Antonio Economic Development Coordinator, 4575 36th Avenue West,
Authority, City Hall Annex, 3275 Post Department, P.O. Box 839966, San Seattle, WA 98199–5000
Road, Warwick, RI 02886 Telephone: Antonio, TX 78283 Telephone: 210– Spokane—1LT Richard H. Walker
3401–738–2000 ext. 6292 207–8040 USARC, n. 3800 Sullivan Road, POC:
San Antonio—Callaghan Road USAC, Commander, 70th Regional Readiness
South Carolina
600 Callaghan Road, POC: San Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Rock Hill—Rock Hill Memorial USARC, Antonio Local Redevelopment Coordinator, 4575 36th Avenue West,
515 South Cherry Road, POC: Authority, City of San Antonio Seattle, WA 98199–5000, Telephone:
Commander, 81st Regional Readiness Economic Development Department, 206–510–6793.
Command, ATTN: Base Transition P.O. Box 839966, San Antonio, TX Spokane—PFC Joe E. Mann USARC/
Coordinator, 225 West Oxmoor Road, 78283 Telephone: 210–207–8040 AMSA 80, N. 4415 Market Street,
Birmingham, AL 35209 Telephone: Texarkana—Watts-Guillot USARC, 2800 POC: Commander, 70th Regional
205–329–9215 W. 15th Street, POC: Red River Readiness Command, ATTN: Base
Tennessee Redevelopment Authority, 107 Chapel Transition Coordinator, 4575 36th
Lane, New Boston, TX 75570 Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98199–
Chattanooga—Chattanooga (VAAP) Telephone 903–223–8741 5000, Telephone: 206–510–6793.
USARC (BLDG 228), 6703d Bonny Texarkana—Lone Star Army
Oaks Drive, Bldg 228, POC: 81st West Virginia
Ammunition Plant, POC: Red River
Regional Readiness Command, ATTN: Redevelopment Authority, 107 Chapel Beverly—Elkins USARC, Route 1, Box
Base Transition Coordinator, 225 Lane, New Boston, TX 75570 255, POC: Elkins-Randolph Local
West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL Telephone: 903–223–9841 Redevelopment Authority, Elkins City
3209 Telephone: 205–329–9215 Texarkana—Red River Army Hall, 401 Davis Avenue, Elkins, WV
Texas Ammunition Plant, POC: Red River 26241, Telephone: 302–636–1414.
Redevelopment Authority, 107 Chapel Fairmont—1LT Harry B. Colborn
Abilene—Grimes Memorial USARC, Lane, New Boston, TX 75570 USARC, Mary Lou Retton Drive, POC:
4300 S. Treadway, POC: Abilene Telephone: 903–223–9841 City of Fairmont Planning
Local Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Wichita Falls—Wichita Falls USARC, Commission, 200 Jackson Street,
Box 60, Abilene, TX 79504 3315 9th Street, POC: City of Wichita Fairmont, WV 26554, Telephone: 3–
Telephone: 325–676–6206. Falls, Community Development, P.O. 4–366–6211, ext. 308.
Alice—Alice USARC, 100 Stadium Box 1431, Wichita Falls TX 76307, Huntington—MAJ Leslie Bias USARC,
Road, POC: Alice Local 1300 Seventh Street, Wichita Falls, 1550 Spring Valley Drive, POC:
Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Box TX 76301 Telephone: 940–761–7451 Commander, 99th Regional Readiness
3229, Alice, TX 78333 Telephone: Command, ATTN: Base Transition
361–668–7210 Vermont Coordinator, 99 Soldiers Lane,
Amarillo—Blucher S. Tharp Memorial Chester—Chester Memorial USARC, 978 Corapolis, Pennsylvania 15108–2550,
USARC, 2801 Duniview Circle, POC: VT Route 11 West, POC: Chester Local Telephone: 412–604–8159.
Commander, 90th Regional Readiness Redevelopment Authority, P.O. Box Ripley—SSG Juhl USARC/AMSA 114,
Command, ATTN: Base Transition 370, Chester, VT 05143 Telephone: 331 Second Avenue, POC:
Coordinator, 8000 Camp Robinson 802–875–2173 Commander, 99th Regional Readiness
Road, North Little Rock, AR 72118 Rutland—Courcelle Brothers USARC, 16 Command, ATTN: Base Transition
Telephone: 501–771–8788 North Street Extension, POC: Rutland Coordinator, 99 Soldiers Lane,
Dallas—Jules E. Muchert USARC, 10031 Redevelopment Authority, 103 Wales Corapolis, Pennsylvania 15108–2550,
E. Northwest Highway, POC: City of Street, Rutland, VT 05701 Telephone: Telephone: 206–510–6793.
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

Dallas, Director of Development 802–775–2910 Authority: This action is authorized by the

Services, 1500 Marilla Street, 5 DN, Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of
Dallas, TX 75201, Telephone: 314– Virginia
1990, Title XXIX of the National Defense
670–4127 Hampton—Fort Monroe POC: Federal Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991, Pub.
Houston—Houston USARC #2, 7077 Area Development Authority, City of L. 101–510; the Base Closure Community
Perimeter Park Drive, POC: City of Hampton, 22 Lincoln Street—8th Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:42 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00014 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
26934 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 89 / Tuesday, May 9, 2006 / Notices

of 1994, Pub. L. 103–421; the Military (b) the role and appropriate design of Dated: May 3, 2006.
Construction Authorization Act for Fiscal standards and assessment in promoting Margaret Spellings,
Year 1994, Division B of Pub. L. 103–160; mathematical competence; Secretary, U.S. Department of Education.
and 10 U.S.C. 113.
(c) the process by which students of [FR Doc. 06–4303 Filed 5–8–06; 8:45 am]
Dated: May 3, 2006. various abilities and backgrounds learn BILLING CODE 4000–01–M
Joseph W. Whitaker, mathematics;
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (d) instructional practices, programs,
(Installations and Housing). and materials that are effective for DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
[FR Doc. 06–4305 Filed 5–8–06; 8:45 am] improving mathematics learning;
BILLING CODE 3710–08–M (e) the training, selection, placement, Privacy Act of 1974; Computer
and professional development of Matching Program
teachers of mathematics in order to AGENCY: Department of Education.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION enhance students’ learning of ACTION: Notice of computer matching
mathematics; program between the U.S. Department
National Mathematics Advisory Panel (f) the role and appropriate design of of Education (ED), and the U.S.
AGENCY: National Mathematics Advisory systems for delivering instruction in Department of Health and Human
Panel, DOE. mathematics that combine the different Services (HHS), Administration for
ACTION: Notice of an open meeting.
elements of learning processes, Children and Families (ACF), Office of
curricula, instruction, teacher training Child Support Enforcement (OCSE).
SUMMARY: This notice sets forth the and support, and standards,
schedule and proposed agenda of an assessments, and accountability; SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Computer
upcoming meeting of the National (g) needs for research in support of Matching and Privacy Protection Act of
Mathematics Advisory Panel. The notice mathematics education; 1988, Pub. L. 100–503, and the Office of
also describes the functions of the (h) ideas for strengthening capabilities Management and Budget (OMB) Final
Panel. Notice of this meeting is required to teach children and youth basic Guidance Interpreting the Provisions of
by section 10(a)(2) of the Federal mathematics, geometry, algebra and Public Law 100–503, the Computer
Advisory Committee act and is intended calculus and other mathematical Matching and Privacy Protection Act of
to notify the public of their opportunity disciplines; 1988, 54 FR 25818 (June 19, 1989), this
to attend. (i) such other matters relating to document gives notice of a computer
DATES: Monday, May 22, 2006. mathematics education as the Panel matching program between ED and
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. deems appropriate; and HHS/ACF/OCSE.
(j) such other matters relating to This computer matching program
ADDRESSES: The Panel will meet in
mathematics education as the Secretary between the two agencies will become
Washington, DC, at the National
may require. effective, as indicated in paragraph six
Academy of Sciences Building, 2100 C
of this notice. In accordance with the
Street, NW., Washington, DC. The entire Panel will meet for the
Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (5
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: duration of the first meeting. The
U.S.C. 552a), OMB Final Guidance
Tyrrell Flawn, Executive Director: meeting agenda will include
Interpreting the Provisions of Public Law
National Mathematics Advisory Panel, introduction of all the members and a
100–503, the Computer Matching and
400 Maryland Avenue, SW., background briefing on the operation of
Privacy Protection Act of 1988, 54 FR
Washington, DC 20202; telephone (202) the Panel. In addition, the Panel will
25818 (June 19, 1989), and OMB
260–8354. discuss plans for upcoming meetings
Circular No. A–130, Appendix I (65 FR
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Panel and the work of the Panel.
77677 (December 12, 2000)), we provide
is established by Executive Order 13398. Individuals who will need the following information:
The purpose of this Panel is to foster accommodations for a disability in order
greater knowledge of and improved to attend the meeting (e.g., interpreting 1. Names of Participating Agencies
performance in mathematics among services, assistive listening devices, or The U.S. Department of Education
American students, in order to keep materials in alternative formats) should (ED) is the source agency; and the U.S.
America competitive, support American notify Tyrrell Flawn at (202) 260–8354 Department of Health and Human
talent and creativity, encourage no later than May 12, 2006. We will Services (HHS), Administration for
innovation throughout the American attempt to meet requests for Children and Families (ACF), Office of
economy and help State, local, accommodations after this date but Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), is
territorial, and tribal governments give cannot guarantee their availability. The the recipient agency.
the nation’s children and youth the meeting site is accessible to individuals
education they need to succeed. with disabilities. 2. Purpose of Matching Program
The Panel will submit to the Individuals interested in attending the The purpose of the matching program
President, through the Secretary, a meeting must register in advance is to obtain address and employment
preliminary report not later than because of limited space issues. Please information on individuals who owe
January 31, 2007, and a final report not contact Tyrrell Flawn at (202) 260–8354 funds to the Federal government for
later than February 28, 2008. Both or by e-mail at Tyrrell.Flawn@ed.gov. defaulted student loans or grant
reports shall, at a minimum, contain Opportunities for public comment are overpayments awarded under Title IV of
recommendations, based on the best available through the National Math the Higher Education Act of 1965, as
mstockstill on PROD1PC68 with NOTICES

available scientific evidence, on the Panel Web site at http://www.ed.gov/ amended. ED will use this information
following: about/bdscomm/list/mathpanel/ to initiate independent collection of
(a) The critical skills and skill index.html. Records are kept of all Panel these debts under the provisions of the
progressions for students to acquire proceedings and are available for public Debt Collection Improvement Act of
competence in algebra and readiness for inspection at the staff office for the 1982 when voluntary payment is not
higher levels of mathematics; Panel from the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. forthcoming. For individuals whose

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