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FCE-SPEAKING TEST-(Part 1 & Part 2)

Part 1
En qu consiste:
En esta parte se te harn una serie de preguntas personales. Como puedes ver en
el ejemplo de examen, te preguntan tu nombre y de dnde eres. Luego, empieza
una serie de opiniones sobre gustos, la familia, lo que te interesa.

Pregunta (Likes and dislikes)

Posible Respuesta

How do you spend your

What do you do?
Do you prefer to spend time
on your own or with other

Two times a week I go to the gym. If I dont have to go to the gym, I stay
at home reading, or listening to music. I also like to watch TV. I do all
these activities because I need to relax after studying.

Tell us about a film you really


One film that I really like is a Spanish film called Ocho Apellidos
Vascos Eight Basque Surnames. Its about a young Andalusian man
that falls in love with a young woman from the Basque country. I like it
because it shows that even if people are very different they can find a
common background and get on well.

Do you like cooking? What sort

of things do you cook?

Yes, I really enjoy cooking because it relaxes me. I cook simple dishes
such as spaghetti, or steak with chips or cocido, a very popular dish
from Madrid.

Do you normally celebrate

occasions with friends or
family? Why?

When I was younger I always celebrated my birthdays with my family,

but nowadays I usually go out with my friends. For example, we go out
to see a film, or to have a drink. This is simply because I enjoy being
with my friends.
Id like to mention Carnival. Its celebrated all over Spain. People wear
costumes, and go to parties. At the end of the carnival, there is a
ceremony called the Burial of the Sardine. Its a carnival parade that
parodies a funeral procession.
On my last birthday I went out with some friends to have a drink. We
met at a bar in the city centre and they gave me lots of presents. We
had a very good time.
Next weekend Ill visit Salamanca with some friends. We have a friend
who is from there and he is going to show us around.

Tell us about a festival or

celebration in (candidates
What did you do on your last
Are you going to do anyhting
special this weekend? (Where
are you going to go?) (What
are you going to do?)
How much TV do you watch in
a week? (Would you prefer to
watch more TV than that or
less (Why?)
Tell us about a TV programme
youve seen recently.

I like both; depending on what I want to do. For example, if I want to

paint or read a book Id rather be on my own, but if I want to go to the
cinema, or eat out I always like to go with my friends. Doing these
activities with friends is always more fun.

I watch TV about one hour a week. I think one hour a week is enough
for me because I prefer to spend the rest of my free time doing exercise
or watching videos, rather than watching TV.
Last week I saw a programme that was really entertaining. Its a
programme in which the presenter interviews celebrities. After the
interview they play funny tricks on them. For example, an experiment in
which the celebrity must insert their hand into a box full of insects.

FCE-SPEAKING TEST-(Part 1 & Part 2)

Part 2
En qu consiste:
En esta parte, el examinador dar a cada candidato 2 fotos para que la describa,
compare y, luego, conteste una pregunta.
El "interlocutor" comienza diciendo:
"In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you two
photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on
your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question
about your partner's photograph.
A continuacin, dir al Candidato A (el candidato que habla primero).
It's your turn first. Here are your photographs. They show
people who are helping other people in different situation.
Pregunta para el primer candidato. I'd like you to compare the
photographs, and say how important it is to help other people
in these situations. All right.
Entonces te ensean las fotos.

FCE-SPEAKING TEST-(Part 1 & Part 2)

"compare the photographs". Para compararlas primero debers describirlas as

que puedes contestar algo como esto:
In the first photograph we can see a person helping a football player who seems to
be injured, and in the second photograph there is a woman who looks like a tourist
asking for help to the policeman. She seems to need help to find her way because
she is looking at a map with the policeman.
They are, indeed, very different ways of helping but they are equally important
within their own context. I'll explain. In the first case, it is important to help the
football player because he might have a serious injury and the sooner he gets help
the better it will be for his general health. On the other hand, if it is a minor injury
the doctor can send him back to play immediately. If he is a good player, his team
could win the match with his help. In the second case, though it seems to be a
more trivial situation, it is important that tourists get help to find their way in the city
they are visiting because it gives them a good impression about the place. The
better the image of a city is the more likely it is to attract tourists, and tourism is an
important source of income for many cities. In conclusion, helping people may have
very different effects depending on the context in which the help is given, but it is
always a positive thing to do.
Interlocutor: Thank you.
A continuacin, el examinador har una pregunta sobre estas fotos al candidato B.
Pregunta al segundo candidato:
Do you find it easy to ask for help when you have a problem?
Why? Why Not?
El candidato B tiene ahora 30 segundos para contestar.
Posible respuesta:

Well, it depends on the kind of problem that I have. If it is a minor obstacle, such as
opening a door, getting a pen or similar item, then it's easy for me to ask for help to
whoever is next to me. But if it is a big issue, such as asking for money or help that
could imply a lot effort on the part of the person being asked, then it certainly difficult
for me to ask for help. So difficult that I think I have never asked for help in these types
of situations. Another thing is if they offer me help without me asking. Then, I'd
consider accepting the offer.
Interlocutor: Thank you.
A continuacin el examinador ensear otras dos fotos al Candidato B, y le har
una pregunta.

FCE-SPEAKING TEST-(Part 1 & Part 2)

Esta es la pregunta del ejemplo de examen:

Now, here are your photographs. They show people spending
time in different gardens. I'd like you to compare the
photographs, and what you think the people are enjoying about
spending time in these gardens.

Posible respuesta:

Como en el caso anterior, comenzaremos por describir lo que vemos, luego

comparar y finalmente contestaremos la pregunta.

In the first photograph, we can see a man who has knelt to take care of some plants. It
seems to be a vegetable garden. And, in the second photograph, we can see a garden
surrounding a big building that looks like a castle. They are very different kind of
gardens, one is private and made to cultivate plants and the other one is public and
made to relax and walk around. In the first case, the man cultivating his own plants
might be enjoying the possibiltity of having his own vegetables. If he is a cook he can
use these vegetables in his kitchen to prepare delicious meals. Or he can give them to
relatives and friends, or even sell them depending on how big the garden is. In the
second case, the people are enjoying the views, the good weather, the fresh smell of
the grass, the possibility of chatting with friends in the open air or going for a walk, and
most of all, of relaxing.
Interlocutor: Thank you.

FCE-SPEAKING TEST-(Part 1 & Part 2)

A continuacin, el examinador har una pregunta sobre estas fotos al candidato A

(primer candidato).
Which garden would you prefer to spend time in? Why?
El candidato A tiene ahora 30 segundos para contestar.
Posible respuesta:

I'm not very good at cultivating plants because I'm not patient enough and I never did
this kind of activity before, so I'd much rather spend time in the public garden. I have
been studying very hard for this exam; therefore to spend time in such a garden would
be a great opportunity to relax. Besides I enjoy very much going out for a walk and
being outside when the weather is good Another reason for me to spend time in a
garden such as the one in the second photograph, is that I enjoy visiting monuments. It
would be wonderful to visit such a lovely building and contemplate the magnificent
views from there.

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