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Brief History of Islamic Negotiation Pattern

Section -I Statement of the Problem

A. Background
The fundamentals required in the genesis of the analysis were entirely
based of research work done in the light of enriched research and references
sourced with the credibility of the divine Quran and Sunnah. The idea of the every
inquisitionary development begins with the approach of learning and light for the
coming researchers.
Negotiation is not a new phenomenon. Its a relatively old one ever since
human open their eye in this world with alike and unlike views. The old
manuscripts discovered from the era when there was no such system of treaty
development and councils with members at that time too wall mounted scripts with
emblems and figures detects early signs of negotiations between cave man or
The nascent development of negotiation happened with the idea of
civilizations and resource distributions. Also the world witness a large span of
negotiations when Abrahamic religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism started
their preaching under the umbrella of empires. It is very crucial to follow when the
foot map of such findings and it can be learned as well with a mind looking for
knowledge and development within one self. History teaches us patterns of
negotiations in eras like Crusades, World wars, Colonial Power games, Caliphates
and Emirati times and times when oil leads the world. Even if we take our
spaceship and stop digging the past rocks and start making schedules for our latest
appointments we do have a priority in our daily dairy name as dealing and
certainly synonyms and word paraphrasing is an art to put old stuff in new arrivals.
While we were writing the inception of this document we had certain constraints to
deal with, the foremost was to do justice with the Islamic tag in this piece of
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research as a Muslim we share a rich history and pride too and keeping such
honors make us oblige to do justice with them specially when it comes to writing
or publishing something which other will read, see and might share as well. The
burden to keep all levels accurate and to make the authorities understandable about
the idea behind the document was a hard job to get done while keeping the idea
delivery impromptu and writing skills generous it gets even harder to make efforts
vibrant yet extra ordinary. We as students tried our level to follow the panache
behind the current standards and do a right job. The selection of the thesis title/
subject was on us and like others we had to restrict ourselves with the rules and
regulations to undermine before putting efforts. A very unique thing we find out
while studying and we would like to thank the authorities for giving us this chance
to learn that Islamic events and specially the era when Islam was at its edge to
define itself and spread the message of ALLAH (Jalla Jalalahu) to everyone we see
such grace in negotiations and even if the situation was not such to carry out a
much patient dialogue we can see very clearly from resources written and learnt
and witness from centuries that a very unique yet dignified pattern of negotiations
took place to let the message spread far and let mankind learn who is their
creator .To keep a long path short the history witness itself with a wide range of
negotiations patterns.
A very relative account just for piece of understanding is the time when
Islam was touching every nook of the habited planet by the followers at that time
the negotiation done were for the sake of acknowledging the unlearned, unaware
and exploiters minds who may not be aware or may not be in righteous path.
The document will go from the upper limits leaving the core to be
discussed after the approval as the authority of advisor reserves their discretions.
Since its a synopsis so we can hardly put a more crowded word show but
we would certainly pay tribute to all writers and historians and specially those
minds who use their words against all falsely sculpted ink spots.

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B. Purpose

General Purpose
The pivotal purpose hidden in the work of this document is to
make evidential putting of the historical accounts in the light of Quranic and
Sunnah teachings and to make sure that the perception which may be void
or wrong behind the best negotiating patterns endorsed in academia whether
invented by the west or Islamic Civilizations.
Another pious job will be to advertise our religious realities within
the spectrum of negotiations.


Specific Purpose

Era when the negotiation was merely a task of leaders and no such

attribute or nomenclature was given to day-to-day dealings.

Investigate and learn from the books which were written by the
authenticated school of thoughts and societies developed for the

sake of Islamic learning and its preaching.

Reveal the taboos and the misconceptions and ill-treatment of the

ideas which surrounds us.

To revitalize the literacy standard pieces in market and those hands
who write stuff based on mere illusions and non-justified facts and

which may be against the jurispedence law.

Help developing a sense for oneself to adopt the techniques.
Develop the flavor of learning not for the religious aspect but for

Commence a standard and distinguish ourselves from the

counterparts in the quest to deliver the truth.

To make ourselves a contributor in this domain despite of the fact
that the nature of the inquisitor(s) arent from Islamic academia.

C. Research Questions
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1. What is new in this document which the inquisitors are endorsing?

2. Are the books in the market saying best negotiations
tactics/patterns/skills are bogus as compared to the one you will advertise
or produce?
3. Will the nature of the document is based on only Islamic teaching and

circle or other faith pupils can take seek advice from it?
How Islamic pattern was different from the other religions?
Was there any help taken from any scholar before putting the document?
Is your document a part of any league or religious regime?
How Islam proves itself in endorsing the idea of best negotiation pattern

8. Will any of the inquisitor will do more research in the specific forte later
9. Were the scholar(s) involved in the production were literary people?
10. How to do differentiate with the other school of thoughts in negotiation?
11. Specify some of the resources you took advantage from to make this
12. Is your researched patented yet?
13. Is your department is aware of the development you took?
14. How far you think your document can please the readers?
15. What you think about courtesy and plagiarism in the domain of research
paper writing?

D. Significance
Significance of any revolutionary approach is hidden when the first batch
of its product hits the markets or as in literary speak hit the shelves so keeping
this line in mind we havent put the score cards downside up as the subject truly

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generates a true idea of the significance not just in the case of academia but
professionally too.
Today in this busy world we might have learn how to download Wikipedia
but we have lost our habit to read, learn and reproduce. This is the same thing
which happen when unauthenticated stuff rotates networks of people and thus
followers of innocent unaware batch of people who are not just following but
advertising the patterns with labels of religions, class or culture which might not be
as true what in reality it is.
Our document will serve as an authentic one for those who seeks piles of
books on such topic.

E. Scope
Before writing the scope. It is very important to learn the scope
terminology. It is not just only related with research on technology or medicine or
other material science document but with everything which is science itself. When
the first edition of book arrived saying how to be a successful entrepreneur or let
me more general when book titled successful in 30 days or more these become
New York times top 100 bestsellers I always wonders what make them so different
as they are just one man thoughts or mere their experiences which leads to a billion
dollar cash intake for the publisher. As a part of any research group or production
we dont aim for monetary benefits but we certainly keep a scope of this piece as it
will help academic writers to establish a new genre of negotiation techniques
inspired by Islamic history and teachings.
Furthermore a new but relatively very unique term which we see these
days as a part of our banking sector i.e. Islamic banking and keep in mind the
theory that many bigger conglomerates likes to invests their capitals and holdings
in Islamic banks and most importantly when investors are not Muslim or (Islamic
state habitants) they have to follow the path of their PLCs thus a very significant
but very generously good looking path for endorsing Islamic teaching in this techera will be there.

F. Definition of the Key Terms

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Tech-era: era related to technological dependencies.

Jurispedence: certain law or jury proposed statements.
PLC: company with limited liability and stakeholders from the public.
Entrepreneur: a skilled person who starts his business by investing a capital
generate by own or contributed mediums.
Crusades: old war spreading from the shores of Mediterain Sea to
the Europe and Asia.

Section-II Research Methodology

A. Strategy
The methodology will be comprises of interviews and research journals
over view and specifically with a small poll within literate pupils of the
Then a hypothesis will be developed in its raw form to drive furthermore
The strategy will also incorporate a brief study of visually aided tapes
discovered from the V/A labs which will help in developing a brighter view

B. Population and Sampling

Every credited document of the domain will be under consideration to keep
a stance very clear. The language used in the procedure will be British English.

C. Research Instruments

Mobile Applications for Hadith learning.

Google translate
Simulator for thesis and polls results
Google polls docs (html)
Record generation equipment
Plagiarism removal and detection sites and software
Writing aids
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Section-III Data Analysis Procedures


Data Collection
Data collection will be done both electronically and personally by
generating in-house and remote polls via sites.


Data Analysis
Both quantity and quality balance will maintained. .

1. Author Abdullah Yusuf Ali , Volume 1995, Part 3 of An English Interpretation of
the Holy Quran: With Full Arabic Text
2. Dr Abdur Rauf (2001). Historic Travels of The Great Prophet (Sallallahu Aleih hi
Wasallam). Ferozesons (pvt) Ltd , Pakistan , ISBN 969-0-01503-6.
3. Omid Safi , Politics of knowledge in premodern Islam and ideology ,University of
North Carolina press , United states

Time chart



Synopsis Writing


Review of Literature

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Data Collection

Data Analysis

Report Writing

Final Submission

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