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FALL 2014

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A Message from the BGS Chairman


Meet the Leaders of Business Speaker

Series: The Importance of Integrity and




Welcome to the Society


Mentorship: Guiding the Next

Generation of Business Leaders


Earlier Recognition of the Best and



Rebranding the Best in Business


Grooming a Startup


Mending Her Wounds...and Others


BGS Alumni Network: Making the Best...

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BGS Alumni Network: Recent Events


BGS Alumni Always on the Move


BGS Lifetime Member News


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BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014

Betty Jo Licata
Chairman, Beta Gamma Sigma Board of Governors

Message from
the Chairman
This has been a very exciting year for Beta Gamma Sigma
as we completed our strategic plan, BGS 2.0, and began
to implement critical changes that will position us for a
bright future. The coming year will be equally exciting as
we welcome a new CEO, roll out new programs, expand our
partnerships, and increase the engagement of our collegiate
chapters and alumni. It is an honor to serve as the Chairman
of the Board of Governors and I look forward to working
with our Board, staff and members in creating our future.
Our new strategic plan is focused on Bolstering, Growing,
and Strengthening our honor society. To bring increased
value of BGS membership we are expanding the
opportunities for students to be engaged in the collegiate
chapters and further develop their leadership skills. As you
will read later in the magazine, we have 71 schools involved
in our pilot program of expanding leadership opportunities
and the induction of sophomores into our honor society.
We are keeping the same high academic standards, but
enabling schools to recognize exceptional students during
the sophomore year. This brings students into Beta Gamma
Sigma earlier and accelerates their involvement and
leadership development.
Developing new programs that bring increased value to our
members, expanding our alumni chapters, and building
corporate partnerships are all on the horizon and we will
share these developments with you throughout 2015.
Very soon you will be introduced to our new CEO who will
lead us through the implementation of BGS 2.0. As you
know, our longtime Executive Director, James A. Viehland,
is retiring after 38 years of outstanding leadership, and we
wish him the very best as he spends more time pursuing a
wide variety of interests with his wife and family. Most of
you reading this became members during Jims tenure
more than 600,000 members were inducted during Jims
time with BGS.
BGS 2.0 sets many ambitious goals which will be achieved
through the combined efforts of the Societys membership,
Board and staff. Through our own BGS chapter in the
Williamson College of Business Administration at
Youngstown State University, I have experienced the energy

Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

and enthusiasm of engaged student members and the

power of recognizing the Best in Business. Im excited to
be working with you, and on your behalf, in our expanded
I would like to welcome three new board members to our
BGS Board of Governors: Marille Heijltjes from the School
of Business and Economics at Maastricht University in the
Netherlands; Eli Jones from the Walton College of Business
at the University of Arkansas; and Charles Whiteman from
the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State
University. Please join me in welcoming them, and thanking
them for volunteering their time and talents at such an
important point in Beta Gamma Sigmas history.
While serving on the BGS Board for many years Ive had the
opportunity to work with many great people dedicated to the
success of the Society. First and foremost, Curt Hunter, the
immediate past president of the Board, continues to serve us
in many capacities. Curt has chaired the search committee
for the new CEO and has been instrumental in securing our
2015 International Honoree, Roger W. Ferguson, CEO of
TIAA-CREF. I thank him and all the continuing members of
the Board as we consider how we will shape our future.
It really is an exciting time. To date, weve installed more
than 540 active collegiate chapters around the world, and
they are the true first-touch for our lifetime members.
I thank the deans, faculty and administrators at all of
these schools accredited by AACSB International for their
dedication to recognizing the excellence of their students.
In addition, were preparing to install our 30th alumni
chapter soon, so check out the website at betagammasigma.
org and see how you can get involved. The alumni chapter
program is a great way to remain active as a member of
BGS, reach out to collegiate chapters, and expand your own
professional network.
Thank you all very much for both your past and future
support of Beta Gamma Sigma. Im truly honored to be a
part of Beta Gamma Sigma and I look forward to a dynamic

Graduate Scholarships
for Beta Gamma Sigma members

To be the best, graduate programs

need to recruit the best.
Beta Gamma Sigma proudly introduces eight graduate schools that
consider membership in Beta Gamma Sigma an indicator of future
success, and theyre willing to pay for it.
Visit the Societys web site to learn more about these exclusive
scholarship programs that each school has designed with only BGS
members in mind: betagammasigma.org/graduate-scholarships

Meet the Leaders of Business

The Importance of Integrity

and Professionalism
On Oct. 8, 2014, Beta Gamma Sigma and Seton Hall University hosted a Meet the Leaders
of Business speaker series event featuring Beatriz Manetta, President and CEO of Argent
Associates. Manettas presentation focused on the key role that integrity can and should
play in business today.
I grew up in Elizabeth, N.J., in a very urban area. My parents
came to this country from Argentina. My sister and I were
with them, and they didnt speak the language. My father
graduated high school, my mom never did. It was important
to get an education so we went through Catholic school in
Elizabeth. I did my college both my undergrad and my
masters here at Seton Hall and all through tuition aid,
because I knew the importance of education and knew the
importance of having a college degree.
My parents felt that it would be best for me to go get a job
working in a factory, and Im glad I didnt because they
no longer exist. Back then, we had many factories in New
I started working at AT&T and just did the best I could. I
was in an urban area, working with a lot of very prestigious
individuals people that went to Yale, Warren School of
Business, Thunderbird and here I was, a little Latina from
Yet, I said to myself, Im going to do it because I can do it,
I will do it, and Ill continue to work hard because nothing
comes easy.
You have to work for what you want, and so I did and
worked my way up AT&T. Eventually I was able to get into
the international arena. I ran the country desk for the Middle
East and Africa where I did a lot of business in Cairo. I loved
it because I learned and I love a challenge.
My Hispanic background really worked well, because as
many of you who are Latinos know, my father was a ruling
body and what he said, went. In Cairo and the Middle East,
the culture is similar in that regard. So, I sat there in my
chair, took my notes, did what I had to, and I gained a lot of
great friendships which I still have today in business.
Just think about the different things that you have to deal
with the different cultures, the different people, how they

Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

look, what they perceive of you. One thing that should never
waver is your integrity your professionalism. Everything
I did was done with professionalism, with ethics, because
thats the only way to win the race.
In 98 I decided to leave and run my own business. In our
first year, we did $110 million worth of business not too
shabby for a girl from Elizabeth, right? We did it because
we were smart, we had a plan, we had a vision, we had a
strategy. That continued throughout my career with Argent
Has my integrity ever been tested? Absolutely. Ive had
several partnerships with other companies and you quickly
learn that you have to be very careful because working with
unethical companies can taint your reputation.
I work hard at making sure that our reputation is never
tainted, and our integrity is always intact. There are many
people and many companies that believe in short-term gains.
They want to quickly go in, make a buck. Thats good for
them; that wasnt good for me.
I believe in long-term relationships. I think that you have to
walk the talk. You have to represent your company, because
you have a lot of people in your workforce now counting on
you. The last thing you want to do is have to be in a situation
where you have to tell your employees, We are going to shut
the doors. Were done. Lets move on.
Whatever you do no matter whether its in school, or
whether its in work, or its running your own business it
all depends on you because the more power you have the
more you hold on to your ethics and you do things the way it
should be done. People will respect you. You will continue to

I think that you have

to walk the talk. You
have to represent
your company,

because you have

a lot of people in

your workforce now

counting on you.

Beatriz Manetta
President and CEO, Argent Associates
Presentation at Seton Hall University

View the video of this presentation online.

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


The Beta Gamma Sigma Central Office is always

looking for ways to connect with the Societys evergrowing network of lifetime members. As part of the
BGS 2.0 initiative, weve stepped up our social media
efforts, and you, our members, responded. Here are some
of the results:

Most Popular Links on Twitter

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Two Reasons Smart People Dont Get Hired


How Recruiters Really Look at Your LinkedIn Profile and Online Resume


Nine Things Interviewers Never Tell Job Candidates (But Should)


9 Credibility-Killing Meeting Behaviors


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Beta Gamma Sigma

on Instagram
Early this summer, BGS launched yet another way for its members to
connect via social media: Instagram. Not only can members follow the
fun adventures of the societys mascot, Professor Elwell, but they can
also get a peek at what their fellow colleagues are up to.

Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

The Pride of BGS Membership

Earning memberhsip in Beta Gamma Sigma remainss a very significant
achievement, one that members should truly be proud of. The members
below certainly felt that pride, and were more than happy to share their
enthusiasm on Facebook.
Thank you Beta Gamma Sigma for recognizing
my hard work and giving me the opportunity to
Alex Akers, Arizona State University

I was not expecting to be invited to join BGS,

so when the dean came to the classroom and
announced to the class I was invited to be
in BGS, I was wearing PJ pants, a T-shirt,
slippers, ball cap and a 3-day beard. I had
been awake for roughly 38 hours studying for
an exam ... Since I was looking like I just woke
from a coma for the in-class announcement,
for the ceremony I went out and bought a
new suit and got cleaned up. In conclusion,
this is me, in a new suit, on induction night,
with my Beta Gamma Sigma medallion.

Members respond to
questions on social media
concerning business,
leadership and more.
Here are a few of their
BGS alumni: What advice
would you give collegiate
members who have recently
graduated and are looking for
Sean Russell: My biggest piece of
advice is to be open to reolocation.
Where I work, a lot of graduates
turn down offers because they want
to stay close to home. I feel that you
should take that job and then fly home
whenever youre homesick.
James Hall: See yourself as a brand
or product, make yourself marketable
and then sell the hell out of yourself.

Nothing great was ever achieved

without _______________.
Colin MacNeil: Failure.
Matthew Connolly: Coffee.

Chris Gonsuron, Sam Houston State University

Eric Mitchell: An aggressive mom

behind the scenes.

My induction ceremony was extra special. I was

inducted this May and Im expecting my first
child in August. I love that my son attended the
ceremony. I cant wait for him to one day follow
in my footsteps and be inducted, too.

Lisa Wong: Struggle.

Tiffany Springsteen-Waldemer, University of South Florida

It has been my goal since the first day of my

business program to be inducted into BGS
after I saw the poster outside of the academic
advisers office. The international honor society
has been my motivation to pursue and achieve
academic excellence these past 3 years of my

Aria Aaron: Patience.

What is one characteristic that

every leader should possess?
Bryan Greenwood: Humility! It is
difficult to succeed in the long-term
without it.
Beth Nduthu: A great leader should
be able to inspire and motivate other

For more, follow us on:

Bryan Dizon, Brock University

Welcome to the Society

In the 2013-14 academic year, Beta Gamma Sigma
inducted over 23,500 outstanding students into
the Society. As all BGS members have done, these
inductees have proven themselves to be among the
very best students of business at their respective schools,
earning their recognition as the Best in Business.
Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma remains the
highest recognition a business student anywhere in the
world can receive in a business program accredited
by AACSB International The Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools of Business.

Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

We expect great things from these new members, and

look forward to sharing their many achievements with
you in future publications.
Until then, please join the Society in welcoming these
new additions to Beta Gamma Sigmas very talented
and high achieving lifetime membership.

Welcome to Beta Gamma Sigma.

Welcome to the Best in Business.

Whos Who:

University of Ljubljana

University of Nevada, Reno

William Paterson University

Pepperdine University

Thunderbird School of Global


Fu Jen Catholic University

Texas State University

The University of Sydney

University of Massachusetts-Lowell


Southern University at New Orleans


BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014

Beta Gamma Sigma is tapping into one of its
greatest resources...its membership...to help guide
the next generation of business leaders.
U.S. Navy veteran Michael Murphy says he learns best by
doing. But first, he said, he needs someone to show him
It was that mentality that drew Murphy to one of Beta
Gamma Sigmas newest initiatives a new mentoring
program that connects recently inducted members with
one of the Societys greatest and most valuable resources
other BGS members.
Under the program, the 11-year Navy flier and 2014 BGS
inductee from George Washington University hopes to
learn tips of the trade from another BGS member who
ideally will be well-versed, knowledgeable and skilled in
Murphys chosen field.
Im a 40-something just getting started in real estate,
said Murphy. Hopefully my mentor can help me decide
which way I will go (in real estate). I also hope that I can
watch and learn, gain new perspectives, and hopefully get
a peek at their Rolodex.
The mentorship program, launched as part of the Societys
new BGS 2.0 strategic planning initiative, seeks to build


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

a bond between alumni and collegiate members that, at

times, the society has lacked. Beta Gamma Sigma has
designated this relationship as one of the most important
areas for change within the BGS 2.0 initiative, created to
revitalize the century-old honor society.
Further, BGSs lifetime membership is packed with
highly talented and successful leaders in all areas and
facets of business. The organization seeks to tap into this
outstanding resource, developing new opportunities and
mechanisms to directly connect its newest members with
its most established ones.
Murphy looks to join the movement.
In the Navy, we always flew with another pilot, the
Seattle native said. When we were going out to do a new
mission, obviously one of the pilots was experienced,
while the other was effectively a student. I just know
from experience that I learn better by being coached;
having somebody show me something the first time, then
watching and critiquing while I do it, and then eventually
I grasp the task.

The BGS Mentor Program

And while Murphy is just now testing the mentorship
waters, other BGS members have been at it for some time,
long before the society launched a similar program.
Joel Gregory, president of the BGS Minneapolis-St. Paul
Alumni Chapter, has enjoyed the benefit of individual
mentorship for years, recalling several mentors who
provided advice on short-term goals and objectives, or
mentors that were well established in the business world.
Recognizing the advantages of a mentors guidance,
Gregory and his cousin launched a mentorship program
to benefit rural schools that dont always have the
resources and connections of urban and suburban
Recently, Gregory initiated yet another mentorship
program called Achieve. The St. Cloud State University
graduate said the project will connect him with high
school students in a mentor/mentee relationship for the
nine months theyre in school.
Mentors not only serve as a sounding board for new
ideas or goals that you might have, they also typically
have made some of the same or similar decisions you are
trying to make, he said.
BGS member for 25 years, Annette Winrick, agrees,
adding that mentorship fills in the gaps between
observation, experience and education. A Kansas State
alum, Winrick recently applied to serve as a mentor to
other Beta Gamma Sigma members.
I believe that our most important contributions are from
the connections we make, the Kansas native said. I
would like to connect with emerging leaders. It keeps me
fresh and young; learning and growing alongside current
university students.

I believe that our most

important contributions
are from the connections
we make. I would like to
connect with emerging
leaders. It keeps me fresh
and young; learning and
growing alongside current
university students.
Annette Winrick
BGS Mentor

Winrick says she can provide a different perspective for

future BGS mentees due to regularly reinventing herself
as a constant traveler.
I have had multiple moves as a trailing spouse, she said.
Ive had to remake myself and my career path many

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


The BGS Mentor Program

times. I bloom where I am planted and have learned a lot
along the winding path.
Bryan Smith, president for Raleigh-Durhams BGS alumni
chapter, believes strongly in the value of mentorship. He
encourages it, more than anything, because he says its good
for the soul.
Smith, a BGS member since 2007, currently serves as a
mentor in North Carolina State Universitys mentorship
program for undergrad business students. The program
includes in-class and out-of-class mentoring opportunities,
assignment feedback, introduction and networking tips,
resume and portfolio development, and more.
Smith, whose professional background has primarily been
with global manufacturing companies serving top Fortune
500 companies, has studied under the tutelage of his own
mentors. One, who is currently the VP of sales and marketing
for Miniature Precision Components where Smith works, has
served as Smiths mentor unofficially for roughly 15 years.
As my manager, (my mentor Russ Bush) always made time
for me and would teach me about potential obstacles that
I may not have seen coming, Smith said. He was a coach,
training, motivating and inspiring me along the way.

a different perspective. He was also instrumental in helping

me to envision the bigger picture and how specific details may
or may not be relevant to the overall outcome of a particular
initiative, he added.
Now, as a mentor himself, Smith believes the opportunity
among BGS members is highly beneficial.
I feel strongly that mentoring is the core value proposition
for our members, whether it be as a mentor or mentee, he
said. The best part of mentoring is that all parties benefit
from each other.
And we at Beta Gamma Sigma feel the same. The Society
believes that by helping students become confident graduates
with exceptional leadership, teamwork and creative thinking,
Beta Gamma Sigma will be taking a major step toward
fulfilling its mission of making the Best in Business even
Or, put another way by Michael Murphy
There is a saying from when I was a kid: A fool learns from
his mistakes; a wise man learns from someone elsesWhy
learn the hard way?

More than anything, Russ taught me to look at things from

How to get involved:

How to become a mentee:

Mentee selection will be based on two criteria:

membership in BGS, and completion of a mentee
application. A mentee must be a student member of
the society in their junior or senior year. The candidate
must also agree to participate in the program for a full
academic year. Further, a designated orientation will
be held for all participants to examine expectations
and best practices.

How to become a mentor:

Alumni members will need to fill out an application,

commit to being active in the program for an entire
academic year and pass a background check.
Orientation will be held for mentors as well to examine
expectations and best practices.


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

Matching mentor and mentee:

Mentors will be matched with mentees based on

answers provided in the respective application. Areas
of expertise/interest, time availability and location will
all be taken into consideration.

Mentor/mentee relationship

Beta Gamma Sigma will provide best practices and

suggested activities to help the mentor relationships
get started and grow.

If youre a student or alumni member

interested in joining the mentorship
program, contact Melissa Skrivan at the
Beta Gamma Sigma Central Office at

BGS Collegiate Chapters

Earlier Recognition
of the Best and
Since its founding more than a century ago, Beta
Gamma Sigmas core mission has focused on the
recognition of outstanding academic achievement.
Membership in BGS has been, and will continue to be,
a reflection of an inductees high achievement. Those
invited to join the Society have set themselves apart
from the pack through their hard work and dedication
and, in doing so, have earned recognition as the Best
in Business.

Historically, the invitation to join Beta

Gamma Sigma has been reserved until
a student has neared completion of
their business degree. That, under the
Societys BGS 2.0 strategic planning
initiative, is about to change.
Until now, undergraduates could not
join BGS until the last term of their
junior year. But, as part of the Societys
plan to revamp, rebrand and rejuvenate
itself, collegiate chapters will now
have the option of inviting students
as early as the last term of a students
sophomore year.
Its a big change, but it is a change that
will bring many benefits to the Society
and its student members.
Historically, BGS has had a finite
amount of time and opportunity
to bridge a deeper connection with
its student members while they
are on campus. Accepting lifetime
membership in their junior or senior
years, many students are focused on

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


BGS Collegiate Chapters

graduation and dont have the time
or ability to connect deeply with the
This is something Beta Gamma Sigma
hopes to change. And so, as the Society
strives to become a more engaged
student organization, the most
significant change will be felt on our
Bridgett Stone, undergraduate
programs academic advisor at the
University of Illinois at Chicago, says
inducting members at an earlier stage
in their college careers is a win-win
BGS has an increased presence on
campus, and the students benefit from
all the organization has to offer, Stone
Although the Chicago campus has
boasted a BGS chapter for more than
40 years, Stone said it lacks strong

student engagement. She hopes BGS

2.0 and all it offers, particularly earlier
inductions, will boost campus presence
and member participation.
I think opening Beta Gamma Sigma
to high-achieving sophomores will
greatly grow the current student base
on campus, she said.
Of course, with any change comes
concern. One of the greatest concerns
expressed about earlier inductions
is the potential watering down of the
BGS brand; that the Society would be
lowering the standard of membership
by inviting and accepting members
with less experience in the classroom.
While Stone understands such
concerns, she believes the positives
outweigh the negatives, particularly
for those students who will receive the
invitation to join.
I can understand why some would

If the purpose of an honor society

is to promote academic excellence,
then I think BGS students need to
have more of a presence before
they graduate. I dont believe
highly motivated students will
suddenly lose interest in their grades
after they are inducted. They will
continue to work hard to do well in
their classes.

Mary Soroko

Student Development Director, St. Cloud State University


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

be concerned with younger students

joining the organization, she said.
They have not had the same sustained
years of academic success, and they
may not have been as involved on
campus. However, they are the
students that need to be involved in
Stone believes the younger inductees
are those that really need to grow
their professional network to find
internships and other opportunities.
Susan Wandyes, faculty service
coordinator at Bryant University, is
excited for the opportunity to invite
students into the Society earlier than
the college has historically.
This will enable us to have more active
students on campus for a longer time
before they graduate, Wandyes said.
It will be interesting to find out how
much interest there is as these students
are just starting their first semester as

BGS Collegiate Chapters

juniors. We hope this will increase our
membership even further.
St. Cloud State Universitys Herberg
Business School has had a BGS chapter
since 1977. But Mary Soroko, St.
Clouds student development director,
said student engagement and interest
in BGS has seen a steady decline over
time. She believes earlier inductions
might help to revive it, particularly its
campus presence.
If the purpose of an honor society is
to promote academic excellence, then I
think BGS students need to have more
of a presence before they graduate,
Soroko said. I dont believe highly
motivated students will suddenly lose
interest in their grades after they are
inducted. They will continue to work
hard to do well in their classes.
Soroko believes the Societys
original induction standards stunted

engagement and interest because

students were joining too late in their
college careers.
Part of the challengewas that the
vast majority of students who were
invited to join graduated shortly
thereafter, she added.
Ruben Mendoza, assistant professor at
St. Josephs University in Philadelphia,
hopes earlier inductions will bring a
level of energy to his chapter, as well
as stronger visibility on campus. He
acknowledged the chapters previous
struggles to gain involvement.
(Students) get inducted and tend to be
too busy during senior year, Mendoza
said. We hope inducting them earlier
will generate more affinity toward
the chapter and lead them to be more

classes and all other students will

notice said affinity and find motivation
to do the work necessary to be
eligible for a spot among the best in
He said in September, buzz on campus
was already humming about earlier
(Sophomores) are all naturally curious
as to whether they qualify now or
about what they need to do to qualify
at the end of this term, Mendoza said.
I hope this will provide incentive for
higher academic performance.
Beta Gamma Sigma is excited about
this change and the many positives
it holds for the organization and its
future. We hope you will join us in
welcoming these new inductees into
the Society.

Further, he hopes future sophomore

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BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


Rebranding Competition

Rebranding the Best in Business

More than 100 years ago, a group of business students at the
University of Wisconsin chose a name for the schools new honor
society. The students wanted to pay homage to three of their
favorite professors D. Earle Burchell, Stephen W. Gilman
and William A. Scott and chose to use the initials of their last
names. The Greek letters Beta, Gamma and Sigma were voted on
and approved, and from that day forth the Society had its name.
While Beta Gamma Sigma has no plans to change its name, with
all the other changes taking place as part of the BGS 2.0 strategic
plan, it did seem appropriate to consider a new look for the

taglines for Beta Gamma Sigma as part of an effort to brand the

Society to other business students around the world.
We have collected the entries and chosen three finalists. Now
its your turn. We need your help to choose the winner.

Please take a few minutes to review the three

entries on this page and the next and let us
know which one you like best.
Support for this competition provided by:

Taking a page from the first Beta Gamma Sigma chapter, the
Society wanted the input of todays student members. With that
in mind, student members were invited to create new logos and

To vote for your favorite, go to:

We look forward to sharing the winner with you in the spring!

Instituto Tecnolgico Autnomo de Mxico

Tagline: The three words that lead you wherever you want to go.
What encouraged this team to participate in the process of rebranding
Beta Gamma Sigma was the need to make a change. We think Beta
Gamma Sigma is a meaningful organization, as evident by its ability to
sustain a whole century; its not easy to say and its even harder to do.
For this project, we took the following into consideration: current
society members, and non-members. We examined both and found
similarities and differences. Through our rebranding process, we
looked to examine how future and current members see Beta Gamma
Sigma, inside and out.
To make changes, especially drastic ones, means navigating uncharted
waters. With that said, we took a look back at Beta Gamma Sigmas
mission statement: Encourage and honor academic achievement
in the study of business, to cultivate and celebrate leadership and
professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members.
In doing so, we felt the society hasnt successfully accomplished every statement in its mission, and realized the society has no choice but
to take a new direction.
Running with that perspective, we looked to establish what and how Beta Gamma Sigma needs to be to reflect a forward-thinking
organization with a primary objective to engage its members was to establish a metaphor.
Beta Gamma Sigma has to be a compass for its members in order to celebrate leadership and professional excellence, thus, our design.
Beta Gamma Sigma must become the three words that lead a student wherever he/she wants to go. A BGS member will be able to have
all the tools needed for success, with honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, earnestness and service.


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

Rebranding Competition
La Salle University
Tagline: The Brightest in Business
Through much analysis and research, our group made several conclusions about the true
value of membership into Beta Gamma Sigma, which may be stated in a few words; a
society of academic excellence, an international presence of leaders, and a culture that
promotes professional mentoring.
The backbone of Beta Gamma Sigma is predicated upon collegiate students exemplifying
academic achievement at the highest level within their respective universities and
internationally. In addition, the society has developed todays students into tomorrows
business leaders and professionals, which is a process that has enabled BGS to accrue more
than 750,000 members internationally.
Furthermore, Beta Gamma Sigma leverages its expansive network to give back and
develop its younger members, including both students and young professionals.
When considering Beta Gamma Sigmas value proposition through the above qualities
excellence, international, and mentoring our group designed a strategic marketing
plan, which incorporates a modernized logo, a comprehensive re-branding statement
and a familiar, but unique, tagline that better illustrates the true value proposition of Beta
Gamma Sigma.
From our perspective, Beta Gamma Sigma embodies the Brightest in Business, which is a tagline
that coordinates with our logo as well. In addition, our group wanted to highlight the societys ability to
generate and maintain its global presence and impressive network of bright business leaders.
Beyond its symbolism for Beta Gamma Sigmas international network, the globe also represents a timeless
process of current members mentoring and coaching younger members to be futures successful leaders. Overall,
this process has been the driving force behind Beta Gamma Sigmas success and rise to the prominent society it has
become over the course of 100 years and counting.

Salisbury University
Tagline: Building Tomorrows Business Leaders
Beta Gamma Sigma has made several changes to its mission and objectives moving forward. These changes include an increased
emphasis on leadership, professional development, and service. Despite these changes,
BGS is facing many key issues moving into their second century of existence.
These issues include slowing induction and acceptance rates among both
undergraduate and graduate students, a lack of involvement from both alumni
and undergraduate members, and increasing competition from other honors
Our team wanted to keep the history of Beta Gamma Sigma in mind while going
in a fresh, new direction. We tried to do this through maintaining references to
the past and supplementing them with more modern styling in our logos and
We drew upon many sources of inspiration in our creative process. Our first
inspiration came in the form of Professor Ewell and his representation of the
foundations of Beta Gamma Sigma.
We were also inspired by the case study approach used in many MBA programs.
Many studies have shown that this approach is one of the best
ways to learn because of its highly interactive nature and we
wanted to implement that in the new Beta Gamma Sigma.
Last, but certainly not least, we were inspired by the digital
marketing efforts of many companies, including, but not
limited to Sperry Van Ness, Under Armour, and other academic
honor societies.
BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


a Startup
BGS member is co-founder of Fort
Amsterdam, a new company
catering to men with beards

The Texas-based startup offers all-natural

beard oils, waxes and, for the particularly wellgroomed man, a kit of both products further
equipped with a comb, brush and scissors. Fort
Amsterdams presence spans the globe, with its
beard supplies accessible at barbershops and stores
in 10 countries.
To broaden their market further, Davis and Gray
have relied heavily on social media, particularly
Instagram, to promote their product. The co-founders
encourage users to submit Instagram shots of their
beards after using Fort Amsterdam products. They also
encourage customers to post testimonials on YouTube.
And naturally, Davis and Gray boast beards themselves
ones theyve been growing since their startup began.
Neither of us has shaved since we started the company,
other than the occasional trim, said Davis, a California State
University-Fullerton student, inducted into Beta Gamma
Sigma in April 2014.
But how, exactly, did their beard journey begin?

Every great innovator is inspired by a muse. While some may

search far and wide for that inspiration, for others it is as
plain as the nose on their faceor perhaps the hair just under
that nose. For the boys behind Fort Amsterdam, that muse
was beards.
A growing trend, mens furry faces seemed the perfect market
to tap into for Gabe Davis and Chris Gray, founders of Fort
Amsterdam, a startup that caters to the bearded mans needs.


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

I met Gabe after (I graduated) college and we became good

friends and later business partners as of 2012, said Gray.
The two of us have started a variety of what I call microbusinesses since our partnership, and Fort Amsterdam is the
latest incarnation.
Gray, a University of California-San Diego graduate, grew
interest in the beard-oil business after growing his first beard.
While searching for a product to groom it, he learned that the
market was vast and pricy.

Left Image:

A sampling of Fort Amsterdams beard grooming products

Right Image:

BGS member Gabe Davis (L) with his business partner Chris Gray

Profiling the Best in Business

All the products were in the $30 range and, being the pensive
spender that I am, I found this too rich for my blood! he said.
Thus, he looked to make his own. For a few months, Gray
concocted what he hoped to be the perfect product, made
with all organic and natural ingredients.
The two entrepreneurs eventually found their formula, and
for half the price of their competitors.
Initially, the founders sold their products on eBay. As
sales increased, the two noticed a decent demand for their
wares and began hashing out plans for their own website.
Eventually, www.beardgroomingoil.com was born.
Their eBay days were roughly two years ago, Davis said, and
since then, the beard boys have seen tremendous success.
Our batches have been getting larger and larger and we
decided upgrading our equipment and packaging/shipping
processes allows us to focus on a business-to-business model,
and to start selling to more outlets at wholesale prices, Davis
To make the B2B transition, the founders launched a
marketing campaign for roughly three months on Instagram,
targeting barbershops and stores internationally. It worked.
Today, they continue marketing their brand via Instagram,
even utilizing the social network themselves by posting photos
of their own groomed beards. A simple hashtag search of
#teamfortamsterdam or #fortamsterdam yields thousands of
results, Davis said.

Perhaps most importantly, Davis and Gray use the products

themselves, not just to lead by example, but because they
prefer it anyway.
I use the product every day, Davis said. It is the first thing I
put on my beard when I get out of the shower.
Gray does, too, and noted the products all-natural elements.
All our products have a very subtle and natural scent that
smells like it came from the earth rather than some strip mall
or department store, he said. Our base products are also allnaturalI dont think any other product can claim to be this
closely tied to natural ingredients.
The future of their company looks bright, as the two hope to
launch a mustache wax line and perhaps even lip balm. And
while they contemplate their future, both Davis and Gray
reflect on their beginning.
Dont rush in, Davis advises others looking to launch a
startup. Do your market research, analyze the competitors
and how you will differentiateand lastly, follow through. We
all have ideas; the real key is to put those ideas to work.
Gray agrees.
Start small and test out the waters before plunging in, he
said. Oh, and always reinvest your profits. Debt is the devil,
so live lean during the first period of your startupalways
be growing and always stay nimble. Business changes by the
week, so stay on top of things.

We also started incorporating the term corporate beard into

our posts, the BGS member said. We wanted to remove the
stigma that beards have had in the past.

Crosby MBA
Proudly a Beta Gamma Sigma
Chapter University
Special scholarships for Beta Gamma Sigma members
allow you to graduate without significant debt
17 concentration areas including Entrepreneurship,
Marketing Analytics and Investments
Earn a dual degree in Law or Healthcare Administration
Personalized advising, instruction and career guidance
Crosby MBA Program

Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business

University of Missouri


BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


Profiling the Best in Business

Mending Her
Wounds...and Others
BGS member chronicles tough journey following her
sons suicide through book, website
Ten days before her stepson took his
own life, Deena Baxter walked into her
husbands office, threw her hands up
and told him she couldnt handle Kevin
anymore. Four-thousand miles away,
Kevin was enduring a struggle that she
nor anyone else could understand.
The reaction in her husbands study
would haunt the mother of three for
years to come.
He was in Brazil, in and out of our
lives, Deena said of Kevin, who, prior
to his death in 2012, lived and worked
in South America with his native wife.
When he came (to visit us) those last
two years, it was nothing but crisis after
crisis. Most of these crises, she said,
stemmed from Kevins bipolar disorder,
where his highest highs and lowest lows
wore people out.
And on July 5, 2012, the 31-year-olds
death would become a crisis of its own
kind; one that threatened to rip a family
apart at its seams.
When you lose a loved one to suicide,
the family tree instantly splits, hit by a
bolt of lightning, Deena said. One half
dies, one half survives. You can cling
to the dead branches as they become
brittle and break, taking you down with
them; or you can tenderly nurture the
surviving branches with life-affirming
love and care so the remaining family
tree can thrive again, in spite of the
precious missing limb.
And thats what the distraught stepmother and family attempted to do;


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

nurture the still-breathing branches. But

first, they had a greater task fulfilling
Kevins dying wish, one he scribbled on
a piece of paper before his death: bury
him in the states.
This, Deena said, proved one of the most
challenging tasks in her life. To navigate
the uncharted and difficult waters of
transporting a loved one from one
country to another, the grieving mother
turned not to instincts, but to business.
Break it down to pieces; get the facts,
said the Boston University MBA alum
and BGS member since 1993. To bring
her stepson home, she resorted to her
business mind, allowing preparation,
research and flexibility to outweigh
overwhelming grief that would have to
Using her skills, a strong resolve and of
course, the drive to fulfill Kevins last
wish, Deena was able to bring him back
to U.S. soil.

It was on this long road to recovery

and redemption that Deena recognized
something bigger in all of this;
something that could serve as a beacon
of hope, and in conjunction, give Kevin a
lasting legacy.
After two years of suffering, confusion,
regret and what she refers to as the
whys? and the nos! Deena finally
found a purpose amid the tragic
In partnership with the National
Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI),
specifically the Collier County, Fla.,

Spring, a poem by Kevin Baxter, age 11; April 1988:

Every hour, a beautiful flower comes to life.
Its as if someone had planted it, maybe Adam, maybe Eve.
Anyway a flower it is, born to bring beauty to peoples lives.
A dream is like a leaf, sometimes dead, sometimes alive.
If you wish it away, it might stay.
If you dream it away, all the way, it will go to a far off place,
Maybe to sulk, maybe not.
In time a new leaf will sprout, with it a new dream will shout.
All you need to do is follow a dream like a leaf blowing in the wind.

Profiling the Best in Business

chapter, the grieving mother launched
the Surviving Suicide Project, comprised
of a book she authored and a companion
website dedicated to bringing mental
illness out of the darkness and giving it a
life-affirming voice.
The book, Surviving Suicide: Searching
for Normal with Heartache and
Humor, records Deenas journey
through pain and discovery. She
describes elements of the book as
irreverent, healing humor, coupled with
artwork by NAMI artists living with
mental illness and impairment.
Creating and implementing the project
tested Deenas skills, particularly
those she learned while attaining her
MBA. Applying project management,
fundraising efforts, conceptual thinking,
team building and more, the grieving
mother successfully formed an advocacy
platform. The platform, she said, is

intended to dispel the stigma that

surrounds mental illness, fund unbiased
mental health research, provide local
resources and more.

While Kevin was not her biological

child, Deena raised him as her own; she
watched him grow, helped him learn,
and in his later years, witnessed his

In conjunction with her book, Deena

and NAMI also launched a website,
www.writeonmymind.com, a safe place
for those suffering from mental illness
to express themselves through the arts,
whether by drawing, writing, poetry, or
whatever their heart desires.

In the book she highlights this, while

also acknowledging the string of
depression that ran rampant in his
biological family. For that reason, she
aptly calls her book a mostly true
story. I dont know the whole truth; I
really dont. I never will.

And while the website provides an outlet

for those suffering, writing her book
provided an outlet for Deena.

All she knows is that with time, a little

soul-searching and helping others
through their mental struggles, she will
learn to heal.

What can (Kevin) teach me about the

power of now? she said. That being
anchored in the present moment is
a gift. I can squander (the moment),
spend it with guilt or the pain of what
my son went through, but no, I have to
just stay grounded.

Surviving Suicide is available for

purchase at Amazon.com.

Value(s) added.
With an MBA from the University of Detroit Mercy, youve gained the kind of
strategic thinking that makes an impact in todays business world.
And you bring a socially responsible perspective to every decision. Thats because UDMs
College of Business Administration infuses its curriculum with both excellence and ethics,
drawing upon its Jesuit and Mercy traditions. So UDM graduates deliver an uncommon
value-added to the workplace. We offer:

Programs accredited by AACSB International

Small class sizes to ensure personal attention
Scholarships of 50% on GMAT scores over 600
Employment opportunities in a major urban center
800-635-5020 / admis sions @ udmercy.edu

We want great things for you.

Value(s) added.

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


BGS Alumni Network

Making the Best...Even Better

Beyond the networking opportunities available through the BGS Alumni Network,
one of the greatest resources made available to members is the furthering of
skills and education through informational events, programs and activities. Here,
representatives from three of the Societys Alumni Chapters share insights that they
gathered from their own recent events.
San Diego Area Alumni Visits
Olympic Training Center

Spain Alumni Learn

Conscious leadership

Submitted by:
Wendy L. Emerson, President, San Diego Chapter

Submitted by:
Elisa Villar Rubio, President, Spain Area Alumni Chapter

The United States Olympic Committee has three training

centers, with the Chula Vista site being the largest at 155
acres and the only site planned from the ground up.

The speaker analyzed why building confidence, cohesion

and commitment is key for developing people and achieving
results in companies.

Our event began with BGSSD members meeting prior to the

tour to give us a chance to meet new attendees and catch
up with old friends. Then an Olympic intern led us on an
informative hour-long tour along softball fields changing
to new rugby fields for the next Summer Olympics and the
multi-million dollar BMX bike tracks, archery range where
we watched peak athletes hit only bulls eyes.

He also discussed practicing conscious leadership, what

you can get with it and the productive influence of a leader.
For example, he mentioned the importance of creating
conversations with employees in order to enhance them to
achieve results.

As BGS members, we asked where the money came from

to support the best of the best. Popular sport (BMX or
volleyball) athletes are often fully funded by sponsors,
whereas other sports are funded through the Olympic
Committee from large corporate sponsors.

The aim of the activity was to make people think about their
style of leadership and move toward this new strategic way
of leading teams and companies.

Highlights of the event included networking and the beauty

of the area, which is located above the mile-long Lower Otay
Reservoir in south San Diego County.


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

He explained that it is key for leaders to listen to their


The content was the best. It was very useful for our daily
work and how to motivate our employees. It was also the
first time working with the European School of Coaching,
and they offered to collaborate with us in future events or
needs of the chapter.

The San Diego Alumni Chapter visits one of three Olympic

Training Center sites, located in Chula Vista, California.

BGS Alumni Network

Chicago Chapter Gives Back
Submitted by:
Lori Cisneros, President, Chicagoland Alumni Chapter
As part of BGS Gives Back Day of Service, we worked with other volunteers on sorting bread and pears
for local food banks through the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
In total, we processed 333 cases of pears (more than 11,500 pears) and 249 cases of bread (3,745 lbs.).
The Greater Chicago Food Depository is always very
organized and there isnt a lot of waiting around. You are
busy the whole time and you can immediately see the
impact of your work.

To learn more about the many

opportunities offered by
Alumni Chapters in your area, go to:

They make it easy to volunteer for them.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Contributors and Affiliates

Beta Gamma Sigma would like to thank the following organizations, which have partnered with
the Society to recognize academic excellence in the worlds top business schools. They have
each been instrumental in helping the Society serve its lifetime members.

Beta Level Sponsors


Other Contributors and Affiliates


Kaplan CPA Review

Bloomberg Businessweek


Kaplan Test Prep


AACSB International



Gamma Level Sponsors

AACSB Accredited Business Programs

LIFE, Inc.

Apple Store

McGraw-Hill Professional

AVIS Rent A Car System, Inc.



Becker Professional Education

Pet Assure

KPMG and the KPMG Foundation

Budget Car and Truck Rental

The PhD Project

Church Hill Classics

Princeton Review

Corporantes, Inc.

SIRVA BGS Home Benefits





Expedia Affiliate Network

Wall Street Health Insurance


The Wall Street Journal

Graduate Management Admission Council


The Week

Herff Jones

Workforce Architects

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


BGS Alumni Network Activities

Check out our list of some of the BGS alumni chapters
most recent events. Please note that this is not a
complete list but a representation of events that have
been happening in the BGS alumni network.
Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter
July 31: Speaker Event, speaker
Jeremey Pilmore-Bedford talks
Contemporary Britain and
Aug 26: Speaker Event, Troy
Gautier, Managing Director,
Alliances Progress
Nov 6: Viewing of the Meet
the Leaders of Business series
Baltimore Alumni Network
Aug 30: Networking Event

Cleveland Area Alumni

Aug. 20: Networking lunch
and discussion of chapter survey
Oct. 25: BGS Gives Back Day
of Service event at Ronald
McDonald House of Cleveland
Denver Area Alumni Chapter
Aug. 15: Rockies Game at Coors

Boston Area Alumni Chapter

Nov. 19: Speaker event, How
to Make People Stand In Line
and Bet to Give You What You
Want, including scholarship

Chicagoland Alumni Chapter

Sept. 17: Speaker dinner
with John Savage, senior
staff member of Landmark
Worldwide, Inc., on Leadership:
The Power of Listening

Charlotte Area Alumni

Oct. 7: Satellite event for Meet

the Leaders of Business featuring
Blake MyCoskie of TOMS

Oct. 26: Hiking event in Clear

Water Bay

Oct. 25: BGS Gives Back Day of

Service event at Greater Chicago
Food Depository

London Area Alumni Chapter

Sept. 17: Networking event

Oct. 15: Daniel Ochoa, Project
Analyst and Technology
Sepcialist with Bank America,
on Technology for Organization
and Productivity

Oct 2: BGS Gives Back for

Project Homeless Connect

Oct. 29: Speaker dinner with

Matthew Sapaula, Chicagolands
Very Own Money Smart Guy,
on How to Avoid the 5 Gotchas
of Money for Professionals

Sept. 8: Networking event

Hong Kong Alumni Chapter
Sept. 30: Networking event

Sept. 16: Networking event

Nov. 25: Speaker panel event,
Mindfulness, a Business Users

Alumni Awards

Beta Gamma Sigma congratulates the winners of the following awards:

Best Chapter Program or Activity
Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter

London Alumni Chapter

The Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter was recognized for their event Change
Behaviors, Change Lives held Jan. 21, 2014 at 5 Seasons Brewing, which
featured Kelly Callahan, M.P.H., Director, Trachoma Control Program at
The Carter Center.

The London Alumni Chapter was recognized for their event What makes
a successful entrepreneur held on April 14, 2014 at Google Campus.
The panel discussion featured three entrepreneurs from the U.S., Spain,
and South Africa: Tom Britton, co-founder and CTO of Syndicate Room
(a Cambridge-based crowdfunding platform); Joaquim Canet, CEO of
Developapps (app development company) and head of FounderDating
(a startup co-founder matching platform); and Ludre Stevens, CEO of
YuDoGlobal (an email productivity optimization company).
Over 50 people attended the 90-minute discussion on being successful in
a startup career in an ethical way, which was followed by questions from
the audience and drinks at a nearby pub.

Callahan spoke about her teams efforts to reduce the number of cases of
Guinea Worm Disease.
In response to the presentation, Bob Johnson, a chapter member, wrote,
I came away from this presentation with knowledge about something I
previously knew nothing about and (have) great respect and admiration
for Kelly and people like her who dedicate their lives to serving others and
advancing the quality of life for the human race.

Honorable Mention:
Spain Alumni Chapter
The Spain Alumni Chapter was recognized for their event Quo Vadis
Spain? held on Feb. 27, 2014 at IE Business School, which featured
Daniel Carreo, CEO of General Electric.


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

BGS Alumni Network Activities

Los Angeles Area Alumni
July 26: Cruise on S.S. Lane
Victory and museum tour

Philadelphia Area Alumni

Sept. 17: Networking event and
scholarship presentation

Aug. 9: Maurice Baker, Group

Events Specialist for the LA
Clippers, on what its like to
work in the sales department of a
professional sports team

Nov. 5: Workshop on refreshing

your resume

Sept. 20: LA Angels vs. Texas

Rangers game at Angels Stadium
Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
Alumni Chapter
Oct. 9: Fall networking social
New York City Alumni Chapter
July 30: Networking for BGSNYC members
Oct. 2: Welcome reception and
networking event
Northern Germany Alumni
Sept. 13: Networking dinner
Sept. 28: Dan Linstedt, leading
industry expert on Big Data

Raleigh/Durham Area Alumni

Oct. 25: BGS Gives Back Day
of Service event at Brown Bag
San Diego Area Alumni
Sept. 11: Mike Arms, President
of Helen Woodward Animal
Center and scholarship
Oct. 26: BGS Gives Back Day of
Service event at HOPE Telethon
Fundraiser to benefit Helen
Woodward Animal Center

Seattle Area Alumni Chapter

St. Louis Area Alumni Chapter

July 19, 2014: Annual BBQ,

and officer elections

Sept 9: Educational event,

Viewing and discussion of past
MTLOB recording

Aug. 10: Obliteride volunteer

Sept. 24: Networking event
South Florida Alumni Chapter
Oct. 2: Gallery tour of ArtLab
@ The Lowe: Conquest and
Coexistence The Cultural
Synthesis of Spanish Colonial
Spain Alumni Chapter
Oct. 15: Speaker event, Juan
Luis Ayuso, Director of Alumni
and Corporate Development
of the European School of
Coaching, on Conscious

Oct. 28: BGS Gives Back

Day of Service event at Junior
Achievement of Greater St. Louis
Switzerland Alumni Chapter
July 3: Dr. Gnther Bchler
on The Ukraine in the center of
crossing conflicts
Toronto Alumni Chapter
Oct. 2: Mark Brodsky,
authorized local expert for
Constant Contact, on The
Marketing Power of Social
Washington, D.C. Area Alumni
Aug. 21: Networking event

San Francisco Area Alumni

July 24: Networking in San
Aug. 16: Wine tasting class and
Sept. 25: Networking in San

Outstanding Alumni Chapter Member

Atul Jain, Toronto
Atul Jain, President of the
Toronto Area Alumni Chapter was
nominated by Adam Morke, Vice
President for the chapter.
Atul had been the driving force
behind the establishment of the
chapter, and embodies the Beta
Gamma Sigma ideals of honor,
wisdom, and earnestness.
Adam says, I am sure with Atuls
continued efforts, the chapter will
grow rapidly and will serve as a
model for other Canadian chapters
to follow.

The London Alumni Chapter tied for this years Best Chapter
Program or Activity Award for its What makes a successful
entrepreneur event.

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


BGS Alumni Always on the Move

In the last several months, Beta Gamma Sigmas
esteemed Alumni Network has been out and about,
engaging in community service, networking at local
hot-spots, hiking mountains or learning valuable business
lessons from experts.
With 29 Alumni Chapters worldwide and growing, its
no wonder members continue to do great things
especially with each other.
While Beta Gamma Sigma strives to provide a lifetime
of benefits for its members, nowhere are these benefits


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

as apparent as they are within the Alumni Network. As

evident here, Alumni Chapter members of Beta Gamma
Sigma are able to network with other BGS lifetime
members, and have access to professional contacts
and development opportunities that are otherwise


Whos Who:


Cleveland Area Alumni Chapter

Spain Alumni Chapter

Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter

Chicagoland Alumni Chapter

Boston Area Alumni Chapter

Toronto Area Alumni Chapter

Orange County Alumni Network

Hong Kong Alumni Chapter

San Diego Area Alumni Chapter


Raleigh-Durham Area Alumni Chapter

BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


Member News
Abeer Alyzaji

Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2014

Following Alyzajis BGS induction,
she received the schools international
student award. Im working as a
program assistant since February 2014
at Techlaunch a New Jersey technology
based accelerator. I help startups at their
business ends, guide them through their
pitches, marketing research, business
plans and other. Im so excited for the
demo day to see the results of all my hard
work with these startups, she said.

Juan Carbonel

CENTRUM Catolica Graduate Business

School in Lima, 2011
Works for Quimica Suiza, a company
specializing in the mass distribution of
consumer products and pharmaceuticals.
Carbonel specializes in the areas of
strategic planning, financial control and
project management.

Scott Fairbanks

University of Southern California, 2012

This August, Fairbanks launched a
Kickstarter campaign for his social
enterprise startup, Doozy. Were trying
to raise $25,000 to manufacture an
interactive, life-sized board game for
everyone (ages) 8-88, he said. It is
completely analog, encouraging players
of all ages to step away from screens
and get to know each other through
both individual and group activities.
Fairbanks said more than 700 people
have played Doozy across the country,
including schools, after-school programs,
friends, community centers, leadership
development programs, and more!


Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

Uwa Oduwa

St. John Fisher College, 2011

Uwa E. Oduwa recently graduated with
a masters degree from Georgetown
University. She has accepted a full-time
position with 2U Inc., as an Admissions
Counselor for UC Berkeleys Master of
Information and Data Science program.

Linda Lutz

La Salle University, 1998

In July 2013, Lutz accepted a job
opportunity with Thompson Thrift
as the Real Estate Controller for their
Watermark Residential Division - the
multifamily development division. This
included a move from Pennsylvania
to Indiana. In May 2014, Lutzs
responsibilities expanded to include the
retail development division. Thompson
Thrift is a respected and nationally
recognized, full-service development
and construction company dedicated
to serving individuals and businesses
throughout Indiana, the Midwest and the
United States. A reputation for service,
quality and trust has accompanied this
success. I am very fortunate to be a part
of this great organization, she said.

Christina Adams

University of Mississippi, 2006

Adams recently accepted a teaching
position as an adjunct professor at the
University of Mississippis Patterson
School of Accountancy this fall.

Owen McAndrews

Loyola University Chicago, 2014

McAndrews was part of the 2014 NCAA
Mens Collegiate Volleyball Championship

Jan Eric Frydman

University of Oregon, 1980

Frydman has become a Partner of
Swedish law firm Ekenberg & Andersson.
He previously served as adjunct judge of
the Svea Court of Appeals in Stockholm,
Sweden. Jan graduated with Honors
from the University of Oregon in 1980
with a degree in Business (Finance) and
Economics. He has since held positions
of increasing responsibility in business
and government in Sweden, the U.S. and
with the European Union institutions in
He held Brand Management positions
with The Procter & Gamble Company,
was corporate banking officer and
representative for the Nordic countries
for The First National Bank of Chicago,
was the Vice President and deputy CEO
of American Professionals Insurance
Company, and practiced law with
Mannheimer Swartling in Stockholm
and New York, and served as Head of
International Affairs at the European
Commissions Directorate General for
Enterprise and Industry, where his
responsibilities included the European
Unions trade relations with the U.S.,
China and Japan.

Edward Allegretti

San Jose State University, 1984

Recently promoted to COO/CFO of MMA
Financial Services, Inc. (and subsidiary
companies) of Laurel, Mississippi. Also,
currently: Columnist with the Laurel
Leader-Call, owner of Pendorff Manor
Properties, executive committee member
of the Jones County Republican Party,
president of the Pendorff Community
Association, president of the Laurel
Landlords Association.

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Christopher Dickson

University of Southern California, 2014

After being nominated by the University
of Southern California, and following a
rigorous interview, Dickson was selected
for the Financial Accounting Standards
Boards Postgraduate Technical Assistant
program. Only six graduate students
across the country are selected each
year for this rare opportunity which
entails performing accounting research,
analyzing input from the boards
constituent groups, and interfacing with
the International Accounting Standards
Board on joint-projects.

Doris Ching

Auckland University of Technology,

Dr. Doris Ching finished her PhD in
2012 at the Auckland University of
Technology, New Zealand. She has been
a member of the New Zealand Institute
of Chartered Accountants since 2004.
In 2014 she joined Ko Awatea of the
Counties Manukau District Health Board
as the Finance Manager. Ko Awatea is
a hub of health system innovation and
improvement specializing in health
system design for innovation and
achieving sustainability. Ko Awatea works
in partnership with tertiary education
providers to build future workforce,
and other health care institutes to build

Rob Allen

California State University,

Sacramento, 2014
Allen is in the early stages of launching
a full-service 2-D/3-D animation studio.
The studio will be cloud-based and will
produce original content, as well as
tackle contract work for other studios,
advertising agencies, etc.

Nasser Nahshal

East Carolina University, 2013

Recently graduated from East Carolina
University (Magna Cum Laude) and has
secured a job as a Quality Assurance
Analyst with Tata Consultancy Services
in Nashville, Tenn. Nahshal plans to gain
some work experience, attain his MBA,
and then seek IT opportunities in the
Middle East, preferably in the United
Arab Emirates.

Patrick Dial

Georgetown University, 2011

Dial was recently hired by RCN to start
the Partner Program to allow third
party agents to sell enterprise and SMB
customers RCN Business Voice, Internet,
and Video.

Nicklas Gauthier

Northern Michigan University, 2014

Gauthier is currently working in an
internship at Fundacion Chile this
summer. Hes working on designing
a business plan for the creation of a
biodiversity bank, which will allow for
the pooling of environmental offsets from
mining and deforestation corporations.
The pooled funds will be used to preserve
wetlands and endangered species with a
focus on improving tourism enterprises.
This will create a model for sustainable
tourism throughout the country of Chile
and will create an ethical system for the
development of environmental offsets.

Gregory Bohenko

University of Massachusetts-Lowell,
Bohenko presented at a TEDx event about
young entrepreneurship. The title was Be
a Giraffe: Head in the clouds, feet on the

George Schroeder

The University of Texas at Dallas, 2009

Schroeder is president and CEO of Global
Renaissance Enterprises Corporation, a
company focused on oceanic exploration
and discovery as a means to drive and
empower high-tech job creation.
He also currently serves as executive
director of medical affairs for the
American Academy of Urgent Care
Medicine, as well as a member of the
board of directors for the American
Board of Urgent Care Medicine. He is a
clinical assistant professor of emergency
medicine at the University of Central
Florida College of Medicine in Orlando,
Florida. He has published and lectured
on marine toxins and aquatic hazards.
He was appointed by the Executive
Department of the Governor of the State
of Florida to the State Pharmaceutical &
Therapeutics Committee in September

Owen Perry

University of San Francisco, 2010

Perry quit his job at FactSet in 2012 to
move to Stockholm, Sweden and, at first,
thought it was going to be tough to find
a job given the state of the economy.
But through persistence and plenty
of support from family and friends, I
landed a position at NASDAQ OMX,
Stockholms Brsen, as they say here,
Perry said. Apart from working with
the Nordic markets and a successful
upstart Dutch MTF called TOM (The
Order Machine), Perrys team has been
instrumental in launching NLX, a new
interest rate derivatives exchange based
in London. Its really exciting because
the competition is huge, he said. It looks
like our hard work is paying off, though!

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Beta Gamma Sigma thanks you for

your generous support of the
Society and its programs.
BGS International Exchange | Fall 2014


Beta Gamma Sigma recently had the pleasure of

welcoming more than 100 of the worlds best and brightest
business students to Indianapolis, Ind., for the Fall 2014
Student Leadership Forum. Unlike other leadership
experiences, the SLF focuses less on metrics, strategy
and business performance and more on leading ones
self. Participants experience a weekend full of exercises,
insightful discussions and outside-the-box exercises
designed to provide introspection and clarity. Time after
time, participants find great and even life changing
value in their experiences. This Forum was no different.
I showed up skeptical, not sure what to expect and indifferent. The Forum
made me think about ideas that I never give much thought to. It evolved my
mind in a way that I left the Forum a better leader and a better person.
Jason Manrow, Ithaca College
This was truly an amazing learning experience. I came here with a completely
open mind but I surely did not expect to get this much out of it. Everything we
did will certainly play a role in both my personal life and career.
Pallavi Thadhani, Murray State University
This experience was truly one-of-a-kind in every aspect. I learned so much
more about myself than I ever thought possible.
Alan Mehlow, Ohio Northern University
It was amazing to step back from our busy schedules and see that our careers
are only one aspect of our lives. This Forum is not solely about business or
academic excellence but personal development and discovery that will help
us make better decisions in the future.
Geraldine Deliva, University of Illinois at Chicago


Beta Gamma Sigma would like to offer thanks to all

the Societys members who have given to the Student
Leadership Forum. Without your generous support, this
outstanding program would not be possible.
Fall 2014 | BGS International Exchange

The University of Tampas prestigious AACSB-accredited graduate

business programs are recognized for their academic rigor, superior faculty
and alumni outcomes. Hundreds of companies recruit on campus
annually, including Citigroup, The Nielsen Company, Coca-Cola, Verizon
and Raymond James Financial Services. Within six months of graduation,
98 percent of alumni report achieving their goals, including a new job
or a promotion. UT is proud to be:
Named by The Princeton Review as one of the 295 best business
schools in the world, 20052014
Listed in U.S. News & World Report among the nations best part-time
MBA programs
Recognized as a best value executive MBA program by Fortune magazine
We offer full-time, part-time and executive options in our MBA and
M.S. programs. When youre ready to invest in yourself, invest in the best:
a degree from the Sykes College of Business at The University of Tampa.

Take the next step!

Request more information at www.ut.edu/gradinfo
or call (813) 258-7409.

Offering full-time and part-time options:

MBA | Executive MBA | M.S. in Accounting | M.S. in Finance | M.S. in Marketing | Nonprofit Management Certificate
M.S. in Exercise and Nutrition Science | M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology

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