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Yoga Name Keyword Description Effect

Ikkavala four angles All 7 grahas occupy all 4 In Kendras: Great results, In Panapharas
इइइइइइइ Kendras or all 4 Panapharas results
Induvara four Apoklima All seven grahas in all four Detrimental Results
इइइइइइइ Apoklima
Itthasala Applying two grahas in drishti with Vartamana: Developments Occur
इइइइइइइइ the faster one applying and
within their joint diptamsa; Purna (1 degree): Prompt Developments
Bhavisyat: distance must
be within the larger of the 2 Bhavisyat (not in orb yet): Subdued resu
grahas diptamsa
Isarapha Separating 2 grahas w/ drishti & Diminishing, expending, wasting
इइइइ diptamsa, but the faster
Nakta इइइइ 3rd faster-than-both

Yamaya इइइ 3rd slower-than-both

Manayu an obstructive 3rd graha one/both grahas with Ineffective, unproductive, or futile.
इइइइइ Ittahsala receive

shatru drishti from Mars or

Saturn within diptamsa
Kambula Moon is supportive 3rd two grahas in Ittahsala Well-defined developments
इइइइइइ graha
and Moon has Ittahsala with potent, invigorated
one or both
Gairi- Moon leaps to next rasi two grahas in Ittahsala and Delayed but potent developments after a
the Moon at 29o w/o change in persons, processes, things, or
Kambula Ittahsala to either, gains circumstances
इइइइइइइइइ Ittahsala with both and with
इ a strong graha upon
entering next rasi
Khallasara Moon void-of-course two grahas in Ittahsala but Stuck. No developments.
इइइइइइ the Moon w/o Ittahsala to
any graha & w/o deepta,
nor swasta in rasi, D-3, D-9
Radda इइइइ grahas L, in Trik, - two grahas in Ittahsala but Developments evaporate or turn bad.
avastha one or both are L, or in
Trikhasthana , or in bad L is bad only if graha moves away from
Dusphali- slower graha two grahas in Ittahsala and Developments happen due to people, pro
Kuttha ameliorates the faster has bad avastha indicated by slower graha
इइइइइइइ but slower has supportive
इइइइइ avastha
Duttha- strong 3rd graha helps one or two weak grahas, Developments happen due to people, pro
Uttha-Divira with or without Ittahsala, indicated by 3rd graha
इइइइ- get Ittahsala with a strong
इइइइइइ 3rd graha
Tambira 11th hour save 2 grahas w/o Ittahsala, but 1 Delayed developments occur after a hug
इइइइइइइ at 29o gains Ittahsala w/ the persons, processes, etc. as shown by stro
other and w/a strong graha graha
upon entering next rasi
Kuttha strength obtains results two grahas without Ittahsala Developments occur independent of eac
इइइइइइ or drishti, eventually merge

but both are strong and

neither is in Apoklima
Durapha weakness denies results both grahas are in Developments evaporate or turn bad
इइइइइइ Trikhasthana, and L or bad