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LMANN Zee “el, 304-947-7730 P.O. Box 155 Great Cacapon, WV 25422 The Cashing a a9 Be lleTs Mindrteading Predictions Tel, 304-947-7790 8.0. Box 155 Great Gacapon, WV 25422 £/n/b/bm Major Arcana Series 1X The Washing Force (COPYRIGHT 1993 By AME) AN INTRODUCTION Inanimate matter displays a force. It appears to have a memory. If you take a wet wooden match and bend it in half and place it on the table, \ you will see that the match slowly opens out into the shape of a Vas shown in Fig. 1. The match tries to return to its former unbent condition. The movement appears uncanny when one sees it for the first time. | But practically everyone has seen this display of movement. Fig. 1 Lucky for the Mentalist that the general public is not aware that many other materials, like card stock and paper, display the same force. The AME writings are replete with miracles wrought by this same principle. In The Seven Seals we have a sealed envelope that is folded twice and placed on the table. The envelope opens out to reveal the hidden sealed message to the Mentalist only! 1 call this the Clashing Force, The Wocus Legacy uses a special billet that is folded twice and when released it opens out flat! Another example of the Clashing Force is used in the Trionym Effect where a bent billet jumps into palm position when released, as it aims to assume its former condition. In The Road to Lhasa we have a folded billet held in the performer's open hand and the billet opens out and reveals the secret thought. Several novel displays of the Clashing Force principle are used in Scorpio's Curve (Scorio's Curve, Echoing Walls, Thot Covert and Salem's Bridge), where the billets folded tent-fashion open out by their own force on the table! Plus Postman's Curve done with a sealed envelope. This amazing principle of the Clashing Force works secretly for you without anyone being aware of it. It is like a rare wine that gets better with time, for now we have the - Alien Bellet The Alien billet is a by-product of several AME ideas already in print. These include the Os of Oxylus in the Donovan Papers. IN EFFECT: A secret thought is written on an opaque index card or slip of paper which is then folded twice with the message hidden and placed tent-fashion on the table in full sight of the writter and without cover. Without handling the card further the Mentalist devines the thought! -~ I ask you reader, what can be more direct then that? - No possible suspicion of sleight of hand, switching cards or stealing anything. The test is accomplished by the application of the Clashing Force and some preparation to the index card. After that the card does the trick all by itself. PREPARING THE CARD. Use an index card 3 by 5 inches and blank on both sides. Then with a felt tip pen draw a two-inch square on the very center of the card as shown in Fig. 2. Draw also the two lines shown for the writing. DO NOT PREFOLD THE CARD! The card must remain perfectly flat. Then take a sharp paper-cutting knife and a metal straight edge and cut along the black lines along the lower half of the square Fig. 2 ONLY! as shown by the dash lines in Fig. 2. NOTE: Try to cut along the center of the black lines of the square so that the cut remains invisible. Also NOTE that the cutting starts at the very center of the card 2-1/2 inches from the top or bottom. The cut must be clean and complete so that the cut portion will later act like a flap attached to the upper half of the card only. NEXT turn the card over and do the same thing so that the card with the black square looks the same on both sides. Then place two faint pencil dots on both long edges of the card to mark the very center of the card. These pencil dots will later be used to know where to fold the card exactly in half. Also place a pencil dot on the middle of the lower narrow edge of the card to mark the bottom of the card. PRESENTATION: If you now place the card flat on the table in front of the sitter, the cuts in the card will not be seen. Ask the sitter to write his/her first name on the bottom line and the thought on the top line at the x. Next ask the sitter not to fold the card but to just turn it face down, Now to make the Clashing Force work for you, you perform a beautiful sleight which is a combination of the Talt Move from the Seven Seals plus some added chicanery. With the card writing-side down and the bottom dot pointing away from you, place your open right hand palm (or left hand palm) flat over the card. Your extended fingers cover all of the black square (and the flap). Now do the Talt move as shown in Fig. 3. folding the card in half as close as is possible. (If you do not like the Talt move then you can just slide the card over the edge of the table, the bottom dot must be towards you, and using the center dots as guides, fold the card in half.) Next turn your hand palm up and your hand and card will look like in Fig. 4, The loose edges are towards the fingertips. Next fold the card into quarters by closing your hand and folding the loose edges towards the folded center as shown by the arrows. If needed the folding can be done on the table with both hands. You now have a folded tent-fashion billet 1-1/4 inches high by 3 inches long. You are holding the flap in place. If you then turn the billet so that the flap gimmick is towards you and release the hold on the flap, the secret thought becomes exposed as shown in Fig. 5. You can then secure the billet with a paper clip and lay it on the table flap-side down and later tear it up or if you do fire rituals, take some twizzers and set the billet on fire letting it burn Fig. 5 completely with the flap side down. ANGLING: The operator must of course watch his angles. This type of effect is a one-on-one presentation that is usually done to a single sitter but with the proper handling it can be done in any audience. There must be a dozen ways on how to handle or hold the billet. You can place the billet tent-fashion on a stack of books so that the billet is at eye level. If you are standing and the sitter is sitting, you can hold the billet at your fingertips and the flap will not be seen when it opens. | You can place the billet on the table in front of you if the sitter sits on the opposite end of a long table, etc., or you can simply handle the billet using both hands for cover while the billet is seen held at your fingertips. . The Nether Gate- This fabulous billet test is the results of correspondence done with Mentalist/Author Rudy 1. Hunter of Canada, who has a well of ideas. EPPECT: The VIP writes his thought on an index card or slip of paper. The paper is folded twice and secured with a paper clip. While the clipped billet is held in full view, the thought is devined! METHOD: In this presentation, we will use a small clip board Fig. 6, but the effect can be done without the board. NOTE that in Pig. 6, THE CARD HAS BEEN PREFOLDED IN HALF anda slit is cut 1-1/4 inches deep from the top of the card and about one inch to the left of the top right corner at 'X.' The clip on the clipboard covers most of the slit. THE PRESENTATION: Ask the Vip to write on the bottom line of the card and then to turn the clipboard face down on the table. You then pick up the clip board but do not turn Fig. 6 it over. Just reach under it, fold the card in half and take out the billet. These moves are all done in full view of the VIP. Next fold the billet into quarters by folding the folded center towards the loose ends as shown in Fig. 7 and place a paper clip on the slitted end. Please note that the short loop of the trombone paper clip is on the slitted side leaving the flap free to move. If you now place your thumb over the slit, you can show the billet on both sides and all looks normal. The clipped billet is shown in Fig. 7. The black line represents the slit. Fig. 7 NOW, if you hold the billet in your left fingers between your first fingertip and your thumb covering the slit, and then move your thumb upwards pinching the folded billet at the upper left corner, the clashing force releases the flap which opens out and reveals the though This is shown in Fig. 8. The billet and your hand cover the flap. You can even open out the fingers and your audience will see the folded clipped billet but not the flap! After the thought is revealed the billet is torn to pieces or burned. As stated before, the clip board can be left out. You simply hold the billet behind your back with your thumb covering the slit and ask the VIP to write his thought on the line and the card is then folded in half and shown on both sides and then fold the card into quarters. The Seventh Colamu SL/T- NOTE the newspaper real estate ad v _ x in Fig. 9. These appear daily in all ne ors newspapers and measure 3 by 3 inches and some a bit larger. . These ads can be cut out and used for the test. But your local real estate office may have some ads that are printed in card stock or thick paper, which are even better. These are ideal for doing a version of the Clashing Force which we can call The Seventh Column. Note that the foto of the house covers most of the ad while less than one quarter of the area at the bottom contains words. That forces the spectator into choosing by underlining or circling a word on the bottom part of the ad. The VIP is further limited to choosing a word inside the circle that you draw with an ink marker. TO PREPARE: make two slits at the top of the ad as shown by the arrows. These slits are one quarter as deep as the ad. Prefold the ad in half as shown by the dash lines and then clip the ad on a clipboard for the test. (NOTE: There is no rational reason for cuttimg slits ina piece of newspaper as far as the VIP is concerned. He/she does not know that there are slits in the paper or that there should be any. So the VIP does not look for any and therefor does not see any.) THE PRESENTATION: Show the VIP the ad and tell him that you propose a test. Then circle the words at the bottom of the ad with an ink marker as shown in Fig. 9 and tell the VIP to 5 underline or circle any word or two inside the circle and remember the words. Then to turn the clipboard face down on the table. You then reach under the clipboard and fold the ad in half and remove it, being careful not to tear it. Place the folded ad on the table top and fold it into quarters, ending with a billet 1-1/4 inch high by 3 inches long similar to the billet shown in Fig. 7- You must place the billet flat on the table top to make sure that the flap does not open and expose itself. Keep the billet flat on the table top and place paper clips on both ends. Next you pick up the billet by pinching it between your finger tips at the center, keeping the flap in place. Then holding the billet at eye level with the sitter, take it with both hands and release the flap! Tilt the billett's top edge away from you to glimpse the words. The flap opens out $0 now you have a situation as shown in Fig. 10. The printed chosen words are Fig. 10 exposed. The flap is towards the performer while the sitter is in Birection of the arrow. As long as the billet is held at eye level, the flap will not be seen by the sitter. A fast glimpse should get the chosen words and then the billet is torn in pieces. The Eye of the Mind From the desk of Psychologist/Mentalist Stan Alexander of New Mexico. EFFECT: Spectator is asked to mentally choose and think of one of a number of things, shapes, cards, etc. The Psychic without asking any questions or having anything written is able to reveal the thought. METHOD: Based on the Neuro Linguistic Programing technique. When a person visually accesses a thought, the eyes will either move up, to the left or to the right, in most cases. In Some rare situations the eyes will stare forward and become unfocused. Note that eye motion can be observed with ease even through the closed eye lids! In our application the subject is asked to picture something such as her bedroom. By watching the subject's eyes the psychic can learn how the subject's eyes move when recalling a visual image. It is esasiest when the eyes move up, but with a little practice the foreward unfocused eye can be spotted just as well. A PRACTICE SESSION: Let's say that you have noticed that the 6 subject moves his/her eyes up when concentrating on her mentally chosen object. So show her the ESP symbols (circle, cross, triangle, Square and star) and tell her to mentally choose one and to picture an enlarge image of that symbol in her mind when she hears the symbol called. Then to close her eyes as you stare at her closed lids without her being aware of it. If you happen to get that rare person that stares forward, you may asked them to keep their eyes open or simply choose another person for the test. Then call out the symbols slowly pausing between each one asking her to concentrate on her symbols when it is called. A moment after the chosen symbol is called, the subject's eyes will either move up or left or right or in that rare case unfocus and stare forward. At that point the psychic knows the thought and can reveal it but it is better to wait until all the symbols are called More advance tests may be done with this secret, such as asking a person to just think of any card and then to proceed as in the above. However this time the psychic first calls the suits then he calls out the numbers and letters, Stan has used this method many times with great success. These tests really dumbfound magicians, not to mention the lay public. Elemental Prophectes A VIP is visiting you at home. Could be a news reporter. After the conclave where you mistify him with some mind boggling mentalism, you say that you want him to take a foto of you in front of your house. This is done and let's say there is snow on the ground. You are using a Poloroid camara so you allow time for the foto to develope and then show it to the VIP who sees you standing in your front yard with snow all around. Now you say "I am going to write a prediction on the back of the foto." And you do this (the VIP is asked to sign or initial the back of the foto!) and then the foto is sealed in an envelope and given to the VIP to keep but make him promise not to read the prediction until a week from today (or whenever)." (NOTE: You can flash the prediction to the VIP but do mot let him read it. If he were to read it, curiosity would come to play and the VIP would open the envelope the soonest. When the VIP opens the envelope to read the prediction, he will read, "I predict that by the time you read this prediction the snow will have melted." When the VIP looks at the foto, he will see you and your front yard but the snow is missing! The VIP keeps the foto with his initials on the back! THE SOLUTION: is simple and the reader already knows it, so for those out in the rain, you take a foto of yourself when the sun is out and the snow is nowhere and write your prediction on 7 the back of it. This you do before your meeting with the VIP, using the same clothing and standing on the same place in your front yard. Later you switch the foto using your favorite envelope switch. You'll find some good switches in Inner Space Odyssey. To get the VIP to sign or initial the switched foto, you use business envelopes for the switching, the ones that have a glassine window that allows one to see the contents of the envelope. Fig. 11. BUT you have removed the glassine material by cutting it out with a sharp knife. Pig. 11 The envelope is left with an open window that gives excess to the inside item. So after you seal and switch the foto you ask the VIP to please initial the foto through the window! Part of your prediction shows through the window so all looks well. The glassine window envelope can then be sealed in a larger windowless envelope. That will keep the VIP honest. NoTI The above method for having the VIP sign the written predictions can be used for doing any predictions including the Headline prediction! The same effect can be done when the day is gloomy, overcast foggy and raining. You predict that the sun will come out later! Or that the rain will stop. Or at night when the moon is out and low in the sky. Take a picture with the moon over your head and show the foto to the VIP. Later the moon will appear to your right, a move that you predict! du