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Summer Internship Program

Initial Information Report (IIR)

1. Project Details:
• Title of the project:

Project Appraisal at Bank of India (Corporate Banking branch) withspecial context to

Pharmaceutical sector.

• Area of the project:

Corporate banking and credit requirements of Pharmaceutical Industries.

• Objective of the project:

To get an overview that how credit is being appraised by Corporate banking branch

andspecially to PharmaceuticalIndustries.

• Description of the project in brief:

Corporate business banking branch deals with corporates only and deals with their

credit requirements. It covers many sectors like manufacturing, textile,

pharmaceutical, power. Project deals with analysing the Pharmaceutical industries

concerned with this branch and understanding the procedure from the beginning like

appraising the acceptability of the customer to assessing his credit needs and after

that on what basis bank approves the credit or declines it.

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1. Project Implementation and Schedule:
• Schedule: 23rd February-22nd May (13 weeks)

Analysing branch working and 1-2 weeks

Collection of data 4-5 weeks

Analysis of data 3-4 weeks

Preparation of report 1-2 weeks

• Methodology:
✔ Initially to understand the working and procedure of the branch.
✔ To analyse the bank dealings with special reference to pharmaceutical sector.
✔ To collect data relating to concerned sector and to interpret it as per the branch
✔ To make the required proposal concerned with the project appraisal.

1. I will submit the following reports as per the schedule given below:

Evaluation component Date Planned

Project Proposal 19th March, 2010

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Interim Report 16th April, 2010

Final Report 14th May, 2010

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Date: Signature of the Student

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